Family Love…
This is the first time this is on paper and my first written story…
This story is true…

On a hot July Sunday back when I was 14 years old. I was helping at a yard sale with a few family members. My 2 aunts were there as well as my cousin and mom and sister. We had just finished moving everything and so I went inside to cool off my mom, sister and aunt Jill had went to drop some of the stuff off at the dump. My aunt Wendy was no longer married since her husband left her when Jessica was born "my cousin" I asked my mom but she said it was personal reasons. Little did i know that i would find out the real reason today...I heard the door shut and figured people were coming in to cool off. As I walked to my bed room door and Aunt Wendy and her daughter Jessica pushed me onto my bed and stated ripping off my cloths they said I should get on the ground and get ready to be fucked. I had no idea what was happing my cousin pulled off her shirt and then bra revealing her at least D boobs she was a year older. Then the biggest surprise came when I saw she had a dick and a pussy, my own cousin was a hermaphrodite I had only heard about such things. When my aunt finished undressing her self she told my cousin to go to town. My aunt was 5’9 and my cousin was 5’7 both brunets and I was in the middle at 5’8. My aunt pushed her DD boobs against my back and Said "Let my daughter slowly fuck you." As she stated out she kept pounding my ass. My aunt said “Do it easy for now you don’t want to hurt him”. As I took it up the ass I wanted to scream but for some reason I just loved it. I wanted it to never stop right their i knew i was bisexual and said give it to me harder but my aunt said not to so you don't get to hurt.

My aunt began to stick her big tits right in my mouth and i just sucked and licked them. I just went and buried my face right between them. Jessica still was pounding my ass. My aunt laid back and said "lick it" as she pointed to her pussy. As soon as I started she was saying that was bad and slapped my ass until it was bright red. She said i will get another chance latter...As she walked over to a bag she pulled out a dildo and just sat their and said "This is what i want you to do to Jessica got it." And she laid their and just moaned as the big black dildo became covered in her sweet juice. I wished I could be that dildo and just fuck her or Jessica. My aunt moved over and let me play with her tits once again and the as I kissed her beautiful lips I felt Jessica's cock swell up inside me and hot cum was all over the inside and out side of my ass.

After about 5 minutes my aunt said to stop and let him try. I had turned around and started fucking her tight pussy slowly and Jessica just moaned. She started yelling “Faster! Faster! I want you to cum all over me and my pussy.” I pulled out and let cum go all over her beautiful boobs. My aunt then forced me to my knees and said “Now it’s your turn suck!” As I started to suck Jessica's perfect little dick my aunt yelled “No, no, no you’re doing it all wrong, let me show you” she took that rock hard 5 inch dick and stuck it all the way in her mouth. Mine own dick was about 6 inches and it had become hard again. My aunt then said “Get on the bed both of you and lay on your sides” as we got on she put us in the 69 position I have come to love this position. When she told us to suck I tried again and this time received praise for it. All of a sudden I felt Jessica’s cock swell and burst right into my mouth. I spit a little out, but savored the rest. Now Jessica was really trying to impress her mom she had started to swallow my dick hole, it drove me crazy in seconds my cock the exploded in her mouth she did not miss any and swallowed it all in one gulp. Now it was my aunts turn as Jessica played with my limp dick, my aunt put her saggy pussy right on my face and I just licked at it until she said you got it. After 10 minutes she released her sweat juice all over my face. told Jessica to give me a hand job. As she started to give me a hand job. As my aunt stood up she let Jessica put her ass hole on my face and I just licked it. With my cock hard I felt my aunt sit down on it as it went into her ass hole. She did all the work as I massaged Jessica's ass hole. My aunts ass hole was as tight as Jessica's and I loved every minute of it. Then once again I erupted like a volcano in her tight ass hole and she just sat their for a minute letting it all get in.

She said that was good enough for today and said me and Jessica could fool around until everyone got back. So I let her stick her dick up my ass again and told her to release her warm cum all over the inside of my ass. As she did it faster I could feel her dick swell and then BAM! She kept pounding my ass for a few seconds after that. Then we just relaxed for a few minutes when everybody got back from the dump, I whispered “We need to do this again.” And Jessica leaned over and said "Any time at my house"


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1. Grammar isn't a verb
2. to, grammar, and please don't need to be capitalized
3. You didn't punctuate
Why th fuck are you telling him to "learn to grammar"?


2010-06-25 16:03:30
I would have liked to try that out as when I was young a friend of mine also had a sibling like that with a cock and pussy . I always thought that was intriguing and it was a turn on as well.

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hai hai hai

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Learn To Grammar Please


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so boring

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