Our second invitation to a swingers party
My slutty little wife. Recently my wife and I accepted an invitation to our second swingers party. After a great first experience at one of these parties we discussed a few ideas about what we would like to involve ourselves with the next time. The one theme we really kept coming back to was having Bree be the center of attention in a small group and if we enjoyed that maybe a larger group another time. Anyways after our encounter with the two guys from the adult web site we joined, and how much we both enjoyed that experience, we were tossing around how many guys to be with this time. We ended up deciding that 4 or 5 guys would be perfect. Since the party was still a couple of weeks away we kept checking the invitee list to see who responded yes. We met some really fun, attractive couples at the first party we attended and we were hoping they’d be going.

What really enticed us about these swingers parties was the couple who organized them. They catered to a younger healthier crowd and what I mean by that is the people invited are very health conscious and for the most part in pretty good physical shape. People at these parties range in age from mid 20’s to early 40’s and there is strict code of no drugs! And probably the most important requirement is you have to be std free and prove it! Since my wife and I don’t like using condoms we felt very much at ease engaging in any sexual activities with the people at these parties.

As we kept checking the list to who responded yes we saw two of the couples we met were attending and one of the single males. We emailed them explaining what we had in mind and they readily agreed. It would work out perfect with them because the told us last time their wives were more interested in being with other women at these parties. So now we needed at least one more guy but preferably two more. As the party neared we were still looking to find our fourth and fifth guy and as luck would have it one of the couples we emailed told us they had a friend they could invite if we were interested. We decided to agree and hopefully we could possibly find the fifth guy at the party.

The day of the party arrives and we leave to get some beer and wine before we get to the party. The couple who host these parties are quite wealthy and live in a secluded area with a few acres and a very large pool. Since it was themed to be a pool party we went dressed for it. Bree wore her little black two piece thong bikini and a sheer cover up and of course 4inch heels. There was already a good number of people who had arrived including the couple and single guy we emailed. We started drinking and talking about exactly what Bree was expecting and I noticed she was already on her third glass of wine. I could tell she was nervous because that’s the only time she drinks heavily. I asked her if she still wanted to go through with our idea and she just gave me a very giddy smile and said “oh yeah! I’m just trying to relax, I’ve never been fucked by 5 guys at once before!” The rest of our prearranged group arrived and after a few more drinks and explaining to them what Bree expected we headed off to one of the bedrooms as the two guys wives went looking for their own activities. On the way Bree grabbed a guy she had been eyeing since we arrived and asked if he and his wife wanted to be part of our group. We informed them of what we had in mind and they said yes.

As we entered the room the activities started in earnest. Bree was going from guy to guy stroking and sucking on each of them to get their dicks hard while I and Amy began playing with each other. We didn’t get too involved because we were more intent on watching what was going to happen with my wife. Bree started out on her knees licking and sucking and deep throating each guy as they took turns fucking her mouth and pawing her body. Eventually she got on her knees and elbows with her ass in the air waiting to be fucked. While one guy was shoving his hard cock in her soaking wet pussy she continued sucking everyone else. When the third guy was done fucking Bree for the moment and were switching positions so the next guy could have his turn Amy jumped in and began licking her pussy. We had not planned on this but is was an exciting diversion nonetheless. Within minutes Bree was cumming from her warm soft tongue lapping at her clit. I then whispered in Amy’s ear to slide her whole hand in her cunt. She just looked at me like I was kidding and I just reassured her it was ok with my wife. As she worked her fingers in my wife’s pussy one at a time Bree really spread her legs open while still in her doggy style position. While this was going on Bree never lost her stride in sucking each guys dick. She just kept on sucking and slurping and stroking one cock after another. Finally Amy had her whole fist in my wife’s pussy, moving it in and out slowly, while Bree started moaning louder and louder as she was getting ready to have one of her gushing orgasms. I knew from experience that with her sucking on a dick while being fisted this would send her over the top. As Bree started cumming I told Amy to pull her hand out and as she did she just watched in stunned silence as my wife’s pussy was gushing an enormous amount of her juices all over the bed. After Bree came down from that orgasm she flipped onto her back with her head slightly off the bed so she could keep sucking each guys dick as they took turns fucking her gaping, soaking wet hole! I could see my wife was in pure ecstasy by now as was I, seeing her being completely ravaged by all those dicks.

