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I tried the best I could on editing this for spelling and grammar but those just aren't my strong points. And luckily I don't take that to heart, otherwise you would never have read anything from me. As for my editors, well...
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The morning, late spring air was warm, thick, and uplifting. The tan brick of the two story middle school was harsh, crisp, and depressing. A murmur of hundreds of students congregating on the oversized pattern of weaving sidewalks between the street and building could be heard from half a block away. Children divided into groups, those gravitating into larger clusters, and it all confined within the one blob.

“Where were you yesterday? Not coming to school or not answering any messages?” Keri demanded as Madden interlaced up to the group of her friends just before the morning bell. The smile she woke up with the daybreak before had still not begun to fade.

In a quiet but excited whisper, Madden squealed to them, “We had sex four times yesterday and once the night before that.”

“Damn it! It’s not fair,” Keri threw her books to the concrete. Kimmy and Jena’s jaws were about to fall from their faces.

“What was it like?” Jena hummed.

“Better than anything you could ever think about imagining.”

“Really?” Kimmy asked, “I always heard it wasn’t that great for the girl.”

“Daddy knows more about girls than even I do,” Madden squeaked. “In the bathtub, he showed me twelve places more than I knew about that he could touch that would make me drip between my legs.” Madden doubted she could give herself the same effect by her own touch, but the experience was too great to not give credit.

Now even Keri was finding it hard not to lose herself in fantasy at the words Madden spoke. And then as it is its job, the school bell rang, shattering all the happiness that was filling the girls. Madden was forced to hush most of what she wanted to say as they began traveling in too close of proximity to other children.

By having settled down at the lunch table though, she was the absolute center of attention.

“So he’s finally coming on to you now? He really wants you?” Kimmy questioned.

“Well, he’s like a cycle. He slowly builds up and it’s the most amazing thing because he’s all over me, kissing me and feeling my body and everything, and then I beg him to have sex with me which isn’t really hard at all anymore, just say go in and he’s pushing his penis into my body like that. But then when he cums inside me, he usually lies down and keeps to himself. I think he feels guilty again and mad at himself for doing all that. But at least he stopped trying to tell me we couldn’t do it anymore.”

“So you’re slowly turning your dad into a pervert?” Kimmy remarked.

“He’s not a pervert,” Madden defended with an offensive tone in her voice.

“Alright, alright.”

“We’re still having the slumber party at your house this weekend, aren’t we?” Keri asked.

Jena and Kimmy looked to Madden, agreeing and coaxing for the answer they all wanted to hear.

“Yess, but you can’t say anything about this while you’re there. If he finds out you guys know, he’ll flip for sure and I’ll never get him back.

“We promise,” they recited together.

That night when going into her father’s room to sleep, Madden thought it best not to talk and only act. As he walked to the bed to climb in wearing his boxers, she stopped him short, took a hold of the fabric with her small hands, and tugged them down silently. She could feel his hesitance, but after it was all done, he, just as silent as she, climbed into bed.

Madden decided to give one more shot at what she failed at the last time. Under the covers, she pulled herself on top of her daddy and reached back to align him for entry into her. He did nothing in return, absolutely nothing; just laid there and took the assault from her.

Inch by inch she squeezed down the pipe, tears running down her face. The feeling of anxiety and sickness was definitely rising in her but she was determined to control it. She had to defeat the memories, show her body who was boss. Most importantly, she had to show her dad that she could have sex with him and not just receive sex from him. She had to prove to him that she wanted the sex for the sex, and not just because he gave her all that attention during it.

Her cervix pressed deep into her body and her tissues stretched further not only to accommodate past his over-adequate girth, but a length that her body wasn’t built in default for either.

“Does it hurt?” her dad asked her.

“No,” she lied.

“You seem nervous and feel dry. Try coating me in this lubricant,” he said pressing a small squeeze bottle into her hand. “Try just a little bit and work your way up until it’s slippery, but not too much.”


Madden sucked her dad’s reproductive organ from her own and reached back with the hand she globed lubricant on to engulf and rub him down. She couldn’t help but smile to herself while she stroked his penis. She could hear his breathing increase in both speed and power. But she didn’t want him to go off in her fingers. There was only one place she would ever want his stuff.

Bringing his head back into the slit between her legs, she pushed it up into the hole that reached ever deeper into her body. And in fluid motion, she felt that familiar amazing feeling of the smooth penetration of her father’s penis into her vagina. All the way up to poking her in the cervix again.

Madden wasted little time in pushing her weight onto her elbows and managing a more efficient position in which to maximize the insertions into her with minimizing her discomfort and effort.

The sensations running through her were indescribable. More than the physical prowess of having something slip in and out of her girl organ, in and out, in and out, and in and out, it was the psychological godsend that got to her.

She was having sex with her daddy. Not her daddy was having sex with her. It was she, Madden Dvorik was on top of her daddy, pushing and pulling his penis into and out of her body. She was a thirteen year old girl and she was on top of her dad, riding him, having sex with him. And he was below her doing nothing about it. It was wrong, he knew it, and yet he was being controlled by his thirteen year old daughter.

Madden was above the world, her mind simply couldn’t comprehend everything that the situation was.

“Do I feel good daddy?” she asked breathlessly in a teasing voice.

“Oh, can’t hold back much longer.”

“Don’t hold back at all daddy,” Madden said with some desperation. “Cum, cum in me now. Never hold back. Daddy cum in me ten times a day if you have to. I don’t want you holding back one second, ever.”

Jeff was quickly losing to that most elite army of words his daughter could throw on him. They were too powerful to fight off. And then, apparently she improvised how to couple her voice with her body.

