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Sissy the Redhead: Her First Cock Pt. II

I couldn’t believe my plan had worked so well. That hot housewife across the street was even more game than I had thought. I had dressed as slutty as I could, digging out clothes from three years ago when I was only ten years old, squeezing into them, and flaunting my tight little thirteen year old body all over the yard pushing the lawn mower. It only took twice before she came over an made her move.

And, my god, what a move. I’ve never cum so hard. Even when Mom and I fool around. Sure, my mom taught me everything I know about eating pussy, and she’s almost as hot as Charlotte, only she has thick black hair and huge tits. She dresses different, too. Charlotte dresses really classy, my mom dresses in leather skirts and Harley Davidson shirts and has lots of tattoos. Charlotte and my mom might dress different, but they have one thing in common, they both get off eating little girls’ pussies. And they are both irresistible in their own ways. someday soon, I’ll have to get all three of us together.

But first, I have other plans. Mom has been out of town all week, going to pick up my brother for the summer from my dad’s, leaving me to look after myself, which is no big deal. She raised me to be independent, and I’m really mature for my age anyway. After all, how many thirteen year old girls can seduce a grown woman?

No, my plan all along was to fuck Charlotte’s husband. I’ve been watching him for months. He’s tall, and so hot. I’ve seen him in a bathing suit, watering plants in the front yard before going behind the house to their pool. I couldn’t help notice that huge bulge in his shorts. I noticed him glancing in my direction, too. That’s what got me so hot to begin with, that I might be turning a grown man on, even though I was so young.

Then I noticed Charlotte glancing at me, too. Well, she more than glanced. I knew she was flat out hot for me. And I was hot for her, too. That was my plan form the beginning. Get her, then have her teach me about how to handle a cock using her husband. After we had sex, that’s exactly what she offered to do, and today was the day. After her husband came home, got settled in and relaxed, she would bring him up to the bed room. Then she would undress him, suck his cock to get him ready, then flash the porch light on and signal to come over.

I was all ready to go. Charlotte had gone shopping with me yesterday, and bought me the cutest little schoolgirl outfit: a VERY short plaid skirt that just barely covered my white cotton panties, a super tight white button up shirt that clung to my stomach and tits, and shiny black pumps with bobbie socks. She told me that she got really turned on when I dressed slutty and older than I really was, but her husband would like it more if I played innocent, especially if she was going to play the teacher. In order to really play the part, she told me to put my hair up in big pigtails. I was all dressed up, and as I looked at myself in the mirror, I knew looked really hot. My panties were already wet just thinking about what this outfit would do to a dirty older man.

Finally, the lights flickered and I ran across the street, skirt flapping up, pigtails bouncing on my head. I couldn’t wait to get a cock inside my pussy!

Charlotte was waiting for me inside her kitchen. She was dressed in a long black skirt and a professional looking white button up, which wasn’t buttoned up all the way. Her tits were pushing out of the top and heaving with anticipation. Her dirty blond hair was pulled back in a no-nonsense ponytail, and she was wearing a pair of thick rimmed rectangular glasses that made her totally look like a teacher. I must have looked really good, because she didn’t even say a word when I entered the house and lifted the sides of my skirt to curtsy, like I’ve seen in the movies. She just grabbed me and shoved her tongue forcefully down my throat.

“Come on, Sissy. Time for class,” she said in a lusty, hoarse whisper. She took me by the hand and practically dragged me up the stairs.

As we entered the bedroom where she and I spent the other afternoon cumming all over, I heard her husband. “Hey, baby, come on. Where are you?”

Charlotte smiled at me. “We’re right here, dear.”

“We?” He was laying on the bed, naked, his cock sticking straight up into the air. It was huge! I’d seen them in movies when my mom and I would watch, but this was bigger than most of those by at least an inch or two. And thick! I Couldn’t imagine getting that thing shoved up inside my tight little cunt. The biggest dildo my mom has was only half that size. I started to get a little worried about my plan. That’s when Charlotte’s husband sat up and saw me.

“Oh my god,” he said. “It’’s you.” Then he looked up at his wife with the sweetest look. “It’s her! What is she doing here?”

“What do you think, honey? She’s here to learn. Sissy is a very sexual young girl who wants to learn how to handle a cock, and I told her I have just the cock for her to learn on.” then she turned to me. “Sissy, this is Jim, and he is the hottest fuck I have ever had.” She must have seen the look of fear on my face as I gawked at his fuck log. “Don’t worry, sweetie. We’ll take it slow. By the time you’re finished, though, you’ll be filled from your little pussy to your throat, and you’ll love every thick inch of it. Okay?”

I nodded it at her, dumbly. Then she smiled at me with a wicked grin.

