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Russell is Rochelle now. It is her journey to the present.
Some days just went in enjoying each other. Ryan decided that we should now move in his spaceship. That would be our home now on. I was happy to be with him. So one day, we left the earth in his ship. It was enthralling.
I guess for a month or so, we were just having sex after sex. I still remember that night... I was sleeping in my room when Ryan came in. He sat there on a bed and gently kissed on my cheeks. I just giggled and cuddled him. He lifted my nightie up and started to rub my thighs. He moved down, and began to finger my pussy. I pulled him to me and smooched him passionately. He removed my clothes. Now his attention was drifted to my breasts. He was literally trying to eat my boobs, perhaps he was curious to identify their taste! I was going crazy because of the feeling. A very well known pressure was building inside me. A lust and passion had completely taken over both of us,
And suddenly I felt a strange pain in my left tit, one which Ryan was wildly sucking. It was feeling like something was trying to force its way out of my nipple. I gasped and ached a bit. I was looking at my tits and I was myself playing with the other breast. I was feeling very strange and then a white drop of a fluid oozed from my nipple, Ryan was surprised, it was my Milk. My own milk damn it. It started to drop out of my nipples. I felt very emotional, in fact I began to cry. Ryan took me in his embrace. He wiped my tears and kissed me. That kiss was of acknowledgement. He had realised the fact that I was pregnant. It was his child in my womb. I just vaguely remember the sex we had after that. It was the most emotional sex we had ever had. It definitely had the colour of my milk. That night still feels like a fulfilled dream.

So after seven months I gave birth to baby boy. we named him Max. We really had a good time. we both used to play with him. Ryan was a real rascal. When i used to breastfeed max, i think Ryan drank much more milk than my baby did. Some years passed by. Ryan had programmed a computer to teach Max every possible subject in the universe. Being a para-human like his father, Max also had the similar qualities. His growth, both mentally and physically was astounding.
Then there came a day, Ryan had to go on a mission. He took much more time to return than usual. I began to worry. I knew how dangerous this universe is. I feared of the worst and unfortunately my fears were true. Ryan's spaceship had a fatal mishap, and he was no more. My whole world was shattered. A man who lived for thousand years, couldn't complete 12 years with me. why?
the bigger question was, how should I console max? It was really going to be tough for both of us.
I decided that we will move back to the earth. We always had that option open. Ryan had a home in Canada. In these modern times if he ever needed to live on earth for a while he used to be there. Even i had been there before.

......... Four years later.........

Presently Max is of 15 years old. He is mature now. He goes to school nearby. I run a flower-shop. I earn good so financially we are secured now. Here I come to the final part of my strange tale.

As i spent a good deal of time in space, I still look very young. It seems as if I am on the verge of thirty. As it is I am just 38. If you have read first part then you would know, that I still look stunning. But I never pay heed to any man.

Before few days I was Shocked when I took Max's garments for washing. There were some white spots on his pants. It couldn't have been anything else. I wondered, for how long my dear boy was doing that. I was in a daze I guess. That particular musky scent, that was just mesmerizing. I couldn't help and found myself completely turned on.

It had been years since I haven't had a sex. That was really crazy. I really felt guilty about my thoughts. I was imagining about my son. That was not right. But then I remembered that how I used to fantasize about my mother when I was a teen. It was apparent that Max is definitely thinking of me in a different way. In fact, if I were at his place I wouldn't have done a different thing. Ha.. had I been so lucky to have such a stunning mom..... to have a mom who would seduce me. Yes.. that's what i was going to do. I wanted him to have a fun. I wanted him to enable me to have a fun. I knew my baby. He had to have the same rascal and bitchy streak that I have.

So now it was clear what i wanted. It was equally apparent that Max was going to give me that. So while dining I decided to check it. I wore a loose t-shirt. And every time while serving him anything I made it a point to bend in a sexiest manner. I made it sure, that he will get a close look at my ample bra covered breasts. I noticed that every time I bent his eyes went on to become as big as my bOObies. So the sign was clear. It was up to me to make a move as Max is horribly shy. I decided to keep it simple and normal for sometime. Though I gave him some signs. I usually preferred to remain unpertubed. I made it sure that once in while he will get a look at my body parts. Once I kept bathroom door slightly open. I hugged him sometimes And never wore a bra while doing it. He had to understand everything after all he is a Para-Human being.
But after few days I became restless much more than he ever could be. I ferociously wanted him to fill me up with his cum. I wanted him fuck me and tear me. I know am his mother. But sometimes I don't know what takes us over. I couldn't stop being horny. I couldn't feel the shame I should have felt. There was only one thing on my mind. I couldn't take it any more. I decided to have a go. It was better today than tomorrow.

On last weekend I asked him to come with me to watch a horror movie. He asked me That do I really want to see it? Because he knew I get scared whenever I watch such a movie. I told him "yes boy.. I need a change. I want to do something unusual". So we watched that movie. We returned very late in the night. All the way I told him to hold me because I was really scared. His touch was really assuring. I maintained it in such way that my left boob kept brushing his right elbow.

As we entered in home, I asked him, "Honey would you do me a favour? see i am scared to my soul and I will not be able to sleep. Will you sleep with me tonight? I will feel much better if you do"! without saying anything he just nodded And said "fine mom! I will come to your room in just few minuts. but just let me change my cloths". I nodded. Then I went to my bedroom and I changed my cloths. I put on a nightie and removed my panty. While doing it I just rubbed my pussy.. oh god it was so electrifying that my body shivered. Now I just wanted him to make this night an unusual one.