Madden forced herself hard down onto her dad, driving him in as deep as he could possibly go. And she flexed and twisted. Madden squeezed all her muscles she knew how to squeeze down there; she twisted and squirmed her pelvis. Her daddy wasn’t going anywhere until he cummed inside her. She couldn’t believe that he was holding back.

Even as deep as he was, she jolted her body onto his impaling pipe harder and harder every other second. Her eyes closed tightly with the flexing of all her other muscles and as if she thought her mind could control her father, she repeated inside her head to herself, “Cum, cum, cum in me, daddy cum in me.”

Jeff was beyond euphoria. Whatever his daughter thought she was doing, it had just shot him past any false hope of not cumming into her body. His eyes drew to the top of his skull and his stomach inhaled and flexed hard. He began inseminating his daughter.

Madden could feel it. She could feel a warmness unmatched to any comfort spreading through her belly. In combination with locking all her reproductive muscles into maximum strength, that feeling of receiving her father’s sperm at the gates of her womb shuddered her bones into a sensation unlike she had ever felt before.

It wasn’t the most powerful wave of happiness to run through her body by any means, but it definitely was a wave of happiness. It was a low scale orgasm more resembling the power of one she gave herself in masturbating in rare occasion, but at its core, it was a ‘I’m having sex with daddy’ orgasm.

The orgasm was a blessing and a curse to the little girl. A torrent of unending happiness was flooding her sensory system, but it was drowning out the warmness that was her father’s cum filling her vagina.

Jeff fell limp to the full body excursion that filled his barely pubescent child with his seed. Madden’s rush washed over her to find her dad barely conscious below.

The feeling of her vaginal lips spread wide around his massive intruding penis was too good to be true. She never wanted it to leave her pelvis. She had a hole and he had a stick, a giant stick; why did God design it such that her lonely void was empty nearly all the time? Why couldn’t she keep him inside forever? But how could she deny the amazing feeling of that organ penetrating her, slowly shrinking, thus collapsing her insides in a teasingly reflexive way.

Madden gently lowered her body to her father’s hard, oh-so warm chest. Setting the side of her face to the slowing beats of his heart calmed her own circulatory system down as well. Everything was a depressant now as her breathing slowed and her vagina warmed into mush around the limping baster inside. The sweat slowly disappeared into the pocket of humid air around and through the now moist sheets that sandwiched them.

Jeff wrapped his arms around his little girl feeling her naked back in his fingers. Madden hummed in protest thinking he was going to remove her. Both actions were weak and light. The two soon feel asleep as they were.


“Daddy,” Madden said putting her book bag on, “if you need relief at all while my friends are here, just,” she thought to herself, “get me to look at you and rub your left eye.” I’ll say I have to go to the bathroom and meet you in your room. Or the bathroom if you want to go there.”

“Honey, I can handle two days without relief. Besides this whole thing isn’t about me and what I want.”

“Oh, yeah.” Madden twisted her lips. “Well then,” she continued, fumbling her fingers at the belt on her jeans. Unlatching it, she popped open the button to her pants and unzipped. Turning and walking to the kitchen table, she pushed down her jeans and panties, and half climbed onto the surface, dangling her legs down and spreading them a bit.

Jeff looked to his daughter’s bare ass and squeezed puffy, vaginal lips staring at his face. Her tiniest puckered butt hole laid an inch above the ending of her moistening slit.

“Can you cum in me really fast so I can walk around with you all day?”

The book bag he could remember purchasing for her when she entered the Jr. High was still on her back as she smeared her chest into the table.

“Hurry daddy, I don’t want to be late for school. As fast as you can go. No holding back.” Madden had two motives for doing what she was. The first she had already said, just that thought of walking around all day at school with daddy leaking into her panties, and then she also wanted to know how fast he could really go off. She was going to memorize the time it took him and judge every other time afterward on that to decide if he was holding back or not.

Jeff had reached his daughter and gently set his hand on her bare butt cheeks. Running side to side for a few seconds with his fingers, he retreated to the top of her crack and ran down inside, stopping when he touched her puckering butthole. He lingered, memorizing the texture with the pad of his index finger.

“Not there daddy…” Madden screeched. “In my vagina. And hurry, we’re going to be late.”

Jeff had lost to his subconscious again. His hand pulled back and was quickly assisting the other in dropping his pants. Down his boxers went as well. And then, down he forced his impossibly hard sex organ, down to the bulbous squeezed out lips of his daughter’s very own one.

The tip of his head traced up and down her slit as his eyes couldn’t absorb enough of how her tiny, child fat lips shaped around that hard sponge moving between. She was salivating barely teenaged lubricant onto him in no modesty. Her skin soon shimmered in the light from it. The aroma was beginning to reach his nose. But she was thirteen years old. She was his thirteen year old daughter. Barely even that. Two weeks ago she was only,

“Daddy,” Madden cried, “Hurry up. Don’t make me orgasm too. Just you. Hurry.”

Before he had the time to second guess himself again, he found himself already halfway inside his daughter. Oooh, it felt unbelievably great.

His mind was processing in flashes. He was moving in and out of her body. He couldn’t even remember going all the way in the first time.

Madden grunted at each entry into her. Her book bag bounced back and forth on her spine as she absorbed the shocks of her dad penetrating her girlhood. Grunt after grunt, it felt so good.

Jeff reached out and grabbed his child’s backback for leverage as he thrust into her with increasing force. His movements were becoming monotonous but in no means dissatisfying.

“Daddy, cum in me, hurry. I’m going to be late for schoooool.”

Jeff cringed at her voice. She was right, he was holding back, or at least he wasn’t trying to get off in any fast pace.

“Keep talking to me honey,” he panted.

“What do you want me to say?” she asked with a little embarrassment.

