A Woman Goes In For A Tatto And Gets So Much More
Susan was leafing through a magazine in the doctors office waiting to be called in by the nurse. As she looked through the pages, she came across an add for women's tattoo's, also referred to as body art. They weren't like your Daddy's tattoo, they were very feminine, and very sexy. Susan liked the body art of the rose on the models breast. There were others but they couldn't be show in the magazine. There was a web address that Susan scribbled down so she could see what else they offered online.

Once she was home, Susan went to the website and was immediately intrigued by a tattoo she saw of a hummingbird. It looked as if it were hovering above the models clit, like it was feeding on her love nectar. Susan became aroused just looking at it. She was worried though that her husband might not like it, but then it was her body, and it should be her decision. She decided right then that she owed it to herself to at least check it out.

The shop was located in a little out of the way part of town, somewhat off the beaten path. It was near closing, but Susan walked in, if nothing she could at least see what was available. She looked around at the different pictures of body art on display, becoming so engrossed in the art work that it startled her when she heard a voice behind her say,

"Hello, I'm Cassandra."

Susan paused for a moment then said,

"Ah hi, my name is Susan and I saw your add in a magazine, and well I went to your website, where I found some body art that I fell in love with."

"Great, welcome to my shop."

"Now what piece of body art was it you fell in love with?"

"Oh, it's the hummingbird, it's hovering over the models....Um...her ah....well you know."

"Ah yes, that's my favorite one too, I designed it myself."

"Really, it's beautiful."

"I know you're about to close, but if could just talk a look, then I'll come back another time."

"Nonsense," Cassandra replied.

"Come right over here."


followed, she couldn't help noticing how attractive Cassandra was, and how her hips had such an erotic sway to them when she walked. She felt herself drawn to Cassandra, not that she was into women, but then she had fantasized about it on occasion. Cassandra stopped, her hand pointing at a painting of the hummingbird that was hanging on the wall.

"Is this the one you're referring to?"

"Yes, that's's so beautiful."

"Thank you."

"It's body art that won't work for a lot of women, it takes someone special to wear it well."

"I'm rather particular as to who gets this particular body art."

"It makes some people angry when I tell them that they aren't suited for it, but then it is my creation, and I don't want it on just anyone if you know what I mean."

"Sure, it's a work of art, and you want it properly displayed."

Cassandra smiled, "Exactly."

"I like you Susan, you seem to have an appreciation for art that most people don't."

Before Susan could answer, Cassandra took Susan's arm in hers asking if she would like to see more. Susan agreed, but if the truth be know, Susan was more intrigued with Cassandra than her art. She felt aroused in a way, she wasn't sure if it was the art, Cassandra, or what, all she knew was, she found Cassandra attractive. Maybe it was her personality, her beautiful shoulder length black hair, her beautiful body, any combination of those things, all she knew was, she felt a dampness between her legs. After a brief tour Cassandra looked into Susan's eyes,

"So would you like me to adorn you with the hummingbird?"

"Yes, I'd like that, but I'm a little concerned."

"You see I'm doing this without asking my husband first, but then I thought, why should I have to ask for his's my body after all."

Cassandra smiled, "I understand totally; what if I do it for you with something that will wash off."

"That way he can see it, and if it doesn't work out it won't be a problem."

"And if he likes it, well....maybe I can do something for him."

"I do body art for men, but only very select men."

"That sounds perfect, I know he'll like it, I just want to be sure is all."

"Then let's get started, shall we?"

Cassandra closed the shop, drawing the shades, and then led Susan to the back room. Once inside Susan was amazed at all the erotic body art. It was amazing, photos of beautiful women everywhere, all with various forms of erotic body art on their naked bodies.

"I hope all the photos of naked women don't bother you Susan."

"No, not at all really."

Cassandra smiled, "Somehow I knew it wouldn't."

"Now I have a question....would you mind talking off your clothes, I'd like to see my canvas so to speak."

Susan's heart started to beat in her chest, she knew that at some point she would be asked to disrobe, and she'd been fearing it. But now she wanted to, she was actually aroused by the idea of disrobing while Cassandra watched. Susan started to unbutton her blouse, her fingers trembling a little.

"Would you like some help Susan?"

"Yes, I'd like that."

Cassandra stepped closer and began unbuttoning Susan's blouse. Cassandra's eyes seemed to caress Susan's body, as she slipped her blouse off her shoulders, carefully putting her blouse on a hanger. Cassandra then reached around, and started to unhook Susan's bra, their eyes locking in an erotic stare. Susan felt her pussy starting to tingle, as Cassandra removed her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Cassandra looked at Susan's nipples, they were hard, like little pebbles.

