7 months in a desert is a long time without pussy.
Cassidy was a pretty enough young lady she supposed. At 5'6", 135 pounds, 36D chest and fiery red hair, she definitely caught the eyes of plenty of young men. She liked the attention, so she wasn't ashamed of showing off just a bit. Nothing too whore-ish, but a low-cut shirt or pussy hugging pants were not out of the question. Some of her previous boyfriends had voiced their opposition to the way that she dressed, but I guess that's why they were 'previous' boyfriends.

"Hey Cass, any plans for tonight?" asked her friend Jason on the phone.

Jason had been a friend of hers for as long as she could remember. She knew that he secretly wanted to be with her, but what guy didn't? Anyways, she didn't want to jeopardize the years of friendship for a few minutes of pleasure.

"No, not really, what's up?"

"Well, my brother is coming back from Iraq today, and a lot of our friends are getting together and having a Welcome Home party for him."

Cassidy was never all that close to Jason's older brother, but she had no plans and figured it would be nice to get out of the house.

"Sure, sounds great."

"Ok, I'll be by to pick you up around 7."

"Sounds great." Cassidy says, "See you then."

It was just a little after 3, but Cassidy decided to go ahead and start getting ready to ensure that she would look her best. It was a bit warm out this time of year, so she decided on a cute little purple sleeveless top and a demin skirt. She then took a nice shower and shaved her legs. She had no intentions of having sex any time soon, so she didn't take the time to shave her pubes.


A couple minutes after 7 Jason showed up, and they headed to the party.

"Wow, there's a lot of cars here." remarked Cassidy.

"Yeah, most of the guys from my brother's division decided to come on out and make it a party for everyone." Jason replied. "We got plenty of food and drinks, so it should be a hell of a party."

"Cool. Sounds fun."

Jason and Cassidy headed inside where the party was already getting started. There was one group of guys outside bonging beers, another group inside taking shots, and a few guys and girls playing drinking games with a deck of cards in the kitchen.

"Hey big bro, you remember Cassidy right?"

"Of course." Jeremy replied, "How are you doing girl?"

"I'm doing good" replied Cassidy, "Welcome home, and thank you and all of these guys for what you all do."

"Come on, I'll introduce you to my boys and you can tell them yourself." Jeremy said.

Well, Cassidy soon learned that the preferred way to show appreciation was to take a drink with them. After taking a few shots inside and bonging a beer outside, she was starting to feel pretty good.

"Hey Cass, wanna go play a drinking game with them?" Jason asked.

"Umm, maybe, what is it?" Cassidy asked.

"It's called 'Kings'. Everyone takes a card on their turn, and each card means something different. Don't wory, it's easy to learn."

"Ok, I'll give it try"

Jason made himelf and Cassidy some drinks and they went over to join the group playing cards.

Sure enough, Cassidy caught onto the game quickly and was having lots of fun. She loved that most of the guys at the table were getting buzzed enough to start stealing peeks at her cleavage, even with their girlfriends sitting beside them.

After the first game ended, all of the girls and even a few of the guys were too drunk to play anymore. Cassidy was enjoying the attention too much, so decided to stay and play another game as some of the guys came in from their beer bonging to play. Being the only girl at the table soon became overwhelming. She was the only one drinking on 'six for chicks' and it seems that all of the guys were giving their drinks away to her. When it came time for someone to make a "rule," they never seemed to work out in her favor, such as; every time a guy drink, Cassidy has to take a drink. She was also having to drink of the "King's Cup" quite often, and she started to figure that maybe the drunk horny marines had more to do with her "bad luck" than luck itself. But she didn't mind, because she knew that every guy at that table wanted to fuck her, but none of them were going to get to. She could see all eyes directed at her chest, and even made it a point to reach across the table to choose her cards, giving some lucky boys a great view down her already low-cut shirt. Once, when she "accidently" spilled some of her drink on her breasts, and slowly wiped it away she was pretty sure she heard at least one of the guys let out a little grunt. She was loving every second of this, but she feared that it would soon come to an end. She had already finished 6 of god-knows-what drinks that Jason had made for her, as well as the shots and beers that she had soon after arriving.

