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kimmy has a fun time with her sister and mother
Kimmy + Family
Kimmy was only 12 years old. She lived with her mom and her older sister, Sarah, who was 22. She was a cute girl with long, wavy, brown hair, and bright blue eyes. Her breasts were just starting to develop, but she had a nice ass. All the boys at school like her for that. They were always talking about her, but she was never interested.
Kimmy had been having strange feeling lately. A week ago, she caught herself staring at other girls. At night, when she was in bed, she would start to think about them. She would start to get turned on. On time in gym, all the girls were in the locker room getting changed, and Kimmy couldn’t take it. She ran to one of the stalls and started fingering herself. It was hard though, because she couldn’t make a noise, and she kept picturing all of her friends in their panties making out.
Her English teacher, Ms Hartley, was also starting to turn her on. She was kind of big, but really hot. She had huge d-cup breasts that made Kimmy’s mouth water when she thought about them. There was one day when Ms. Hartley came in wearing a very see-through shirt. Everyone could see her black bra through the shirt, but Kimmy didn’t think she knew. Anyways, it really turned her on, and she would start thinking of her often.
One day after school, Kimmy was sitting alone in her house, and started to get really horney. She took out her laptop and started looking at porn on the internet. She went to the video section and started watching a video of two lesbians. The video was really intense and hot and Kimmy soon found herself moving her hand in her panties and touching her pussy. The girls were amazing at it. Then the camera moved up and showed the girl’s faces. Kimmy gasped. One of the girls was Sarah, her sister! Her own sister was a lesbian. Kimmy was shocked, but then she became really turned on. She never thought about Sarah that way before. She continued watching the video. Her sister was really hot; she had nice round tits and a little tight butt. Kimmy started to moan. Suddenly, she had a huge orgasm and came. Wow! She had never experienced anything like that before; it felt wonderful.
She cleaned up, and went to change out of her school uniform. From downstairs she heard her sister walk in. “Hey Kimmy, I’m home!” she called.
“Hey, I’m up here!” Kimmy called back. Her sister walked upstairs and into her room. She lay down on the bed. “How was work?” Kimmy asked.
“Eh. Not too bad.” Sarah was a waitress at a very popular restaurant, and had to work hard. She also had to wear a skimpy outfit. It consisted of a blouse and an extremely short skirt. They also had to tie their hair back in a ponytail. Everybody came to the restaurant to see the girls, rather than eat the food.
Kimmy looked over at her sister. From where she was laying, Kimmy could see up her sister’s short skirt. She was wearing a pair of pink and white panties. Sarah noticed her staring and said, “What are you looking at?”
Kimmy decided to take a chance. Her sister looked so hot lying on the bed in her waitress uniform. She really wanted to see her naked in person. Slowly, she walked over to the bed. She climbed on top of her sister. “I saw that video of you on the internet with that other girl.”
Sarah’s eyes widened. “You saw that?” she asked a bit nervous.
“You looked very cute,” Kimmy said leaning in closer.
Sarah pushed her away. “Kimmy I’m not a lesbian. I just did that to make some money. Please don’t tell mom, she’ll kill me.” She got up to leave but Kimmy grabbed her hand. She had to see her sister naked no matter what.
“If you don’t want me to tell mom, get over here and pleasure me.”
“What?” Sarah asked.
“You heard me. I saw that video and I really liked it. I want to do that with you.”
“But Kimmy, we’re sisters.”
“Which makes me a very bad girl.”
Sarah was shocked. She had never seen her little sister like this before. She didn’t want her mom finding out so she reluctantly got back on the bed. “That’s better,” Kimmy said with a smile. She leaned up and kissed her sister. Her sister didn’t kiss back. “Come on now. You don’t want me to tell mom do you?” She went to kiss Sarah again. This time Sarah kissed back. Kimmy slipped her tongue into Sarah’s mouth, and began to lick her tongue. Sarah licked back.
As much as Sarah didn’t want to do this, she was starting to like it. It was kind of hot making out with her little sister, and she started to get turned on. Slowly, their kissing turned more passionate. Sarah got on top of Kimmy and started taking off her little sister’s shirt. She had a small flat chest. There was barely anything there, but Sarah didn’t mind. It turned her of more. She began to suck on her nipples, caressing them with her tongue. Then, she started pulling of her pants. Kimmy was wearing little, white, Hello Kitty panties. Starting at her bellybutton, Sarah began licking her little sister’s body. She moved upward until she reached Kimmy’s mouth, which then she began kissing again.
Kimmy was getting really turned on. She knew her sister was starting to like it as much as she was. She loved the feeling of their tongues licking each other, her sister’s mouth on her tits, and even the feeling of their bate legs touching. They stopped making out, and Kimmy went to unbutton Sarah’s blouse. She pulled it off and threw it on the floor. Her sister was wearing a white bra with pink flowers on it. Reaching behind her, Kimmy un-hooked the bra and threw it next on the floor along with the blouse. She was now staring at two beautiful, perfect, round tits that belonged to her sister. “Wow!” she said out loud. She began sucking on the tits. It was amazing, she loved it so much. She tried to fit more and more in her mouth to suck on. No matter what, it didn’t seem enough. For a long time Kimmy sat there sucking away, while her sister stroked her head. Finally, she stopped. “Lay down,” she said. Sarah lay down on the bed, and Kimmy began to take off her skirt. Then she took off her pink and white panties. Kimmy stared with delight at her sister’s pussy. It was a very beautiful sight. It looked so much better in person.
She was about to dig in when her sister stopped her. “Hold on a sec,” she said. “It’s my turn.” She pulled off Kimmy’s Hello Kitty panties, and looked down at her small, tight, pink pussy. She slowly began to stroke around it. Kimmy began to breathe heavily. Then, she started to slightly put her fingers inside. She’d but a little bit in then pull it out quickly. Kimmy, grabbed her sisters hand and forced her fingers in her pussy.
“Give it to me!” she yelled. Sarah smiled and began to go in and out faster and faster. Kimmy screamed with pleasure. It felt so incredible. Her sister was good. In no time, Kimmy began having an orgasm. Sarah bent down and started licking the juices flowing out of her sister’s tiny pussy.
When she was finished, she turned around so her sister could have a go. Kimmy didn’t waste time at all. She greedily, slipped her fingers in her sister’s moist, warm pussy, and began fingering her faster and faster. Her sister began to scream with joy and pleasure. Finally, Kimmy couldn’t take it anymore. She stopped fingering her sister, and began to mop up the juices around her pussy with her tongue. It tasted incredible.
They continued to pleasure each other over and over. Finally, after what felt like hours and collapsed next to each other naked, and breathing heavily. “That was amazing!” Sarah said. “We should do that again sometime!” She pulled out a cigarette from her purse, lit it, and began to smoke. “Want one?” she asked Kimmy.
“I’m only 12,” Kimmy responded.
“Who cares?” Sarah said and pulled out another one and handed it to Kimmy. Kimmy lit it and began smoking. It felt perfect after all the sex they had. She coughed a bit at first but got use to it.
“I didn’t know you smoked,” she said turning over to look in to her sister’s eyes.
“Only after sex.”
Kimmy took a long drag, coughed a bit, and then began to kiss her sister gently. “You’re the best,” she said, and cuddled into her.

