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Here is where the action picks up. Still not a quick stroke though.
----- 2 –

Tucked over at the farthest wall from the entrance, Madden, Kimmy, Keri, and Jena, sat at the end of an off-white cafeteria table in the middle school lunchroom. Between the beige painted cinderblock walls, tanned tiled floor, and speckled white drop ceiling, broken echoes of over two hundred pre- and barely-teenagers filled the diluted air. The warming smell of mass produced, plain chicken sandwiches was all that kept this room ranked higher than even the study hall.

“I love sleeping with my dad; he’s so warm and big, almost like a boyfriend but better than you could imagine that. Because he’s my dad.”

“When are you going to stop bragging,” Keri griped.

“So this time, were you wearing your nightgown?” asked Jena with curiosity.


“How revealing,” Kimmy chimed in interestedly.

“What was he wearing?” Jena progressed.

“Hmm, boxers.”


“Just boxers.”

All three of her friends stared wide eyed at her.

“You got to sleep with that man in only his boxers? His bare hard chest, tone arms, and firm muscular legs?” Keri struggled to keep herself from roaring into the rest of the cafeteria.

“You make him sound like a model or something,” Madden defended.

“No, he’s better than that, because he’s real and he lives in your house. I grew up undressing him with my eyes and you got the real thing. Did you touch him when he was asleep? Did he touch you when you were asleep?”

“Keri,” Madden said in shock. “How am I supposed to know if he touched me in my sleep anyways?”

“You did touch him in his sleep?” sparked Jena.

“Noo. Well, just his hand.”

“What’d you do with his hand?” Keri asked innocently, then her face grew into a large grin.

“Nothing like that,” Madden found herself on the defense yet again. “I just played with his fingers, and then set it on my belly.”

“And…” Kimmy and Keri sang together.

“I just kinda moved it up to my breast. I just set it there, I didn’t move or anything.”

“Did he squeeze it?”

“Jena?! How unlike you to be so curious,” Kimmy teased as Madden quickly made the word ‘No’ heard.

“I’m not near as bad as you over there daydreaming away while we talk,” Jena spoke out to the girl diagonally before her.

“I’m not daydreaming and it has nothing to do about Madden or her dad.”

“It sure does look to be making you happy though, is it about you and your own dad?”

“If you make me vomit blood, I’ll make sure to aim for your lunch.”

“So, what do you have planned next?” Keri crossed between the growing argument to Madden.

“Well, I’m going to Kimmy’s house after school today. Hopefully we can figure a plan there.”

“You are? Can I come?” Keri invited herself.

“I guess.”

“You wanna come too?” Kimmy asked Jena.

“As long as your dog doesn’t come anywhere near me.”

“That may be hard; he seemed to be having so much fun with you yesterday.”

“Is that why you brought your computer to school today?” Keri asked.

“No, my dad’s going to search my room today for spiders and I don’t want him accidently searching my computer. Got my camera too, definitely don’t want him searching that, even if I deleted the pics.”

“Why, do you keep your convo’s logged?”

“He still might find the username on her computer?” Kimmy jarred in.

“She can just say that it’s a friend. She did find her dad from an email address in a forward. There you have how. Makes a stronger story.”

“It’s probably best to advert suspicion in the first place.”

“And I do keep logs,” Madden coyly said with reluctance. To her horror, all three of her friends stared back to her with mischievous grins. It was a few moments before Kimmy humorously tried to slightly alter the subject.

“But still, could you imagine if he did find out? If he found out that he had masturbated to his own daughter and he had pictures of her breasts on his computer.”

“Ooh, I don’t want to think about that,” Madden cringed.

“What would he do?” Kimmy continued.

“I don’t think you’re helping,” Jena interjected as Madden began looking ill.

By the school day’s end, the four girls were piling into an unsuspecting Kimmy’s mother’s car.

“I thought you were bringing one friend?”

“Mom they were too heartbroken when they heard I couldn’t go to the sleepover even though I caught up on my chores, and as great friends, they wanted to support me in my time of depression.”

“Please, spare me,” she sighed while pulling from the curb into traffic.

At Kimmy’s house, the four raced into her bedroom, Jena almost in tears trying to keep the massive husky from mounting her. Finally she locked them into the bedroom away from the dog.

“You have to let us read them,” Keri begged.

“They’re private. That’s my dad.”

“You have to start thinking like he’s our dad,” Keri tried reasoning. “We’re here to help you, besides, you’ve already told us everything; unless you’re keeping secrets from us, your own best friends in the world.”

“Fine, but you never talk about this, ever.”

“Promise,” the three girls recited together while the computer was snatched from her hands.

In seconds, the logs were brought up and filled the screen. The words in them were read as if verses from the Bible by devout preachers in training.

“Youuu arrrre soooo lucky!” Keri burst out as she apparently finished. Jena just remained quiet, yet looked very flushed. Kimmy seemed very curious.

“And these are all the logs, absolutely no other ones,” Kimmy asked.

“That’s every single thing we’ve said together. I promise.”

“You know when I said about what your father would do if he found out this girl was you?”

“Yeah,” Madden lowered her head in fear.

“What if he played along?”

“What?” the three other girls replied, Madden in slight delay.

“What if he already knew he was talking to you?”

“I would die, he would know everything,” she panicked.

“That’s the point. He would know everything, yet still continue the relationship; like he himself wanted more.”

“Where’s this going?” Keri asked.

“Let’s just say that I’ve talked to my share of older men. And they like details. There’s a lot not being said in here and your father seems too content with that. He never even asked you where you live. Perhaps he already knew.”

