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Josh finds spreading seeds to be hard work
Chapter 10 - Insemination Man

I had dreams of Audrey's soft pink pussy the night before. I woke up with a hard on and because I was to be on duty that night, did not even think about pulling my pud. That would have been worse than if I had cum in Audrey the night before. Not only would I waste my seed, I wouldn't have the joy of putting it into Audrey's quivering quim.

I got up and went to wash my face and clean up. Mike was in the baths washing when I joined him. Mike had been on duty the night before and was gently washing his dick. I nodded to him and got a bucket of water to bathe.

Mike smiled at me, "Morning Josh," he said and rinsed his dick. "Boy I tell you these Burney girls are really horny. I had two of them that really couldn't stop. I swear my cock is chafed."

I said, "Didn't you warm them up?"

"Yeah, I licked them both for a good four or five minutes. One of them came twice before I fucked her, but I don't know what happened, they both cooled off on me and got real dry before I could cum in them."

I grinned at him, "Maybe it's your little dick?"

"Yeah that must be it," he laughed. "I expect you have that happen a lot."

"Never," I said and grinned, "My girls always stay hot and wet. I guess it's my sweet personality."

Mike picked up a towel and started to dry off, "Yeah, I guess I should be sweeter, I'll try some honey next time."

I finished washing and dressed for breakfast. Mike and I walked over to the Dinning Hall and when we entered, Wini came over to us and said, "How are you this morning boys?"

I hugged her and said, "I'm ok, but Mike is a little chafed."

Wini looked at Mike and chucked him under the chin, "Do you need a little oil Mike? I've got some in the back. I could put it on for you" Wini fluttered her eyes at Mike and leaned in close to his face, making kissy faces at him.

Mike smiled at her and patted her on the cheek, "No, ah, thanks Wini, I had some in my kit, but thank you for the offer."

We ate breakfast and went down to the Trading post. Mike was on counter duty and I had some inventory work to do. Things were slow since we had gotten settled and I sat around for a while in the back, mending some harness. The day dragged on and I spent most of it talking to Sarge and Mike, except when I wrote a letter to my mom. I wrote her a letter every so often, more as a kind of diary, since my letters wouldn't be delivered until we sent a mule train to Davis. Still it filled my afternoon and when dinner time came, I was ready to get going.

When I got to the dinning hall I checked the bulletin board and checked out the number of women who were on the insemination list. Only three had been added today and I didn't recognize any names. Since the women who were in season could demand service for a week after their names came up that meant there were could be as many as 50 or so eligible for service at any one time. I saw that there were only 28 on the back lists so it was a kind of below average night. Most of the women on the lists got to the Baths for service immediately after their names were added. Some came in every night they were eligible, some didn't come at all.

My name and Roger's were on the lists as having insemination duty tonight. Roger's name was followed by two hearts that had been added after the list had been put up. My name had three so I figured I'd have a full night.

I went in and had dinner with Roger Oster and a few women that he had attracted. There were a couple of them that were really hitting on Roger and tried to get him to go back to their house after dinner, but Roger was on duty with me and he declined, but asked them to come to the bath house that night.

Beverly, a cute brunette about late 20's grinned and asked, "Since you're on duty does that mean you'll service anyone who asks for it?"

Roger grinned, "Well we have to do the women on the lists first. But," he took her hand and kissed it, "Afterwards we can accommodate others."

Beverly giggled and said, "I'll come by later Roger. You promise to help me with my… my needs?"

Roger kissed her hand and then said, "We all have needs Beverly," he sucked her forefinger into his mouth and slid it back and forth in his lips a little. "Even I have needs."

Beverly blushed and giggled a bit. "I see," she said, "Perhaps we can address our mutual needs?"

Roger smiled and nodded, "Perhaps we can. I'll need to see how many women on the lists come tonight. I may be too tired to fully address your needs Beverly, but tomorrow I'll be off duty and have more time."

Beverly took his hand and kissed it, "Perhaps you'd like to come have dinner at my house tomorrow. I could fix you a nice little desert and we could discuss our needs a bit more?" Beverly took his forefinger and licked it a bit then sucked it into her mouth. She pulled it out while sucking it hard, her cheeks caving in as she did.

Roger laughed and stroked her cheek, "That is very kind of you Beverly. I would like to have a home cooked meal. I'm very fond of sweets."

