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Finally fucking Amy
This is part three of a series.

The rest of the day went as usual. Thankfully Amy went back to bed and stayed there until some time in the afternoon. Rachel and I went out and spent a normal Saturday together, though the entire time I could swear I still smelled Amy on my fingers. I had to get that girl alone, and soon. The whole day out my brain was working overtime on how we could spend some quality time with Rachel out of the house. She kept asking if I was ok because she would find me deep in thought, and I just kept repeating that I was fine, just tired, or thinking about work.

We got home and Rachel started to make dinner. I was sitting in one of the dinner chairs and we were having a nice conversation when Amy came downstairs. She looked incredible. She had on a very tight T-shirt with no bra, showing off her amazing tits, her hair coming to rest at her shoulders. Completing her outfit was a short denim skirt that ended a good six inches above her knees, and some cute little white ankle socks. I couldn't help but think this outfit was for my benefit. It was just sexy enough if you were paying attention, but not so bad her mom would freak out. Rachel was cooking and was completely oblivious to the way her daughter was dressed. I don't think she wanted to admit to herself that her little girl was growing up. To be fair, I had never paid attention to the way she dressed before yesterday either. Amy came and sat down across from me to join in the conversation and wait for dinner to be ready. She was in unusually good spirits today, I knew why, but Rachel was certainly pleased with the way she was acting, and didn't care so much for the reason. I was also pleased, but for different reasons. Every time Rachel had her back turned, Amy would start teasing me. She was eating carrots and celery sticks, and she kept dipping them in ranch and slowly licking them off, all the while looking me right in the eyes as I'm trying to carry on a normal conversation. She was not gonna make this easy.

After dinner, Amy volunteered to do the dishes and Rachel and I crashed on the couch, tired from our day out shopping. After about ten minutes, Rachel was nodding off on my shoulder. She must have had one glass of wine too many. I was having fun with her by nudging her every time she would pass out. Amy came and sat in the chair next to the couch with her legs pulled up under herself in that wonderful teenage girl way. She quickly joined in in the fun by clapping her hands and making loud noises to wake her mom over and over. After about ten minutes of this, (and ten times waking Rachel) I realized, quite by accident that Amy wasn't wearing any panties. As I said, she had her legs tucked up underneath herself, and she was leaning over to tickle Rachel's toes. She lifted up a little in the chair and I got my first look at her beautiful pussy. With the light from the lamp, I was able to see all the way up her creamy thighs to the perfect little place where they met. I immediately stopped fucking with Rachel and just stared at Amy's crotch. I realized after a few seconds that she had stopped playing around too and was looking at me through half closed eyes. She gave me a wicked smile and ran a finger up her thigh to quickly swipe across her pussy lips. She slid her hand back down to her knees and stopped. She did this two or three times and each time she would spend just a little more time with it before giving in to it completely and finger fucking herself as I watched her, and she stared at me. I just sat frozen in place and watched her as she slowly slid her middle and ring finger inside herself over and over, and her breathing began to speed up. She sat up and flung one leg over the arm of the chair to allow herself better access, and then continued with what she had been doing.

She mouthed the words “I want you to fuck me tonight” as she was building up speed.

Rachel stirred just then, and Amy immediately stopped what she had been doing and sat up a bit. Rachel looked at me groggily and said it was her turn to go to bed early. She leaned back to kiss me goodnight and then got up to go upstairs, and I thanked my lucky stars she didn't notice that I had a huge erection once again. I swear, she wasn't two stairs up and Amy was on her feet and walking toward me.

