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Part 2 of series on dom wife humiliates retired exec. would love some comment
When I opened the door, my worst fears were realized. There
stood the pert little blonde check out girl from the K mart, and I
didn't like the expression on her face at all.
"Well, hello there," she said to me with a superior grin on her
cute little face. "Have you been having fun?"
"Is that you Jeannie?" my wife shouted from the living room.
"Hi Joan," Jeannie said. "I'm not coming at the wrong time, am
"Not at all, not at all," my wife answered. "Come right in, I've
been expecting you. Did you bring the toys?"
"Indeed, I did," Jeannie answered. "Carry this package for me
will you hon?" She said to me.
Not knowing what to expect, I took the paper bag from Jeannie and
followed her meekly into our living room.
"Don't just stand there, you dumbbell!" Joan said to me sharply.
"Give me that and hang Jeannie's coat up for her." And then she added
with a grin, and hang up your trousers at the same time. You won't be
needing them for a while!"
"Do you really mean that?" I asked.
While the little 20 year old stood there giggling, my wife
slapped me sharply across the face. "Step out of those things and make
it fast!"
"B-but in front of her?"
"Get out of those things now!"
Meekly, I obeyed, and hung Jeannie's coat and my pants in the
hall closet. When I returned to the living room, the two girls were
laughing uproariously.
"Doesn't he look cute in his pink panties?" said Joan.
"Oh absolutely darling," Jeannie agreed.
"Now sweetheart," said Joan, "Lower your panties and show Sue
Ellen that your not really a girl."
"My goodness, he's certainly not!" said Jeannie examing my penis
and my balls with her gloved hands. But I know how to make him feel
like one!"
Once again, while my face reddenned, the two women laughed
happily. "Just look what Auntie Jean has brought for you," Jeannie
said. She reached into the brown paper bag and pulled out the biggest
dildo I had ever seen. It appeared to be motorized. Also in the bag
was a very very heavy wooden paddle, much worse than the one Joan had
already used on me. I turned crimson with fear and embarassment.
"Don't just stand there, ass hole," my wife said. "Get down on
your hands and knees and stick your ass up in air."
I did as she said and once again the women had a laugh at my
"Shall we stick it into him first or paddle him first?" Jeannie
"Why don't you give him a good paddling?" my wife asked her.
"Fine," said Jeannie, "But first let's try this."
"Hey wimpy," she said, turning to me. "When you feel my finger up
your butt, stick out your tongue, and when I pull it out, pull
your tongue in, OK?"
"Do I have to?" I turned to my wife pleadingly.
"Of course you have to," she said, and to make her point gave my
balls a squeeze that had me wincing in pain.
For the next few minutes, the girls enjoyed themselves immensely,
with each of them in turn shoving their fingers up my ass hole as I
crouched on my hands and knees on the floor. Then suddenly I felt the
sharp rap of the paddle on my already blistered bottom. I let out a
shriek of pain, but this only served to amuse the two women more. For
what seemed like hours, they took turns, smacking my on the bottom
with the paddle. The two of them positioned themselves comfortably on
the couch and made me crawl on my hands and knees from one to the
other while in turn each one rose to her feet and pladdled me over and
over again.
"OK, here's another game, sweetie," said Jeannie. "Get down on
your hands and knees so your butt is facing me whie I sit here on the
couch. Now look between your legs, can you see my feet?"
I did as I was told and could see her two high heeled feet upside
down by looking back between my naked legs.
"Yes, I can," I said.
"Yes, I can Auntie," said my wife, slapping me hard on my naked
"Oof," I exclaimed. "Yes, I can Auntie, Yes I can."
"Good," said Jeanie. "Now tell me, how many feet do you see
"Just one," I said, looking somewhat fearfully at the single
shiny black pointed toe shoe and wondering where the other toe would
land. It didn't take long for me to find out.
"And, where is the other shoe dearie?" Jeannie said with a
snicker. My wife, who was also sitting behind me, began to laugh as
"Tell Auntie where it is!" she said sharply.
"It's in my ass-hole!" I said.
"What did you say to me?" asked Jeanie, shoving on the pointed
toe of her shoe so hard I thought she would bowl me over.
