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It had been five months since James Cooper died in an car accident. His wife -- Julie, a thirty-six year old mother of two -- had to raise her children on her own. The father's life insurance paid off enough to pay for the family for about six months, so time was running out. Julie was desperate because she didn't manage to find a job all these months. She didn't have a regular job before. She met James in high school and married him three months later, when she found out that she was pregnant with her first child, Jenna, who is now twenty. Two years later she got her second child, Greg.

If she didn't earn some money soon, they would lose their house and Julie wouldn't be able to pay for their children's college.

One day, Julie had an audition as a secretary. This audition changed her life forever. The manager she wanted to work for was an fat guy, about fifty-five years old. "So, why do you think you should get the job, Mrs. Cooper?" he asked.

"Well, I will work very hard for you, Sir. I'll cook the best coffee you ever drank and I'll do everything to make your work easier!"

"Everything, huh?" he said, a wicked grin on his face. He started to open his pants. "Time for some oral test!"

Julie was shocked. She liked to suck cock, but this was different. She thought about it and realized, that she really needed this job. So she knelt down before the guy's chair. She took his old, small cock and started stroking it. It got harder, but not very hard.

'What a jerk,' she thought when she took it in her mouth.

She did a good job -- years of practice made her a real expert. As she expected, the manager didn't last very long, before he came in her mouth. She swallowed it all. Julie raised herself off the floor and stood before him.

"So, did I pass the test?"

"This was the best blow job I ever got!" he said pulling out a hundred dollar bill. He wanted to give the money to the confused woman.

"What's that? I don't want money, I want the job!"

"I'm sorry Mrs. Cooper, but I hired a secretary a half hour ago."

"What? What did I just gave you a blow job for?"

She couldn't believe this guy fooled her.

"I'm sorry, you're so beautiful and sexy, I just couldn't resist. But you just earned a hundred bucks. Take it or leave it, but get out of my office now!"

Julie was in shock. She grabbed the money and went straight out, slamming the door as hard as she could. The whole way home she cried. When she was home, she laid on the couch crying. Her daughter Jenna heard her and came to help her mom.

"Why are you crying, mom?"

"It's nothing, honey. sob I just had an audition and I ... I ... I can't tell you that, I'm sorry!"

"What is it, mom? Didn't you get the job?" the daughter asked.

"It's not that. The guy ... he ... he asked me to -- well -- do him a special favor."

"You sucked his cock?"

"What? How do you ... Well, I did," she confessed.

They were a very open family. Talking about sex had never been a problem.

"I guess you're disappointed of me now, don't you?"

"No mom, really. It just shows how much you love us. Besides I ... I think it's kind of cool".

"You do? Well I earned a hundred dollars very fast and it wasn't that bad also."

"Would you do it again? I mean sucking cock for money?" What an idea!

"Well ..." The mother thought about it, "I guess I could. It would help us a lot. This is not a bad idea honey!"

She felt excited and kind of horny. This idea didn't sound so bad. Maybe she could fuck some of the guys also. She would earn a lot more for that and besides she hadn't had sex since James died. "Would you mind if your mom becomes a hooker?"

"No mom, if you don't have a problem with that, neither do I."

"Ok, so if Greg is ok with it, I could run some kind of home brothel?" she explained her plans.

Later that evening they had a family meeting and explained the idea to Greg, who surprisingly was cool with it. He said he could built some inventory and serve drinks to the guests.

"Hey and what do I do?" Jenna asked.

"I could think of something," Greg teased.

"No! I don't want my daughter to do such things. It's enough if I do it!" Julie said.

"But mom, I want to help too. I wouldn't mind seeing some clients. Really!"

Julie was confused. She hadn't expected her daughter to be interested in being a prostitute. She wouldn't let her do it and protested.

"Well ok, but I could dance and strip for the waiting guests. Would that be ok?" Jenna proposed.

"Well ... since you really seem to want it, I think it's ok. But promise me to stop and tell me, when you don't feel fine doing it, ok?"

"I promise mom. Thank you! At least my dance lessons are gonna pay off now," Jenna giggled.

They all were very exited, especially Greg. They decided to go to bed, since they would have to prepare a lot of things the next day. Of course everyone woke up early the next day; they just couldn't wait. While Greg went to a hardware shop to buy some things, including a table dance pole, the female members of the family went shopping to get them some sexy outfits.