After the final card was drawn, Cassidy decided that she was satisfied enough for the night, as was afraid of what might happen if she had any more to drink.

"Jason, I'm getting tired, can you bring me home?"

"No-can-do Cass. Big bro took everyone's keys when we got here, it's the only way he would let everybody drink here to make sure that nobody tried to drive home later."

"Well that sucks, what am I supposed to do?" Cassidy asked.

"You can crash here. I made sure to put dibs on a bed for you earlier, so that you wouldn't have to sleep on the floor."

"Aww, thanks hun. Well, would you mind showing me where it is? I'm exhausted."

"Sure, just go up the stairs, first door on the right"

"Ok, thanks. Good night boys, see you all in the morning."

"If you need somebody to keep you warm, you be sure to let us know." one of the guys remarked.

"Haha, ok, thanks." Cassidy said with a big smile. She loved the feeling that everyone there wanted her.

Cassidy made her way through the maze of people passed out in the living room. A few couples were making out here and there, but most seemed to be passed smooth out. As she made her way upstairs, she could hear the springs squeaking and Jeremy's girlfriend moaning in pleasure. 'Haha, welcome home!' she though. She was having a little more trouble getting up the stairs than she thought she would, but she eventually made her way to her bed for the night. She locked the door behind her and wasted no time getting comfortable and just laid down right on top of the covers. As she lie there, she thought about all of the hard dicks downstairs that would love to be inside her. She giggled as she felt how wet her cunt was. She slowly began to massage her swollen clit through her soaked panties, and it didn't take long until she had came. "Ah, what a night" she thought, as she passed out.


*Knock Knock*

"Hey Cass, you still awake? You forgot your purse downstairs." Jason whispered.

He got no response.

"Wow, she must have been really tired." Jason thought to himself.

He used his brother's master key to let himself in and turned on the small lamp beside the bed to make sure that that his friend was ok. The sweet smell of her juices drew his eyes downward as he saw her hand still resting on her wet cunt. His "friend" instinct told him to put a cover over her just in case one of the other guys stumbled their way into her room. His "guy" instinct, however, told him something completely different.

Jason knew that one more second in his position would lead him to something that he would probably regret, so he immediately headed out the door and back downstairs. In his rush he forgot to cover her up or lock the door, but he was in no state of mind to think about things like that right now. He found a clearing on the living room floor and laid down to try to get the image that he just saw out of his mind. It was definitely a hard decision, but the satisfaction of doing the right thing helped him doze off to sleep.


There were still about 5 guys sitting around b.s.-ing at the card table. Most of the chatter included lewd fantasies about Cassidy and arguements about who she wanted the most.

"Dude, she totally wanted to fuck me." John said.

"What the fuck ever man, you're been in the desert too long." said Robbie.

"You guys are all crazy, she was totally showing me her tits." said Josh.

"We was showing everybody her tits, you limp-dick bastard." quipped Dave.

"Alright, alright, let's just go ask her. Upstairs, first door on the right, right?" said Mark.

"Alright, lets do it." they all agreed.

The group made their way upstairs to find Cassidy. Certain that she wanted sex with one of them.

*Knock Knock*

"Cassidy, you in there?" whispered Josh.

"Fuck it dude, just go in" said John, growing impatient.

Josh opened the door and paused in his tracks.

"I think she's passed out." he whispered back.

"Lemme see." someone said.

"Holy shit..." was about all that anyone could muster.

Dave, made his way over and whispered in her ear "Hey Cass, you awake?"

"She passed the fuck out." he told his buddies "Right after she finished playing with herself."

John went over and gave it a little sniff.

"Aww, what the fuck man?" snickered Robbie.

"It smells delicious" replied John, as he moved her hand out of the way, pulled the panties to the side, and gave it a little lick.

"Tastes delicious too" he said.

"You're one sick fuck, you know that" laughed Robbie.

"Whatever dude, you're going to be the one with blue balls tonight, not me."

"What are you talking about? Are you going to fuck her?" Dave asked.