“But I must warn you, Jim shoots more cum than any man I have ever seen. Are you ready to be filled up and frosted like a cake?”

My fear just melted away at that question. I had seen so many cum shots in pornos, and they always turned me on more than anything. “God, yes,” I said.

“Sissy? For tonight, I am your teacher, and you will call me, ma'am, understood?” The thought of such a rigid rule thrilled me. My mother taught me haw to enjoy being submissive.

“Yes, ma’am.” I turned my eyes down as I said this.

“Very good, Sissy. Now, lift up your skirt, and show Jim your panties.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I did what I was told, and showed him my tiny, cotton clad pussy, then smiled before spinning around and showing him my tight little ass. I even arched my back a little and stuck my but out at him. When I looked back over my shoulder at him, he was stroking his giant cock.

“Good girl. Now come over here with me.” She called me over and had me kneel in front of Jim as he jerked away at his dick. “Now, you are going to learn how to suck cock. And I don’t mean suck a cock like a teenage girl, I mean take a whole cock down your throat like a real whore. Are you ready to learn how to do that?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Even in my rising levels of lust, I remembered to be a good girl, and show respect to my teacher.

“Now watch me. I’m only going to show you once, then you’ll be on your own.” Then she started to run her tongue up his shaft, coating it with a sheen of spit.

“Fuck yeah, baby. God, jam it down your throat!”

Charlotte leaned up and stuffed the huge, purple head into her mouth. Then she sucked in a deep breath through her nose, looked up into his eyes with the sluttiest look i’ve ever seen, and shoved herself down on that cock hard and fast. I watched her cheeks billow out, then her throat expand as he penetrated her. I less than a second, her nose was in his pubic hair, and her tongue slipped out to lick his balls. I hadn’t even noticed that my hand was inside my panties until I noticed Jim staring at my as I fingered my clit.

Charlotte lifted her head and Jim’s dick slid slowly out of her throat, but she wasn’t finished, she started whipping her head up and down on his shaft, her hand keeping pace as she took him in, over andover again. Finally she released his head with a popping sound and looked over at me with my hand slid up into my pussy.

“There, did you get all that?”

“Uh-huh,” I said, without thinking. She reached out and slapped me across my face.

“Uh-huh, what,” I knew it was only a game, but she looked really mad.

“Ma’am...Uh-huh ma’am!” I quickly corrected myself. I couldn’t believe it, but that little shock of punishment had made my pussy gush all over my hand.

“That’s better! Now, come here and throat fuck my husband’s cock, you little fucking slut!”

God, the way she was talking to me turned me on so much. My panties were full of cum already, and I haven’t even touched a cock yet. So I crawled over to him on my knees, and grabbed him.

“Oh, fuck,” he moaned. It made me feel really special. Then I started licking him like Charlotte had. She was kneeling next to me with her hand shoved up her skirt. I bet she wasn’t wearing any panties, the way her face looked. I knew she had half her hand shoved deep inside her. I pushed Jim’s cock back onto his flat, hard stomach, and shoved my nose up under his balls, like I’d seen in the pornos. He groaned really loud when I did that, and so did Charlotte. It must have been hot for them that I was doing more than they had already taught me.

I started licking his balls, then licked up his shaft again. When I reached his huge head, I wet my tiny lips, and took a deep breath. Jim’s eyes were half closed with lust as he gazed at me. I Must have been a sight with my thick red pigtails and big, innocent blue eyes. I looked right at him, trying my best to make my eyes wide and scared, like a puppy before I shoved my little mouth down on his cock. He moaned even louder now, and Charlotte started grunting, which meant she was about to cum. That turned me on enough to try and force his thick monster itno the back of my throat, but I could only get it about half way. My lips were stretched as far as they could go. I was about to slip him from my mouth when I felt his hands on the back of my head. I knew he was about to force his dick into me, so I took a deep breath. then he pushed. hard.

As he did it, I heard Charlotte gasp, then squeal as she came. It must have turned her on alot to see her husband abuse a thirteen year old girl like this. It turned me on even more, and after a second, my throat opened up, and I felt that giant shank of meat slip past my esophagus, right past my gag reflex. Then I was his to do with what he pleased. I was impaled on that thing, and he fucked my mouth like I was an experienced whore. And I loved every erotic, painful minute of it, spit dribbling out form the corners of my mouth, Charlotte spraying her juice all over the floor next to me, so I could smell it every time I breathed in.

Then, before I knew it, Jim grabbed me by the hair, hard, and pulled my off his prick. I moaned with complaint, but Charlotte slapped me again.

“You little fucking whore! You will do as you are told without any lip, understood?”

