a love story ..
We had been out this night with a couple who were our friends. The wine had flowed after a very nice dinner at their place. The laughter and good times where a plenty. Old memories, new jokes, comments and commentary. We got along well.
My wife was not much of a drinker and thus her state was well beyond happy, smashed would seem more accurate. We took a taxi home, about 2 miles. The mood continued into the house and on as we got ready for bed.
She pe'ed, i pe'ed, we got into bed. We spooned together and hugged. I love my wife. I want her in ways she is not in favour of.
I cupped her breast, nuzzled her neck, bit her gently on her shoulder, and started to get horny.
" i'm drunk", she said
" i know " i said
" are you going to take advantage of me"
" of coarse" , i said.
" you buggar "
" will i pay in the morning", i said.
" and how ", she said
I move away from her a bit, allowing my hand to go between her legs and touch her. A caress of her clit, i slide my finger to her opening, move my finger in a circle, get it wet, and off to her anus i go
" OH ! "
" i found the ON button " i said.
" the ON button is it " she says
I say nothing. I touch her anus, my lust soars. Oh how i want this.
She rolls a bit to her front, moving her leg apart, her anus is now open to my touch.
" we will see how this goes". she says.
I feel a pang, i hope she does not say NO. We've been here before and she always stops me. I move away from her and down, i open her cheeks and push my tongue to her anus, she flinchs, a plus. I've never gotten this far before. I dive in an lick her ass with unbridled lust. I here a moan. Thats never happened before. Gotta love the wine.
"may i put a pillow under your hips honey" ............. say's i.
She moves herself, lifts her hips and i scurry to get the pillow under her and in position. She adjusts herself to be comfortable, and relaxes.
I move her legs apart, wide, and go behind her and lick her ass like a man possessed. In to her bottom, a twist of the tongue, a push, a lick. I spread her cheeks as far as i dare.
She is wet now from my licking, i rise up and put my head against her butt. I pressure, in a bit. I pressure some more and gain some. My cock slips into her ass, God what a rush.
....Finally ! ..
My lovely wife, OOOOOH!
She flinches when i enter her. It is her first time. I see her move her hands. I fear she will push me off her.
"Oh God" i say.
" i love you honey, your so tight, thank you, thank you, thank you " i say
" so soft, OOOOOOH ! " ...
I see her hands rest again ... my fear subsides.
I start to move in her ....slowly, gently ... " WOW " i say
I've waited do long.
" OH NO ! " ................ i cum. A lot.
She jumps a bit as i cum inside her bum.
" DAMN " ... i say
I rest on top of her, still inside, but shrinking. I slip out. I slide off of her, disappointed with the short stay in her that i had. But wow, did i cum in side her bum.
When i move off her, she farts a little as this activity is prone to cause one do. Out comes some of my fluids. I get out of bed and go to the bathroom, retrieve a wash clothe and go and wipe her bottom clean.
I crawl into bed again, i say " thank you honey" ....... " it was kind of quick wasn't it "
She say's, " yes".
" can i do it again "
" if thats all there is to it, yes", ........ " but let me fall asleep first" ...... "if i cannot walk in the morning you are in trouble". she said.
" DEAL !" ... i say.
My wife moves off the pillow and places it to one side of her tummy. She moves her leg open a bit and falls asleep.
I cannot believe my good fortune. I lie in bed for awhile .... until i hear her snore a bit. Out i go and get the hand lotion. I climb back into bed and touch her again. Caressing her anus for some time to appreciate what i have gotten. Damn i love the feeling of her bum.
We usually keep the window slightly open and the curtains cracked. This allows some street light into the bedroom. This light falls on the bottom half of the bed. And thusly illuminates her bottom on this night. I will never again complain about city street lights.
I apply lots of hand lotion as i rub her ass. Pushing a finger in and out, she flinches abit, still sore i guess. I gently massage her anus with lotion and my finger. Soon she is relaxed and lubed up with hand lotion. I rise up again as before, and push my cock toward her ass.
In i go, right to the hilt. WOW!
She bucks a bit and moans, i hold fast, then move slowly. She shifts a bit but i keep my legs firm, between hers, and even push outward a bit to gain more advantage. She relaxes her anus, still very tight though. I move slowly again, in and out, no rotation.
This is much easier than i thought. I smille as i think of Lilli, a lady i used to work with who told me that she used to fall asleep while her boy friend fucked her, i was surprised. Now i am doing the same thing, with the help of allot of wine. I must remember to say a prayer for those Monks who kept the art of wine making alive so long ago.
Bum fucking my wife. In ... out. In ... out. Starting a small rotation, little circles, a little stretching ..... i want her ass, she knows i am into this, with her ok, i fuck her there, in her tight ass. She is still very slippery as the lotion does it's job. She moans now and again. Her ass is so wonderfully tight. I start to piston, just go and go and go. I am Robotic. Not pounding on her but fucking, fucking, fucking, ..... like a BIG 5.7 Hemi going 140 k.
My mind drifts back to December 2008. I was visiting my friend Marlene in Eastern Sask.. I had to wait for her to get off work so i decided to tour Eastern Sask.. That tour extended into Western Manitoba. [ look it up on a map ]. I was heading south toward hiway 16, then back west toward were Marlene worked. I had just filled up with gas at Roblyn and headed south on Hiway 83 in western Man.. It was blowing and snowing, i started south and as is my habit i started to speed up .... i hit 140 kph, the only vehicle on the road was behind me and he decided to not keep up.
I was sailing, no fear, a beer in one hand and straight road ahead, with and occasional curve. Winter tires on, soft rubber to help hold the road. I loved that little trip. I felt like 'Jon Voight' in that prison break movie in Alaska, " Runaway Train ", in which he is left alone on the speeding locomotive rushing through the snowy weather, ............. AH ... what a rush. I feel sorry for those who live in large metro areas ...
I came out of my trance, Jeez i think to myself, i pull out of her ...damn i have been fuckng her without even paying attention. Panic'd, i look at her ass, she stays open, fear grips me .. i permanently damage her. I put my fingers on either side of her anus and push to close it. It closed. Relieved .... i smile, my lovely wifes ass, brought to you by the letter "O" .
I lie beside her, relieved, happy ... a good night. Alcohol, not dogs, is a mans best friend.
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