When I came out of the Dinning Hall I checked the lists again and saw that Roger's name was now followed by four hearts and mine by three.

The women had started to adding hearts after our names to sort of make a claim on the listed inseminators. Sarge had instigated that and it had caught on. Sarge generally checked the hearts out on his way out of the hall. If there were too many he'd assign a few more men to leftover duty to kind of ease the load. I figured Beverly wouldn't get many of her needs addressed tonight.

I went back to the Kiva, shaved and got my stuff together. I got to the baths well before Kid's hours were over and tried to drum up some shampoo business. It was kind of slow until a group of five teenies came and sat on the ready bench looking at me.

One of them a girl about 16 came over and looked me up and down then asked, "Can I get my hair shampooed Mr. Perkins?"

I smiled at her, "Have you got five cents?"

She grinned and held up a pink chit, "Oh yes Mr. Perkins. I got my mom to give me a chit, is that alright?"

I grinned and said, "Perfectly, What's your name dear?"

"Rachel," she said and just stood there grinning.

"Well Rachel, take off your robe and I'll get some water."

Rachel looked back at her friends who were giggling and opened her robe. She was lovely. She was kind of tall and she had long ash blond hair. Her firm little tits were very nice and her bush was very sparse. She hung up her robe and sat in the chair. I came around in front and adjusted the foot rest. It didn't need it really; I just wanted to get a better look at her sweet little pussy. She grinned at me, she spread her legs a bit as I lifted the foot rest to adjust it.

I went to get the water and when I came back Rachel was giggling at her friends on the ready bench. I figured she was looking for a cheap thrill; her hair was pretty clean and very soft. I leaned her head back and put her hair in the basin. As I poured a little water on her hair I asked, "So Rachel are you in school?"

She babbled about her schooling. I washed her hair and massaged her neck a little. She liked that and her warm skin felt pretty good. My view of her pretty little titties was divine and I had a bit of regret that it would be another two years until someone could suck her sweet nipples that were getting hard as I rubbed her head and neck. Of course I'd be long gone and someone else would have that pleasure.

She talked a bit about her schooling, she was just about to finish up her general education and was going to study to be a nurse, she told me. "I want to help people," she said, "I think being a nurse would be good, don't you?"

I rinsed her hair out and emptied the basin, "Yes Rachel. I think that you'll make a very good nurse," I said, thinking about her tits. I rinsed her hair again and squeezed the water out of it. She grinned up at me and I was really tempted to kiss her lips. Her mouth would be sweet and she'd probably moan if you pinched her cute little nipples. I put another weasel on the pile and was able to stay soft, but just.

I dried her hair and put a towel around it in a turban. "There you are Rachel, Come again won't you?"

She got up and gave me a smile, her eyes were sparkling and she looked down and said, "I will Mr. Perkins." She looked up at me and gave me a blush, "It was wonderful Mr. Perkins, Thank you."

I reached out and put her robe around her soft smooth shoulders and patted her cheek, "Just give your chit to the guy in the snack shop Rachel and thank you."

Rachel turned to her friends on the bench and the five of them, giggling and laughing, moved off toward the snack shop. I watched them go and shook my head. "There goes the next pack of cock hounds," I thought.

I turned back and was rinsing out my basin when I saw Gloria Bitterwater bathing on the duckboards. I waved at her, "Gloria come over and let me wash your hair."

She smiled and nodded. She poured a bucket of water over her head to rinse the soap suds off her slim teen body. I watched her, maybe I shouldn't have but she was cute. She dried herself off and came over shielding her small breasts with a towel.

"How are you doing, Josh?" She grinned at me. "Did you get a good look at Rachel?" she asked grinning at me. She rubbed her crotch with the towel and punched me on the arm. "I saw you looking at her; you should be a little less obvious after all she's not legal yet."

I gave her a serious stare, "What ever do you mean Gloria? I didn't do anything wrong. She was just getting her hair washed. Can I wash your hair?"

Gloria smiled and asked, "How much do you charge?"

I smiled at her, "For you it's free, after what you did for Barb it's the least I can do."

Gloria grinned and tossed her wet towel in the basket and looked at the chair. "Maria told me about the chair Josh." She looked down at the seat and then up at me, "She told me you wanted the seat made so a woman had to show you her pussy." She looked at me and smiled, "You like to look at pussies?"

