Ok so this is the 3rd story that i have in this series, Sorry it has taken me so long to follow up i just havent been inspired as of late. I hope you like this story and please make suggestions



After that night when she let me rub her little pink hole I knew we would be in for more fun. Tiffany and I had figured out a schedule to watch her little sister Lacy since her mom was out of town for a while. Most of the nights when Tiffany was at work Lacy and I would get a chance to play with each other.
One night Lacy took a shower and came out to watch a movie with me. Little did I know she wasn’t wearing anything under her little towel. Since it was dark I couldn’t tell. She wanted to snuggle as usual so I let her cuddle under the blanket. She took her towel off and my jaw dropped at how far she had now gone. This little 10 yo got very brave showing her little jailbait body off with no fear of her sister coming home early. I told her to help me pull down my shorts, I lifted my butt off the couch and she pulled them down staring by just the Tv’s light at my now semi hard cock. She just giggled a little and sat her tight soft wanting ass on my cock. I moaned a little at this as now her tight lil slit was kissing the length of my cock. I really wanted to fill her tight little girl cunny with my 8 inches of pulsating cock but I had to still bide my time. I showed her how to rub her slit up and down my cock making us both feel good. I could feel her slit start to get wet and mix with the pre cum leaking from my cock.
Lacy said “Its soo hot down there is that how it feels inside?” I told her “ Baby I will show you one day but the only place I can put it now would be your little asshole”. She gave me a confused look. “But that’s where I do my …you know stuff that comes out”. I smirked a little and said “Lacy honey I think your little slit couldn’t handle my cock right now, I mean look at the size. If we tried it in your other hole it will a good start and feel good. Guys like it when I girl uses both holes. She thought about it for a minute and decided to try it. I reminded her “Lacy don’t forget you still get to taste my cum as a prize at the end”. She perked up when she heard that.
We decided to go back to my room since we still had plenty of time before Tiffany came home. I told her to get on all fours with her cute lil ass facing me. God my cock was raging hard looking at this pre teen girl so willing to take a grown mans cock inside of her exit only hole. She looked at me with the sweetest innocent pouty face I had ever seen. I went to the closet and found some sex gel and when over to her ass. I put the gel down and grabbed her small butt cheeks and spread them apart. I found the pink hole tight and waiting for me. I took my tounge and started licking her little asshole and darting my tounge inside to start stretching and giving her the idea of what was going to happen. I heard her moan a little as I licked away at her innocent hole.
I then grabbed the sex gel and applied it to her asshole and stuck my middle finger in slowly to let her adjust to the sensation. I slowly moved down to the second knuckle as she started to moan louder. I asked “ How does that feel sex kitten?” she replied “ Mmmm it feels like I have to go to the bathroom… but it’s ok”. I chuckled a little saying “It’s ok that’s what it feels like at first till something bigger goes in.” I pulled my finger out and had her turn around and lube up my cock with the gel. Her eyes were big and focused as she used both hands to stroke the length of my hard slick cock. She loved watching my pre cum squeeze out of the tip of my cock as she stroked it.
I told her “ok Lacy im gunna stick the head inside of you and try and push back on my cock as we go”. She nodded as I got up behind her and set my cock head which is the size of a small plum against her glistening tight pre teen asshole. I slowly pushed against the her pink hole and moved back and forth to get some motion against it. I heard her grunt some as she pushed back against my cock. Slowly the head was sucked inside of her ring like a vaccume and I felt how tight she was inside. I heard her breathing getting faster as she felt this new sensation pushing inside of her. I slowly pushed inside deeper and managed to get a third of my cock inside of her asshole. I let her get used to it as I reached under and started rubbing her clit which made her start to moan more and push against me. “ Oh yea……mmmmmm this feels sooo good.” I replied “God baby youre soo sexy and grown up now taking my cock inside of youre sexy lil jailbait body.” With that I couldn’t hold back any longer I started moving in and out of her asshole faster groaning at how tight and young of a girl I was sticking my cock inside. “ I told her to look up at me while she was being invaded by my large cock. She looked up at me with those innocent brown eyes and her cute little tounge sticking out slightly as I filled her asshole in and out several times. It was all I could stand now as asked her if she was ready for her prize. She said yes and I pulled out and laid her on her back. I told her to open her mouth and close her eyes. She did as I said and I looked down at this child with her mouth open waiting for my thick creamy cum and I blew my load right there. I shot stream after thick stream of cum in her mouth and on her cheek. When I was done I told her to play with the cum in her mouth a little and taste it. Lacy did and then she tried to swallow it all but couldn’t, so she had to spit out the rest in her towel.
After that she just looked up at me like a girl in love and smiled at me. I told her that we would play more games when I had a chance to babysit her again and try more adventurous things maybe even out in public.

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Hot stuff, "outstanding" !!! I just love to imagine it's my lucky dick. pushing deep up inside that sweet, little girl's tight shitter! YUM!!! The only changes I'd make is she would be 8 not 10, and I'd take my time up in her hot pooper.


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A 7 is generous, but the idea of the story is there.

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Its good but not great 7 out of 10

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Im so glad that this isnt a true story because little kids shouldnt be exposed to this stuff! No offense but guys are horny bitches thinking about little kids like that!


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yeh this is one hot story

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