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I discover my girlfriend cheating on me with my next door neighbour and his friends
Hi – this is my first story. I have another one that I want to write, but felt that it needed some scene setting, so here it is. The tone of this one is a bit darker than I had hoped it would be, but I hope you enjoy it and if you do, positive comments may elicit the next part. Negative ones, may just inspire me to do better, so please feel free to write what you think!


As I sat at my desk squinting at my screen, the dull throb in my head re-asserted its presence and I winced in pain. It was clear that I was of no use at work today. My headache was never going to go while I was sat staring at pages of figures and I was very keen to get rid of my headache in time for tonight. I had arranged to take Helen, my girlfriend, out to dinner followed by a show she had been dying to see. I resolved to go home and rest my head, excused myself from work and headed for the train home.

I worked in IT and was in many respects, a stereotypical geek. I had resigned myself to a life of porn fuelled masturbation when Helen walked into my life. We had been together for nearly 2 years now. She was everything to me. Every day I woke up next to her, stared over and thanked my lucky stars that a girl as stunning as Helen wanted to be with me. Her long blonde hair cascaded over the pillow, framing her strikingly beautiful face. I would peel down the duvet to admire her naked body. She had magnificent breasts which lost little of their fullness as she lay on her back. Each was capped by an unusually prominent, ruby-red nipple which seemed to be in a permanent state of arousal. The skin of her belly was milky white and exquisitely soft, and as my gaze continued to scan down her body I would eagerly anticipate the sight of her smooth shaven pussy. Invariably, the vision of her taut pussy lips was too much to bear and I would find myself unable to resist licking her slit. I became very well practiced and was able to gently lick and suck her clit in such a way as to get her thoroughly aroused without waking her fully. Then, as she started to stir, I would increase the pace so that the first thing she felt as she reached consciousness was an intense orgasm.

We had an active and fulfilling sex life and the extensive porn library I had built up in my single days was confined to the back of my cupboard gathering dust. Life felt good – apart from my headache.

My head was still throbbing as I reached home and opened the door to my flat. Like me, Helen worked full time and so I was somewhat startled to hear noises coming from the bedroom. I was no hero, but a strange compulsion gripped me and I found myself creeping silently towards the source of the noise. The closer I got, the clearer the noise become. Looking back, it seems ridiculous to me that I didn’t realise what was causing the noise. At the time, the bestial grunts and shrill screams suggested that someone was being attacked and as I approached the slightly open door I braced myself for what I was about to see. But nothing prepared me for the sight that met my eyes as I peered through the gap.

The bed was a frenzied mass of bodies. So intertwined were they that they were scarcely recognisable as individuals. I stared in disbelief and as I did, the fleshy mass started to resolve itself as separate people and I realised that at the centre of the heap was a woman’s body - a very familiar looking body. Helen was naked and lying on her back. Her legs were raised up in the air and were draped over the shoulders of a large, muscular man who was vigorously pumping what looked to be an obscenely fat cock into my girlfriends stretched anus, while simultaneously fisting her pussy with a powerful looking arm. The man timed his thrusts ruthlessly, alternating the assault on her arsehole by his giant penis with violent punching movements of his arm and each thrust was accompanied by a guttural grunt and an involuntary squeal from Helen.

Helen’s screams were periodically muffled. The cause of this was a second man, sitting astride her torso. Like his friend, he too was extremely well endowed, although more in length than girth. He had his cock nestled between Helen’s ample breasts and with his hands he roughly pushed them together to smother his engorged member. He thrust his cock viciously between her tits. Due to his staggeringly long shaft, every thrust resulted in his glans appearing from between its soft prison and towards Helen’s waiting mouth which eagerly sucked and licked at it.

The scene was completed by a third man, kneeling above Helen, her head nestled between his thighs. He was wanking his cock vigorously, and periodically, he would grasp the shaft and slap it viciously against her face, clubbing her with and spraying drops of pre-cum.

It was all so brutal and animalistic. At first I assumed – or maybe I wanted to believe – that Helen was not a willing partner to all this – that horrific though that would be, she was being taken against her will. But the look on her face in between her rhythmic cock sucking confirmed that she was a fully willing participant. I found myself unable to tear my eyes away and watched in morbid fascination at the love of my life being fucked hard by three strange men.

My mind was in turmoil. I felt thoroughly betrayed, inadequate and like my world had come crashing down around me. Yet at the same time, the bestial scene in front of me was beyond my wildest imagination and was having a very arousing affect on my own cock which grew painfully hard.