Madden’s voice was intoxicating to Jeff. Hearing her talk about anything at all was jumping his heart rate while he penetrated her.

“Anything sweetheart. I just want to hear you talk.”

Madden blushed deeply at hearing that. Was her speaking really that amazing? Did it really help him get off faster?

“Do I feel good daddy?”

“Yess,” her father stuttered back.

Madden wondered if putting the word ‘daddy’ in as often as possible would help. So far, it never seemed to hurt.

“Daddy, did you know that where I sit in science, the way the room is set up and everything, today, I’ll be able to play with you during class. I can easily get away with reaching in my pants with nobody noticing and I can rub your babies in my fingers. Probably even snack on them since its right before lunch so I’ll be hungry.”

Jeff’s body was trembling. Putting her voice to the scene he played of her story in his mind was getting him there fast.

“It’s like you’re putting a snack in my thermos for later on. All the other girls will just be sitting in class with their dry, empty vaginas and I’ll be eating the snack my daddy made for me.”

“Ooooh,” Jeff’s imaginary world exploded in stars as hot, thick semen surged against his daughter’s cervical wall.

Madden’s eyes closed and her body shivered. The warmness was soo amazing, soo warm. It was inside her belly. But as purely blissful as if felt, she did feel uncertain and did wish it didn’t occur so soon after talking about other girls’ vaginas. She really wished she had never said that part.

Jeff continued forcing more and more liquid into a hole that had no further room. He was cumming in his daughter and couldn’t figure if he would ever get past the guilt that it felt more amazing than any girl he had ever even fantasized about. And she was wearing her book bag too. Her book bag filled with homework that he had helped her with, seventh grade textbooks, and whatever else a thirteen year old girl carried with her.

Finishing unloading his sperm into his child, Jeff slurped from her dripping, abused lips. He could see his own semen beginning to funnel back down and out of her reddened, stretched open girl hole.

Madden immediately bounced up, pushing her father backwards some as he let go of her book bag, and scrambled to tear up her panties to squeeze her dad’s cum back inside. Pulling her jeans up and reattaching them tightly to her waist, she jumped and grabbed her daddy into a giant hug.

“I love you daddy. So much,” she poured into his chest.


“So the snack idea wasn’t the best one I admit, but it was still a rush to be playing with his stuff during science. Even though a lot of it was dried up in my hairs.”

Madden’s friends didn’t even try hiding their envy as they stared at her in the lunchroom.

“I wonder what he’s going to act like when we come over today,” Jena spoke.

“I don’t know, he’s pretty good at pretending nothing happened,” Madden answered.

“He usually keeps to himself and stays out of our way unless we bug him,” Kimmy said.

“Don’t bug him or he might get suspicious. You guys just have to play it cool.”

“We’ll try,” the three girls said, randomly overlapping each other. None of them sounded believable.

“Did you ever figure out what we’re doing tomorrow?” Keri asked.

“Dad’s taking us to the city pool in the afternoon, then out for dinner afterwards. We got to think of a restaurant. He said no fast-food.”

“Aaahh…” Keri whined.

“Yess!” Kimmy jumped.


“Alright girls, I’m going to be getting home late tonight. I don’t know how long this production meeting is going to last but it could take a long time if people don’t agree with each other. There’s a bit of a language barrier too so that’s not going to help. No phone calls while I’m away except for dinner or emergencies. And no one is to enter the house with you under any circumstance, even a pizza man. And don’t go outside after dark.”

“Dad, nothing’s going to happen to us,” Madden griped in embarrassment before her friends as they all stood in the driveway.

“Even still, obey the rules.”

“I know dad.”

“Alright, I love you honey. See you later tonight.”

“I love you too daddy,” Madden broke her tough exoskeleton. Her friends giggled behind her as the car pulled away from the driveway.

“Well, that sucks,” Kimmy complained dragging her duffle bag up to the front door.

As the hours progressed, what they first thought was a loss turned out to be a huge gain. They had an entire miniature mansion to do anything they wanted in without supervision. And what a better way to exploit the possibilities than to start a game of truth or dare as the sun began dropping past the horizon.

Within the hour, somehow, all four of them had no shirts on and each one had been dared at least once to make out with a picture in some magazines Keri brought with her. Eventually the hunger got the best of them and Chinese food was decided. Roughly fifteen minutes later, Kimmy seemed to be getting bold with caffeine.

“Guys, guys, what will you give me if I answer the door for our food in only my underwear?”

The three others immediately burst into giggles and thought. But for anything, none of them could think of something valuable. Then Madden got an idea.

“How about, we all give you a massage from now until they arrive. No matter when they arrive, whether in five minutes or an hour. Then you have to do it, no turning back.”

“Mmmm, a massage does sound relaxing. Alright, get me another can of pop and a massage than, on the double.” Kimmy dropped her chest to the floor and sprawled her body out, exhaling a long triumphant sigh.

Without question, Madden jumped and ran to the refrigerator to get more pop as Keri and Jena sacrificed their hands for the show that would make the night.

“Aaaaa!” Madden yelped as she came back into the living room. “A car just pulled in the driveway, you agreed.”

All the girls looked up and over to the flat, glowing yellow wall lamp by the front door.

“It might be your dad though,” Kimmy tried backing out.

“It’s yellow, that means it’s an unknown car,” Madden aggressed. Keri was already peeking out the front window from behind the curtains.

“It looks like a college guy, maybe a little older. And he’s got fooood… Take your pants off Kimmy.”

“Oooh,” Kimmy hummed as she rolled over. Reluctantly, she pressed her thumbs under the hem of her pants and pushed down. Her knees rose into the air and she kicked the khakis off.

Standing up, Keri jumped behind her and pushed her panties down two inches, scrunching them into half the coverage.