"I said it was in my ass-hole Auntie," I gasped.
"Good," said Jean~ie. "Now move your bottom up tight against it
and polish it well, do you hear me?"
"Oh yes, Auntie," I said. "I'll do whatever you say, I promise."
"Indeed you will," said Jeannie. "Now how many shoes do you
"Two Auntie," I said. "I can see two shoes again."
"Yes you are a goodie two shoes aren't you in your little pink
panties, you piece of shit! Now how many shoes? HOW MANY?"
"Oof, one!" I said as I felt the other pointed leather toe rammed
up my anus. "One auntie, just one auntie," I said piteously, once
again on the verge of bursting into tears.
"Verry good," said Jeannie, removing her shoe from my bottom. You
can crawl around now and face me and look down at my two shoes. Do as
I say right now!" As she gave the last command she gave me a sharp
slap on my bottom with her gloved hand. I turned twoard her with my
eyes glued on her shoes, as she had ordered.
"Now it's time to finish your shoe shining chore. Get down and
lick your shit off both of my shoes, I said lick them!"
I did as she told me, running my tongue over both of her shoes.
I continued to slobber over the shoes for what seemed an eternity. My
wife Joan was laughing at me again.
"Crawl over here and lick my shoes too, shithead," Joan commanded
me, and I did as she ordered without question or comment.
"I'll bet he'd like to lick a little higher up," said Jeannie
with a laugh.
"Not now," said Joan. "I'm having too much fun this way. Keep
licking!," She shouted at me. "Now you can give him the other surprise
you brought," said Joan.
"Shall we show it to him again first?" asked Jeannie.
"I don't see why not," said Joan, "I said keep licking you little
shit," she said to me. "Our conversation doesn't concern you until I
tell you it does, understand?"
"Yes dear," I said meekly.
"That's better," she said, as I continued to lick her shoes.
"Here, you can work on the bottom and on the heel a little bit too.
Tomorrow, I may go out and step in some doggie poop before we do this,
just for fun."
"Here it is," said Jeannie, "What do you think, Joan?"
"I think that will be just right," said my wife. "You can look up
now," she said to me. "What do you think?"
Before I could say a word the huge dildo was shoved up against my
mouth. I couldn't believe it. Were they really going to use this on
Well, they did, and they both seemed to love taking turns shoving
it up my asshole.
And that's how the rest of the afternoon passed. At one point,
there was a "milking session" when Auntie Jeannie grabbed my cock and
squeezed it until I came. Then I was forced to clean my own cum up
off the rug. Then it was back to the dildo for an endless session up
my ass that had the two women almost collapsing with mirth at my
extreme discomfort.
When Jeannie left, my wife asked if I had enjoyed the afternoon. I
didn't know what to say, so I said nothing.
"Well," she said. "I have even more ambitious plans for you for
next Saturday. My sister is bringing her two daughters over here for
some sex education! Annie and Dottie are now in Junior High School and
we've decided it's time to teach them the proper way to keep a man in
his place. And I just might get some more clothes for you before they
come. Of course, they'll all enjoy seeing how darling you look in
your pink panties, but I might just get you a little girlie outfit as
well! And make sure you behave, because I'll have all this ready for
Joan pointed to the paddle and the dildo and the enema apparatus
and let out a lascivious laugh. "Now get upstairs," she said. "And get
ready to give me the best and longest cunt licking of your life.!"


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2012-06-10 01:44:11
anny man who would cowtow to a fucking bitch like that deserves all the humiliation she gives him.......... if she was my wife she'd get her assed kicked and then thrown out on her ass

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2011-12-09 21:49:26
Thank God! Someone with brinas speaks!


2009-07-10 07:09:15
Excellent but more would be brilliant.

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2009-07-08 20:01:40
i liked it, but it ended very abruptly. you needed more detail towards the end.

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2009-07-08 19:42:11
i liked it, but it ended very abruptly. you needed more detail towards the end.

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