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A guy goes into the doctor's office with a problem. He tells the doctor that for several years he has been having trouble getting an erection with his wife. The doctor gives him a complete physical and before he sends the guy home, tells him to bring his wife in tomorrow. The guy thinks the request strange but complies with it. The next day he is back at the doctor's office with his wife. The doctor tells the wife to go into one of the examining rooms. He tells her husband to stay outside in the waiting room. The doctor enters the examining room and asks the wife to remove her clothing. When she does as requested, he asks her to turn around so he can view her from behind. Then he asks her to lie on the floor with her legs spread apart. She obeys the doctor. Then the doctor tells her she can put her clothes back on. The doctor then goes outside to the waiting room where the husband is seated and says to him, "There's nothing wrong with you, she didn't do anything for me either."
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