“Finally! We can be alone” she said as she sat down in my lap and put her lips on mine, her tongue in my mouth in seconds. I was in heaven. I put my hand on her upper thigh just inside her skirt, and slowly started stroking her thigh up and down, moving it further and further up every time. My fingers came in contact with her amazing little pussy for the second time today, and I was rewarded with another of those sexy little squeak moans that I had fallen in love with. I no sooner touched her when she said-

“Put your fingers inside me again, Mark”

Who could deny such a request? I slid just my middle finger inside her at first, getting it wet and slowly swirling it around her outer lips, and then added another one. I was now curling two fingers inside her pussy, sliding them upward each time to hit her G-spot with each stroke. She leaned back onto the couch, to where she was sort of laying across me with her ass on my lap and her head on the arm of the couch. I slid my hand under her shirt and slid it up until her firm little titties were exposed. She sort of gasped a bit when I gently pinched one of her nipples with one hand while stroking her G-spot with the other.

“Cu-” she grunted.

“What, Sweety?” I asked, knowing full well what she was trying to say.

“Cum. I'm going to cum!” She said in a husky voice, trying to be quiet, but still get her point across. She started to arch up off of me as her orgasm came to her. I was mesmerized watching her again. It was truly a thing of beauty.

“Mark?” -- Fuck. Oh fuck. Oh Fuck! It was Rachel, thank God she was still at the top of the stairs, but I had no way of knowing how much she had heard. I love this woman, but she is a real cock blocker!

Amy froze in place, too terrified to move and trying to ride the waves of her orgasm in silence. I had to act like normal, Rachel couldn't see us, she was at the top of the stairs.

“Yeah honey” I said in my best 'everything is normal' voice.

“Can you bring me something for my head? It's pounding from that wine and we don't have anything up here”

She could not have worse timing. I love her, but right now I could have killed her just to fuck this girl that was on my lap. Amy slowly slid off my lap onto the couch and slid her shirt and skirt down. I mouthed to Amy -'I'll be right back' and said to Rachel -

“Sure, Babe, I'll be right up. Let me find something to bring to you.” Fuck. Once again, I had to hope she wouldn't notice my cock in it's current state. I went to the kitchen and grabbed something for her head, the evil part of my brain wishing just for a second that I had some chloroform. I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room to see Amy sitting back on the chair, but now she was completely naked! She was giving me that look again, and she did the 'come here' thing with her finger, beckoning me over to her. I could spare a second, right? I was sure Rachel had gone back to bed to wait for me to come up. I leaned in to hear what she wanted to whisper to me-

“I'll be waiting right here for you to come back downstairs. Don't be long.” And with that, she put two fingers in my mouth and I could taste her juices on them. My God. I licked them clean. She tasted like heaven and I nearly came in my pants for the second time in ten minutes. I couldn't wait to bury my tongue inside this girl. I went upstairs, stopping in the bathroom to get a cup of water for Rachel. I sat down on the bed and she sat up to take the pills. After swallowing them she thanked me and laid back down. I thought I was in the clear so I offered-

“Hope you feel better” Knowing it was lame and terrible even as I said it. What kind of guy doesn't even sit with a girl for two seconds when she's got a headache? The kind of guy that has a naked fifteen year old downstairs to fuck.

Apparently Rachel also thought I was an asshole because she said-

“You're just gonna leave me here to die? My head is killing me and you want to leave me in my final moments?!?” She was joking with me, thinking it was funny. If only she knew my situation. I guess in hindsight, she probably wouldn't have appreciated my situation the same way I did, but still.

“No, of course not” I lied “ I was just gonna take off my shoes and lay down with you for a little while until you feel better” I felt like I covered pretty well for it, and she agreed. She smiled at me and patted the pillows next to her. I slipped off my shoes and hoped Amy would understand and wait for me. I laid with Rachel for well over and hour as she talked about everything under the sun. I thought she was tired? I guess the ten minute “pass out” she had had revitalized her. Wonderful.

About 10:30 I heard Amy from out in the hall.

“Goodnight Mom....Goodnight Mark.” The second half of that sentence told me a lot. She had grown tired of waiting for me downstairs, but the tone of her voice told me she might wait up for a while in her room.