“I’m not going like this,” she defended. “You can see my pubic hair.” Before she could pull her panties back up, Keri scolded her.

“You have to.”

“No, that wasn’t part of the deal.”

“I’ll go with you if keep them like that.”

Madden and Jena watched their two friends compromise back and forth, one in her panties half pulled down and a bra, the other in jeans and her bra.

“Fine then, you go like this,” Kimmy said pulling Keri’s bra straps down her arms.

“It’s barely going to stay on like this,” she complained.

The doorbell chimed its tune through the house.

“Oh, and my panties are so secure like this.”

“Fine, come one then.”

“Here’s the money,” Madden held out two twenties. “Tell him to keep the change.”

“Jeez,” Jena remarked, “I don’t think he needs that much for the show he’s also getting.”

Kimmy grabbed the money and walked with Keri giggling to the door. On opening it, the two thirteen year olds beamed up at the young man staring jaw dropped at them. He was looking down to two thirteen year old girls, one in absolutely nothing but her bra and half on panties, the other in her pants and half on bra. Everything else was the skin of those two most illegal girls.

“Uh, uh, you, you guys order Chinese?”

“Here you go,” Kimmy said brightly holding out the money. She could see his eyes scanning both their bodies. He gave no discretion to modesty. He knew this was a one time show, a once in a lifetime gig. In particular, she blushed as he kept making sight at where she knew her pubic hair was showing. “Keep the change.”

The inconsistent hum of the pickup truck in the driveway offset the solid tenor of silence between the three participants and unseen two observers. The guy disrupted this reluctantly with the crinkling of the plastic grocery bag he held out to Keri. Keri reached out and took a hold of it, watching him shiveringly turn to take the money from her practically buck naked friend. As he took hold of the bills, Kimmy withdrew her hands and took a step back.

“That was A, terrible massage,” she yelled and ripped Keri’s bra down her chest from the back. Down it went to her belly, completely exposing her underdeveloped chest to the stranger.

“Oh no you don’t!” she nearly screamed as Kimmy tried running. Keri dropped the food instantly and leapt at her friend.

She grabbed a hold of the scrunched up fabric that was her underwear as she fell, dragging Kimmy down to the floor with her. Kimmy continued in her escape, climbing out of her panties while Keri yanked them down her legs. Popping off her ankles, Keri threw the underwear behind her, out the doorway to the delivery man’s feet.

“Here you go,” she yelled back. “You can keep those.”

Before Kimmy could make any movements against her, Keri reached at the door with her foot and swung it shut in a slam. She continued then climbing up her friend to hold her down.

After about a minute of struggling between the two, they gave up and were left on the floor panting while Madden and Jena stepped over them to get the food. As Madden picked the bag up and tried repositioning the boxes to keep them from spilling more, Jena opened the door a quarter ways and crouched down. A moment later she stood back up and closed the door with something in her hand.

“Well,” Kimmy attested, “you get my underwear back?”

“Um,” Jena blushed. “He gave us the money back, but I think he took your underwear.”

“Good work you two,” Madden congratulated after slurping a noodle from her fingers. “Got us a free meal; should do that more often.”

“Not free,” Kimmy protested. “It cost me my underwear.”

“And my dignity,” added Keri.

“Here you go then,” Madden said joyfully, taking the money from Jena and handing them each a bill. “Twenty dollars for your dignity, and twenty for your underwear.”

“Hey, I lost my dignity too,” Kimmy griped.

“Yeah but your panties probably didn’t cost twenty dollars,” Keri smiled.

“Are you saying your dignity is worth more than mine?”

“I’m going to start eating your food if you two don’t hurry up,” Jena called from back at the entertainment center where she and Madden retreated.

“Well, wait up; I got to put on a new pair of underwear. Don’t want your dad walking in and I don’t got any on. Although, on the other hand…”

“You better put some on!” Madden assaulted, popping open her box of General Tso’s.


Madden woke up before the rest of her friends and immediately went up to her father’s room. She quietly walked in and headed to his office.

“I heard you coming in a few hours ago I think it was. Are you going to sleep?”

“No honey, falling asleep for two hours before getting back up will only hurt more than it would help.”

“We can just stay home today so you can sleep.”

“No, I used to pull these kinds of days a lot, I can handle it.”

“That was like five years ago daddy.”

“Sweetie, I’ll be fine. Once I get outside in the sun, with the smell of chlorine in the air and girls in bathing suits all around, I’ll be up and more alive than ever.”

“Daddyyyy…” Madden whined, then looked coyly to him. “Do you want to do it with me right now?”

There was a scream from downstairs and then a bunch of giggling.

“Looks like your friends are about to start missing you.”

“They can wait,” she said biting her lower lip.

“Not right now honey. Why don’t you let it build up inside you a bit? Maybe tonight; it’ll feel that much stronger than.”

“Fiiine…” she agreed as there was another scream from downstairs.

The rest of the morning progressed with the four girls running around the house in their nighties. They all calmed down enough to sit at the dining table when Jeff came down for a late breakfast and ate with him. By afternoon, they were piling into the car with beach towels and their girl care products.

At the pool, Jeff spent most of his time sunbathing, waning in and out of sleep. On occasion he was dragged into the pool by four thirteen year old girls which he felt overwhelmingly uncomfortable with. People all about looked to him with mixed reviews; was he a creep, one darn lucky guy, a great father figure, or just a sad victim to the excess energy of the young?

In the pool, the girls never let him stray far. On occasion, a woman would make her way to him and try to strike up some small talk, but she soon found herself in opposition with a swat team of younger, more scantily clad, and clingy females who had no problems climbing up his body and in the process, rubbing more than a few inappropriate parts against inappropriate places. Jeff did his best to look like a victim as the women all eyed the teenagers down in furious envy. Madden had to act fast on one occasion where she saw a woman sit down by her father as he sunbathed.