Julie bought a red garter belts, stockings and a matching bra, that supported her d-cup tits. After giving birth to Greg, her c-cup breasts started to sag a little, so she and her husband decided to get her silicone breast-implants. This made her tits bigger, but more important: really firm!

Jenna visited a sex shop, which had a special section for stripper-wear and stuff like that. She bought some outfits, each representing a different style. Some leather stuff and handcuffs for bondage-lovers, a school uniform for prejudiced Japanese businessmen and some sexy lingerie for ... well, everybody else.

When Jenna and her mother came home, Julie said, "So, what did you buy?"

"Well mom, why don't we just model our new stuff for each other?" Jenna proposed.

"Great idea, sweety! But let's wait for your brother; I think it's unfair to start without him."

"Mom, are you serious? You would let Greg watch you in sexy outfits and stuff?" Jenna was a bit surprised by her mom's proposal.

"Yeah, why not? Sooner or later he's gonna see us anyway, so why not now? I wouldn't want him being shocked or something in front of our guests. Besides, you will strip in front of several strangers, why should you be shy around your own brother?" Julie answered.

Jenna though about it for a second or two. "I think you're right mom; it doesn't make sense to be shy around him. I just didn't think about having him see me nearly nude, I guess. "

They made a plan, and when Greg returned they called him to his mom's bedroom. When he came in, he couldn't believe his eyes. In front of him were his voluptuous mother, wearing nothing but a thong and a see-through bra, supporting her big tits and showing her nipples. Next to her was his sister with black fishnet stockings on her long firm legs. She wore a really really short jeans-skirt. Her c-cup tits were covered by a tight black tank-top, which showed off her flat belly. Both girls had an awesome fuck-me look. Never before had Greg's cock gone up so far and become so hard.

"Y ... You two ... You two look awesome!" he finally managed to say, "Mom, I think you shouldn't take a hundred bucks, but a hundred thousand bucks a fuck! And Jen, the guys will stick so much money in your panties, you'll have problems to dance, because of the weight!"

Both women blushed.

"Do you want to see what else we got?" Julie asked.

This must have been a rhetorical question, since no man an earth would have said 'no'. Neither did Greg, of course. He didn't expect what happened next though. Julie and her daughter just took off their clothes until they were completely naked. First Greg saw their tits, then their cunts, both neatly trimmed, and their asses. He must be the luckiest guy on earth, he thought. He stared at them, not really knowing where to look.

"Do you like what you see?" they grinned at him.

"I'm ... I'm sorry. I just didn't expect this and you're both so incredibly sexy!" he said, as her turned away.

"No one said you have to look away. Jenna and I had a talk and we decided that you would see us both in sexy dresses or even naked sooner or later. So we decided that it wouldn't hurt if you saw us now," Julie explained to her son.

"So it's ok for me to look at you to naked?" he asked to make sure he understood his mother.

"Yeah, that's what I just said," Julie confirmed as Jenna nodded to her brother.

This thing was getting better and better for the teenage boy. After they showed him some more outfits, he couldn't take it any longer. He said that he liked all the outfits very much and that he would have to start working now. Of course that's not exactly right. He had to start working, but before he'd start, he had to go to his room and jack off. He had never been so horny before and it took only four or five strokes, before he erupted. It was the most intense feeling he ever had.

Two day passed and the family house started to look like a real brothel. There was a bar, a small stage with the table dance pole for Jenna, some decoration and, of course, two separate rooms with big beds and different inventory. Julie would switch rooms between guests, so one of the kids could clean the room, refill the box with the condoms, and so on.

Jenna had tried a few things on stage, as her dancing lessons at school hadn't contained pole- or lap-dancing. Greg saw his sister's show quite a few times these days. He was some kind of test-audience. He got so horny every time, seeing his sexy, often oiled sister, dancing seductively on the stage. He had to jack off after every single show. He was glad she didn't ask him to be her lap-dance tester. He would have come in his pants at least twice!