“Goodnight, Honey” Rachel called out to her as I offered “'Night.” I could only hope we would get our chance soon enough. Rachel had seriously gotten a second wind and would not shut up, talking about plans for the house and the yard, blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong, I'm normally very involved and present in my relationship, but at that point my mind was elsewhere. At some point I grew tired and started to nod off myself, my last thought as I drifted off was 'Rachel is a really deep sleeper'. It didn't really register then, but soon would.

Finally, the time had come.

My eyes blinked open and I took a second to get used to the darkness of the room. I looked over at the clock and it showed 1:22. I looked over my shoulder at Rachel as she slept soundly beside me. I looked up at the ceiling and laid very still for about five minutes listening for any sound other than her regular sleep breath, and heard nothing. I slowly raised up and got out of bed, going through the door, and closing it behind me. I then made my way down the hall to Amy's door. I rested my hand on the knob for a second and listened once again for any sound from my bedroom. Hearing nothing, I slowly tuned the knob in my hand until the door opened and I quickly slipped inside. I closed the door behind me and then leaned on it. I just stood there for a moment taking in my surroundings, not wanting to trip over something and make a huge crash. I watched Amy sleep from across the room. She was on her side, her shoulder length, dishwater blond hair wrapping around her throat and coming to rest on one tank top covered breast. She had her blanket pulled up to her waist and was breathing slowly.

I carefully made my way across her room until I was standing at the foot of her bed, my cock starting to rise just thinking about what was about to happen. Just then, she stirred and rolled onto her back, raising one arm up above her head to rest it on her pillow. This had the effect of stretching her chest out a bit, and made her even sexier, if that were possible. It was like she was offering herself to me, and I was about to take her. I slowly started sliding her blanket down toward the foot of the bed, exposing her inch by inch. Her perfect, flat little stomach came into view, and for the first time I noticed she had a bit of an “outee.” I made a mental note to nibble on that later, and continued to pull her blanket down. She was wearing very tight, sheer, almost see-through 'boy-short' panties that I was able to see all of as I brought her blanket all the way off of her. 'She sleeps as heavily as her mom' I thought to myself as I bent down to touch her soft thighs. I slowly slid her legs apart just enough to give myself a place to lay down, and then slid my hand up her leg and down underneath to feel the soft back part of her upper thigh. I gently probed the lower part of her panty-covered ass cheeks as much as I could without waking her. If at all possible, I wanted her to wake up to the feeling of my tongue inside her. Very slowly so as not to wake her (not yet, anyway), I lowered myself down between her legs and carefully reached up to grasp the waistband of her panties, preparing to remove them if I could. I slipped my fingers inside the elastic band and gently lowered them down enough to see just the top of her pubic mound. I leaned in and nestled my nose in the small patch of hair, and enjoyed the clean smell of it. She smelled vaguely of strawberry shampoo and some kind of flowery lotion. I slid her underwear down just a bit more and her beautiful lips came into view. I just laid there and looked it her sex for a few seconds before setting to work. She shifted just a bit and I was able to pull her panties down her thighs to her knees and then off without any trouble. I could swear she did that on purpose, who knows, maybe she did.

Laying before me, completely exposed was my dream girl. Less than thirty six hours had passed since I came home early yesterday to find her on the stairs. I couldn't believe how far how fast we had come. The time had come, I pulled her lips apart just a bit and gently licked her lovely lips up and down. The second my tongue came into contact with her clit, she woke with a start like an electric shock had hit her. Thankfully she didn't cry out, that could have been very bad.

“You came! I was so sad when I went to bed, I figured I would never get to be alone with you.” She said, running her fingers through my hair as I continued. “This isn't a dream, right?”

“Huh uh” I replied, through muffled lips.

“Thank God! Then don't stop!”

I had no intention of stopping until my face was coated in her juices. The taste of her pussy was amazing! Everything about it was perfect, the clean smell, she had no hair below, exposing her lips to my eager tongue, and the taste! Oh my God she tasted so sweet I could eat her pussy forever. I continued to enjoy my work, licking her from bottom to top, pausing each time on the upstroke to nibble and suck on her tiny little clit before heading back down to do it over and over.

