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My name is Lilly and Im now 20 years old I first started writing this as iv read a few of these stories and I thought “hey why not tell you random people mine” so here I am writing my life (or rather the naughty bits that lead me to this cold wet day in may) everything in this story is totally honesty and the truth about a naive 14 year old girl (me) who learns very quickly and roughly about sex and the raw passion a man feels for a woman, This is the second part to my story, We previously learned of how I lost my virginity to ‘Mark’ my mothers boyfriend in a seduction by me! We are enjoying ourselves when the door bursts open and we get caught by my brother and his two friends…I hope you enjoy please feel free to be as honest as you want all comments are welcome xx
To recap I am a 14 year old girl who has had a crush on my mothers boyfriend for a long time and finally found the courage to have what I wanted. unknowingly he had wanted this since he was first introduced to my family, I was 8 and didn’t know the intentions of Mark I now know it was more than fatherly love for me that he had, Mark held a deep dark desire to fuck me ever since I was 8 years old… As we continue this story we flash back to the very second me and Mark got caught in the act – would I get into trouble or would Mark get sent away?

“Oh baby like that oh your so tight I wanna fuck you always your my dirty little girl now” as I was getting into it and bouncing harder and faster Mark holding my hips helping to bounce me harder and thrust deeper into my tight pussy the door flew open

“What the hell is going on here?” and there stood in the doorway was my brother and two of his friends.

Mark thrust me off his cock and onto the bed next to him “DIDN’T ANYONE TEACH YOU TO KNOCK BEFORE YOU GO BURSTING INTO SOMEONE’S FUCKING ROOM!” Mark yells…

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO MY SISTER?” Erick shouts fists bunched up





“IM NOT A LITTLE GIRL! AND YOU WONT TELL MUM ERICK WILL YOU PLEASE DON’T, PLEASE” I plead running to him and wrapping my arms around him forgetting I was naked I could feel Marks hot cum dripping down my blood smeared legs as my pussy screams out to be fucked again…Erick holds me at arms length and looks at the blood on my thighs and his face turns red with fury he throws me into his mate jay and slams his fist into marks face Mark fights back I try to help as fists fly and connect with flesh but jay holds me back his friend mat covers me with his back so I cant see what’s going on but it sounds terrible sobbing for them to stop I sink to my knees

“PLEASE STOP THIS IS ALL MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!” matt moves away and Mark is on the floor bleeding I struggle in jays arms and he lets go I run to mark looking at Erick who barely has a scratch on him “this is all my fault” I shout at him “I was the one who started this not mark”

“And I’ll be the one to finish it, don’t forget Erick when I kept your secret now its time to call that favour or I tell your mother about Janey” says mark as he wipes his bloody mouth………….Erick’s face reddens further and he lowers his head in defeat “Ok but don’t you ever touch her again do you hear me!” mark laughs “don’t think your in a position to tell me what I can and cant do mate!”

Late That Night!

Erick had packed his bags before mum came home and told me to say he was staying a dads for a while I was still wondering what mark meant about Erick’s little secret with Janey? They seemed close, closer than me and Janey were but that was just siblings though weren’t it????

Mum rang up at 7:30pm to say she was staying at nana G’s and she will be home tomorrow so it was just me and mark alone in the house.

“Hey kiddo mum said she’s staying at nana G’s ok? So it’s just us tonight you want me to order pizza after today I cant be bothered cooking” I agreed and he ruffled my hair like he used to “Mark im really sorry about today it was a mistake” I call into the kitchen were mark was sitting reading the takeaway menu I was sitting on the sofa with my feet up and very aware of the throbbing between my legs it had been so good to have a man inside me I was still tender as I got of the sofa and went into the kitchen…

Mark takes my hand and pulls me to him sitting me on his knee “I don’t think it was a mistake kiddo I love you and I loved what we did and Id like to do it again” his mouth lightly brushing mine as lips already parted inviting him to taste me to drink me in I force the kiss into over ride I want him and he knows it I moan against his mouth as I wiggle my bum in his lap hoping to feel it there hard and ready and I do he pulls away from my kiss “im sorry kiddo I cant this is wrong im sorry”

