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This is how the boy became a man
Despite all the hype and talk, the swinging 60 wasn’t as swinging as it was made out to be, in 1961 I was 12 years old and sex was as far from my mind, as the sun, my cock had just one use and that was to pee with. But all this changed that summer break.

I was 4 when we moved to a new council build houses, Diane lived with her parents and granddad in his old farming cottage, Diane was 3, how we came to be friends I can’t remember but we were inseparable, we had other friends but not like we were, I would either be around her house or she mine, when the second phase of building was complete, they moved into one of these. Our friendship ran all through our school life and some thought we would end up marrying, but we just drifted apart. with me moving out of the area I didn’t see Diane again, although I often think about her, you’ll see why.

Back to my true story, Diane had an older sister Hazel, she was 15 and quite popular with the boys, Diane and I couldn’t see what they saw in her, but then if we, or I was older, then I might.

Diane knew as little about sex as I did and nothing untoward ever happened, that was until that summer.
We used to play down the small wood over the road from where we lived, Diane thought it was her right as the land was once owned by her granddad. There was a small pond where we would catch newts and watch the pond skaters and water beetles and just hang out.

This particular day we were laying on the grass bank just watching the dragon flies and other insects flying about us, when Diane said she wanted a pee, she went into the wood to take care of business, it was then I realised I too needed to take a pee.

As I stood behind a tree I didn’t notice Diane come looking for me, seeing me standing up to have a pee she asked how come, as she had to sit down.

I turned and let her see what I had, asking if she had one of these. Shaking her head she told me she didn’t, she had a slit between her legs, needless to say she showed me, we compared our bits.

Before then my penis had been hard some morning when I woke but I didn’t know why, now with Diane touching me, it went hard again, Diane giggled at this and asked if it hurt me, I shook my head, having asked why it was hard I had to tell her I didn’t know, we dressed and continued playing for a time, then noticing the time we headed back home for tea.

The next day it was raining very heavy and I thought I was going to have a boring day at home as I knew Diane would be going shopping with her mother, I was in my room reading a comic when the phone rung, mom answered it and called up asking if I wanted to go up Diane’s I was down stairs and putting my coat on in seconds, as I rushed out the door I hared mom say ,”He’s on his way”

It was only a few hundred yards up the road to Diane’s and as I ran down the path her mother opened the door, greeting me she told my mom I had arrived, I dropped my coat in the porch and ran up to the box room where her mother had said she was.

About half an hour later her mom came up to say she was off shopping and Hazel was staying to see we were ok. Diane and I had been playing cards and wanted to play something different, so she got the Twister out, it was hard spinning the pointer and moving over the game sheet so she went and asked Hazel to come and play with us, I think she was board as she didn’t argue and came up to play, Diane and I went first and I won, so I stayed on to take Hazel on, it was as we played I kept trying to look up Hazels skirt, I wanted to see if she was like Diane, needless to say Hazel saw this and asked what I was doing, I explained I was trying to see if she had a slit between her legs like Diane, Hazel laughed saying of course she had, before I could say anything else Diane piped up, “Well he has a big sausage between his”

Hazel nearly broke into fits of laughter but she could see the look of puzzlement on Diane’s and my face’s.
“Let me see” Hazel said, I didn’t think there was anything wrong in showing her so I dropped my trousers,
“Look at his sausage,“ Hazel asked if we wanted her to tell us why we were different, we both nodded, she suggested we all get undressed, when I saw Hazel naked my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

She had bumps on her chest nothing like the little buds Diane had, and she had hair between her legs, she went on to explain she had breasts (tits) which would when and if she had a baby she would feed it milk form them, Diane said “Like cow’s” “Sort of, but all mammals have teats to feed their young, you’ve seen dusty feeding her kittens”

She then told us about her vagina or pussy as she called it, saying the man had a penis and when I was hard her could easily put into her pussy and make babies.

Both Diane and I sat listening, me really not believing, but she seemed to know a lot about it so she must have been right.

Hazel looked at Diane and asked if she wanted to stroke my cock, Diane wasn’t shore so Hazel showed her how to do it, after a few minutes Diane started touching me, my cock was harder than it had ever been.

I hadn’t noticed but Hazel had bee touching herself so when she asked Diane if she was ready to have my cock in her pussy she knew Diane wouldn’t know how to so she would end up showing us.

She had me lay back and sat over my hips, taking my cock she slowly sat down and took me into her pussy, WOW what a feeling I had, she was soaking wet, but warm, when our bodies meet she stopped for a little then she started to lift up and lower herself down, she did this for some time, for me it felt like time had stopped.

Hazel started groaning and then I felt something strange happening, my cock started jerking and something shot out into Hazel’s pussy, I knew It wasn’t pee. but just what it was, for then had no idea, Hazel explained this later.

Rolling beside me Hazel looked at Diane and said that was what she had to do. Diane said she would try it, she went to roll on me but Hazel said she would have to play with my cock to get me hard again, as she did this I touched and fingered Diane’s pussy.

