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Life is a journey and sex is what drives us to complete it
I completed my schooling from the boarding school and my sexual encounters were more random, both in and out. It was when I was in my home-town that I would go to the brothel with my cuz and in the boarding school, I found more than my friends….

Though our school was co-ed , the authority made sure that the contact between either sex was minimal. In reality we hardly ever met the girls. The girls had their own playground and studied in different classrooms. To cut a long story short we had no or very limited chance to meet a girl, let alone , have sex. Now , How the hell did I get lucky? Keep reading, u will know….

Now that I had sex with girls, it was not at all comfortable for me to have anal encounters with my friends. I minimized my sexual activities. I was not happy. It bothered me to have sexual intercourses with someone of same sex, but often gave in to my friend’s request because of my own urges. I was desperate to have sex with a woman. My studies took the toll because my desperation and I failed in Chemistry in the mid-term examination. By default, I was enrolled to special classes.

Our chemistry teacher was a middle-aged lady who was raising a son all by herself. She was short but flaunted a mesmerizing figure under her dress. Each time she would raise her arms to write something on the board the whole class would ogle at her breasts and often you could hear sighs. It was often that my friends would walk upto her desk to submit or show a classwork and would intentionally brush their arms/ elbows to her breast. I never liked that and would often protest. I was also teased to have a crush on my chemistry teacher. She was a fine lady but somehow I had a mental block against the “sex with teacher” way of thinking. I liked her and so did she.

She was very offended with my result and very disappointed to find that I was the only guy who has failed her class in the mid-term. So, without any choice I was scheduled to have special classes in the evening. The teachers would come to our hostel and take the special classes in separate rooms.

My special classes began with an hour speech of my failure and ways to improve that. As my special classes were on schedule, my mind would often wonder into the world of my darkest fantasies. Then my teacher would shake me to my senses. After couple a week , my teacher understood that my mind was not in the studies and asked, “ What is wrong with you? Why aren’t you concentrating in your studies?”.

” I am sorry, its just that I have a lot going in my mind and I just couldn’t get it out” I replied.

“Well, you have got to do something about it. If you don’t do something about it , soon you may find yourself repeating this year.” She was truly concerned and it showed as I looked into her eyes. The gaze was right on my eyes and she was holding my arms.

Suddenly a chill went up my spine and I could feel a gush of blood running up my pennies and in no time it was standing erect. I looked away from her and pulled my arms out of her clutch.

“I am sorry. Its just that….” I trailed off into my thoughts.

“Listen, you have got to tell me about what’s on your mind. Otherwise you are in deep trouble, kid”

“I am sorry, mam. I cant talk about it. With you.” Now, I was trembling.

She put her left arm on my shoulder and with her other hand she raised my chin so that I can look straight into her eyes. “ You can tell me. I am your teacher. I have experienced life, more than you. May be, I can help.”

Something in her voice assured me to conjure up enough courage and ..” I had sex when I was in my home-town. I am not been able to shred off that thought. I am…….”

There was a long silence. I kept head down and didn’t dare to look into my teacher’s eyes. Then, I felt her hand brushing my hair. I lifted my head up to look directly into her eyes. She gave me a smile and then hold my head with both her arms and kissed me on my forehead. I raised my head up and kissed her back on the lips.

I felt another chill running down my spine. I drew back and looked into her eyes. She smiled back. Now, I kissed her again, only, now I sucked her lips and slowly slid my tongue inside her mouth. Our tongue met and she took over. She got up on my lap while smooching me. Her tongue was massaging mine with vigor. I donno when but in the mean time my hands have been caressing her behind. Now, slowly, I slide my hand over her waist to her naval and had rested it on her boobs. I slowly clutched her boobs from the bottom and massaged it with deep but slow presses. She broke out from the smooch into a moan. She caught my hand and pressed her boobs harder. I can see her libido reach higher and my pennies was throbbing beats between her ass-cheeks. As she let go of my arms , I caught her nipples between my fingers and twisted it in either direction.

It must have hurt her, bad. She cried out in pain. The coarse material of her cheap Brazier must have hurt her nipples. She stood up and immediately I responded with apology.

“Its okay. It can happen.” She was panting and sweat was sipping down her forehead.

“Its not safe to do it in here. Come to my place and we will continue this.” Saying that she went outside and I was left alone with a hard-on.

After gathering up my thought I picked up my study materials and ran down the corridor. I saw my teacher speaking to my Warden and he was nodding his approval to whatever she was suggesting.

I stood still about 10M away from them. After what seemed a never-ending conversation, my teacher looked back ,” Are you ready? Did you get all the study materials?”

Without any hesitation I responded, ”Yes, I …I did”.

“Good, then what are you waiting for? Lets go.” She walked out of our building and I followed. As I was passing my warden, he gave me a very suspicious look. I smiled and followed my teacher.

On our way to her apartment, we didn’t speak a word. I was deep into my thoughts. As I recalled what happened few minutes back in the study room, I could only feel my erection.