“NO, no its not its right mark take me m, make love to me like before please”

“I cant Lilly I just cant its so wrong of me and I love your mum she wont like it that I also love you” Mark pushes me off his knee and stands up to leave

I drop to my knees and wrap my arms around his legs childish I know but I didn’t want him to leave and it was the only way I knew how to “please mark just make love to me! no, no mark not love just fuck me I know you want to” I place my hand over his bulging penis straining in his pants “I want it now”

Mark grabbing my shoulders pulls me to my feet “Lilly you have changed and you’ve changed me” I take his hand to lead him from the kitchen to my bed room but he pulls me to him and pushes me against the kitchen table trapping me between the table and his throbbing rock hard cock and he just grins a sinister grin as his mouth crushes mine “Mmmmm, I cant take this torment Lilly you flaunting your little body in this little night gown” I unzipped him and put my hand inside, hearing him groaned. His hands were under her nightgown now, rubbing the skin at the very top of her thighs while he kissed and licked her mouth.
My heels lifted off the floor as he slid his fingers under my knickers and moved them around, feeling how wet I was. I was so turned on, I could barely breath.
As his finger ran up and down my clitoris, I kissed him he tasted of coffee. Dizzy with pleasure I let him lift me onto the table and pull my nightgown up around my hips

“Is this ok?” he whispered into my ear as his fingers delve deeper into me, pulling my knickers to one side as he pushed his warm cock up close
“Oh yeah, yeah I want it now mark” she murmured. H e positions himself at my hot wet pussy open and waiting for him as he lays me on my back on the table he pushes my nightgown up and over my head and throws it to the other side of the room “Mmmmm oh fuck baby you are amazing” in one strong move he pushes himself into my pussy “your so hot and wet and tight I want to fuck you all the time” he steps back with me still surrounding his cock and pulls me down so my ass is off the table the only thing holding me up in the air is his cock which is buried in me all 9 inch’s of thick hard throbbing cock is forced into my tiny tight pussy it hurts but in a very good way “slow or fast baby tell me now before I loose it”

“Fast, fast, fast just shut up and do it already!” not needing anymore mark pounds in me at lightning speed impaling me on his cock each thrust seems to light my whole body starting from my toes and working its way up “oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhh mark”

“Call me daddy baby please just this once” it’s abit weird but hell this feel s too good to complain

“Yes daddy” this sends him wild and im pulled further off the table my shoulders are the only thing keeping me on the table as he continues his relentless assault on my body

“Oh baby…. you daddy’s dirty little girl hey? You like daddy’s cock pounding your little tight pussy Hmmmmm?” god this really making me horny and im close to cumming I can feel it building in me my pussy feels so tender and wet and his cock feels so nice

“Oh daddy im going to cum soon fuck your dirty little girl hard”

“Fuck yes baby take daddy’s cock take it all, daddies going to fuck your tight little ass now baby” he pulls out and rams it hard into my ass ignoring my screams of true pain he pounds my virgin ass hard and fast holding onto my tits

“Daddy stop it hurts please”

“Take it baby oh fuck me your ass is getting tighter milking my cock, take it all you’ve got my 9 inches in your ass and a finger baby you want more” im actually enjoying this and it feels so good I start rubbing my clit as mark pounds my ass

“Daddy im cumming im, im cummmiiiinnnggggg” I squirt my juices all over his cock and he thrusts harder one last time “im cumming you dirty little girl take daddies cum Uuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh” I can feel his hot cum filling my ass there’s a lot more than last time and I can feel each spasm of his cock as it shoots yet more cum into me “ohhhhh daddy that felt so good I want to fuck you all the time”

He smile and thrusts lightly in me before pulling out “oh you can baby you’re my personal fuck hole now” now go up stairs and get washed and ready for bed “I want to fuck my little girl again tonight we need to train your ass o take daddy’s and his friends big cock maybe even your brothers friends cocks too”

“Yes daddy”

THE END (for today)

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2009-06-01 20:40:35
i like it but please dont make her a hore can she just stay with mark

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2009-06-01 14:54:56
u keep going from me to her try to keep to one

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Good story.

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