It started as a normal morning, Michelle had just got the kids off to school and her husband was off to work. Now Michelle is a very attractive woman, tall at 5'9 shapely 38Ds with long brown hair that she usually kept back. She was alittle insecure but always seemed to draw the attention of the young men at the grocery store and the malls. She was feeling alittle dragged out so she was still in the long t shirt she had slept in. She had gone out back to water some flower, her backyard was wooded, so you could barely make out the neighbors house. Michelle loved the remoteness of her backyard, she never had to worry about nosey neighbors. As she was watering the flowers a big rotweiller came bounding thru the yard. Startled at first she froze, but he stopped and looked around and noticed her on the porch. She stayed still as he came up the porch, she noticed how big he was, a beautiful dog, but he scared her none the less. he started drinking water out of one of the pots, Michelle laughed and realized all he wanted was something to drink. She grabbed a bowl and went inside to fill it up. when she came back out, as she bent over to put it down the big Rotweiller stuck his head inside her short t shirt pressing his cold nose against her slightly parted thighs, and with a swift lick his massive tongue had parted michelle's thighs and licked her clit and semi wet shaved pussy. She was shocked, startled ,she stood straight up and whipped around. The Rotty looked like he was smilling, that big tongue hanging out. now michelle didn't know what to do bolt of of electricity had passed thru her pussy and her knees felt alittle weak. that had never happened before, oh sure the occasional friends dog with the curious snout in the crotch, but this was different. Michelle's head was spinning, the dog was walking towards her and her back was against the siding. Of course now it would be nice if there were neighbors. The naughty rotty moved towardher and she tried to close her legs.. but with a quick movement his tongue found her clit again. that bolt of electricity shot thru her again. this can't be happening she thought, she glanced at the door, it was 5 feet away but this darn dog had her pinned against the house. He began to lick her again and again each time finding his mark directly on her hardening clit. her head was spinning, this can't be happening. Whats worse is her body was beginning to betray her. With each lick of that massavve talented tongue her knees weakened. Soon she was unable to fight it her thighs began to part, she was praying for him to stop it was so wrong but her clit was hoping he'd continue. soon she couldnt hold herself up and she could stand, he thighs now wide open this animal had almost completely broke her will, her body was responding. her nipples rock hard her breathing getting deeper and deeper she could feel the first of what would be manny orgasams building. Michelles husband never seemed to have time for this. As the first orgasm washed over her all she could thing was this dog was having his way and she was beginning to enjoy it "oh my god I'm cummmingggggg "she moaned. The naughty rotty's tongue had found his way inside her pussy and was sliding that thick tongue deeper than michelle had ever experienced before. After her 3rd or 4th orgasam, she had lost count she gained just alittle of her senses back. the dog had slowed down long enough for her to think she could make it to the door. Michelle underestimated the big dog, for when she got on her hands and knees he knew what he needed and michelle didnt have a chance. As soon as michelle had gotten on all fours the big rotty seemed to grab her with his front paws around her hips. Now michelle was in no condition to fight she had been spent by multiple orgasams and she tried to close her thighs when she realized her mistake but it was too late. he had found his mark with only two thrusts, "No" she thought this can't happen, but within seconds he was pushing his huge 8 inch cock in and out of her pussy, deeper than she had ever had before. the dog was like a machine he was thrusting in and out harder and faster then michelle ever experienced before.. after another 4 or 5 orgasams she passed out. When she awoke the Rotty was gone her tshirt was a mess around her waist. She got up tried to straighten herself up a couple of hours had gone by, thanks god the kids or her mother hadnt found her. She went and took a long shower, trying to put the events of the day out of her head, but for some reason she keept getting wet and her nipples hard ever time she thought about it. trying to tell herself that it was wrong and try to put it out of her head completely she couldnt. She kept having dreams, then fantasizeing about it...After fighting the urges for a week she finally went out back on her deck after everyone was gone to school and work, wondering maybe even hoping that big dog would come running thru her yard again...

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2014-07-19 12:38:43
aCQQkl Say, you got a nice blog.Thanks Again. Great.

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2011-11-04 17:47:19
too bad she passed out. could have had some good action with that. having my pussy filled is always fun - was kind of scared about how she would deal with the knot, but having her pass out means we don't get to experience it all!

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2011-10-28 00:53:11
i would love to have watch you with the dog

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2011-02-05 23:25:09
She got fucked so good that she 'passed out' until the dog was gone? Bullshit! First of all, she wouldn't pass out. She'd be cumming all over his cock... and even if she did, he wouldn't leave. He'd be hanging around.. iicking her pussy and waiting to fuck her again. Too bad it wasn't a true story. You'd have told it better.

I know several women who fuck dogs and they LOVE it. My ex was a bitch so I brought a big German Sheppard home and bred her with him. She thought she was just going to get her pussy licked but when he mounted her, I held her and he fucked her brains out. She started giving me shit so I made her fuck him again. She came all over the place. She was hooked. I said, "I now pronounce you Dog and Bitch." and I left. She kept the dog until he died but she got two younger ones before then. Only she and I know that she's fucking them. She was a bank manager. She has a higher position, now. If they knew what she does with her dogs.... lol


2011-01-22 03:32:47
Good story...short but good

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