"My your nipples are hard, is it too cold in here?"

"It's got nothing to do with the room temperature."

Cassandra smiled saying,

"You have a beautiful body Susan."

"Thank you."

"You will be such a beautiful canvass."

Without saying a word, Cassandra extending her hand, her fingers lightly moving over Susan's body, caressing her breasts, causing little goose bumps to appear on Susan's nipples. Susan closed her eyes, gasping a little as she felt Cassandra's fingers tease her nipples.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, it's all so arousing, you have such a gentle touch."

"I've never been this aroused, at least not with another woman."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, please don't."

Cassandra smiled moving her fingers down Susan's stomach, inching ever so close to Susan's sex. Instinctively Susan parted her legs slightly, gasping when she felt Cassandra's fingers glide over her mound. Cassandra began toying with Susan's labia, running her fingers along the outer edges of Susan's lips, as Susan started to moan softly. Cassandra's touch, moved from light, feathery touches, to caresses causing Susan's pussy to begin leaking her love juices. Susan gasped again when she felt Cassandra's finger slide between her lips, and begin exploring her pussy.

After several minutes, Cassandra stepped back, and slowly removed her clothes as Susan watched, cupping her breasts in her hands, and rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Once Cassandra was naked, the two women began kissing passionately, caressing one another as Cassandra inserted her finger into Susan's pussy once again, working her clit with her thumb. Susan felt an orgasm starting to wash over her body, as she began to shudder in Cassandra's arms.

Without saying a word, Cassandra led Susan over to what looked like a barbers chair, holding her hand as Susan sat down. Then Cassandra lowered the chair backwards, while kissing and sucking Susan's erect nipples. Susan enjoyed making love to her husband, and having his cock in her pussy, but this was different....more erotic, more sensual. As Cassandra continued sucking Susan's nipples, Susan placed her hand between Cassandra's legs, sliding her hand up Cassandra's inner thigh. She could feel the heat coming from Cassandra's pussy.

Susan eased her middle finer into Cassandra's pussy, working her finger around as Cassandra moaned softly. Cassandra began kissing her way down Susan's stomach as Susan parted her legs. She gasped when she felt Cassandra's tongue tease her clit, then she moaned softly as Cassandra's tongue began running across her puffy labia, causing Susan to come again. Cassandra moved between Susan's legs, as Susan began tugging at her nipples while Cassandra's tongue parted her folds, dancing all around her pussy, lapping up her juices while she slid her finger into her pussy.

Susan was moaning more and more as Cassandra tongue fucked her, then sucked her clit, again taking her to one orgasm after another, while her body quaked from the powerful orgasms. Cassandra rose up, and began rubbing her pussy against Susan's thigh. Now it was Cassandra's turn to cum as she continued rubbing her clit against Susan's thigh, while Susan looked on. Cassandra's body tensed, and began to shudder as she brought herself off. Once she had finished cumming, Cassandra lowered the chair all the way back, so Susan's feet were above her hand. Then Cassandra walked around, and lowered her pussy onto Susan's mouth. Susan had never tasted another woman before, but she had fantasized about it.

Susan began exploring Cassandra's pussy, finding the aroma of another woman intoxicating. She mimicked all the things that Cassandra had done to her, making Cassandra start moaning as she sucked her pussy. There they were, sitting in the chair, rubbing their pussies into each others faces, cumming and cumming, each time stronger than the last. Finally when they were finished, Cassandra and Susan shared some wine and Cassandra painted the hummingbird just above Susan's pussy, the hummingbird positioned so that it looked as if it was drinking the nectar from her sex. When she was finished, Susan looked in the mirror, it was even more beautiful than she had imagined.

"It's perfect, and so are you Cassandra."

"Thank you for the body art, but most of all, thank you for making love to me."

"I enjoyed it too, I just hope your husband enjoys your body art, but somehow I think he will."

Susan smiled, "He will, I'm sure once he sees it, he'll love it."

"Good, I have some things I'll give you to show him, and just maybe he'll see something he'd like to get for you to enjoy."

"Perfect, but either way...I'll be back, and we can make love again?"

"Of course, you're my special client now, don't forget that."

Cassandra and Susan kissed and caressed one more time before Susan left to go show her husband. On the way home Susan was planning her next trip to Cassandra's shop. She knew her husband would love the body art, and she knew she could talk him into getting some body art himself, at least she hoped so.
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