visiting my sister at college
The following story happened when I was 17, and now that I’m 34 I have forgotten some of the details but for the most part its exactly the way things happened that night.

I’m now 17 and I’ve known for the past three years that I was attracted to women physically. But when your only 14 and just realizing this its not easy coming to this conclusion. Growing up we were all taught and surrounded by the notion that dating and marriage was between a man and a woman. But as I got older my attraction towards women just grew stronger yet there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about it. Don’t get me wrong I love being with men, I married the greatest guy in the world, but I also have this driving desire to be with women too. Anyways going thru high school I had a couple of crushes on fellow classmates but never admitted this to any one. So it wasn’t until I was with my sister’s college roommate Kelly that I had my first real lesbian experience.

I had known Kelly for four years when this wonderful night happened. Kelly transferred to my high school when I was a freshman and she was a senior. My sister Tracy was also a senior and they ended up becoming good friends right away. Since Tracy and I have always been really close I tended to hang out with them if I wasn’t with my own friends. When it was time for college they ended up going to the same school and being roommates. They remained roommates throughout college and when I was a junior I was finally allowed to spend weekends visiting my sister. During a visit in late fall of my junior year is when everything happened. I was headed out to celebrate my sisters birthday with her and Kelly that week end. I left right after school and met them at their apartment about 5:30. We were going out to dinner first then on to a house party. Since I wasn’t allowed to wear anything to sexy at home I took advantage of no rules when I visited my sister and wore very provocative clothing. Although I was three years younger then Tracy I did not have your normal 17 year old body. I already had nice curves and even at that time I had a firm bubble butt that everyone just loved and legs to match. Anyways since we were all pretty much the same size I would wear a lot of their clothes. Even though it was late fall it was still very warm so I borrowed a black micro mini skirt from Kelly and low cut top with my Vicky’s push-up bra to help me look bigger then my 34B’s, and of course I wore a pair of open toe high heels. Tracy and Kelly both ended up dressing similarly and off we went. Since I’ve known Kelly she would often make suggestive comments to me and it grew increasingly obvious when I started visiting them. During my first couple of trips she would say stuff like “your looking tasty” or “your ass is just asking to be spanked” but I never thought too much about it.

After dinner we went to the house party and met Tracy’s boyfriend. We spent the rest of the night drinking, and since I was a light weight, it didn’t take much for me to be feeling pretty good. As the night wore on I was getting more tipsy and was becoming pretty handsy with one of the guys I had met previously. Since I already knew him we went searching for an empty room where we could have a bit of privacy. Once there we started kissing and his hands immediately went up my skirt and was fingering my pussy while I was stroking his cock. As things went further I was getting really horny and I wanted to be fucked so badly that I bent over so he could enter me from behind. Unfortunately he didn’t have a condom and I wasn’t on the pill at the time and I wasn’t about to take any chances. So I did the next best thing and got on my knees to give him a blow job! Granted its definitely not the same but having a cock in my mouth and making a guy cum that way would give me a mini orgasm, as it still does today. Any ways in the middle of me sucking his dick I heard Kelly calling my name saying she was leaving. I yelled from inside the room saying I would be right out. So I finished what I started and swallowed every last drop, not that there was any doubt that I wouldn‘t, (to this day I love the feeling of a mans warm cum sliding down my throat) so there wouldn’t be any evidence on me when I left the room.

I met Kelly outside and she said Tracy went home with her boyfriend so we were on our own walking back to the apartment. On the way home she told me she promised Tracy she’d look after me and we both started laughing as she said it looks like I already messed up! During our walk home she asked what happened in the room and I told her how he was fingering me and how badly I wanted sex but he didn’t have a condom so I ended up giving me a blowjob. Kelly just looked at me with a grin and said you are a dirty little slut aren’t you?! All I could do was nod and smile. Once we got home we continued talking about sex and guys as we got ready for bed. She asked then asked me how many guys I had slept with and at that point I had been with 5 guys, 2 from high school and 3 since I started visiting you and my sister. When I asked her the same question I was stunned when she said she had been with more women then guys, her being with 9 women and 4 guys. Next she asked me if I had ever done anything with a girl. In fact I told her I had kissed two girls and did a little touching and fondling with one of them. I explained that during one or our sleepovers we kind of experimented a little bit with kissing and eventually caressed each others chest and fingered one another for a bit. But that’s as for as it went even though I was unbelievably turned on.