Madden was looking very physically ill.

“He may not be the best in pretending, but neither are you Madden. You sent him a picture of you in a bra that you bought with us. He would never relate it with you then, right? Who does your laundry?”

“Lots of girls wear that type of bra, easily,” Jena tried comforting a progressively deteriorating Madden.

“Madden,” Kimmy spoke up to get her attention. “Given my experience, with these logs and what you tell us about what’s going on at home, it is highly likely that he knows, and he knew probably from the beginning, unless he’s stupid.”

“Kimmy!” Jena said in rebuttal.

“I’m not saying Madden did anything wrong, it could have worked, but given the way he’s acting, something went wrong early on, and he found out. He’s not stupid either, that’s why I’m pretty sure he knows. And that’s not a bad thing Madden, get off the floor.”

Madden ignored the request and laid still half in the fetal position on the carpet. Kimmy continued.

“Your dad knows that his daughter is sending him naked pictures of herself and he wants more. He seems reluctant, but he’s giving in. The fact that he let any of this continue shows that he must be curious himself.”

“How can you know all this?” Jena demanded.

“Well, I’m pretty sure about him knowing because that’s just obvious because he’s not treating her at all like older guys treat me.”

“He is an amazing guy though,” Keri said to deaf ears.

“So with that in place, this seems to be the logical route that he’s taking. Let’s see, now that you know that he knows, you have the power.”

“How?” Madden cried.

“Well, when you ask him a question about yourself, he’s going to talk to you knowing that he’s talking to you. Um, here put it this way. He jacked off to you. He knew that he jacked off to you, and he told you. He told his own daughter that he jacked of to her. That says something about how he views you, or at least how he’s allowed to view you if you ‘aren’t suppose to know’.”

“Either way, what does she do next?” Keri took a hold into to the increasingly complex conversation.

“Well,” Kimmy smiled, “he wants more pictures, but doesn’t. He’s on the border of the dark side and the light side. Obviously leaving him to himself will only let him wander back onto the light side. Guys get scared easy when it comes to girls our age. So you’ve got to push him into the dark. But before you do anything else, you’ve got to make a decision because it’s all worthless this far in if you back down at the crucial moment. He could revert forever and you’d be a lost cause.”

“What’s that?” Madden asked sitting up wiping the dampness from her cheekbone.

“You watch too much daytime TV and talk too much in nighttime chat rooms,” Jena accused Kimmy.

“How far are you willing to go to make your dad yours? To make yourself the only girl in his life. How far will you go?”

Madden thought for only a few seconds before deciding the obvious.

“All the way. I don’t care what he wants; I’ll give him everything I have to offer, every second of every day. If he wants a wife, I’ll be his wife. Sex, kissing, touching, I’ll do it all every day.”

“Good,” Kimmy said, “but not good enough.”


“He said it himself; he’s never going to ask you. He knew he was talking to you when he said that. If you want to be his wife, he told you that you’re going to have to force it on him. You can’t wait for him to offer sex, kissing, and touching, and then let him do it to you; you’re going to have to do it to him. Even if he says no, and he probably will. That’s the only way to make him love you, I’m pretty sure.”

“Wait,” Keri scooted forward, “you’re saying that in order to make her dad love her, she’s going to have to rape him? Don’t people go to jail for having similar beliefs?”

“Her dad’s not going to turn her in,” Kimmy defended.

“I can’t rape my dad.”

“Jeez, just trust me, guys are actually pretty easy. Just think about afterwards. He jacked off to you and had the greatest orgasm ever he said. Imagine what he’ll feel after you have sex with him. He won’t have a choice to not love you.”

Madden’s face turned bright purple in smiling.

“Yeah, but also, he’s like a hundred times stronger than her,” Jena added.

“And when do we get our cut for this investment,” Keri whined.

“You can easily overpower the strongest man if you know how to work his mind.”


Madden went home from that filled with emotions and thoughts almost beyond her capacity. She ate dinner with her father quietly in reflection and then headed to her room.

In short time, she found a message from her father to Skyne13. It was a simple greeting. She ignored it. Her mind was so confused on what to do. She chatted with her friends awhile before her dad came to tell her to get ready for bed. And then something sparked.

“Okay daddy, just got to wrap up this conversation and I’ll be in bed.”

As he left, Madden immediately ended the conversation with Keri.

Skyne13: Hello…

She hoped he would get it and reply. In the mean time, she stripped herself of all her clothes and threw on her nightgown, only her nightgown

VxHvn: Hi, you’re up late.

Skyne13: I want to show you something. I had a hard day and could use a compliment.

Madden pulled out the digital camera she had relocated to her book bag and propped her bare feet onto her desk. Slouching low in the chair, she spread her legs wide, hiked her nightgown high, and snapped a photo of her virgin, pubescent girl slit. She took a few more, each one increasing the tingly feeling inside her belly.

And she decided to take one last one. The most daring one. Her hand lowered down to her hair scattered lips and so slowly, she pushed her index finger inside her. All the way inside reached the third knuckle, where she pulled out to the second one and snapped the picture.

Her skeleton was shivering cold as she transferred the images to her computer and reluctantly picked the three best ones, including the last. Daddy knew it was her. He knew she knew it was him.

As the photos uploaded she typed.

Skyne13: Are these good enough to make you happy?

VxHvn: Oh my …!

Skyne13: Are they good???

VxHvn: Spectacular!!! You’re the most beautiful girl in the world!!

Madden stared almost blankly at that last sentence. How often had she heard him tell her that, and only her that. She had been raised by that sentence. Either he replaced her with this fake girl or he in fact did know that she was his daughter; the most beautiful girl in the world.