“Daddy,” she cooed, climbing down next to him watching the woman closely in her peripheral vision. “Can you put more suntan lotion on my back please?”

She took it upon herself to squeeze a cold glob of it into his hand before crawling onto him and sitting her soaking bikini bottomed butt onto his hard stomach, facing her crotch to his.

“Make sure to get under the strap too. It keeps shifting around,” she breathed as her father wiped a cold white streak of lotion over her lower spine.

She sat infuriated as her dad massaged the cream all over her back, gently kneading her skin under his pulsing fingertips, even under her bikini bra strap. The woman seemed trying to ignore how amazingly his strong fingers worked at soothing the lotion into her pores, and attempted to carry on a conversation.

“I have a young lady of my own. Almost fifteen. She’s always looking up to the older guys for attention and such. They can be so persistent at that age.”

“Aaah,” Madden announced, stretching her body forward, flexing her belly over her father’s crotch, and resting her chest between his legs. Her bikini bottoms stretched and elongated with her widening hips in the motion, squeezing down a bit, and revealing the top of her crack pointing straight to her father’s face. “I could lie like this all day…”

“Alright honey,” Jeff said reaching his hands to grip his daughter’s absent love handles.

Madden groaned and reluctantly rolled off him, but quickly turned around and in a more proper position, she climbed onto his side, draping his immobile arm around her back.

“You’re soo warm…”

“So what do you do, besides apparently be a great father?” the woman progressed.

“Daddy, my shoulder hurts, can you rub it?

“Come on Mr. Dvorik, you’re skin’s looking kind of dry, we better get you back into the water,” Kimmy said as she, Keri, and Jena surrounded him, each making to tug him onto his feet from a different piece of his body.

As Jeff was being dragged back towards the pool, he remembered all too well why he had to resort to online dating. With a limited social network in his lifestyle, he rarely got out of the house for fun without a certain anti-social attachment accompanying. He did think though that his daughter was bringing her game up to a whole another level, an almost dangerous level.

In the showers at the end of their day, the four girls couldn’t stop gossiping about every possible way to interpret Madden’s father’s expressions. Drying themselves off, they put their clothes back on which quickly formed provocative wet marks across their chests where their still damp bathing suit tops clung to their bodies below. A feature they deliberately decided to enunciate by leaving on.

The restaurant of choice was an upper scale southern style grill where the popular food proved to be plates of chicken fingers and fries. And as embarrassing as it was to order the same meal as four thirteen year old, giggling girls in wet shirts, Jeff simply just couldn’t resist getting chicken fingers and fries for himself. Although, he did complement it with a side salad instead of the second order of fries or onion rings, which did depress him a little.

In hushed, secret coded voices, the girls giggled to each other on how to save Madden’s father from having to pay, even though their server was a young, probably college aged girl. Thankfully, she looked to have been intimidated enough by her other customers present at the table not to try anything with the only male, even if it could have possibly gotten her a few extra dollars in tip.

At the house, the girls went off like fireworks, bursting around the home in a spontaneous unspoken game of tag. The noise was enough to drive any sane adult mad, but after the car ride, Jeff wasn’t entirely sane.

He had walked into his room and disrobed to his boxers not even thinking. He was running on blind experience as he crawled under his warm, warm covers and rested his head onto his soft, soft pillow. Unconsciousness washed over him in under thirty seconds.

Two hours later, the four teenagers were in their night dresses with all the lights in the house off. Each had a flashlight and a makeshift camping tent had been constructed in the middle of the living room with the dining room table chairs and their sleeping bags.

Kimmy had, and now Jena was on telling a failed attempt at a scary story. The beginnings were cheesy and by the end, the characters were making out. Jena was reaching the part where the guy hiding in the house and starting to crawl in the girl’s bed, actually turned out to be Daniel Cross from school. He wanted to surprise the girl who actually turned out to be Jena herself, and tell her that he was in love with her.

“I’ve got to use the bathroom,” Keri butted into the all too predictable tale. “And I’m going to the upstairs one so I have a better chance of hearing you guys if you try coming up and scaring me, or confessing your love for me. So don’t even try.”

As Keri climbed out the tent and headed to the stairwell, Madden called out.

“Better be careful up there all alone. The Chinese food delivery guy might have used kung fu to break into an upstairs window to get another show.”

“Sure…” Keri laughed. “I remember that time we tried breaking out through a window in this house and set off the security alarm.”

The three other girls giggled to each other at the memory. Meanwhile, Keri slowly headed up the dark stairs which began glowing under the softest light as she stepped into their presence.

Reaching the top, she walked to the bathroom, leaned in to flip the light switch on, and pulled back out, closing the door to the empty room. Silently she continued down the hall to the end.

Her face scrunched up and her arm muscles tightened as she as quietly as possible, opened the door to her friend’s dad’s bedroom. She stepped in incredibly nervously, and shut the solid wood panel to a crack.

The room was almost pitch black, but her eyes were finishing adjusting to the extreme lack of light and she could just make out shapes, tones, and in the smallest bit, severely dehydrated colors. She could see Madden’s father in bed, covered over with a comforter.

She slowly, but steadily walked to the side of his bed where he laid. She didn’t have much time before she would have to leave. He was probably in his boxers and she had just spent a whole day looking at him in swimming trunks. Tediously, she reached out and slipped the covers over him down to his stomach.

Her body and hands had touched him earlier, but they were all by playful ‘accidents.’ What was it like to actually feel a man like the ways she had seen on television?

