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My first victum my first story also
My first
Author note: This is my first story I have ever written like this so I would be grateful if you didn't leave hateful comments about it. I would like good comment on how I can improve on my writing only. If this isn't your thing that read something else please.

Sitting there at the end of his drive I wondered what I was going to do but wait I am getting ahead of myself. I am a sweet person and would never hurt anyone but tonight I will. I am a small woman only 5ft 4in and a 130 pounds hell I couldn't hurt anyone. But this guy drove himself into his own grave and I will see to it. Who you may ask can drive a sweet woman to kill. Someone who has laugh at me and used for the last time as the butt of his jokes. Michael is a lot bigger than me. Stand at 6 ft even and weights a good 190 pounds but he is all muscle. He had just gone into the army and came home on leave. He came to the place that I work and made me look like a whore and made fun of me. Than he said the worst thing he called me "The worst mother in the world." I swore I would kill him. That was a month ago and now I sitting here at his drive way waiting for him. I look to make sure I have everything I need: rope, knife, needle filled with knock out medicine, and of course a body bag. I giggle at myself thinking he is about to get what he deserve. He is drinking again and goes out in his car. I jump out and grab him and stab him with the needle quickly. He falls a sleep quickly "Thank God the hard part is over" I say to myself. I drag him quickly into my car and wrap the rope around his wrist and ankles tightly. I jump in the drivers sit and drive off to my house. My house is big with a basement. I have the bed set up so I drag him to it and tie his wrist and ankles to each of the bedpost. I made sure that the concrete was going to hold the bed in place and it would. I began getting wet when I heard my son crying so I ran upstairs so see what was wrong. I got my son to go back to sleep so I went down to the basement again. "I see you are finally a wake" I say to him.
I look at him as calmly as I pick up my 9 of cat whip. The look of fear in his eyes near made me cum.
"You will be quiet do you hear me or I will use this on you" I smile at him "Or would you rather me use this" I pull a pistol out and pull it to load it.
He didn't say a word to me. I knew he would see things my way. I straddle him and took out his cock. He looks shock as if I was just toying with him. I took a piece of rope I had laying around and wrap it around his cock. When I had it tight around it I jerk it as fast and hard as I could. Damn did he yell!
"What did I burn you with the rob? I don't give a fuck any more and you better shut up before I kill you." I said to him so calm. Hell it even surprises me how calm I was being. I went over to my drawer where I keep a lot of my sex toys. (Hey I am a single mother who doesn't need to explain what those are.) I grab a 9 in black cock from the drawer and look over to Michael. I jerk down his pants to his ankles and flip him over. I put some lube on the cock and a little on his ass. I position my self just right and shove it in as hard as I can. He screams ever so loud so I shove his head into the mattress. "If you wake my son I will kill you my little slut." I say in his ear.
I fuck him in the ass until I fill myself starting to cum. I jump out of him quickly to cause just a little more pain. I hear him crying and laugh at him.
"You made fun of me told me I was better off died than alive. I aim to make you as horrible as you have made me feel." I tell him. Now don't get wrong I am not a violent person, but this guy pushed to far. This military brat was not going to get away for what he does to people as the time. I tell him that I am going to bed and if he wakes me or my son I will kill him slowly. I walk upstairs and check on my son good he is a sleep.
Than I get undressed and fall a sleep quickly. I wake up to my son crying for me as I look at my clock 7 in the morning. Good Michael did what he was told. I feed my son and take him to his day care. I go back downstairs to find Michael laying there silent. I touch his body feeling damn proud of myself. I undress in front of him my scared back look at him. I hear him sucking in a breath. I take no notice of it. I get a lot of times with guys and girls. I look at his cock it is hard. I jump on it and slowly move up and down. I wrap my hands around his throat moving faster and faster. I tighten my grip on it until I hear him trying to get air. He finally goes limp as I am starting to cum. I check for a plus no use he is dead.
"FUCK' is all that comes out of mouth. I drag his body to my garden and buried him. "Hell if anything else he'll help my plants grow." Laughing to myself.

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2013-01-14 00:35:34
make a lot of good points.I was too geernal with my hard to sympathize comment. I was thinking as it directly related to Jennifer's response about the alcoholic step-father. It's one thing to divebomb one's own life into the gutter, but when other individuals are involved, especially children, I tend to lose my sympathy. Affecting a child's (or teenager's) life due to alcoholism is not sympathetic in the least. As an individual addict, you do still end up hurting other people like parents and loved ones, but ultimately it's still your life. But as a care-giver you can really do permanent damage to young ones in a position where they are unable to help themselves. It's selfish to be around children in any capacity while experience major substance abuse problems.On the flip side, I have a ton of empathy for the mentally-ill. In that case, addiction is often the simplest form of self-medication available to these people. And I do have a soft spot for the spinning-out-of-control addict.

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-01 21:46:54
Good for first time but way to short ...keep it up


2009-09-27 23:40:18
Not great, but, don't give up.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-27 23:01:06
Keep writing, an explanation of how the woman came to this point would be good. Check your spelling and explore just how nasty you could be to a man.
She obviously wants revenge so killing him so soon is not quite the right way to end it.
Samo_doctor & cybrgigolo have some great points as well, mesh all our comments and you will have an excellent story that is very well written as well. Michelle


2009-07-23 03:36:31
I like your story...hope you cpontinue on the same line...
more sex would make this story hotter...especially while she is killing him...the scene was a bit too short...some sentences are impossible to understand.I hope someone better than me will give you advice to improve your writing skills...but please, Keep Writing!!!

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