This is my first story! Im 18 and live on Long Island! Please comment nicely, Im a beginner!
It was May 25th. Well Technically May 26th when this happened because it was around 1 am. I was sitting in my room, bored as usual and so I decided to watch porn. I’m only 18 and I love sex! But sadly I don’t have a boyfriend or anything. I’m not out yet to my family or friends and I’m a total bottom. I don’t find girls attractive (sorry). I'm black five foot six and I weigh 147 pounds. I’m not fit or anything. I wish I was but I never have time to work out. But anyway back to my story. After watching tons of porn online I was really REALLY horny! Well I normally don’t masturbate because I’d rather use my sperm with a guy than by myself but I do it sometimes! Well tonight was going to be one of those nights.
Earlier in the day I brought a bunch of healthy fruits from the store because I’m like crazy when it comes down to losing weight! Well I made sure I brought bananas! One – I love bananas Two – they make an excellent dildo! So fast forward to around 1 am. I shut down my laptop and quickly ran downstairs to my kitchen. I looked for one that wasn’t too big because my hole is really tight. Well I found a perfect one, it was nice and ripe too. I ran back to my room and prepared my bed. I covered it with an old sheet I was getting ready to throw away. Since it wasn’t my first time with a banana I knew what to do, but other events tonight were going to be my first.
I locked my room door and closed my blinds, even though no one can see me anyway. At the foot of my bed was this body butter from Bed Bath and beyond, so that would use as an excellent lubricant! I laid on my bed and quickly and pulled down my loose snoopy pajamas and my green boxers. I was really excited because I hadn’t masturbated in a long time, and I really wanted this huge banana in me! God that porn poisoned my brain! I dipped the end of the banana, the art with the black thingy on it, in the lotion and rubbed some of it on my hole. Then, with a heavy push, I slid the banana in my waiting hole.
Wow, it kinda hurt for a quick sex, so I took it out. It’s been so long since I had anything in me I was probably in my virgin phase again! I played with my hole for a bit sticking a little in and out but then I couldn’t take it any more. I stuffed the huge banana in me. My member woke up instantly and turned rock hard as the yellow fruit slid deeper into me. God it felt so good, I was smiling the whole time. It made me feel so full and satisfied. I kept pushing more and more, I wanted to push it in as far as I possibly could. I made it to a point in my rectum where it wouldn’t go anymore. I hate when I get there, it ruins the fun and its always so hard to get past it. Well tonight it was my mission to get past it with my lovely banana. I continued pushing in more and more, and slowly and surely it was going in more. Then I really felt full and satisfied, I wanted to jerk so badly! But of course I didn’t I want the pleasure to explode within me. Then suddenly as I was pushing I felt something wet. I realized the other end of the banana was starting to split. I cursed in my head because I knew this would be the end soon. I stopped pushing for a while and removed my right hand. There was some banana stuff on it, so I did what I thought best, I put my fingers in my mouth, and ate it. It tasted….like a banana! I went back to pushing the banana in my hole, even with some of it pushing out! My penis was screaming for a release buI wouldn’t dare touch it. I really wanted to insert the banana all the way even with the mess I was making on my sheets. The end of the banana split and a lot of mushed bananas started seeping onto my old sheet. So I decided to push the rest of the banana peel inside of me. Oh how great that felt. It was like taking a huge dick all the way. And then finally, I had the entire banana in me. I took a deep breath and let my hole squeeze the banana inside of me. I was so hard now I had to play with myself. I noticed there was a whole bunch of mushed up bananas on my sheet. I was already feeling dirt and kinky, so I decided to make it even more fun. I took the mushed up bananas and started using it as the lube for my member. That drove me over the edge. I began jerking quickly and furiously. (To all you out there, unless your shaven don’t do this, later you’ll see why it was a bad idea.) I felt close to cuming but I didn’t want to do it yet. On the side of my bed I hid a small bottle with a long neck, I used to use that as my dildo. I quickly grabbed it and began inserting it in my hole, pushing the banana deeper into me. I never knew my penis could handle such pressure. I really felt like I was going to explode. I gave up on the bottle, letting it sit in my hole and went back to jerking. In a matter of seconds, my body tightened and my legs stretched out. I normally never let myself cum, I would usually old my penis until I relaxed and never let it come out. I don’t know why but I don’t like seeing my own cum, yet I love everyone else’s cum! Well, this time, I let it go, I was already all messy. I don’t think I ever came so hard before. My cum spurted all over my chest, some even hit my neck. My cum was really thick and it got all over my hands. I felt so good. I took a deep breathe and realized I really need to clean myself up. I quickly stood off my bed and ran to my bathroom, the bottle was left in my room. I quickly sat on the toilet and with little effort I pushed out the mushy gushy banana. It looked so swollen and destroyed in the water. Looking at my self in the mirror I realized I was more messy than I thought. My dark thick pubes were covered completely with banana parts. It was kinda stuck in there! I turned on my shower and made the water slightly warm. In my opinion cool showers are better than warm showers! I hopped in and grabbed my black dove soap. I lathered it up and began to wash my body. The cum felt so slippery as I washed it off, this was my first time actually in my shower with cum in my body! Wow, tonight was filled with firsts! I then began cleaning my pubes but I realized that the bananas weren’t coming out! I was real surprised and kinda nervous! I grabbed my comb off the top of my counter and began to comb my pubes. Well that still didn’t work, and it kinda hurt! I turned off my shower and thought, how on earth am I going to get these things off of me! Well then I thought about it. I wanted my pubes gone anyway since I don’t like having them and plus I think guys are hotter when their shaved! So I first grabbed my scissors, I had a loooot of hair. The last time I shaved it was like, a year ago. So after a few snips I got it short enough to shave, plus I got all of the extra bananas off of me. I then grabbed my razor and my foaming stuff (God, whats it called again?). After lathering up my skin I began shaving. It was coming off easily and before I knew it I was nice and smooth, like I was 12 years old again! So, I was cleaned, satisfied and shaved! But what about my sheet? Well I threw that old thing away! And that was the end of my night. I hoped into bed, turned on my TV, and went to sleep with Code Geass in my head!

So yeah thats my first story! So please be gentle!

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2010-11-02 17:28:26
nice story ur courageous

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-24 00:02:46
Hay, you are not the first one to use the old banana treat up the
ass and you will not be the last
After a while they will go in and out of you, then you will be
able to have the real treat, your own choclate, tast great,
just don't smell it at first, as you will do that later on,
but you ca the banana split with the chocolate.

HAVE FUN, Try a cucumber next time.

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2009-06-23 16:03:20
hey, good story. too bad i wasn't there to help you .

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2009-06-23 02:48:23
its a good stroy


2009-05-31 17:47:00
that's why they say "never put banannas in the refrigerator!"

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