Then I silently lay there on my bed waiting restlessly for my son. In few moments he came in. He had his regular boxers put on but a bulge in it was something not so regular. Perhaps he had sniffed something. Probably sleeping beside a woman whom he fantasized while masturbating was enough to turn him on. he lay besides me. we kept chatting for a while and then I wished him a good night and pretended to have gone asleep. I managed my position in such way that he could feel my body without touching it. Half an hour went idle. I could feel him breathing heavily and changing positions restlessly. we were lying facing each other. I suddenly lifted my hand and dropped it on his waist. he did not move but i could sense his anxiety.

In few minutes I guess he gathered some courage and put his hand on my waist. As I did not seem to protest he began to move his hand on my ass. Yet I did not react. He moved closer and began rubbing my ass. He sensed that I did not wear a pantie. He put his leg on mine. We could feel each others breathe.. so close were we to each other. He lifted my nightie up and started to rub my thighs. Now I could not help but I moaned and opened my eyes. Lust was dripping out of my eyes. Without any notice I pulled him wildly and began kissing. I wanted him to feel me, I wanted him to fill me. We kissed for an hour it seemed. My burning desire of years had completely taken over me. I broke our kiss and asked him are you OK with it baby? In reply he just asked me," momma can I kiss you again"? I was taken aback.. I said "yes my lad.."

Then he kissed me again on my lips. I was so wet and aroused that I forgot every other thing than giving him back the same lust he had.
With that all rational thought deserted me and I just got that finally I was on my way to fucking my own son. I let out a low moan and we snuggled closer. His hand reached for my breast and then as if in realization he stopped short of cupping it. He was taking his hands away when I took hold of it and pressed it firmly to my breast. And clutched it tightly. He broke the kiss and looked down and he freed my left breast from the confines of my nightie. He rubbed the nipple and looked at me questioningly. I blinked in approval and slowly he lowered his head and and started chewing it frantically. He was making me immensely lusty. I was moaning loud.

The sight of my own son hungrily suckling my nipple made terribly wet. I slipped the strap off the other breast and he switched to it as soon as it was exposed. He sucked like he had eaten nothing in thousand years. His warm mouth, the force of lust and the lips and tongue stimulating my nipples took me to a new level of passion and arousal.

I could feel his erection pressing on my lower belly through his boxer. And what an erection it was. He was hard as a rod and gosh, it was huge!His crotch pressed my cunt in wildest manner. And I responded in the same fashion. He cupped my buttock and greedily pulled it as he thrust. Thus we found a rhythm of hunching back and forth. I stopped him right there and told him," hold back son, you deserve something special". I knelt down and removed his boxers .Meanwhile I removed my nightie. We were completely naked by now. It was only our lust which covered us .

I stroke his already erected cock. I held in my hand and gasped before taking that monster in my mouth. I slid it in my mouth. It was really damn huge. It was hard to get it fully inside.I flicked my tongue back and forth over its knob. He groaned as I opened my mouth to fully savour the pre-cum covering the head of his cock. Again I heard him moan as I gently lapped it up as if it were cream. I finished by opening my lips and closing my mouth fully over it's head to suck the remaining cream into my mouth, easing back when I had finished. He groaned "mom I am going to cum.... I can not take it any more." I stopped and literally hissed at him "no my son, just hold it back. I want you to fuck me right now. I just want you to fill my cunt up with your juice. Won't you do it for momma dear..? " I will mom you know I love you. I always dreamt of you as my lover than my mother. I will complete your wish with pleasure."

He savagely pulled me back and mounted on me. He began playing with my tits and suckling my nipples.I opened my legs wide for him. He wasted no time in inserting his dick in my vagina. We both looked down as he slowly rubbed the knob up and down my pussy-lips. Then he positioned the glistening cock head at my wet entrance nudging at my open folds. . Then slowly pushed his hot hard rod inside my wet pussy. I moaned at the utmost delicious sensation as he slowly eased his long cock into my canal. He was long!! it took some time to bury it deep inside. Inch by inch he got into me.. At that moment he meant world to me The pleasure and love in his eyes were the most precious thing to me.

he started to penetrate me gently and I knew I was going to cum. The pressure in my pussy was so unbearably pleasurable.It was the feeling of my son fucking me which made me more horny. He thrust hard once more and I was caught in the frenzy of my orgasm. A huge wave just knocked me out with its brute force. I was experiencing it after years.
His cock reveled in my cunt as it became hotter in there with my love juices released. He held it hard and deep inside throughout my climax which lasted for what seemed like my whole life. Now he increased his speed. He was really banging me.I was moaning loudly. My boobs were bouncing rhythmically in accord with his penetration. I was gasping for breathe and screaming in sheer ecstasy. He was fucking me hard and he was ramming his cock in a wildest way. I was moving back and forth, my tits were on roller coaster ride. He was kissing me in between.
The bed shook like there was an earthquake, it banged against the wall with a loud thud with every thrust of his. He was penetrating me for endless time. I had had several orgasms and then he stopped. He was moaning now.. His thrusts became infrequent. The pressure was building inside both of us. And finally he held my tits tight, he buried his shaft all inside Soon he let out a low growl of pleasure and I knew he was close and so was I again. I pulled his buttocks down as he thrust into me and then he came. With a loud moan I joined him as he groaned out loud and shot endless shots of his hot seed into my womb.


2010-05-28 00:19:01
thanks it was a difernt twist to a mom & son affair.

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