Entranced, I found myself watching, unable to move or act. My beautiful girlfriend continued to be used and abused by the three mystery men. The one punishing her arse increased the speed (and rigour). In doing so, he started to grunt and shout obscenities at her. Within seconds he made one last, extremely hard thrust and he came deep inside her bowels. All the while, his friends continued in their assault on Helens breasts and face.

The man who had just cum, removed his cock from Helen’s back passage and extracted (with very little care) his fist from inside her pussy. Her anus remained dilated and his semen started to dribble out and fall to the floor. He swapped places with his friend who had been slapping his cock across her face. His friend positioned himself between her legs and quickly shoved his cock into her gaping arse, while his right hand started vigorously strumming at her clit.

The other man, took his slimy, fat cock and fed it into Helen’s mouth, causing her to gag at first. He instructed her to lick him clean which she obediently did. In doing so, she breathed new life into his massive cock and before long her clean up operation had turned into a proper blow job.

Meanwhile, the third man continued to vigorously pump his huge cock between Helen’s tits and finally climaxed, spraying ropes of cum over her face and chest. Some of it landed on his friends cock and wanking hand, but Helen dutifully licked it clean. This was enough to tip him over the edge too and he pulled his fat cock out of her mouth and sprayed his second load of cum all over her face and hair. As he did so, he looked up in exultation and I caught my first clear glimpse of his face and realised that I knew this man. I had seen him several times. He was Jack, the boyfriend of Claire, the girl who lived in the flat next to us. We had barely spoken a word in the two years I had lived there, but Helen was good friends with Claire and I distinctly remember her complaining about “poor Claire’s pig of a boyfriend”.

The third guy continued his assault on Helen’s arse while the other two teased her with their sticky, cum covered cocks. Despite everything, they still seemed to be wanting more and were encouraging, a by now very dishevelled looking Helen to suck them hard again – and she duly obliged, seemingly oblivious to the mess of cum dripping from her face.

Astoundingly she managed to get them hard and ready for action again, just as their friend pulled out of her arse, directed his cock towards her tits and sprayed his surprisingly voluminous load over them. Jack told her to rub it in and all three men – and myself for that matter – watched mesmerised as Helen started to massage and rub the sticky fluid into her breasts. The three of them, wanked hard as they watched the show and before long, they were all ready for action again.

Part of me wanted to take out my own cock and wank also, but the deceit and hypocrisy of the woman I had loved was too much to bear and I resisted the urge – yet I continued to watch – hypnotised by the scene unfolding before me.

The one with the long cock laid down across the bed – my bed - and urged Helen to climb on top. As she did, she slowly slid his long shaft into her pussy, gasping as the full length somehow made its way inside her. She leaned forward and her semen covered tits dangled and bounced tantalisingly over him as he started to fuck her. Jack then climbed on to the bed also and squatted down behind Helen. I watched as he fed his fat cock once again into Helen’s much used arse. He synchronised his thrusting with his friends’ and each thrust jolted Helen forward with such vigour it took all her strength to stay on all fours. Finally, the third guy move to the other side of the bed, knelt up and guided his cock into Helen’s mouth.

She was now being fucked hard by three cocks in all three of her orifices – and she seemed to be loving every minute of it. I could bear it no longer. I pushed the door open and walked into the room. I have no idea what emotions my face was exhibiting- hate, anger, hurt or some combination of these, but my entrance barely put them off their pace. The three men all smirked and Jack, sniggering just shouted out:

“Alright mate! Don’t worry – we’re nearly done with her for today and she’ll be nicely warmed up for you!”

Stinging though his words were, what hurt the most was Helen’s reaction. Mouth full of cock, she just appeared to shrug. There was no hint of shame or regret. She was having a good fuck and had no intention of stopping just because she had been found out.

I left the room hurriedly and got out of my flat as fast as possible, slamming the door shut behind me. I then fell to the floor in the hallway and wept. It felt like my whole life had just been ripped apart.

Disturbed by the noise of my door banging shut, Claire opened her door and peered out. Seeing me in a heap on the floor, she came out to ask what was wrong. She tried to console me for a while, but I couldn’t be reached. At that moment, my door opened and out walked Jack and his two friends, proudly discussing their conquest. Jack looked down at me and then spotted his girlfriend leaning over me. Their eyes met and in that instant, Claire understood exactly what had happened and why I was in such a state…

To be continued...

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2012-02-29 23:45:16
This is such a sad story( how the mans gf is cheating)

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