I smiled at her, "Get in the chair Gloria, "I'll help you get that rat's nest clean."

She laughed and sat down, "I think you need to readjust the foot rest Josh, I can barley touch." She said looking back up at me. She was grinning and winked at me.

I went around and adjusted the foot rest, and got a very close look at her sweet little pussy. She glanced down and winked at me, "Take a good look Josh," she whispered, "That's as close as you'll get to it."

I just grinned and went back up to wash her hair. Her dark brown hair was still wet from her bath and was pretty dirty from being out in the dust. I washed it with shampoo and rinsed it. "Wow Gloria your hair was dirty. What did you do, rub it in the mud?" I drained the basin in the urinal again and poured more water through her hair.

She laughed, "No I got caught in a dust devil and it blew my hat off. I've wanted to get clean again all day."

I lathered her up again and had to get more water for her rinse. When I got back there was a slender mid-20's brunette standing there in a robe talking to Gloria. The brunette smiled at me and asked, "Are you Josh Perkins?"

"Yes," I said, "What's your name?"

"Alexis. Alexis Winslow, I wondered if… Well I need…" she couldn't finish the sentence.

"You need to be inseminated?" I asked. "I saw your name on the list tonight. I'm surprised we haven't met before."

She blushed and nodded, "Yes. You are on duty tonight aren't you? I mean as an inseminator?"

"Yes, but I don't start that until after the kids leave Alexis. It will be an hour or so before we could begin. That is if you want me to, you know, inseminate you."

Gloria piped up and said, "Josh, don't let the soap dry on my hair. It will make it dry as straw."

I turned to Gloria and dipped some water on her hair, "Why don't you have a seat Alexis. I'll come find you in a minute, after I finish Ms. Bitterwater's hair?"

Alexis smiled at me and patted Gloria on the cheek. "I'll see you later Gloria." She looked up at me and smiled, "I'll just wait on the pedestal for you then." She turned and walked away, her hips moved very nicely and I thought maybe I'd hit the jackpot.

"Josh, are you going to finish my shampoo?" Gloria said.

I looked down at Gloria, "Right, Do you know her?" I started rinsing Gloria's hair.

Gloria nodded, "Yes she's my economics tutor. Since I'm out on the range all day, I get tutored at night. She's very nice." Gloria looked up at me, "Are you going to do her Josh?"

I poured water on Gloria's hair and squeezed it dry. "I think we may get something arranged," I said.

"Well treat her right Josh, for me ok? I like her a lot and I think she'll make a fine mother. She's really kind and sweet."

I poured off the basin and began to dry Gloria's hair with a towel. "You know Gloria you need to use some oil on your face. You're in the sun so much you need to protect your skin. You'll have wrinkles before you're 20 if you don't."

I put Gloria's hair up in a turban and got a half pint of olive oil out of my carrier and began to spread oil on Gloria's face. She ginned and let me spread the oil over her face and neck. Her skin was smooth, nice and soft. I got to her collar bones and stopped. "Here spread some over your shoulders and do your hands and arms where you get sun."

While she rubbed in the oil I emptied the basin again and wiped it out with a towel. I was looking at Alexis on the pedestal and thinking of how she'd look without the robe. I looked down at Gloria and she was spreading oil on her cute little breasts and was making sure it was rubbed into her nipples very well.

"What are your doing Gloria?"

She smiled and pulled her nipple, looking at me, "I like the way it feels Josh. This is very nice." She grinned at me and pulled her nipple and made a face that was half way between a grimace and a leering grin.

I shook my head, "Well do that at home Gloria not in the baths during kids hours. You can rub it all over if you want to at home."

She blushed a little, then looked around, put the stopper back in the bottle and handed it back to me.

"No you keep it and use it on your face every night. When you need more, bring the bottle back to me okay. I'll refill it."

"Thank you Josh," She stood up and went to get her robe off the hook. I did the same and went to talk to Alexis.

Alexis was talking with another woman on the pedestal, when I came up and sat beside her she smiled and said, "Mr. Perkins I'd like to introduce Nell Bascom. Nell, this is Josh Perkins."

"Pleased to meet you Nell, You're on the list tonight too aren't you?"