“Put your finger in me” She commanded, and I was all too happy to oblige. I slid my middle finger inside her and curled it upward to once again stimulate her G-spot as I had his morning in the kitchen. The difference being this time, I was able to taste her as well, making it that much better for me. As I continued to lick, suck and finger her, her breathing increased its tempo and she began to lift her ass off the bed a bit, grinding her pussy into my mouth. Without any more warning she arched her back and lifted her ass a good foot off of the mattress and came for me. Once again she was able to be completely silent, screaming without making a sound as she came against my mouth. I could feel her sex throbbing against my tongue and she clamped down on the finger I had mashed into her G-spot as her body was rocked with her orgasm.

She slowly came back down to earth and laid back on the bed. She grabbed my head and pulled me up to her to plant kisses all over my face like a little kid. It flashed through my mind that she pretty much was still a kid. After a few minutes though, she calmed down and began to kiss like an adult. She slid her tongue into my mouth and started to remove my shirt.

“We have all night, but I need you to fuck me, right now!” She said, now moving her hands down to the waistband of my pajama pants. She slipped her hand into my pants and wrapped her hand around my cock.

“My Goodness! What have we here?” She mused “Is this for me?” I nodded as I pulled her tank top over her head, and finally she was laid out before me, completely naked and willing. Not just willing, eager!

I laid down on my back and allowed her to pull my pants off of me. She struggled a bit as the elastic band hung up on my cock, until she figured out she needed to lift them up and over it, and then pull them down. I just laid there and watched her slim form in the moonlight coming through the window as she sat up on her knees to remove my pants all the way. She then straddled me at the foot of the bed and laid her face down on my upper thigh. She slid her smooth hand up and cupped my balls as she planted a small kiss on the head of my cock. She smiled up at me and I realized that she was nervous, and kind of hesitant to go any further. I hoped she wouldn't back out now, I don't think I could take it.

“Are you ok Honey?” I whispered to her, knowing what the problem was. “I know you are nervous, and if you don't think you are ready to go any further, I'll understand” I lied.

“Oh you're not getting out of this, Mister” she said with a smile. “I'm just savoring the moment, you know?”

With that, she slid her body up mine until we were face to face. I rolled her over and looked her in the eye one last time.

“Are you sure you're ready for this?” I asked.

She bit her lower lip and nodded at me. I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy, pausing for just a second. She looked me in the eye and as I pushed forward gently and slid just an inch or two in with little resistance. It came to me that she had said she had fucked herself many times and I probably didn't need to be so careful with her. I slid my cock back in a bit and then pushed forward all the way until I was buried to the hilt inside of her. Her pussy was so tight I nearly came with the first full stroke. I had forgotten what it was like to fuck teenage girls, it had been several years since I had fucked one.

“Oh God, I feel so full! You feel amazing inside me!” she said right into my ear.

I began sliding in and out of her, slowly at first, gradually picking up speed and slamming my mouth against hers. I was done with being gentle with this girl. At this point my cock had been hard damned near all day without any release and she seemed want to up the ante with every stroke.

“Oh yeah. Fuck me, Mark. Fuck me harder with your big cock!” she said to me through gritted teeth, as she reached behind me to grip my ass and pull me into her. I pulled all but the head of my cock out for a split second and then slammed all the way into her with full force. She just grunted quietly and begged for more. I was all to happy to oblige, and I continued to fuck her with everything I had until I saw her start to speed up in what I now knew was her sign that her orgasm was coming.

“I'm cumming, Mark!” She said. I had held off as long as I could, I simply couldn't wait any more. We timed it perfectly as she hit her peak at the same time and was arching up into me as I slammed into her one final time and came harder than I ever had in my life. I buried my face in the pillow next to her face and cried out as I felt her cunt rhythmically grip and release my cock as she came with her face in my chest. We laid locked together for a few minutes before my cock began to shrink and slowly slide out of her. I lifted up off the pillow and kissed her as I pulled out of her. I rolled over on my back and took a breath, laying there in disbelief at what had just happened. She rolled over and laid her head on my chest, sliding her hand down to gently stroke my cock. As soon as her fingers came into contact with the head of my cock, I winced a bit.