At that point Kelly just leaned over and started kissing me deep and passionately then asked me if I still had a desire to be fucked by a girl? Of course I did, especially since that’s all I’ve been thinking about lately, and I was still really horny from earlier. Now just a little over an hour ago I was sucking a guys dick and swallowing his cum and now I’m about to have sex with my sister’s roommate!! And Kelly was your next door hottie. She needed very little makeup, and no matter what she wore she looked very sexy! She was about 5’6” 130lbs, long black hair, dark chocolate brown eyes, very nice sexy body and was gifted with a large and firm 36Dchest, like my sister .

We started kissing again and I felt myself getting very wet. As she began to move her hands over my body I was getting excited like never before. I just laid back, spread my legs and let her do what she wanted. She kissed up and down my chest and stomach, sucked and pinched my nipples then worked her way down to my waist and legs. As she made her way back to my pussy she ran her fingers through my thick triangle of pubic hair and said how much she liked the way I shaved. Now I was clean shaven around my lips but when I wore my bikini or just had on a pair of panties you could see I had a nice mound of hair! She lightly licked and blew on my clit and by now I was dripping wet and could feel my juices funning down to my ass. Finally Kelly buried her tongue deep in my pussy and began licking me furiously! Now I’ve had my pussy licked before but not with the skill and passion Kelly was doing it with. As she continued eating my juicy pussy she began fingering me as well. I felt like I was in heaven at this point but once she curled her fingers up and started pressing on my g-spot I was getting a feeling I never experienced before. It felt like I had to suddenly pee but Kelly wouldn’t stop and told me to just let it go. As the feeling kept growing I also felt my orgasm coming to a boil. When I finally came, my body tensed and quivered like never before and I felt a huge relief wash over me! Kelly just looked up at me smiling saying “looks like we have a gusher here!” I didn’t know what she meant until I looked down and saw an enormous wet spot with a puddle of my juices on the bed! I always knew I got extremely wet during sex or when I masturbated but this was unbelievable. I had never cum that hard before. From that point on the longer I could let the feeling build the stronger I came and the more syrupy fluid would come out of my pussy! Anyways Kelly continued licking my creamy wet pussy while moaning how yummy my juices were until she declared me all cleaned up.

By now I was very excited to lick Kelly’s pussy! So after our prolonged kiss I worked my way over her body like she did to me. As I neared her beautifully shaved pussy I could smell her sex juices and it was an intoxicating aroma! The moment my tongue touched her warm, wet, soft pussy I knew I would be having sex with girls for ever. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the taste of her pussy and how much it was turning me on. I was so into eating her pussy I lost all concept of time. The only thing that was registering was the multiple orgasm I was giving her. I just kept licking her softly then firmer using long deep strokes, then I would flick my tongue in and out really fast and nibble on her clit until I had her juices all over my face. When I finished licking her we just laid next to each other and she just caressed my body and started fingering me again. It was such a wonderful feeling laying with her as she pleasured my pussy with her fingers.

We finally fell asleep around 3am knowing my sister was at her boyfriends and not having to worry about her walking in on us. Then in the morning I was awakened by a very warm soft sensation. When I opened my eyes Kelly had my legs spread and was licking my pussy again! What a way to wake up. As I allowed her to ravish my pussy with tongue I begged her to finger me again like she did the first time. Once she inserted her fingers in me and started pressing on my g-spot my orgasm started building quickly. Since I knew what was happening this time I tried to hold it back to let it build as much as possible but it was no use. My excitement of being with Kelly and the pleasure was giving me too great and I just lost it as I screamed into the pillow and gushed all over Kelly’s hand and face! All I could do at this point was lay there quivering and shaking from cumming.

As Kelly got up I just laid there for a while in complete awe at what happened again. Then Tracy walked through the door asking if I had fun last night. By the look in her eye I could’ve swore she knew what was up! I just mumbled my response with a sheepish grin. Ultimately I found out a few weeks later that she was aware of Kelly’s intentions and what I had done at the party. Plus I found out that Tracy was the also seduced by Kelly!

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