Her body reflexively popped from her seat and she unconsciously ran, as quietly as she could, into her father’s bedroom through the closed door and to the open doorway of his office.

His naked back was facing her. He seemed to have not noticed her presence. Her daddy had three thirty-inch higher than high definition monitors that normally lit up with a variety of video editing and animation programs that made it look like he was piloting an airliner. But there and then, each monitor held only a single picture.

The two outside ones were of her barest untouched vagina, so young and virgin splayed out almost three times her own actual body size. The one on the left made her embarrassed in how much wetter it was than the one on the right. And in the center, that was her pride and glory. There was so much detail she wanted to turn and run. The flash from her camera had accented way too well a small channel of clear liquid running from her poked open slit, down into her butt crack and over her littlest rear hole. She could even see the glaze of water on that last part of her finger she pulled from her body just before snapping the photo.

And then the hair. She had noticed their sporadic strands growing in, but nothing like what she was staring at then. Each individual hair made its own tiny defining streak within the monitor. There were definitely more than she ever took notice to, but way less than any respectably aged girl. She felt so young.

As embarrassing as it was though to be sprawled out to her father like some magnificent PowerPoint presentation times three, she couldn’t run away. She didn’t even know what she was doing there in the first place.

But in all her childish curiosities, she actually silently stepped forward. Her father was masturbating. He was jacking off to pictures of her. She could hear his irregular breathing; see his head bobbing about under a weakened neck and of course that motion in his arm that all too well represented the act.

In no sound, she stayed very carefully behind him watching intently. She eventually got to a position where she could actually see his penis. His boxers were under his feet. He was completely naked

Then his eyes closed and his head bobbing just lost control. He must’ve been having an orgasm. It looked like if felt REALLY good. And that meant he was about to shoot his sperm from his thing.

Madden would never know why she did what she did, but she did it for some reason. She stepped out from behind him, to his side, and held her small hand out above his sex organ. And she watched and felt as her dad shot and coated her fingers with his semen.

Over and over and over he gushed the sticky liquid onto her hand. She rotated it slowly allowing for maximum dressing. By the time he was oozing, his cum strung between and off her fingers and layered her skin on the palm and backhand.

Madden squeezed into a fist and pulled her arm up to look closer at the stuff.

“Oh my goodness, honey!” Jeff almost yelled.

“Who’s that, daddy?” Madden asked inquisitively pointing her soaked fist toward the pictures on the monitors.

“Uh, it’s a girl I met online,” he said unaware of anything else to do or say.

“Are you dating her?”

“No honey. I think we better clean up and have a talk.”

“We’re talking now though. Is that girl prettier than me? Is that why you do this to her?”

“Sweetie, you’re most beautiful girl in.. the… world…,” Jeff ended catching on to the last thing he messaged her. “Is, is that you honey, in those pictures?”

“I love you daddy,” Madden said moving her eyes from her hand to her dad.

“Are those pictures of you?”

“I just wanted to show that you can love me like an adult too. You don’t have to find somebody else.” Her eyes began welling up.

“I would never replace you honey,” he said unsure of whether or not to hug her into his naked body.

“I saw your ad on a dating website. You want a girlfriend. But I can be your girlfriend. I have everything any other girl has and I’m already here. I’ll never leave you either.”

“It doesn’t work that way sweetie.”

“But look what you did to pictures of me. Look, here’s the real thing.” Madden grabbed a hold of her nightgown and pulled it up past her belly displaying an image infinitely superior to anything his monitor could show. “I want to have sex daddy. With you.”


Kimmy looked around awkwardly too scared to bring up the inevitable. It was a Friday morning before school and Madden looked furious.

“I can’t believe it,” Madden boiled over as quietly as she could. “I confess the truth and he says that it’s all over. Like nothing happened. Forget it all, it was wrong and it won’t go anywhere. And this morning he was acting like nothing happened way too well. Like I had no effect on him whatsoever. Like I’m nothing but a stupid little girl.”

Keri pivoted her lips to the side of her jaw as she found herself walking into a firestorm.

“I hate him. I can’t believe this.”

“So any new news,” Jena poked from behind Madden. Kimmy and Keri squinted their faces.

At lunch, Kimmy effortlessly convinced Madden to dish out the story of what happened. It wasn’t an easy thing to hear, even though it did contain a lot of juicy material.

“I think I see the problem,” Kimmy spoke after a few moments of silence.


“You both want the same thing for different reasons. You want sex because it’ll make him love you more, but he wants sex because it’s the result that you love him in the first place.”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

“But it does. He knows the only reason that you want to have sex with him is because you’re afraid. To let that happen is basically taking advantage of you.”

“I don’t care, it’s his right.”

“Well, that’s not the way he sees it. If you want him to love you more, you have to love him more. Not be afraid. Like us basically. We’re not afraid he’s going to leave us, and yet we’d all never dwell more than a second on the yes answer to whether or not we’d give or bodies to that man.”

“You’re saying I have to love him like my friends do. Isn’t that kinda gross?”

“What are you talking about?” Keri piped up. “You’re saying it’s gross if you want to have sex with him because he’s an amazing, hot man, but not gross if he’s your father.”

This seemed to have stumped Madden.

“Why do adults have to be so hard,” she spat.

“Mmm, he is hard,” Keri joked dreamily.


“Daddy?” Madden asked fumbling with the last of the spaghetti on her fork. It had been a quiet supper and the silence was getting to her.

“Yes sweetheart?”

“If we’re going to pretend that none of that happened, does that make this is a do-over?”