“Did I hurt you” She said, stopping immediately and looking concerned.

“No, Honey. It's just that a man gets very sensitive right after sex. What you were doing felt great, you don't have to stop.” I told her.

“Ok. Just make sure I don't hurt you.” I was touched with her concern for my wellbeing. She quickly forgot about it and moved on.

“Oh my God. I could fuck you a million times. That was so much better than my fingers.” She said. I wasn't really sure if she was talking to me or just thinking out loud. “I can't believe we wasted so much time. I should have thrown myself at you the minute I saw you.” She mused.

“Sometimes it's better to wait. Makes it all that much better when you finally go through with it.” I told her.

“If you say so. Can I put you back in my mouth again, or will I hurt you more?” She asked, looking up at me with her big, sweet brown eyes.

“No.” I said, trying to come across as diplomatic. “It's fine, but I don't know if it will lead to anything, I'm an old man, remember?”

“You're not old, you are just right.” She said, and then set to work cleaning my cock and balls of our mixed juices. I thought she might be grossed out by all the cum on me, but it was the opposite. She acted like she was eating ice cream, licking all around the base of my cock, removing every last drop of our previous session before initiating another one. As I lay there watching this beautiful girl lick my balls, my cock started to grow once again. She lifted up and sunk the entire length into her mouth and down her throat. I couldn't help but notice the similarities between mother and daughter in terms of cocksucking style. She coated my cock in saliva and began stroking it as she licked up and down the length from my head all the way down to my ball sack.

“Can you cum again? I want to taste your cum again.” She said, without missing a stroke. She was born to suck cock.

“Keep up what you are doing and I can.” I told her as I watched her continue to slurp and suck me into her warm mouth. She sped up and dribbled more saliva onto the shaft as she stroked me up and down.

“I want to taste your cum again. I didn't get the chance to enjoy it last night. Tonight I want to savor every drop.” She told me, all the while stroking me slowly up and down, and popping the head of my cock into her mouth about every third word. I had just cum ten minutes ago, and if you had asked me two days ago if I could cum twice in ten minutes I would have laughed in your face. The feeling of her hair draped down over my thighs, her soft, slick hands on my cock and the fact she was begging me to cum in her mouth was too much for me to handle. Out of the blue I felt my orgasm coming. True to form, she noticed my stiffening body and rapid breathing and began sucking and stroking harder. She lifted off my cock for just a second and looked me in the eye-

“Cum in my mouth, Mark, please!” She begged. My orgasm hit me like a freight train, the first of five or six jets of cum hitting the back of her throat. She moaned as the second and third spurt hit her. She kept stroking and I kept cumming, not sure if I would ever stop. Two or three more shots went into her mouth and, try as she might, some of it dribbled out the sides of her mouth and onto my belly. She licked on my cock like a lollipop as she cleaned it off once again, and then licked up the small amount she had missed.

I dropped my head back onto the pillow and laid there completely happy for the moment. I didn't care what the future held, I just laid there and floated in complete happiness. After a few minutes I looked down at Amy and realized she had fallen asleep with her little hand wrapped around my cock and her head on my thigh. I put one arm under my head and just watched her sleep, thinking of how I could spend more quality time like this with her in the very near future. I laid there watching her sleep for almost an hour before I slipped out from under her, picked her up and laid her back down on with her head on her pillow, and covered her up.

I slipped out of her bedroom and down the hall into my own room. Rachel was still sleeping, totally unaware that I had just taken her daughter's virginity twenty feet away. I slipped back into bed and between the sheets and looked up at the ceiling. 'I wonder what tomorrow will bring?' I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep.

Part four if there is interest. She was promised an ass fucking, remember?


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