When everyone was ready, Julie called the manager who made her suck his cock at the audition. On the one hand, she was still mad at him, on the other hand he was the one who started this and he could bring new guests to the new brothel. Business partners, clients, whatever. She told him that she would suck his cock again and that she'd even let him fuck her. She also told him that he could bring along some guests. The manager remembered the woman who gave him the best blow job ever. He visited the brothel that evening, bringing along five friends. Jenna did a professional show for them and was rewarded by a lot of bills, which the men stuck in her panties.

Greg served alcoholic drinks. They were expensive, but when a bunch of managers wants fun, money isn't a topic. One after the other fucked Julie that evening. They fucked her tits, mouth, pussy and ass. She didn't come with any of the guys, though she acted like she did, but it wasn't disgusting either. In fact, she kind of enjoyed being a whore, hooker, or whatever you want to call it.

When the guests left, they promised to come back and to tell all their friends about the 'Cooper Brothel'. The family of three earned about fifteen hundred dollars that night.

The following days and weeks the brothel became well known and very successful. Julie and Jenna loved their new jobs more and more. Greg liked his job too, but he had to jack off at least two times each day, because he always saw both women naked all the time. His mom noticed that and decided she had to talk to him.

She went to his room and said, "Greg, we need to talk".

He was just lying on the bed stroking his cock. He quickly tried to hide his erection, but it was obvious that he was caught jacking off. Julie saw his nice big cock disappearing under the blanket. She noticed that she got horny looking at it. She had an idea.

"Hey, you don't need to cover up. You see Jenna and me naked all the time; I think it's only fair, if you don't act prude around me," she grinned.

"Yeah mom, you're right," he said putting away the blanket, presenting his nice hard seven inch cock to his mom. Julie gasped. It was really big. She felt the urge to ... no, this was her son after all!

"That's better dear. So, I came here to talk to you. I've noticed that you jack off quite often, since we started our little family business."

"As you just said mom, I see you and Jen naked all the time. I just can't help it, you two are so sexy and I ... I ..." he stammered.

"It's ok, Greg. I don't blame you or anything. It's just ... do you mind seeing us all the time?"

"No, it's just that I'm surrounded by sex every day and all I can do is jack off," he said with a said voice.

"Your a handsome boy, you should go out, date and find yourself a girlfriend," Julie said. As if he didn't had that idea himself ...

"And then? Bring her home to show her I live in a brothel?" he asked.

"Does it bother you to live here? I thought you were ok with it. You didn't change your mind, did you?" Julie said, a little bit concerned.

"No, I still think it's a good thing, we make a lot of money and have jobs we like. But what do you think a girl would say, if I bring her to a brothel for a date?"

That sounded logical. Julie had thought about a way to get her son some relief.

"You said you think I'm sexy and you get horny watching me naked or in a sexy outfit, didn't you?"

He nodded. She stood up, and pulled the tight top she wore over her head. She unclasped the bra and her tits came to his view.

"Wha ... wha ... what are you doing mom?"

"You were right, you're handicapped because of our business. So I'll have to help you out," she said as she dropped her skirt. She didn't wear any panties. Julie knelt in front of her son. She grabbed his stiff cock and moved her hands up and down. Then she guided it to her face and slowly put it in her mouth.

"Hmmm," she moaned.

The boy couldn't believe his luck. Finally his mom sucked him off. This what he always wanted subconsciously. No more jacking off! Now he understood the smiles on the faces of the guys, when the left the brothel; his mom was an expert! She took his entire cock in her mouth, until his balls slapped against her chin.

"Oh mom, you're wonderful, don't stop!"

Greg put his right hand on the back of her head, guiding her moves up and down. With his other hand, he grabbed and of her large breasts and kneaded them hard. He also pinched her nipples from time to time, which made her moan even louder. It didn't take long, before he was ready to come.

"I'm gonna cum mom, oh yeah, your mouth is so warm and wet. Oh yeah moooooooooooooooooooom, I'M CUMMIIIIIIIIIIIING!"

He squirted the biggest load of his young life in her mouth. She swallowed it all. She licked his cock clean until it began to shrink. The best mother in the world lifted herself and lay down beside her exhausted son.

"Mom, that was the hottest thing in the world. Now I understand the satisfaction all these men enjoy, when they come out of your room."

"Well thanks, honey. But that was not the best thing I do to give them satisfaction. You haven't even fucked me yet!" Julie said, while she caressed her son's balls with her hand.