"Why the fuck not? She teased us all night, her pussy is dripping wet, she didn't get under the covers, she left the light on AND left the door unlocked. She wants it dude, what else do you need?" John explained.

The guys looked around and each other and decided that they couldn't argue with that logic.

John decided that since he was the "logical" one, that he was going first. At this point none of the guys really had any arguement, as long as they got their turn.

John removed her panties and pushed her skirt up a bit to allow himelf easier access. With Cassidy's wetness he had no problem entering her tight pussy.

"Oh god, this is fantastic." John said, rubbing it in to the other guys that he was first.

While waiting on his turn, Josh pulled down her shirt to reveal her pretty little pink nipples. As Josh sucked on her nipples and John fucked her wet pussy, Cassidy let out a bit of an approving moan.

"Told you guys she wanted it." John said as he buried his dick deep inside her.

Seven months in the desert didn't do fare well for John's stamina, but it certainly made blowing his load inside this slut's pussy all the better.

"Next..." joked John as he pushed himself off of her limp body.

Josh was next, followed by Robbie, Mark and Dave.

John put his clothes back on and whispered "Semper Fi" as he left the room. The guys kinda had a puzzled look on their face, but quickly shifted their attention back to the hot little whore that they were having their way with.

The phrase made more sense when John re-entered the room with a few followers. It turns out that John had gone downstairs and woken up as many as he could from their division to come upstairs and share the wonderful pussy that had been offered up to them by some hot slut. Every man there took his turn plowing into her once tight pussy. Some stayed for seconds, thirds, or even fourths, while some went back downstairs to get more of their buddies that may not have gotten their chance the first time.


Jason was shaken awake by Tyson, a friend of his brother's.

"Jay, dude, come on, you gotta come get a piece of this."

"Huh, what? I'm not hungry." he relied, still in a daze.

"Not a piece of food man, a piece of pussy."

"What are you talking about?" Jason asked, remembering how badly he wanted sex earlier, and how he could definitely use some release right about now.

"Yeah man, some bitch passed out and everybody is taking a turn hittin' that shit."

"What the fuck? Are you serious?" Jason asked, trying to hide his enthusiasm.

"Yeah dude. You's kinda late now, but pussy is pussy, you know?"

"Pussy IS pussy" Jason thought, something that he certainly could use.

"Alright, well, where is she?" Jason asked.

"Upstairs, first door on the right." Matt replied.

Jason's heart sank, his face went flush.

"But, uh... my friend Cassidy is sleeping in there." Jason said, confused.

Tyson let out a little chuckle.

"Well, my man, I don't know what kind of friends y'all is, but everybody else done got some, you you might as well too."

Jason lay there in disbelief. "Is this real?" he thought. Well, the only way he would know, is to go look, so he rubbed the "sleep" from his eyes and stood up. The morning light breaking through the windows revealed a group of guys standing around comparing their stories of what they had done to this "slut." Jason stared in disbelief as there were at least 12 or 15 guys in that group. "Wow, did she really do that many guys?" he asked himelf as he made his way up the stairs.

It's quite possible that nothing could have prepared him for the sight he was about to see. His best friend's pale white skin paled in comparison the large black man man kneeling in front of her. Her legs thrown up over his shoulders as he fucked her pussy with the biggest, blackest dick that he'd ever seen. Cassidy lay relatively motionless, other than the thrusting being done with this beast of a man, causing her tender breasts to bounce helpless around in circles as the man violated her chubby little pussy lips.

"Heyyyyyy, it's the man-of-the-hour." John said, breaking the silence in Jason's mind.

"Huh?" he said, confused.

"Yeah man, knowing that we haven't gotten laid in forever, you brought over this hot slut to fuck all of us. That's a fucking friend right there."

"Heeeh." is about the only sound Jason could muster.

"So, uh, it all worked out according to plan then, huh?" Jason mumbled, playing along until he could figure out how this all could have happened.