The fingers on her hand shivered as they made contact with one of his pecks. His heart was beating rapidly and he was really, really warm. But he gave every sign of being asleep. Was he dreaming? Was he having a nightmare?

Her palm ran itself down to his firm belly were she dipped her pinky into his belly button. He was sweating. And he smelled sooo good. Her legs were now pressing against the mattress to achieve closer proximity to his body. She could hear his heart beating in the near absolute silence. Only on occasion could she hear her friends downstairs squeak in a high giggle.

Soon, her other hand had found its way to his hard chest. She was feeling him. So gently, her fingers were taking in his curves while the moist friction under her palms sent tingly sensations up her arms and through her entire body. Her own heart seemed to be trying to synchronize with his speed.

Keri couldn’t get over how amazing he smelled. She wanted to put her nose directly on the source but was beyond scared. What if he woke up? But he hadn’t had sleep in two entire days. What could wake him up now? This was the only chance she would probably ever get. She was running low on time before she would have to return. It was now or never.

Jeff inhaled fast and strong; his body jerked and his reflex led his arm to grab the thing that was touching him.

Keri’s heart doubled its beats instantaneously. She froze solid, silent; she wanted to die right there, she wished she had never existed. What had she done?

Jeff looked to the girl with her hands on his torso. He could barely make out her figure. His entire head was spinning coming from the nightmare he just rose from. A grown man, but he was too afraid to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, he had little choice; sleep was flooding back into him. He fought it hard. He wasn’t even sure if he was awake for real. The sensations dulling his body definitely felt as though he could still be in a dream.

His vision moved in waves as he struggled to hold his head still. He was on the verge of hallucinations. Oooh, he just wanted sleep. Why was he awake again? Was he even awake to begin with? Someone was touching him; a young girl?

“Sweetie?” his voice mumbled.

Keri’s mind raced. She had to get out of his grip and run for her life.

“D-daddy?” she cooed back. It was dark, her voice was low. He looked barely awake.

“Oh sweetie, I forgot what I promised this morning. Here, we can do it now.” Whether awake or in a dream, Jeff wasn’t about to pass up sex. Either way, he was allowed to do it anyways. No need for playing it safe just in case.

Keri’s feet wouldn’t move even as her arm was let free. She was a stone yet her heart was ten times over its resting rate. And then she felt Madden’s father push her back a few inches with his knuckles at her waist.

He rode her nightgown down to the hem and snuck under, lifting back up until his fingers pressed into her panties, right over her vaginal lips. Keri wanted to cry but she couldn’t remember how to.

Spreading his thumb from the rest of his fingers, Jeff squeezed his way around the two ends of her panties, hooked in, wiping the back of his fingers across her bare vagina, and pulled the underwear down her legs. Passing her knees, he let them fall to her ankles and reached out with his other arm to lift her out of them and into bed with him.

Keri had no will but to obey him. She couldn’t scream and alert Madden to what was happening, let alone really wake up her father. It would be the end of their friendship forever. And she couldn’t make a break for it because her muscles were no stronger than the soft, tender skin holding them inside her.

Her body rolled onto the mattress next to him and he let her go for a brief moment. At that, he removed his boxers and the covers off him the rest of the way. Keri then felt him roll onto his side, facing her. His hands ran the length of her body a few times, hiking her nightgown up to her armpits, molesting every private part she had. She had never been touched in most those places before by anyone since she was probably five. She had never been molested before.

Jeff finished his full arousal with taking the young girl into his arms and pressing her naked body to his. He reached and ran his fingers between her butt crack, down under her upper leg, lifting and bending it over his hip. As he pulled his manhood to the entrance of her of virginity, he inhaled the scent of her chlorinated hair.

Keri cried dryly as in a few seconds, she felt her first penis completely enter her, all the way to the very end of her too small vagina. He was sooo huge. Bigger than anything she had ever imagined could possibly fit inside her. Waaaaaaaay bigger than her tiny fingers or even those thick markers.

And he didn’t waste any time pulling back out of her inadequacy and forcing back in. She couldn’t deny to herself that she was wet either. The fluidity that he moved through her body was amazingly pleasureful, not like when she had experimented without being horny. Ooooh, she was being raped by her best friend’s dad. Or was she raping him? She lied to him. She said he was her daddy. She was letting it continue even though he didn’t know what he was doing.

But if he didn’t know what he was doing, there was no way in heaven or on earth that she was going to tell him. She just wanted him to finish so she could run like crazy and never mention it happened. Oh she wanted him to hurry up. But she didn’t want to think about that either. She didn’t want to think about the end when he would finish. That meant he would cum inside her. Why couldn’t she remember how to cry?

Jeff’s hips thrust back and forth into the little girl, massaging the length of his penis through the super tight, wet vaginal canal between her legs. Her body was so small and fragile, coated in a skin of young girl sweat that signaled to all the hormones in his being that he was having sex with a girl that oozed reproductivity.

Keri grunted and hummed under the plunges into her virginity. In and out he repeated over and over. The more he did it to her, the tighter she found herself clinging to him. She was actually enjoying it. What did she mean, ‘actually’? How could she not be feeling so good when she was having sex, having sex with her best friend’s father, the most amazing guy she had ever laid eyes on. She was having sex with him. And she couldn’t be more anxious and scared for her life.

The lips tucked under her legs were squeezed out to their extremes, warping and rolling under their owner’s lubricant and the piston that cycled between them. Her butt cheeks were spread wide with her upper leg dangling over the thrusting hips of that man defiling her. Her breasts, smooshed and rocked up and down with the slight movements of his rib cage. And then her face, how she couldn’t have been forced into a better position for inhaling all the ecstasy her mind could comprehend, melting into his chest as he equally sucked in her fragranced hair.