“I just mean like, anything we do now, none of that will be affected by what happened before.”

“Yes, it’s all a clean slate.”

“Then can I sleep with you tonight. Just as father and daughter. Nothing more.”

Jeff sighed deeply.

“I promise nothing will happen. It’ll just be like when I was little and got lonely.”

He sighed again.

“Daddy, I still do get lonely. It’s not like I have any brothers or sisters and all my friends live really far away. And I don’t want any brothers or sisters either, for the record.”

“Alright. If you want to be a little girl again, I’ll keep you company.”

“Thanks.” She pulled the remnants of her meal into her mouth, chewing it haphazardly before swallowing and licking her lips clean of sauce.

The night dragged on unlike any other. A Friday night with nothing to do. She did chat online with her friends, but it just didn’t feel as filling as it did before. Back when daddy was just dad and it was her and her friends that ruled the world. Now, daddy was daddy; there was more than just her and her friends; a lot more, and that more was broken.

And for a Friday night, Madden was actually excited when bedtime came about. When her father told her to get ready for bed, she was done in record time, marching into his room in her nightgown.

“Daddyyy, don’t where your pajamas,” she griped as he pulled the shirt over him.

“What’s wrong with my pajamas?”

“I already told you. I want you to just feel normal. Not like you have to do anything. Besides, I’m your little girl, you never used to specially wear pajamas when I was younger and came to bed with you.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll take them off.”

Madden struggled not to look too intently as her father stripped in front of her. Coyly, she climbed into his bed, shortly followed by him. Just as timidly, she crawled into his warm strong grip and inhaled his scent.

“I love you daddy.”

“I love you too sweetheart.”


“So, you learn anything new from sleeping with him again last night,” Keri asked eyeing Madden down with envy. Not even the most delicious, rectangular, public school, pepperoni pizza could bring her mood past the fact that her best friend got to sleep with an amazing guy every night.

“Well, you know how Sunday night slash Monday morning,” Madden began.


“Yeah, but it seems like forever because each night is so much better.”

Keri didn’t look happy, but she clung to every word coming from her mouth. Kimmy seemed in a daze as she talked, and Jena too was attached to every word, but was more inspired than jealous.

“Well, you know how I went to the restroom in the middle of the night and came back without panties on and slept with him the remainder of the night like that?”

“Yes,” Keri hurried her along.

“Last night, I plain didn’t wear any from the start. And when I pulled myself under the covers with him, my nightgown hiked up so when he pulled me into a hug, my vagina made full on contact with his leg. He didn’t do anything about it. He just kept hugging me and holding me against him. He had to know what was touching him. I could feel his heart beating way faster than normal.”

“Did he get hard?” Jena dumbly asked.

“Yeah. Just like every night now. I don’t say anything about it, so neither does he.”

“You better get to sex soon before he re-gathers his strength,” Kimmy said. “It only takes a sad story in the news or a movie he watches, and he’ll think twice fast. Faster than you’ll have time to ask why you’re not allowed to sleep in his bed anymore.”

“Don’t talk about sex,” Keri whined. “It’s not fair. I want a daddy too.”

“You can have mine,” Kimmy offered.

“I want Madden’s dad. Maybe he could marry my mom.”

Madden’s eyes glowed like Lucifer’s as she stared down her friend.

“Fine, fine, maybe we can find out which country his twin brother went to, find him, and my mom can marry him. Or I spend the entire summer at your house.”

“I want to spend the entire summer at your house too,” Jena spat.

“No one’s spending the entire summer at my house.”

“Your dad does know that you’re on the pill, doesn’t he? That might be why he doesn-,”

“Stop right there Jena before I have to smack you,” Kimmy interrupted. “Who do you think takes her to the doctor, who buys her medicines?”

“He’s actually the one he told me about it as an option to help me with my periods,” Madden said mixed between pride and embarrassment.

“Geez, my mom won’t let me go on it because she thinks it’ll make me want to have sex,” Keri ranted.

“Well, if there’s any comparison with Madden,” Kimmy teased, “if she did get you on it, you might be wanting to have sex with her.”

“I think a comment as repulsive as that requires the reparation of the rest of your pizza,” Keri gagged out.

“Reparation?” Madden questioned.

“Yeah, I actually learned that word last Wednesday while I was actually studying for the Social Studies quiz. It’s what an attacker does after he blows up another country. He gives them reparation or money to fix it back up. Makes no sense, but that’s what they do.”

“I’m blaming my C- on your stupid dog,” Jena chided Kimmy. “Brittany Bolder graded my paper too and I could hear her behind me giggling every time I got an answer wrong. Uugh, I hate that girl.”

At home, Madden found herself in a growing trend of avoiding her father. She was finding it harder and harder to be around him without wanting to latch on all the time in cuddly embrace.

She was getting older and flatly, she just wasn’t interested in the things she used to do with her dad. She wanted to do more grownup things. But she wasn’t allowed to.

By bedtime her entire body was itching to do something about the situation, something big and defining. She stripped herself of all her clothes and draped that one single piece of cloth over her that was her nightgown.

While her father was still in the bathroom, she climbed into his bed and disrobed that sole article of clothing. She scooted a bit further away from him then she normally was and pulled the covers tightly too her naked body. Her eyes watched carefully as her father, adorned only in his boxers, walked in.

“Daddy? Can you not wear your boxers just once? Please… Just for me, just once. I need to know one thing for myself. That’s all I want. Please…”

Jeff looked down to his little girl’s pleading eyes.