"Oh yeah." John said. "She teased us enough to get us nice and hard, she came upstairs and got her pussy nice and wet, left the door open for us to come in, and this bitch even left the light on for us. Haha"

Jason's heart couldn't possibly have sunk any lower. This was all his fault, he kept thinking. HE was the one that forgot to relock the door, HE was the one that forgot to turn off the light... "Oh my, have I done?" He thought.

"Why so glum, my man?" John asked.

Jason searched for an answer "Oh." "Uh." "I, uh.., I dunno."

"Oh I know. It's because you haven't had a turn yet, right? Hold on a second."

John tapped the large black man on the shoulders, "Wrap it up bro, it's the 'pimp's' turn."

"The pimp?" Jason thought. "Wow, I always thought I would feel better when someone called me that."

The black man pumped harder and faster until he shot his load deep inside Cassidy and turn to Jason to say "Ok pimp, you're up."

About a million thoughts ran through Jason's mind. "Should I wake her up?" "Should I call the cops?" "Should I go get my brother?"

That's it, he thought, I'll ask Jeremy, he'll know what to do. That thought lasted about 2 seconds until his buck-naked brother slapped him on the back for an "atta-boy". Apparently Jeremy had already taken his turn(s).

"Alright Jason, stop being a pussy." he told himself. "You've wanted this girl for years, and she's repayed you with teasing. No fucking way do you go home being the only guy out of this house that DOESN'T fuck her. It's all your fault anyway, so you may as well get some of the payoff..."

With everyone eagerly waiting for his response, Jason unbuckled his belt. He took off his pants and boxers and climbed onto the bed. Her pink nipples were bruised from all of the pinching and biting. Her pussy was red, swollen, and literally over-flowing with countless loads of cum. Jason decided that if he was going to do it, it was going to be worth it. Jason lifted her legs up on his shoulders just as the other man had. The cum dripping from her cunt provided ample lubrication for him to enter her virgin asshole. Jason was startled when Cassidy made a little noise, but in no time she was back asleep, and he continued to fuck her tight hole.

Jason didn't know if it was the years of anticipation of being with her, the thought of all of the random dick inside her, or just the tightness of her anus, but he knew he was going to cum very soon. The situation overtook him, and Jason filled his best friend's bowels with his hot cum. He was fairly certainly that it was the best orgasm that he'd ever had.


Jeremy ushered everyone out of the room, and Jason put Cassidy's panties back on. There was no point in trying to clean her up now, the damage was done.

Jason rejoined the others downstairs and waited for Cassidy to wake up.

"Hey, can you take me home now?" It was Cassidy.

"Uh, sure, no problem." Jason replied.

"See you later Cassidy, it was VERY nice meeting you." one of the guys said.

"Weird..." Cassidy thought to herself.

They were both pretty quiet on the way home.

"Everything ok Jason, you're acting kinda strange?" Cassidy asked.

"Uh, yeah, yeah, everything is fine. I just had some weird dreams."

"Oh. Ok. Yeah, me too." Cassidy relied. Best friend or not, she wasn't about to tell him that she had dreams of a gang-rape by 37 guys. She was still a little beside herself about it anyway.

"Well, we're here. Thanks for coming out." Jason said.

"No problem, it was fun. Thanks for the ride."

Jason drove away and Cassidy went inside. She must have drank a lot more than she realized, because she felt like she'd been run over by a steam-roller. All of her muscles were sore, and she felt very uncomfortable between the legs. She remembered that she had gotten so wet last night, but she thought that it would have been better by now. All she knew is that she needed a shower. She headed to the bathroom and began to undress.

"Damn girl, you gotta stop drinking so much" she thought as she saw the bruises on her.

She removed her wet panties and walked over to the shower. Just as she was stepping in, she felt a strange sensation of something running down her leg.

"Wow, was I really that wet?" she thought as she reached down to her pussy.

"Ouch. I'm really sore down there for some reason." she thought.

She went to get her makeup mirror to examine herself better. She could hardly believe her eyes as she saw what appeared to be semen crusted in her pubic hair. She stuck a finger inside her swollen pussy and pulled out what couldn't have been any less than 10 loads.

"Oh. My. God." she said out loud.

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