Keri was just a small girl wrapped inside and intertwined with a man twice her size, curling around her. And he was pivoting his hips back and forth, forcing his adult sized manhood into her child sized girlhood. He silently groaned into her scalp as she uncontrollably grunted into his chest. She wanted so bad to cry as he took her against her will, but she had yet to figure out how to remember. What was killing her the most was that everything about the situation was her fault, and she was on the verge of losing all her friends for this most treacherous deceit.

Then without warning, he stopped. The man devirginizing her stopped propelling himself into the hole between her legs. Just like that. Was he done?

And then the tears finally came. As the seed of her best friend’s father filled the waiting area to her womb, her eyes began releasing an equal quantity of fluid. She didn’t want to cry anymore as it was over and she needed to run, but the warmness that filled her was terrifying. Her best friend’s dad was cumming in her. She was the worst person in the world.

The liquid inside her pumped in pulses - faster than, but still just like when he was pushing through her squishy insides. More and more of his juices filled her, forced into a pocket between the head of his penis and the wall that was her cervix. It was a balloon of hot cum, millions upon millions of fertile sperm seeping into every microscopic pore in her lubricant excreting tissues. Her body was absorbing them, turning them into proteins, digesting them for their nutrients. The cells that made her who she was were being fed and dividing into more by the cum of her best friend’s father.

She was in the seventh grade and she was about to lose the rest of her social school career to this mistake. And there was so much more that she couldn’t bear to think about. The feeling of whether it was worth it or not should have felt painfully obvious, but the sensations of how amazing it felt to have a pool of semen locked inside her body was just too overpowering at the time.

Before she could fight past all the thoughts that plagued her, she found herself listening to the breathing pattern of someone sleeping. He was asleep. Madden’s dad was asleep.

Without hesitation, she lifted his arm off her and rolled from the bed. And in as covert operation as possible, she gunned it from the room. She closed the door behind her and broke to the bathroom. Entering and as quietly as possible in such a disoriented state, she got in and shut the door, leaning her forehead into it where she cried. What was she going to do? And then she froze solid. A single tone from a line of urine splashing into toilet water sounded from behind her.

“Where were you?” she heard Jena ask.

Keri turned around very slowly, trying to avoid the sight of her friend peeing now before her.

“What’s that dripping between your legs? Is that…?”

Keri looked up to Jena’s face which was now stuck in a look of horror and astonishment. The two remained perfectly still and silent, silhouetted by the sound of Jena finishing the release of her bladder. After several seconds, the stream turned into spurts and splashes, and then died to a trickle.

“I didn’t mean too,” Keri cried. “I just went in his room and he woke up all messed up. I don’t even know if he was awake or like in a sleep walking thing. I got scared and called him daddy.” Tears were flooding her face. “I think he and Madden had something planned tonight because he dragged me into bed and stripped me. I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t want him actually waking up and see me. Please, please don’t tell Madden. She’ll never forgive me. It’ll break us up soo fast.”

Jena wiped herself dry and pulled up her panties.

“Let me see,” she said walking to her friend. She reached out and crouched down, lifting up Keri’s nightgown.

She stared face to face with her friend’s puffy red, cum soaked, leaking vagina.

“You actually had sex with him? Aren’t you not on the pill?”

“Please don’t remind me. I have to get it out.”

“Here go on the toilet and try pushing or something. Like you’re having a baby.”

“Jena!” Keri cried.

“Oh yeah, sorry.”

The two made their way to the toilet and Keri sat down, hiking her nightgown up.

“Do you have to watch?” she asked Jena as she began flexing her lower muscles.

“It’s not like I don’t have one too. Besides, that’s Madden’s dad’s cum.”

“It’s barely coming out. He put way more than that inside me. I felt it all.”

“Wow,” Jena replied in awe. “Maybe try digging in out with your finger.”

“I’m not letting you watch that.”

“Fine, I’ll wash my hands while you do it.”

Jena stood back up off her knees between her friends legs and walked to the sink. Meanwhile, Keri dug her small index finger into herself, reaching as far in as she could and scooped outwards.

“It’s so warm and gooey inside me.”

“Really?! You know it’s really healthy for your body to absorb that stuff. It gives you all kinds of nutrients.”

“I know but I can’t let it.”

“You know?”

“I’m surprised you know Jena.”

“It was in a magazine. It had a huge list of all the compounds and elements in semen. Another one on what they do for you.”

“I said not to look,” Keri griped finding her friend hovering back over her private part as she drove her finger in and out of herself.

“How come you didn’t bleed? I thought you were a virgin.”

“I am. I was. Madden said she didn’t bleed either. We probably broke our hymens together when we did karate together in elementary school.”

“Oh. I wonder if I still have mine?”

“Now’s your chance to find out if you really want to,” Keri said sickly as she motioned her head in the direction to Madden’s father’s room.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Madden popped her head in.

“Oooooo, what are too doing in here together? Keri! What are you doing?!”

“Madden, this is private.” Jena busted toward her, pushing her out. Madden giggled wildly as she ran back down the stairs to Kimmy.

“Don’t have much time before they both come barging in,” Jena warned. “Better cut your losses and join them downstairs very soon.”

“It’s all just slowly oozing out. It’ll probably do that all night.”

“Where’s your underwear?” Jena asked in sudden revelation.

“Oh my goodness! They’re by his bed on the floor! I can’t go back in there. No way I’m going back in there.”

“No way I’m going in there.”

The two girls looked maniacally between each other thinking.

“Madden has like a hundred pairs of panties, they have sex together and she’s always teasing him and stuff. He’ll probably just assume they’re hers. He definitely wouldn’t think, ‘hey, did I have sex with her friend last night?’.”