“Please daddy… Just this one night so I can know. Then I’ll stop. I promise. I promise…”

Jeff couldn’t deny the shaking voice that came from that sad, scared face. As much as he knew it was a bad idea, the fact that he had survived all the previous nights in only his boxers gave him strength.

“Alright sweetie, just this once.”

He wanted to tell her to close her eyes, but she had already seen him at his worst. Reluctantly, he dropped his underwear down his legs, displaying his rising manhood in full view to his thirteen year old daughter who waited in his bed for him. His arm lifted the covers up to where his little girl kept them layering her and he retreated under their warmth.

Underneath the sheets and comforter, Madden reached out and took a hold of her father’s hand. He turned out the lights with his other. And there they were, both completely naked in the same bed together; under the same sheets.


“Yes sweetie?”

“I know you would never replace me. I know I’ll always be number one in your life. And no one will change that.”

They laid in silence for a few moments.

“Do you believe me?”

“Do I believe you how?”

“That I know that stuff. I know you love me and will never stop, no matter what. No matter who else comes along or however I make mistakes. You’ve proven that to me. I trust you. I know you wouldn’t hurt me ever.”

“I believe you honey.”

More silence.

“Good. Because I don’t want you to think I’m scared. I’m not a little girl anymore.” Madden shifted closer, pulling her father’s hand up and rested it onto her bare breast. “I don’t want a stupid normal daddy/daughter relationship.”

She rolled to her side and pulled her naked body into her dad’s. Climbing halfway up his side, she tipped him over and laid on his front.

“It’s been just you and me forever daddy. It’s pretty obvious that I would love you. I don’t love any other boy; I don’t want any other boyfriend. I don’t care if you have another girlfriend, but I want just you. At least just let me have that.”

Madden’s hand reached back down between her legs where she took a hold of her father’s full hard on for the first time she could remember. Painstakingly slow, she backed the head into a hot, wet, succulent kiss from her vaginal lips.

“You can do whatever you want daddy with anybody else, just please suffer through my love for you and let me do this.”

“Honey…” Jeff said through shortness of breath.

Madden could feel her father’s heart beating triple the fastest rate she had ever felt before.

“Please daddy,” she cried. “If you love me back at all, or you can forgive me, please just let me do this just once. If it hurts you too much, just think of it as a stupid mistake your little girl made because she’s too young. Just let me make the mistake though.”

Madden eased back with insane carefulness. The sweat between their two bodies gave her some lubrication to help with not making any jerking movements. Soon enough, the entire head of his organ was inside his little girl. He could feel it too, just the head inside. Damn she was small.

“Honey,” he gasped trying to control his heavy breathing, “you don’t have to do this.”

“I want to do this. It’s not about you, daddy. I want it for myself. I want to feel a real penis inside my body. I want it to be my daddy’s. And obviously, I don’t care if you want it or not.”

Another inch had crept into her pelvis. Her ear was on his upper chest. Her daddy’s body was going crazy with what was happening. It had to be good. She could feel her own body spinning out of control. The anxiety of raping her own father and seemingly holding her love for him ransom while she did it was beginning to make her nauseous.

The blaring silence of the room was burning her ears as another inch sunk into her almost incompatible hole. Breathing and heartbeats. Two sets of each. That only was what pierced the absence of all noise, natural or synthetic.

“I love you sweetie. You can’t do anything wrong.”

Madden eyes were squeezed shut as she listened to him. The enormous object impaling her was unending. It was the most amazing feeling she had ever felt, but everything in her body was wrong. Another inch. She wanted it to stop, but didn’t. She wished she could slide all the way down his body, feeling his organ push all the way through her, out of her mouth.

It wasn’t enough, but the anxiety was now tormenting her. She was feeling physically ill. Something, his thing, was pressing against the top of her insides. But he kept moving forward. Her inner tissues were actually being stretched farther up her body to fit him all the way in. Nothing had ever felt so filling, so mammothly massive inside her body as her father did then, and he just kept driving forward, or was it that she kept pushing him in.

“Nnnngh,” Madden groaned as she was forced to a stop at the base of his manhood. Her daddy was all the way inside of her. Full sex. She was having full penetration with her dad. She was having full penetration, period. Real sex. It was her dad. She was raping him against his will.

Her body laid lifeless unable to move from the enormous feeling of disgust inside her. She didn’t feel good. Not one bit at all.

“Nnnnnnnnnngh,” she began reciting to herself. Her stomach was curling in on itself over and over. Everything inside her was conflicting with itself. Soon her breathing became short and rapid. She was feeling sick and it wasn’t a fainting feeling. A familiar and bad feeling was creeping up her torso to her neck.

“Are you okay honey?”

“Nnnnnnngh, nnnnnnnngh.” Madden pushed her body up. Her entire frame quivered as she in one long slurp, sucked herself off her father’s penis.

“Nnnnnnngh.” She fumbled to the edge of the bed and fell off. Staggering to stand up, she cycled in collapsing loops into the master bathroom. Her father quickly followed, reaching her by the time she got to the toilet. The lights had turned to an extra soft glow as his weight left the mattress.

Madden unleashed a torrent of vomit. Tears flooded her face. Her entire body was soaked in sweat and now freezing in the open air. Her heart was pounding faster than she could ever remember. She was naked. She just lost her virginity to a man who didn’t want it. She failed at even making him cum. She failed at everything.

Another stream of watery vomit poured from her mouth. She coughed and spit as much as of the flavor out as she could. Her tears were no longer silent. The sobs she released into the putrid toilet bowl only howled back at her in rank echoes.

Jeff collapsed around his daughter, engulfing her shivering frame into a firm, warm hold, and pulled her hair back behind her neck.