The next day at school felt like forever to Kimmy. She couldn’t pay attention to anything. All she did was sit there waiting for the bell to ring so she could go home and see her sister, who was getting off earlier so they could do it again.
Finally, the bell rang and Kimmy ran home. She burst through the door. Her sister was reading a book waiting for her. “Finally!” Sarah said. She threw the book to the side and ran over to Kimmy. They instantly started making out.
Still making out, the two sisters made their way to Kimmy’s bedroom. There they ripped off each other clothes, and began to finger one another. This time they both did it at the same time. Their cries of pleasure filled the room. Finally, when they both came, they went into the 69 position and slurped up each other’s fluids. “I’m still thirsty,” Kimmy said licking up the remaining juices from her face.
“Come with me,” Sarah said, “I have an idea.”
The two girls walked into the bathroom. Sarah climbed in the tub and Kimmy followed. “Open your mouth and lay down.” Sarah commanded, and Kimmy obeyed. She lay down in the cold tub with her mouth open, and Sarah climbed over, her pussy above Kimmy’s open mouth. She then started pissing. The warm, sterile liquid poured from her pussy into Kimmy’s open, eager mouth. She would piss until Kimmy’s mouth was full, and then Kimmy would swallow and open her mouth up again for more. After she was done, Kimmy licked the remaining drops of pee from her sister’s pussy.
Next, Sarah lay down in the tub with her mouth open. Kimmy stood above her, but before she could release her piss, their mother walked in the bathroom.
“There you two . . .” She stopped a saw what the two girls were doing.
“Mom, I can explain,” Kimmy and Sarah both said at the same time.
“What’s there to explain?” their mom said. “You two like golden showers. Finish up and meet me in my room.” Their mom left the bathroom.
Kimmy and Sarah were both confused, but they finished up and walked into their mother’s room. She was lying on the bed wearing black lingerie. Kimmy and Sarah both stood with their mouths open. “Well aren’t you going to say hello to mommy?” their mom asked.
The two sisters walked over and joined their mom on the bed. Their mother pulled out her huge tits from her lingerie. Kimmy and Sarah both grabbed a tit and started sucking and licking. They lay there for a bit, their mother relaxing while her two daughters sucked away. Finally, she pulled them away and said, “Let’s have some fun!” Reaching towards the nightstand next to her she pulled out two dildos and 3 butt plugs. Sarah turned around and her mother placed a butt plug up her ass. Then Kimmy turned around. It took awhile to get it in because her asshole was small and tight, but after a little bit of lube and some pushing, it popped in. Then they turned around and placed the remaining butt plug in their mother. Then she turned around and began to insert the dildos into each of her daughter’s pussies. They both fit perfectly. Kimmy instantly started moaning with delight, because the dildo was kind of big for her. After awhile of fucking, Sarah joined in. The two girls then started fingering their mom. Finally, their mom took out the dildos licked them clean, then took out the butt plugs and licked them clean. Kimmy and Sarah went 69 again and cleaned up the mess of juices surrounding their pussies. Then when they were all done their mother claimed over them and told them to open their mouths. She then started pissing all over their faces. Kimmy and Sarah stuck out their tongues eagerly trying to catch as much piss as they could.
Once they were all done, they lay on the bed, their mother between them. Sarah took out three cigarettes, lit them, and handed one to Kimmy and her mom. They all sat there and smoked. Finally, when they were all done, they got dressed. “Same time tomorrow?” their mom asked.
“Sure,” Kimmy said. “I can’t wait.”
“This is going to be a fun tradition.”

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2015-07-09 16:24:44
Hot but lost me when the pissing stuff started

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2011-05-27 09:37:32
Wow love this, too bad it is only lesbian, I am having an affair with both son and dau. love the smoking at the end, It is the same for me.


2009-08-24 06:07:45
Amazing indeed! Hot!

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2009-07-29 13:51:10
I love golden showers also so pee away


2009-06-29 02:21:31
I can't believe how low the standard is around here. Try again when you get out of elementary school, kid.

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