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Blind boys wanted to feel my milkers
The Blind School

From my school days i always wanted to help the lessfortunated and the lessabled. I got my appointment as a science teacher for a blind school which was 5km far from town. Now iam 22. 5"6 tall with short blonde hair upto my shoulders. 36EE breasts and relatively a very thin waist. My tits were so huge for my frame. I use to wear oversized shirts & blouses to cover my melons. But most of the times my excess glory has triggered so many men harrass my tits and rub my tits which they meant as accident.Teaching blind children may keep me away from tit abuse i thought. But it dint last for long.

First day at school.I was wearing a tight fitting blouse with v-shaped deep cut neck.It was a boys only school. There were about 25 children in my class. My shool principle was a bold obese man. His belly was falling out of the tight belt he was wearing. welcome Miss Joe he said i saw his eyes moving down to my tits and he couldn't believe the huge cleavage he was seeing.His mouth watered he bit his lips. oh well developed he said.i knew he was hinting on my breasts but i said nothing jz moved away with a sure he would have checked out my round ass when i walked to my class room.On the way i saw some male teachers but rarely any female ones.They were having a fake smile on their faces since their eyes were on my my tits bouncing up and down as i walk towards my class.

I greeted my students. They each introduced themselves. They were in the age of 15-16.The guy who was siting right in the front introduced him as Dave and the next as John and so on. Dave was so talkative. He asked me how i look. I told them that im 5"6 tall slim & blond. The next question from John almost surprised me. He asked whats ur Bra size. Omgg these guys aren't innocent i thought but i dint want to scold him on the first day its self. So i jz ignored his question and moved on to the lesson.

The first chapter was about human physiology.I dictated some notes and they were listening to it and asked me to clarrify some topics.They were alright in their studies but i knew they were not the bunch of blind innocent children. Their eyes were always pointing to my melons. Even though they were blind it was irritating me at the begining. As time went by i liked their eyes pointing my nipples. It turned me on. I liked Dave brushing onto my breasts. I liked John teasing me sexually.

Third week at school. The lesson was about human body. From head to toe. i had to explain about each body organs and their functions. It all started well.Forehead, eyes, nose, mouth teeth and neck.They were touching their own and relating to my explanations about organal structure.Then came the toughest part. I was asked to explain about Breasts.I told breasts are unique for woman and secretes milk for young mammals.Pause said Dave. Miss Joe we have never touched breasts we dont know its structure.Rest of the class second it.John told me to allow him to touch my breasts. Rest of the class wanted it too. I refused at the beginning but then i wanted my breasts to be fondled by male hands. I told them to shut the door. I sat on my table. Dave came first John followed. I took Dave's right hand & kept in on my huge cleavage. his hands were gentle his fingers felt the soft flesh.then his hands went down and his fingers felt my aerolas. My nipples were getting hard than ever. then he got hold of my right nipple.He told breasts are so soft but nipples are hard.He repeated the same for my other melon. John's hands were little rough he cupped one of my breasts wit both his hands. Omgg massive he said. Feels like a ripe fruit to be eaten soon. He giggled.

A fat guy came and pulled both my nipples. He told he wanted to feel them naked. so i unhooked my bra and let my massive milkers fall free. A dark talk guy who was at the back took my nipples inbetween his two fingers and kissed my nipples. I moaned bit loud i cudnt resist cumming. he took one whole tit& sucked it so hard. John on the other tit squeezed my left tit& sucked it damn hard. i was moaning in pain & pleasure. Dave went down & removed my skirt& panties. He dint know where was my pussy. so i helped his finger to enter my chamber. I saw their erect hardened cocks working over my tits. i unzipped John's pants. Out came an angry monster cock i sucked it so hard. John moaned in pleasure. Dave cudnt resist Johns moan so he too unzipped and rubbed his rock hard cock against my hole. Finally he penetrated. I was in heaven. He fucked me so hard till i shout in pleasure. Then came John. He spread my legs to my ears and fucked my too fast. i told him to slow down. But he never did so. The fat guy sucked my breasts so hard and i felt my 36EE has swelled to 40EE. Fuck this bitch untill she dies told Dave.I felt his large monster cock tearing my pussy hole and touching my womb. Dave penetrated his too. I was having two hungry cocks at once. I was in a painful heaven. Being tortured by bling guys was the fact that was turning me on so much. John ejaculated his white cum into my hole fist. then i cleaned his cock with my tongue. As Dave was about to cum I saw the bold obese man watching everything from the window.Dave shiverd a little as he pushed all his thick cum into my hole.

I got up from the table covering my pussy wid my skirt still my swelled tits falling free. I said.. Mr Principle...I was... Come to my room Miss Joe but ur massive milkers hanging out he said with an evil smile. To be continued.
Please leave a comment if u would like to read part 2.

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-24 04:54:34
All male blindd school? Unrealistic. N to make it work she told a student (thats blind) to close the door. And how did they know where she was? Unrealistic. Good story but not great

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-18 19:14:56
Wait. What? That guy said he was blind, then critiqued the story. How can you see it?

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-13 00:52:05
Poor grammar and sentence structure

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-24 15:12:13
Wonderful story. I barely made it through without jacking off

Anonymous readerReport

2009-06-04 15:42:36
totally want to see how it ends. HOT!!!

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