"Wha ... You mean ... You mean you would let me ... " Greg's cock was hard again.

"I like fucking the guests very much, but I nearly never come. But if I'd fuck my handsome, young son with his big cock, I ... " Greg interrupted her, turning her on her back and laying between her legs. Julie grabbed between them and guided his cock to her well-fucked cunt. Her pushed and his cock slid in her hot, very wet pussy. He thrust in and out.

"Oh yeah, that's it, fuck me, Greg! Fuck me hard!" Julie screamed. Her big tits bounced back and forth, each time her son slammed his dick in her. "Oh my god, you great, son! Fuck me! Deeper, deeeeeeeeeper!" Greg's thrust became harder until Julie couldn't take it any longer, "Oh yeah, Greg, I'm cumming, oh yeah, yeah, yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaiiii!"

Greg slowed down and gave her a few seconds to recover. Then he grabbed her, rolled on his back and pulled her on top of him. His hard cock was still in her pussy. Julie loved this position. She began to rock her hips, riding him like there was no tomorrow. Then, for the first time he grabbed his mother's marvelous tits. The were so big and firm at the same time. This was anything he needed. "Oh mom, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna shoot my sperm up your hot tight cunt! Oh yeah, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!"

With that he grabbed her ass cheeks ass cheeks, pulled her down as hard as he could and shot his love juice where it belonged -- in his mother's hot pussy! When Julie felt her son squirting his wonderful sperm to her womb, she had her second orgasm. Mother and son came in unison! Both of them were breathless. The exhausted mother lay on her new lover and felt his prick shrinking in her. She had always loved that when she had sex with her beloved husband.

They happily fell asleep together. Neither mother nor son regretted anything the next morning and they agreed to continue fucking. Julie told her son to come to her, whenever he was horny.


Several months passed by and the family continued their very successful business. Julie had regular clients. Some of them had a four hour way, just to fuck her. One of them was Henry, a wealthy businessman who was a big fan of Julie. He stopped by at least once a month. He was very generous and always gave the girls really big tips. We talk about five to eight hundred dollars a night. He announced that he was about to visit the brothel on a particular Friday evening. When Julie woke up that Friday, she didn't feel well. She had problems to breathe, her throat and head ached and she had a fever.

"Oh no!" she whined, "Henry is about to come tonight, I have to work."

"You can't work in this condition mom!" her kids explained.

"I can't disappoint him. He is one of our most important clients. If he would have to see another girl, we could lose him as a guest," the mother explained.

"Not if the girl is one in this house," Jenna answered.

Both, Julie and Greg looked at her surprised.

"I'll fuck him. I may not be as experienced as you, mom, but I'm not innocent either."

"No, your not gonna ... There has to be another way!" Julie said worried about her daughter.

"Mom, I think she is right. It's the only way I can think of to keep him as a client. If Jenna really wants to do it, I think we should give it a try," Greg said.

Julie looked at her daughter seriously.

"Honey, are you sure you wouldn't have a problem with it?"

"Yes mom, one hundred per cent."

"Ok then, but you can stop any time. If you don't feel well, just stop. It wouldn't ruin us to lose him ..."

So it was set, Jenna was about to become a hooker. When Henry arrived, they explained the circumstances and he was just fine with it. Of course he loved to fuck Julie, but this twenty year old bitch that used to lap dance for him, wasn't bad either. He had wanted to fuck her ever since the first time he saw her on stage, but he knew that she only danced. Now he'd finally get to fuck her.

Jenna took him by his hand and guided him to his favorite room, sat him on the bed and started to dance. She shook her hips and ass while she stripped off her top. She sat on his lap and brought her tits to his face, so he could suck her nipples. After a while, Jenna leaned back and took off his shirt. Then she rose from his lap, turned around and pulled down her short skirt while she bent down. She wore a black thong and Henry had a good look at her firm young ass.

'Oh my god,' he thought and couldn't resist no longer. He grabbed her ass and started massaging her cheeks. He couldn't believe how good it felt. Jenna turned around and stepped back. She seductively pulled down her thong so he could see her neatly trimmed pussy. No need to say that he was hard as a rock by now.

Jenna knelt down between his legs, opened his zip, pulled out his pole and eagerly began do suck it. She could take half of it without choking.......

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