When the time was right Hazel helped Diane take my cock in her pussy, she then helped her lift and lower herself until she got the hang of it.

For the second time in twenty minutes my cock sent something in a girls pussy, we lay back and just looked at each other, Hazel sat up smiling and asked if we wanted a drink, she didn’t bother getting dressed and went to get the drink, when she came back we started playing Twister again still naked, only now as she and I moved about the game I could clearly see her pussy and tits, and she now and again touched my cock, with one more move she lost balance and fell, pulling me with her, I was laying on top of her and my mouth was near her tit’s
“You can suck them if you want” I did want, and clamped my mouth on her right tit and started sucking and nibbling, she had to stop me and tell me not to nibble her so hard, she talked to me explaining how to do it, when I had it right she lay back and let me enjoy her tit’s.

With out realising it my hand had dropped between her legs and I was fingering her pussy, after a few minutes she moved me a little and I felt her helping my cock enter her pussy again, with her hand’s on my hips she pushed me back and pulled me forwards saying this was what I had to do, I soon had the hang of it and continued on my own until I felt the strange feeling again.

As my jerking eased we hard their mother shouting to say she was back home, in a panic Hazel told us to get dressed, just as Hazel pulled her knickers up their mother walked in, saying she had bought us a cake, we played for the rest of the day, but didn’t do anything more sexually because we might have been caught by their mom.

The following day it was wet again, mom asked if I wanted Diane to come down and play at our house, she called Diane’s mother and from the conversation I guessed I had been invited up there, Diane’s mother must have said it was better for me to go up there as we could play in the box bedroom.

I ran all the way up there and dropped my coat and dashed up to the bed room, it wasn’t long before Diane and I were touching, we froze in a panic when the bedroom door opened, and only just moved apart as to our relief Hazel walked in, she was smiling knowing she had frightened us, we played twister again and when I was up against her I was surprised to see she hadn’t any knickers on, half an hour later their mom looked in saying she had to go out and would we be ok.

“Oh mom of course we will, when will you be back” “I’m not shore but there’s some chicken in the fridge make yourselves a sandwich for lunch, as she turned to leave she asked Hazel to lock the door when she had gone out”

We watched her drive up the road, seconds later Hazel came back into the play room, we were naked moments later, this day she went down and started sucking my cock, OH God how it made me feel she kept going and I had that funny feeling again, as she pulled her head clear I came, she told Diane my cum would taste nice and she scooped a little p on her fingers and offered them to Diane, she licked Hazels fingers and liked the taste, she then licked all the cum off my stomach.

Hazel then pulled me between her legs and taught me how to suck her pussy, I followed her instruction and even did a few things she didn’t tell me, but she seemed to like it, I remember pushing my tongue into her slit as far as I could and she started shaking, and then I had her cum in my mouth.

Diane wanted me to do the same to her so in minutes I was sucking my second pussy. being hard again I slipped between Diane’s legs and pushed my cock into her pussy and had sex again.

For the next 4 years or so, Diane and I had sex about twice a week, and I had sex with Hazel about once a month.

As I had said Diane and I just sort of drifted apart, this was when I started work and I had less time to see her, we made new friends and I started courting and eventually married, I did hear a few years later Diane had married but this didn’t work out. I did get a letter from her when my dad passed away, sending her sympathy, she went on to say how she often thought back to our innocent days and when Hazel taught us new games to play, she stopped short of saying she wished we had stayed together and married but I could tell this was what she was saying, in a way I did too, wondering what life would have been like if Diane and I had married. But I had a loving wife and children who I wouldn’t give up for the world.

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2009-10-15 08:08:19
A bit late, not sure who'll read this. The story is well written and serves its purpose. TOO well written but u have a good imagination. My problem is True has been lost in space and this has become an adults school playground board. Reality mainly stinks, in many ways, when it comes to sex, more so now than ever. Plastic prostitution, international telecommunications and the internet spreads am illusion of sex but even allowing for my age and living in a city with more than its fair share of Fucked Up and Frigid women does not hide the fact that actual casual sex is in decline. Truth. Casual is the wrong term, I am not advocating care-free; irresponsibility explains the sad side of pregnancy figures. All this to plea a case for the Worship of real sex and to have the fantasy page the jumbo size it deserves NO MATTER WHAT AMOUNT of real life inspired Such. Lets everybody get real in thier perspective AND enjoy ALL thier life and dreams as economically possible. True should be a small

new userReport

2009-08-17 03:36:36
It is defenitely false advertising to have this one labeled as "True Story"....a more fitting category would be "Tall Tale"

Anonymous readerReport

2009-08-15 01:07:04
No one ever got pregnant? That was lucky.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-08-14 10:54:14
Man there´s soo much in this story telling me that this isn´t a completely true story ;)
I did like it though! :) But if it is true... holy shit what an moron Hazel was!


2009-08-08 02:15:49
what a prick. should have stayed with Diane, if only to get to fuck Hazel again

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