“I’m sorry,” Madden cried loudly as strings of pinkish saliva drooled from her lips. “I’m so sorry dad. Please forgive me.”

“It’s okay sweetie. You did nothing wrong.”

“I’m just a little girl. I’m not old enough for you. I can’t even have sex right.” She spit a glob of liquid from her mouth.

“You did great honey. You were perfect.”

Madden choked as she couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re a terrible liar dad.”

“You’re the most beautiful girl in the world,” he said softly in her ear, starting to slowly rock her back and forth.

Madden choked in a half laugh half cry.

“That’s not a lie,” he consoled in a voice not entirely suitable for children. His fingers took a new stance on her bare belly and began toying with her naval.

Madden reached to them and coyly lifted them to her chest. Jeff heeded to nothing and continued to play with the skin, even in the new location. Softly, he groped each breast, one by one, moving back and forth. Madden’s eyes quivered shut under the attention.

“Do you really want sex that bad?” he asked her, continuing with his low voice.


“Then I’m sorry I put you through what I did. Let’s get back to the bed now.”

Jeff stood up, bringing his daughter up in a basket hold. He followed by walking back into the bedroom and toward the bed.

“Daddy, please. Let me try again. I need to do this. Please… I’ll never stop thinking about it if you don’t let me.”

Jeff laid her down onto the bed.


Her father got down next to her and rested his hand back on her breast.

“I’m going to touch you honey. After a while, if you’re ready, just tell me and I’ll enter you. If for any reason you don’t want it, I’ll just keep touching you. I’ll do it until you fall asleep.”

Madden panted as her small breast tissue was being rolled though her dad’s fingers. She tried hard to fight her natural bodily reaction of closing her eyes. There would be no forgiveness if she let herself fall asleep before she told him to go inside her. At the moment, she busied herself with squeezing her mouth dry and swallowing as much vomit flavor as possible just in case he kissed her.

A sigh escaped her mouth as her dad moved from one bud to the other.

Jeff caught on and climbed above his daughter, scooted her closer to the center of the bed, and then proceeded with both his hands massaging both her littlest breasts. He continued for about two minutes before the sight of her tiny belly forced his eyes to drop lower where he added to the sensations; lightly, he suckingly nibbled onto her tummy with his lips.

Madden’s eyes rolled to the top of her head and it became too impossible to keep them open. She could feel her daddy licking her belly, up her ribs and then back down. He sucked little hickies in a ring around her naval.

His tongue stuck out and pressed as much contact to her skin as possible, and then he traveled up all the way to her right breast, to her right nipple.

“Uuuugh,” she moaned at he treated her firm nipple like a pacifier.

His hands took new stances running the length of her arms, from the pits, pushing them high over her head.

A streak of wetness ran between Madden’s breasts and then a vacuum covered her left areola. Her throat iced over as she sharply inhaled as much air at once as her small mouth would allow. Before she knew it, her daddy’s hands were touching her butt. They were roving up the back of her legs, lifting them into the air, spreading them apart. Daddy was nibbling his way down her body. What was he doing?

“Aahhhgh,” Madden broke chord as she felt her father’s soaking, hot tongue run up the length of her girlhood; squeezing her smallest crack apart with pure muscle.

“Daddy,” she cried, shaking almost to convulsions. He was sooo warm. “Daddy,” she screeched again.

Jeff pushed his tongue inside the lips of his daughter. He sucked at the juices she teared from her pink internal tissue. Pumping his tongue in and out of her tiniest thirteen year old vaginal canal, he brought back the sweet memories of having penetrated it moments earlier.

“Daddy!” Madden squealed.

Jeff pressed his fingers under his nose and rolled his thumb up the remainder of her youngest slit until he found the smallest spin-wheel.


Water flowed down her duct system and funneled into her father’s mouth. The muscles inside her pulsed the liquid from her tissues.


He promised to obey so he did just that. Lifting her legs up higher, he positioned himself for entry. He thought it best to make it quick in finishing off, but decided he really didn’t have that choice to make given the scene.

In a single fluid motion, his manhood sunk into his child’s soft, squishy vaginal lips, pressing them apart as he entered. His eyes immediately rolled to the top of his head as he could feel the underdeveloped, wet, reproductive muscles inside her trying to milk him for a baby.

Madden squealed into her arm feeling her father penetrate her body. It was soo damn good. Why was she ever reluctant to try this? She could feel herself involuntarily squeezing, from all directions, her daddy’s penis. Her body was massaging him, and for every action, there was an equal and opposite; his solid unyielding pipe sent those muscular waves bouncing back off him and into her own body.

Jeff dropped his daughter’s legs wide outside the fringes of her belly. Slowly but surely, he thrust softly into his orgasming little girl. She was lasting unnaturally long. He wondered if he was stimulating that process beyond normal conditions by having sex with her regardless.

But he wasn’t hurting her. Even if he was though, he doubted he could stop then. Not as far gone as he was. He was so close to the greatest high ever in his life. Just one more gentle thrust and he wouldn’t be able to hold back the juice if he tried. Right there at that point where the flood of hormones takes over.

“Daddy!” Madden roared in an almost dementedly depraved, yet ecstatic voice, “cum inside me. Cum inside me daddy, please, please cum,” her voice trailed into a silent O on her lips while her eyes went white.

Jeff had no choice. Halfway through her demands, the first line of his seed was inseminating his daughter. The molten hot glue poured into her body, plastering itself in the smallest pocket at the end of her tunnel.