“What if he does?”

“Keri, be logical. He’s probably not going to remember anything, and if he does, he thinks he had sex with Madden. They probably don’t sit around and talk about all the past times they’ve done it. Actually, they probably just have sex again instead. Man, I wish I was Madden.”

“Give me your underwear.”

“What, why?”

“It’s not stopping coming out. I need something to catch it. I can distract them later and you can put on another pair, one of mine if you want. Please. I just need this to be over with as soon as possible for me. You don’t understand what it’s like. I’m going to die.”

“Fine,” Jena agreed and she reached under her nightgown and pulled her panties down. Climbing out of them, she picked them up and handed them to Keri.

“I want them back tomorrow morning. You don’t need to wash any of his sperm off or anything.”

“Thank you so much,” Keri exasperated as she unfolded the used panties and pulled them up her own legs.

Together they walked to the door to get off the second floor as fast as possible. Unfortunately, they opened the door to Madden and Kimmy just reaching it.

“So, what were you guys doing,” Kimmy asked in a very teasing voice.

“Keri just started her period, that’s all. I’m sure you can relate,” Jena defended.

“I can related alright,” mocked Madden, “but not with starting my period. That was more along the lines with something else,” she grinned widely.

“Geez,” Jena lashed back, “well that’s where anybody’s mind would probably go if you spend too much time with Kimmy. Downstairs, alone in the dark, hiding under our sleeping bags. What could two girls who have an unnatural obsession with older guys do in a situation like that with four long, thick flashlights?”

“Wow,” Kimmy awed, “and you’re trying to make a point that I have a dirty mind.”

“Come on,” Jena changed the subject as she barged through them to the stairs. Heading down them, she cringed as she heard Madden speak upon apparently noticing the obvious.

“You okay Keri?”

“Yeah,” she replied in a very shaky voice.

“She didn’t molest you or anything, did she?”

“No,” Keri laughed uneasily.

“It’s your turn to tell a story, so it better be good, like what you were doing up there.”

“I can’t,” she almost cried. “I don’t feel good.”

As they reached their tent, Kimmy and Madden seemed a bit more believing in Jena’s alibi as they watched Keri lay down and curl up into a ball silently.

“Well, we better remember not to pick that restaurant again,” Kimmy joked trying to cheer her up a bit.


The next morning went semi-smoothly. Jena and Keri made sure to wake up extra early and keep Madden preoccupied when she woke up as to delay contact between her and her father for as long as possible. By about midday when they wear all being dropped off at their houses, the plan seemed to have worked.

Monday, after confirming that Madden knew of nothing out of the ordinary, Keri put on her best face to mask the thick liquefied fear and guilt that filled her veins.

“Aaa, five weeks until summer,” Madden poised at the lunch table.

“Only five weeks,” Jena said in a congratulatory manner. “Yes!”

“That means four weeks until the stupid Year-End math notebook. And I’m backlogged from Christmas break.” Madden’s voice became a bit more on edge.

“You can borrow mine for ideas to catch up,” Jena offered.

“Only five weeks,” Kimmy denounced the mood with depression.

“What’s wrong with you?” Keri complained.

“Some people like school you know,” she defended herself.

“You don’t like school. When did you start liking school?”

“Probably since she started staying after to get tutored,” Jena offered up some juicy information. “I heard it’s by an eighth grade boy.”

“Where’d you hear that?” Kimmy attested. “How did you hear that? Who would say that? We’re not exactly the kind of kids who have rumors flying everywhere about us through the school. We sit at the far side of the cafeteria by this wall with the only people semi-near being kids that probably won’t even graduate high school.”

“Jeez, so defensive,” Madden gasped.

“We’re not that bad,” Keri defended back. “Every one of us has turned down at least two boys, and not ugly ones either.”

“That’s why we’re not popular,” Kimmy assaulted. “Everyone thinks we’re Lesbos.”

“Calm down; jeez. So, Jena, where did you hear that?”

“Um,” she looked down to her tray, “I didn’t really. I just made it up hoping she would tell us the truth.”

“My point exactly,” Kimmy pounced to them.

“So what are you doing after school?” Madden asked.

“I’ll tell you later, probably. I don’t want you guys knowing now and then nothing comes of it.”

“Probably practicing to be a cheerleader next year,” Jena laughed.

Lunch ended with Kimmy looking particularly edgy as her friends had taken it upon themselves to try guessing every possibility the world had to offer.

Madden’s life was growing exponentially spectacular as she had her friends and her relationship with her daddy moved ever and ever closer. By Thursday morning, there wasn’t a square inch on her entire body that her dad’s tongue hadn’t touched at least twice, and the same went for his body versus her tongue. Their newest goal seemed to be relatively similar, except they were replacing the tongue with their private parts.

The night before while chewing on her father’s knee caps, she crossed off every single one of his toes for entry into her vagina. During a bath on Tuesday, she had the misfortune of learning the experience of having a man’s penis inside her rear end. That ended quickly enough where her daddy resorted to sucking each and every one of her tears away before rebathing her entire panty line with his tongue for half an hour. It was definitely worth the pain.

Thursday though, she marched into her father’s room wearing nothing but a pair of very tight, small, yellow panties. They sported a cute band of various shaded pink and purple hearts hugging the top hem.

“A little small, but wha’do think?” she asked spinning and modeling their elasticity in conforming to her most detailed shapes.

“What do you mean?” Jeff asked.

“I thought you might like to see firsthand how the new pair of underwear you got me fits.”

“I didn’t get those for you. At least not anytime recently. Wait, those are the pair I found on the floor Sunday. I threw them in the hamper. They were the ones I took off you Saturday night.”

“Wha’do you mean Saturday night?”


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