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President Clinton died of a heart attack as a result of all of the harassment and scandals and entered the gates of Hell. The Gatekeeper greeted him, recognizing the President and said, "Mr. President, you were a good man and tried to serve your country, so I am prepared to cut you a deal. You will be allowed to pick between these three doors. Whichever one you choose, will be the one you enter."
President Clinton went over to door Number One and opened it. Gazing in he noticed a deep pit and in the pit was former President Nixon. Nixon was bare naked and running around trying to get out and at the top of the pit were many devils throwing stones at him. His body looked beat up and battered and he did not look very happy to say the least. Clinton closed this door and opened up door Number Two. Gazing inside, he noticed former President Roosevelt. He was trying to move his wheelchair across a rope strung over another deep pit but he and his chair kept falling into the pit, unable to make it across to the other side. Once at the bottom of the pit, several devils would hurl stones at him. Roosevelt kept trying to get up the sides of the pit and then across the pit on the rope, but every time, he failed the same way. Clinton decided to close door Number Two. Finally, he opened door Number Three. Inside this door he could see Ken Starr totally naked and tied up to a wall with legs spread apart. On her knees in front of him and giving him a blow job was a woman wearing a black beret. Clinton looked excited now and told the Gatekeeper he wanted door Number Three.
"Okay," replied the Gatekeeper, "door Number Three it is!" And then the Gatekeeper shouted into door Number Three, "Monica, you can leave now. Your replacement is here."
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