The father filled his child with his sperm, nearly all his sperm. His body knew what was going on and it was an inauguration. His testicles were drained as much as they possibly could be for the induction. Everything feasibly able to give was presented to the little girl in that one go. And it completely sapped Jeff.

An almost stinging feeling reverberated through his pelvis, pulling all the strength from his muscles. This wasn’t a fight or flight tactic, his body wanted him to stay put where he was, to not even dare think about abandoning or hurting the object of attention that gave so much euphoria.

In his dizzy weight, Jeff slid backwards, out of his daughter.

Madden, coming back from near loss of consciousness peered down between her airborne, wide spread legs. Her father’s penis slurped from her and popped up slightly, dangling and staring her in the forehead.

“Is it going to stay in my womb now until my body absorbs it all?” she breathlessly struggled to ask.

“No honey,” her dad laughed light-headedly. “There’s way too much. You’re about to leak it all out.”

“What?!” Madden whined reaching her hand down between her legs and pressing it into her not so tightly closed crack. She held still for a few seconds and sure enough, felt a flood of warm glue fill her now cupping hand.

“If you exercise your muscles down there,” Jeff continued in shortness of breath, “you can hold it in longer. Let it go in the toilet to keep clean if you wanted.”

“I heard you can eat it.”

Her dad plopped over onto his hip, climbed up, and dropped down next to his daughter. He couldn’t hold himself up anymore.

“I’m not going to,” he exhaled.

“Can I try?”

“It’s yours now to do whatever you want with. But, let’s just keep this between us, okay? I could get in biiiig trouble for doing that. I’ll go to jail and everything.”

“Daddy, I’m not stupid.”

Her father though could barely hear her as he rolled onto his back. He just couldn’t get enough blood to his brain. He was soo tired.

Madden meanwhile pulled her hand up to her face and dipped a finger into her mouth. Sucking it clean, she tugged back.

“Definitely not as bad as vomit,” she said to herself before returning with another finger.

Finishing up, she rolled her molested body tightly into her dad’s and yanked the covers around them like a cocoon.


Madden woke up to her father lightly nibbling her eyebrow.

“You don’t have to go to school today if you don’t want to sweetie.”

“Okay,” she said unable to hold back the biggest smile ever. “It smells like vomit in here.”

“We never did flush the toilet.”



“I lied.”

Jeff backed away and looked down into his daughter’s eyes.

“About what?”

“When I said only just the once would be good enough.”

“So, I wasn’t good enough?”

“Dadddyyyy… You were amazing. But I want it again, and again. I want it all the time. Not just the sex though. I want you to treat me like an adult.”


“Daddy, please. I meant what I said. You can have other woman if you don’t want me. But I just want a different relationship with you. A better one. Not just me being your little girl. I’ll still do all my chores and listen to your daddy talks so I’ll still be your daughter, just more grown up.”

Madden was really pulling a bluff when she said he could have other women. It took a lot not to cringe at that lie.

“How about we just play it by ear, go with the flow. We can start with flushing the toilet and taking a shower.”

“Can we take a bath?”

“Oh, alright.”

“I’ll go start the water.”

Madden jumped up from the bed and sped into the bathroom. She flushed the toilet and immediately headed to the two-person whirlpool tub and turned on the faucet. After brushing her teeth, she sat crouched down and waited religiously while the tub filled up with hot steamy water, layered with inches of soap bubbles.

The stench of vomit was progressively losing out to the aroma of lavender and strawberries.

“Strawberries?” her father questioned walking in.

“Yeah, it was under the sink. Sometimes I take a bath in here too you know.”

The tub finished filling and Madden’s body quickly melted into the foamy water. Reaching over, she turned the jets to low and slid her butt down the tub while leaning back into a massage. Her father climbed in over her and sunk his entire body and face down all the way under the water.

Madden squirmed and giggled as she felt his hands roaming her skin. He ran his fingers down between her legs and under her butt.

Her body tried immediately jumping as a sudden strong force ripped into her butt hole, but her daddy’s face was pushing her back down by her tummy. After the initial shock and pressure in the new area, she rapidly began calming as her dad blew a stream of air bubbles up her belly, between her breasts, and transitioned into a jet of air up her neck.

“Why daddy?”

“It’s not hurting you, is it?”

“No, but it’s not very comfortable.”

“Here we go then,” he said watching his daughter exhale as he slowly withdrew his index finger from her rectum. Wiping his finger of any impurities in the incredibly soap filled water, he took the girl before him into his arms and hovered over her.

“Can we kiss, um, dad? Or daddy?”

“I’ll follow your lead,” Jeff prompted and pressed his lips to hers.

Madden’s water engorging body flared, turning the hot, soothing bath a bit too hot. She inhaled sharply and rung her arms around her father, squeezing her naked body into his.

Jeff pulled his daughter away from the wall and without warning, dunked the two of them underneath the water.

Madden held her breath and closed her eyes instinctively, but by reaction, she didn’t stop moving her lips with his. In seconds, she was glad that they finally broke back above the surface. Unfortunately though, she heard an incredibly annoying sound in coming back up. Her father’s alarm clock.

Jeff sighed in disgust at the sound.

“I’ll get it daddy,” Madden jumped at any chance to help him. Squirming out of his arms, she rose from the water dripping a waterfall of liquid soap bubbles from her body. Without caution, she retreated from the tub and skipped into the bedroom.

She hopped onto the bed and crawled across to the other side and shut the alarm off to hear the most amazing sound.

“You really don’t know how damn beautiful you are?” her father awed from behind her. She looked back to find him staring down to the soaking, soap dripping bulge squeezed between her legs.

Madden flipped backwards onto the bed and sprawled her legs wide open.

