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Thought I'd write this while it's still fresh in my mind. This happened a week ago.

I was sitting at home, bored, with no plans for the afternoon. It was raining on and off, and the prospect of going anywhere seemed glum. I fired up the computer, thinking to watch some porn movies, read some stories, get hard, and jerk off. As part of the jerking, I checked out the Craigslist ads to see what the perverts were looking for. I went through the M4M section, since sometimes I play with men and the ads might get me hotter. Then I thought, what the hell, let's place an ad for something that I'd like, and see what happens.

I wrote an ad saying, "Older WM wants to lay back on the couch and watch porn while a younger man in panties sucks my cock to completion and swallows my cum." I titled it "Where's my Femme Boy Today?" and posted it. Then I went back to cruising porn, reading incest TG stories, and getting hard. I checked my e-mail periodically to see if I got any answers.

There were a few I wasn't interested in, older guys who just wanted to suck , chubs who wanted me to come to their place. Then, after the ad had been up for an hour, I got a real hit. It was a young man in his 20s who claimed he'd never been with a man, but wanted to explore his submissive side. He said he had panties and a camisole to wear and could be at my place in an hour.

We sent a few e-mails back and forth, and I told him where I lived. He said he'd be there at 7. I showered and dressed in a robe, set up some online video porn of young girls getting fucked in the ass and waited. 7 came and went with no knock on the door. I checked my e-mail one more time, and there was a message saying he was outside in his car and wanted me to show myself. Obviously he was really nervous. I stepped to the door, opened it and looked around, seeing someone sitting in a car, then closed the door. A few seconds later there was a knock, and I let him in.

He was perfect - about 5'8", very slender, a mop of dark hair that could easily be feminine. We sat on the couch and I started a movie. He said he was nervous, this was his first time, could we sit and talk? I said sure, take your time, be comfortable, I'm not going to ask you to do anything you don't want to do.

He explained he had a girlfriend, was in fact engaged, and had been fucking her for 5 years. He had a fantasy about being a submissive sissy that he wanted to explore. I lay back on the end of the couch and opened my robe, nude underneath. We watched the movie for a few minutes and I stroked myself until I was erect. I told him to bmake himself comfortable and do what he wanted. He told me he wanted to try sucking a cock for the first time, and I said I'd be happy to oblige. After looking at my cock for a while, he stood up and began to undress. Under his shirt he wore a plain black camisole. He took off his jeans to reveal white cotton thong panties with little hearts printed on them. His cock was beginning to create a bulge in the panties.

I stood up and joined him, dropping my robe. I knelt down behind him and caressed his naked hairless ass with my hands - it was smooth and perfect. Then he turned around and I felt his cock through the panties. I was stiffening, so I pulled the panties to the side to see. He had shaved completely, having no hair around his cock or butt. His upper body was covered by the camisole, but I could see no hair there either. He was very nervous, asked if I had ever had any STDs. I was recently tested and found completely clean, which I told him. He asked if I minded wearing a condom while he sucked me. I said that would ruin the taste for him, but I was willing if that was what he wanted.

I fell in love with his cock immediately. It was hairless as I said, but it was also slender and getting longer. I asked if I could suck it, and he agreed. I could almost take the whole thing without deepthroating - it was about 5", very slender. I kept thinking it was the perfect size for my ass.

Then he surpised me - he said he didn't think he was ready to suck a cock yet, and asked if I would fuck him instead. I agreed, but said if it was his first time, my cock might hurt - not to brag, but it's over 7" and fairly thick. He said he really wanted it, and if I'd wear a condom he'd be fine. I said okay and went to get a condom and some lube.

When I came back he had removed his panties, and asked how I wanted to do it. I got him on his knees on the couch, and got behind him. I got some of the lube in my hand and greased his hairless little asspussy. I pushed one, then two fingers into him without much resistance. He may have been a virgin to cock, but something had been inside him before. Then I backed off and put a condom on (Trojan Magnum) and lubed my cock. I got behind him - his slender ass was making me incredibly horny. I applied the tip to his hole and began pushing.

Like I said, something had been in there before. He didn't express any pain, and his hole felt like it had been stretched before. I eased in further and further, caressing his ass, and reaching around to caress his balls and cock as I did. Finally I had about 6" inside him, and I knew I couldn't last much longer. As a final precaution, he asked me to pull out before I came (paranoid little bugger). I grabbed his hips and pulled him against me, giving him the last inch or so. Holding his hips tightly, I fucked him hard, pushing as deep as I could get.

After all too few strokes, the situation overcame me and I was ready to cum. I pulled out just before I came, stroking my cock to get al of it out, while he turned and watched.

I told him how good it had been and caressed his hard cock for a minute. I asked him if he wanted to cum, but he wasn't interested. I went off to the bathroom to dispose of the condom.

When I came back, he was stepping into his jeans. In a few seconds, he was ready to go. We talked for a minute. I told him I did this every now and then, and he was welcome to come back any time. He said he had my e-mail address and might be in touch. I told him again he was welcome, and he left.

The next day I dropped an e-mail to his address to say thank you, come again some time. The message bounced, the mailbox had been closed. I hope he gets back in touch. I'd like to buy him some really sexy lingerie and make him my sex toy........

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2016-12-20 15:15:47
i eat cum from hard young cock. i have urges to wear soft sexy panties and tease masculine men. id like to have a suck bud who also wears panties to completion. i am only ay
ttracted to girls for relationships. i came from vibrating dildos once. I almost fainted. A week later, I found a pantie freak who gave me 20 panties and teddies to try on. When we finally sucked each other off, I had pre cum all over my legs and his chest. I came 3 times in 1 and a half hours. oral only. I came when i felt the cum hit my tongue!

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2016-11-29 15:01:58
i didn't know anyone liked to wear women's undies and suck cock. I had found a stash of a sexy bustiea a half slip in black and a small bag of lacy black panties. the best was a DD bra with about 2 lbs of fake breasts with big nipples on them. When I put everything on for the first time, I came with out touching myself. I used to go to my stash in the basement twice a day to dress and jack off. the man who owned the house got suspicious and snuck down and watched me get dressed and jack off. He then stepped out of the door way with his very hard cock in his hand and I freaked out with embarrassment and shame. He smiled and said he does the same thing. After I calmed down. He started telling me how sexy I was and would love to keep a secret if I dressed up for him and let him suck my cock. hell, I agreed. that afternoon I returned the favor. I came when he shot off in my mouth. True story!

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2016-09-02 15:59:20
I have a similar fantasy. but it involves oral sex only. I am always surprised at how hot I get when a hairless young man puts on panties and a teddy for me. I can see the transformation from man to wigglie girl. When their cock is rock hard when it hits my throat, it makes me cum very hard. I can start on my second orgasm right away. in the mean time, I have him change in to my vast collection of sexie lingerie. Im rock hard at 8" and leaking precut like a horny silver back. So the 2nd time I suck him off, I know it will last longer. I will cum from having cock in my mouth on day.

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