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Carly puts her plans for Sam into action
AS I’ve said before I don’t actually condone sex between minors and fully grown adults. My interest here is purely for fun. While YES I do find the idea of pleasuring a teen or newly aged teen exciting. I would not do so nor would I stand by and let it happen
This story is OBVOUSLY fiction. Names and characters borrowed from nickelodeon studios purely for the sake of an interesting back story.

Sam didn’t know what to do. Seemingly stiff, or almost frozen. Aside from Carly’s menstruations she didn’t even blink. Carly peeled Sam’s hair up and in into a tie. And she used a pink ribbon, which seemed to appear from thin air. She tied a bow at the top pinning Sam's locks. She then breathed hotly on her neck slowly. And in a low whisper she said. “Sam, Spencer is going to help me get you changed. I want to see you in my new cloths. I won’t let him touch you if you don’t want. But I’m really hot right now and I want to do for you what you did for me at school. Remember? When I was showing you my panties today? I know you know about sex. I’ve seen you using that pretty little vibrator you stole from your mom.”

Sam whispered back “He’s going to see me naked Carly. And look at you! You are standing here in your brother’s bedroom in a bra and panty set with a belt and nylons and everything. What’s gotten into you?” Carly smiled slyly. She turned to Spencer and very openly addressed him. “Spencer dear; will it be ok if we take our cloths off and kiss each other?”
All Spencer could do was nod. He was in shock that his sister and her best friend were in his bedroom. One in under things, the other fully clothed. Both blatantly stating that they were going to be naked and making out??? How is this possible? In less than three days His sister shy and under aged; has turned into a master manipulator and organizer. What happened? This would explain why Carly wasn’t seeing boys and ignoring Freddy. Does she prefer girls? Sam obviously has a bi-sexual vibe But Carly too??
His reactions were wooden, but he started to move to where Carly had been pointing. “If you would please, Sam’s belt and shoes need to come off. Oh, Spencer I’m sure that they have that sexy smell because she doesn’t have socks on.” And turning to Sam she said “Lift your foot for him. He will be very gentle and I will pull on my stockings for you.” With that; she bent and deftly slid them down her own legs one at a time.
The room was stagnant quiet accept for the movements of the family now pulled into full action. Spencer had already taken Sam’s belt. He was now on the floor at her feet. Carly had waited for the left shoe to be pulled off then also bent and started to pull her hose up over the newly exposed toes. Spencer, who had his nose buried in the shoe and was sniffing audibly; had to be given a nudge because Sam’s leg was now fully encased in the black silk with little bows. Carly and Sam both waited for the other shoe to be removed. Sam’s confidence was now returning. She was thinking to herself. Who knew Spencer would be such fun!
Spencer on the other hand was in a state of bliss. He was going to see his fantasy up close and in person. Maybe he was going to be able to help with whatever Deviate Carly might be formulating. Sam’s shorts were next they hit the floor in a heap and she stepped out of them leaving a fully exposed and hairless mound right at Spencer’s eye level. She was standing no more than 18 inches away from him and her crotch was open for him to see its crease. She had a few razor bumps and he could make them out if he bothered for a tally. Otherwise it was perfectly smooth. “Fuck me if this wasn’t planned just for me” He was thinking; when her right shoed foot touched him on the chest.

“Excuse me, Asshole. If I wanted you to stare at my cunt I would have given you a written invitation” Sam’s words were like a hammer. His heart rate was well above normal at this point. He was starting to sweat. Spencer’s grail was right there and to both the siblings’ amazement Sam was now acting very much the doted on mistress herself.
She was in control and everyone knew it. “My shoe, asshole, I don’t need it any- more.” He complied without hesitation. Wordlessly Carly did as well. Only now that Sam’s orange keds were removed and the stocking going upward slowly Sam could feel the power transfer. Both siblings were at her feet. One with a shoe pressed to his face and the other running her tongue up the inside of the thigh as the stocking slowly crept to the top. .

She had no idea why she did it. It just felt right. Carly got in close as she started sliding the stocking upward from the toes. And it just seemed like the right idea at the time. Her tongue came out and at the inside of her knee she started to run it up Sam’s leg. Sam’s response was a semi-lucid one. She felt the tongue hit and start to move. Rather than object she went with it. Just to see how far Carly would go. Sam opened her leg and turned it out enough so Carly could get in to the sensitive area.
Up went the silk. And with it Carly’s tongue Right into the joint. She made contact with the artery and could feel Sam’s pulse quicken it excited her that Sam Not only allowed this. She was encouraging it!

Carly started to suck and nibble on the pulsing artery just inches from Sam’s hairless pussy. Sam could feel herself getting excited. Her clit started to pulsate and her hole was getting wetter. “Oh yes, Carly that’s it. Now move over; suck my cunt!” Sam squirmed and moaned. She had that feeling. Carly was doing things right. She wants more. She needed release! “That’s it. Run that tongue of yours inside my slit. YES! Do you feel the folds? There at the front; can you feel my clit bump? YES! Suck it! Suck my clit hard! Bite it for me. Scrape your teeth on the hood. Oooooh! YES Carly. You are going to make me cum!” Gasping for breath she shook. “Spencer! You pervert. Do you like watching your sister eat me? Are you jealous that it’s not you?” She pulled of her top and bra in one deft motion. “Spencer, get up here and suck my tits! I want you to pinch and nibble my nipples. Help your whore sister make me cum!”
Carly heard her friend’s words. They only served as encouragement. She slipped her hands up and onto Sam’s now tight ass. She slipped a finger on instinct into her crack where she worked it to her tiny pucker to massage the ring. Sam was now grinding her body hard against Carly’s face. Spencer was mashing roughly on her chest causing shocking sensation that of course went straight to her tight wet hole. Waves of pleasure wracked her body and she went limp. Sam fell backward onto the large bed unconscious.
Carly looked at her brother both on their knees on the floor. All she did was smile and look at him. Spencer could not believe what was happening to him. His sister was sitting beside him in little but an almost too large bra and loose fitting crotch less panty set her garter belt now just fit around her waist because they only got as far as putting the stockings on Sam. “Spencer, my face is wet. Sam left plenty of sticky delicious goo on my chin. Would you like to clean me off?” and she leaned into her brothers face.

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