“Please daddy, I’m ready for another one.”

Jeff had no restraint left in him at that sight. His legs were climbing his position over her onto the bed before his mind had a chance to process all her words.

“From start to finish this time, please. Be inside me always.”

The lips between her legs looked three times more intoxicating soaking wet, matting down what little hair she had and reflecting light off the bare smooth skin that dominated. His manhood was already warping those glares as he reshaped the small fatty tongues of skin pressing it in between. Madden beamed up to him like it was her first time. As he leaned forward to get closer to her face, his body sunk into hers.

Both, in unison, inhaled for the entire entry. Jeff bit his daughter’s lower lip into his teeth and withdrew from her pelvis. Again they breathed together as he reentered her body so tightly and so fluidly. He pulled his mouth up and let go of her lip, letting it pop back down.

Madden felt her father pick her arm up by the wrist and guide her hand down to where he was penetrating her. When he let go, she immediately felt at his mammoth intrusion, pushing in and pulling out of her. It was amazing.

“Do you ever masturbate honey?” he asked her.

“Um, sometimes,” she groaned coyly.

“So you know where to touch in order to feel good down there?”

“Yeah,” another timid sound came from her.

“Rub yourself now. Having sex and masturbating at the same time is much better than just having sex.”

“But I just want you-,”

“Honey, I want to watch you masturbate. I want to feel you masturbate. While I’m having sex with you.”


“Sweetie, I’ll never pass up a chance to watch you play with yourself. You just don’t understand how amazing you really are.”

Madden’s fingers were already squeezing and twisting at her upper lips. Her index finger was running the length up her slit, stopping every time at the top to flip her little nubbin.

Jeff was relieved to see her face glow in an ecstasy that meant an impending orgasm was closing in sooner and sooner. There was no way he could bring her to release while being inside her from start to finish. He wasn’t strong enough to battle something so impossibly immaculate as his daughter.

“Are you getting close honey,” he asked already knowing the answer. He just couldn’t resist seeing how she would reply.

“Uh huh,” her tensing face jerked. The feelings running through her body right then were soo much more than anything experienced during any time she had masturbated before. It was like she should have already orgasmed but she didn’t. The sensations were holding back even longer, everything was getting stronger than anything she was used too. And damn it, she was have real sex with her dad, and he was so much bigger than those textbook drawings, soo much huger than even the three fingers she only dared once to put inside herself.

“Are you going to cum in me again?” she asked in short jerky spurts.

“I’ll cum wherever you want me too sweetie,” Jeff said finding it hard to talk himself, breathing and trying to digest the image of his soaking, soapy, wet, little girl laying naked below him as he pulsed his dick through her body.

“In me,” she replied, “go in me. For always.” Her voice spiked in her last two words and her face scrunched together. The expression wasn’t dissimilar to when her body prepared her to vomit the night before. But beyond skin deep, there was nothing the same.

Jeff watched his daughter’s stomach instantly turn to rock as she flexed it with all her power. An almost inaudibly high pitched squeal creaked from her lock jawed teeth. The sight was insatiable, the sound angelic, the smell and taste of her body sweating off the bath soap was euphoric. But nothing could top off the sensory war like the involuntary convulsions that earth quaked through her muscles below.

The designer of this being was beyond a lecher; this little girl’s body was built to please. It grabbed a hold of what was playing with it and it returned the favor with interest. The circumference of her vaginal canal went from a teen sized pocket to a child sized in a matter of seconds and it pulsed uncontrollably tighter thereafter.

From the shear overwhelming expression coating Madden’s body, she was not commanding those convulsions; she was simply just trying to survive them herself. Her entire body was flexing and curling in to ease the pressure.

Before he knew it, Jeff had already wasted a shot of sperm inside her. She had pushed him past the point of no return faster than he could comprehend. Oooh he was unloading millions of his potential children into a tunnel of no prospective. And if last night was of any example, any that were smart enough to escape out of it afterwards had the destiny of being eaten alive.

The feeling of releasing his cum onto the cervix of a thirteen year old girl was not even remotely comparable to doing likewise in some tissues or toilet paper.

Madden’s eyes faded back into reality finding her father drifting down beside her. The feeling of something she never wanted to leave, slurped free from between her legs leaving her sighing. Her insides were sooo warm.

They both laid in silence together trying to regain normal breathing patterns.

“Oooh, honey, no. I’m losing all self-restraint. You’re my daughter; you’re thirteen years old.”

“Daddyyyyy… We went over this.”

“I can’t be trusted when my mind is in the wrong place.”

“Dad, give me this one day, just this one full day, to prove to you that if you don’t keep going along, that if you try to back away, you’re going to be a worse father. If you want to be a great daddy, you’ll let me show you how.”


“Would you rather it be you, or any random number of kids at school? Who do you trust more to teach me and raise me correctly? You can’t stop me from being curious, but you can satisfy my curiosity so I don’t look elsewhere.”

“Aaaah… Fine. You have one day to show me that this is what you truly want. If I even suspect that you don’t want this, but are doing it for some other reasons, I just can’t let you go on.”

“Daddy, if you honestly think that I’m not getting pleasure from all this, than you really don’t know much about girls.”

“Oh, I think I know a little more about girls than even you.”

“I doubt that daddy, I am a girl.”

“Well, how about we get back in the bath, you stand up and point to me all the places that if you touch, makes you feel good. I guarantee that I can add at least five more places.”


“At least five…”

Madden rolled from the bed in a sudden burst of energy and made a break back into the bathroom, dragging a spotted trail of cum over the carpet.


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