As she was being fuck by the guy with the largest cock I could tell she was about to cum again by the way she really started sucking on the other guys cock. She was really working him with her mouth and hand and as she came the guy she was sucking started cumming too. It was so hot watching my wife never miss a beat as he let loose his steamy cum in her mouth. She just kept on sucking and stroking his shaft until she had every last bit of his cum swallowed. Now it seemed like everyone was beyond the point of no return as the rest of the guys we getting ready to cum.

By now Amy and I were starting to get more into it. I was sitting on a chair in the corner while she was sucking on my dick so I could watch Bree being a dirty little slut! Eventually I turned her around so I could fuck her from behind while we both watched my wife.

As the guys switched up again the guy with the really big cock shoved his dick in Bree’s mouth and she hungrily sucked it. She was moaning loudly from both being fucked and having a cock in her mouth and worked his big dick until she made him cum too. Only this time she couldn’t swallow all his cum. He shot such a large load in her mouth that no matter how much she wanted and tried to swallow all of it, it just kept oozing out the corners of her mouth and down her cheeks. When he finally stopped cumming Bree took one of the remaining three guys and positioned him so she could ride him and be able to shove and grind his dick deep into her pussy which drives her crazy. As she was doing this Amy’s husband stood just to the side of Bree so she could suck his dick, while the last guy got behind her and got her situated just so, and to my astonishment, he was able to put his dick in her ass! Bree gasped when he did this but it didn’t stop her in the least. She was totally in the moment and would agree to anything at this point. As they fucked her ass and pussy simultaneously Amy’s husband began cumming and when he did he pulled his dick out of Bree’s mouth and shot his hot cum all over her face, hair, and tits. And WOW this guy came as much as three guys it seemed!! Bree’s face was just absolutely drenched in cum! Once he did this I couldn’t take it any longer and came in Amy as we watched from the corner. After Amy’s husband literally covered Bree in his cum she started bucking wildly as she still had two cocks in her. All she wanted now was to feel them cumming inside her and a short while later she got her wish as they both blew their loads in her pussy and ass. Bree slowed her movement down so she could feel their dicks throbbing inside her and I could see the pure pleasure she was experiencing. It was so erotic seeing how much she loved being fucked by multiple dicks at once.

After everyone was finished and got themselves cleaned up a bit they went back to the party while Bree and I reveled in our fantasy coming true! As Bree laid there, her face covered in cum as well as cum dripping from her pussy and ass, and as I realized how incredibly sexy she looked, I couldn’t help but get hard again. I took her hand and placed it on my aching dick to show her how much she turned me on. As I placed the tip of my hard cock against her pussy and started to enter her I was able to slide inside her pussy with such ease! With the intensity of her orgasms and how much her pussy gushed mixed with the other guys cum it felt extremely warm and soft. Her pussy never felt so good and I started off thrusting slow and deep so I could enjoy the warm sensation in her pussy but it was no use. I came in short order anyways filling my wife’s cunt with even more milky cum.

We laid there a bit longer until we decided to rejoin the party, so I got a wet towel from the bathroom so she could clean the cum off her face and chest but I told her not to clean the cum from her pussy. I wanted to see it drip out of her pussy and run down her legs throughout the night. As we enjoyed the rest of the night flirting and touching other people I kept looking between Bree’s legs as cum continued to ooze out of her. And every so often she would wipe it up with her fingers and lick it off.

What a night and what can I say I have the hottest, sluttiest wife there is!!!

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I liked it.

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2009-06-25 07:12:56
it was okay. if it is really true then I love your slutty wife too :D but still. it was slighty hard to follow good story overall
-Trei Kururugi

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2009-06-05 13:56:31
I always clean up my wife with my tongue.


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