As we reached her apartment, she waived me to stop. She went to the other apartment and knocked the door. The apartment belonged to my History teacher from previous year. She said something to her and I saw her nod in approval. I was standing quite a distance away from their vicinity and was sure the other teacher had no idea of my presence.

“My son is going to stay with her for sometime” she told me as she hold my arms and guided me towards her apartment.

She unlocked the door and ushered me to go in. She lit the bulbs and fan and pointed towards her bedroom,” go and make yourself comfortable”. She went inside her closet.

I went inside her room and lit the bulb and switched on the air-conditioning. I closed the door and put my study-material on the bedside table. I heaped up the pillows on top of each other and took my shirt off. I rested my back on the pillows and waited.

After what seemed an eternity, she enters the room. She was wearing a black lingerie under a negligee. I could see her well toned and waxed body and that she had put on some make-up. She was wearing a darker shade of lip-stick and darker eye-shadows. She had dimmed the light and put on a music. She walked up on to the bed and stood on top of me with legs spread between my chest. She raises her right leg on my chest and I hold it with both my hand and took it to my face. I opened my mouth and swallowed her big toe in mouth and sucked hard on it. I giggled and sat down on my abs.

We both locked our hands in a grip and kept ridding my chest and grazing her pussy on my bare chest. Suddenly, I felt her panty getting wet and she was crying out loud noises. I broke out of our grip and stripped her out her negligee. She bent down and kissed me on the lips and we were engrossed in deep smooching. I could smell her perfume. It was surely arousing me. She smelled good. The smooching got intense with deep slurping of tongue and lips and bites. At last we broke out of the smooch and she started kissng me on the forehead, my nose, lips, cheeks neck, ears, chest and till my naval. I gripped her hair and brought her up to smooch her while I took out her bra-strap at one flick. I saw the most delicious pair of pears. They were neat and in great shape. The nipples were brown and hung like juicy grapes.

I kissed her on the cheek and ran my tongue up to her ears and gave a little bite on it. Then rolled my tongue down to her neck and sucked a little. She rolled back her head as I slide my head down to her breast. I sucked on her breast and rolled my tongue on her nipples.. She moaned and then giggled and shoved my head. I quickly shifted my head on the other tit. She tried to shove my head away but I tightened my embrace to continue my sucking. She left out a loud moan.

After sometime I loosened my grip and she fell on the bed. I got up and pulled out her panty. In front of me lay the most beautiful of all the pussies. The bush was neatly trimmed and the pussy was pink in color. I spread her leg and went in for a taste of her pussy. As I ran my tongue over vagina, she hissed out a slurry noise and gripped my head by the hair. “Suck it deep. Suck as hard as you can. Oooh……..maaa” She moaned and I licked and rolled my tongue deeper and harder. She oozed out her juice and filled my mouth. I swallowed it.

I got up and pushed my pennies in her pussy and started into gentle strokes. She arched her torso, supporting it on her head and oozed out her second cum. I dug deeper with momentum picking up slowly. She moaned and cried out, “ maaa……ooooh..maa” and clenched her lower lips by her teeth. Now, I moved in and out in a circular motion with greater vigor. She moaned louder and would cum again, oozing out her warm juice. Now, as I reached my climax, the strokes got deeper and faster and finally I oozed out my cum inside her and at the same time felt her oozing out her own. I kept my pennies inside her for a moment and then rolled down by her side, panting heavily.

We both lay panting heavily for sometime. There was a big silence and then she rolled over to my side and rested her head on my shoulder and embraced me in a big hug. I looked down at her and she responded with a soft kiss and then we both broke out into a hysterical laugh.

We kissed and soon we were smooching with her tongue massaging mine. She reached for my pennies and started rubbing it by its length. Soon I had my pennies standing erect. She broke out off the smooch and went down kissing my body till she reached my dick. She slurped out a huge drop of saliva and spit it on my dick. Then she swallowed my dick till the head and sucked. The sucking got deeper with each stroke. I was amazed when she got nearly 3/4th of my pennies inside her mouth and sucked it. Mind you, I have a dick which was of envy to many. It was thick and long and all I can say I have never envied the porn-stars for their size.

She sucked deeper and harder and in stages she would roll her tongue over the head and slurp out. Then she asked me to raise my leg and she started sucking my balls. Her tongue would roll over each and I screamed out in ecstasy. She rolled out her tongue and licked the length of my pennies and sucked it again. As she sucked, she pushed her finger through my asshole and slowly kept pushing it deeper. I moaned. Now, she kept stroking in my ass as well as she sucked my dick. Both the action had an uncanny harmony and it brought me to my second climax. But this time I oozed out a bigger volume of my cum. She took inside her mouth and then spit it on my chest, distributing evenly all over my chest and abs. She licked it all out of my body and gulped it down.

She sat up on the length of my dick and smiled, “ Did you like it?”

I could only conjure out, ” Yes, immensely.”

“Well, its not over, yet” She said it as she massaged my dick with cunt.

P.S.: I will continue if you will insist……have a good sex.
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