I looked up at her with my watery, throat fucked eyes and nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

Jim was wild with fuck lust now. He grabbed me by the hair and in between my legs, picked me up like a rag doll (truth be told, I was about the right size) and tossed me onto the bed. He and Charlotte propped me up on my hands and knees, and Jim positioned himself behind me. Charlotte kneeled in front of me and lifted her skirt to her waist. I didn’t need to be told to start licking her twat. God, it tasted good.

Meanwhile, Jim had my panties pulled down to my knees. I knew my ass looked hot in that position. Both Charlotte and my mom have told me so. Jim must have thought so, too, because he started licking me. First, my sopping wet pussy, then, up to my tight little asshole. He soon learned that I loved my ass played with, because I shuddered under his tongue, and a stream of cum shot out form between my lips.

“Holy fuck, baby! Charlotte, she’s a squirter! She just soaked the sheets!”

Between moans, Charlotte answered. “Yeah, baby. I know. She filled my mouth just yesterday.” Then went back to moaning. Jim went back to liking my ass, and pushing his tongue into my tight hole.

I was a quivering mess in between these two adults. I was so wanton someone could have started to shove a Volkswagen up my ass, and I would have let them. But instead, Jim got on his knees and started to work his thick shank of cock into my pussy. I couldn’t believe how filled up it made me feel, and I started to wail and moan. Charlotte opened her eyes and instructed me.

“Oh, good. How does that feel, Sissy? Do you like the way a real cock throbs inside you? It’s so much better than a toy, don’t you think?”

“Yes, ma’am. But it’s so big. It hurts a little.” I tried not to whine.

“Well, if it isn’t difficult, it’s probably not worth doing, dear. Now just relax, and let Jim split you in half. Soon it will feel better than anything you’ve ever experienced. The good news is, you’re so young and tight, he won’t last too long, then we get to drink a gallon of cum. That, you’re going to love, I promise!”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Truth is, I was already starting to like the sensation. He was pulling out a little at a time, then pushing in a little more. he continued like this, slowly shoving more of his fuck stick into my tiny, immature hole each time, stretching me wider and wider. The pain started to feel good, then the pain turned to pleasure, and next thing I knew, he was buried all the way inside of me. I swear I felt it in my chest, he was so huge. I’ve never felt so fulfilled. He pumped up into me a =bout a dozen times, his wife not able to tear her eyes away form the sight of a tiny little girl getting filled up and split in half by her giant dicked husband. She must have cum five times into my mouth before I felt Jim stiffen up. I must have cum twice that.

Oh, fuck, girls! I’m gonna shoot!”

Charlotte grabbed me by both pigtails and ripped me off her husbands cock. She paun me around so that both of our faces were underneath him as he yanked on his massive, veiny dick, slick with my little girl cum.

“Open your mouth like this,” she said. She let her jaw drop, and flopped her tongue out, like she was catching snowflakes, then looked up into his eyes. I mimicked her, and turned my eyed up to him, as well. When Jim turned his gaze from Charlotte to me, it must have triggered the animal pervert in him, because he started to shoot his load.

The first shot erupted like a fire hose. It splashed onto my forehead, and didn’t stop in its steady stream until it had drawn a liquid line from my red hair-line, down across my left eye, my nose, hit my upper lip, and filled my tiny mouth with enough that I needed to swallow. The next shot I saw him aim at his wife, and it spattered her whole face, then filled her mouth to the brim. She actually chocked a little tying to get it all down as he pointed his spurting cock back my way.

His third blast coated the other side of my face, his cum was running down my neck, and onto my tiny boobs before he hit the open target of my mouth. he filled that like the water balloon game at the fair, and I had to swallow twice before he repeated his game on Charlotte.

By the time he finally squeezed out the last, thick white drops onto Charlotte’s eager tongue, he must have shot seven or eight ropey blasts from the tip of his huge dick. I thought I was finished after I swallowed my fourth creamy load, but Charlotte had been holding out. She grabbed my little face, and drooled out a huge dollop of cum into my young mouth. It took two swallows for me to get it all down.

Then she grabbed me by the hair,and roughly dragged me over to her full length mirror. We were both disheveled, looking like porn stars after a gang bang. We had cum in our hair, our eyes, up our noses, glazing our faces everywhere else. It had run down both our necks and covered our tits, ran into our navels, and down into the gulches of our slits. Were a pair of perfect cum queens.

Then she started to lick it all off me. Once she started, I followed suit, and after about five minutes of slurping semen off one another incredibly hot bodies, he were mostly clean.

“There, sweetie,” she said. “How was your first lesson in cock?”

I remembered to be a good girl. “Perfect, ma’am.”
To be continued...

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