Nell grinned and nodded vigorously, "Yes Josh I understand you're on duty tonight?"

I smiled at Nell. She was a good deal bigger that Alexis, taller and broader. Her breasts were good sized and her hips spread her robe out a good deal. She was maybe early 30's and had a broad face with a cute little up turned nose. She smiled easily it appeared. I nodded, "Yes I'm on duty tonight. Do you need an insemination?"

Nell beamed and said, "Yes I want to try to have a baby. I mean I'm not getting any younger and I really like children."

"Nell is an early education teacher Josh," Alexis said.

"Oh, and I understand you teach economics." I said to Alexis.

"No, I tutor in economics and accounting, I'm an accountant. I work for the Black Brothers Trust," Alexis said. She smiled a bit, "I keep track of their investments and such."

I smiled at them, "I think I'll get a beer, can I get you ladies something?" I said as I got up.

Alexis smiled and got up to go with me. Nell started to get up then sat back down, "No thank you Josh, I better not. I'm supposed to be on a diet. I've been a bad girl." She grinned and patted her stomach.

Alexis took my arm and we went to the snack shop. Raule was behind the counter sitting on a stool and talking to an older woman about 40 or so. She had a big smile on her face.

"Hi Raule, Two beers if you please," I said.

He turned to us and smiled at Alexis, "And how are you tonight pretty lady?"

"Alexis," she said and extended her hand to him.

Raule took it in his and kissed her hand looking into her eyes. "Very pleased to meet you Alexis," he said and kissed her hand again. "I'm Raule Mathis."

"I know, you're well known around the village," Alexis said and chuckled a little.

Raule gave her a big smile and got two beers out. "Can I offer your anything else?" he said to Alexis.

"No, not tonight anyway," she said and took a beer from his hand.

"Put them down on the insemination tab, Raule," I said and took Alexis over to the table, pulled a chair out for her and sat down myself. I took a drink of my beer and asked, "Well what do you have to trade?"

Alexis smiled and sipped her beer. She sat the beer down on the table and looked around to see if anyone was looking. We were alone in the snack shop except for Raule and the older woman and they were admiring Raule's tool. The woman was leaning halfway over the counter staring down at Raule's crotch and Raule was whispering something in her ear and making odd gestures with his hands that couldn't be seen below the counter. Alexis turned back to me and opened her robe just enough to let me see her breasts. She smiled and rubbed one ruby nipple and it sprang up. It must have been 15 millimeters ( ¾ of an inch) long. She played with it for a while and it got very hard.

Her breasts were nice and firm, pale and more than a handful. She grinned at me, "What do you think? Are these inducement enough?" She grinned and put my hand on her firm nipple. I felt it, all firm and warm in my fingers for a moment then pulled it a little. She smiled at me then pulled her robe back to cover them.

I sipped my beer, smiled at her and shook my head, "Very lovely, but no that's not enough." I sipped my beer and said, "No I'd need something more. What I really need is a picture to hang on my wall. Are you artistic?"

Alexis frowned, "No I'm no artist. I was never good at art." Her nipple was still poking out under her robe and I could see she was thinking as she thought about what I asked for, as she sipped her beer. "Is there anything else that you want?"

I considered that a minute, I had all the food and shelter I needed. The Corps was paying me 21 dollars a month, while not much it covered my needs. I grinned, "I could use a couple of light weight shirts. Do you sew?"

Alexis frowned a little, "No I don't sew." Her face brightened up a bit and she asked, "Do they have to be from my hands?" Her face brightened even more when I shook my head. "I could have them made for you. I know a few seamstresses. It would it be a week or so before I could get them made. Would you trust me that long?"

I leaned over and patted her hand, "Sure Alexis. I'm flexible you could have a week. I'd like to have them in blue, if you could do that?"

Alexis grinned and her eyes sparkled a little, "I'd have to have your measurements. I mean you're pretty tall and I doubt she could make them right without measuring you." She felt my arm and smiled at me.

I patted her knee and said, "I could come by her shop and let her measure me. You'd have to tell me where her shop is."

Alexis smiled her brown eyes were nice and she had a long straight nose that wasn't too narrow. She had nice cheek bones and I thought she was very pretty, if a bit thin. She grinned at me, "I can tell you, or better yet, Can you come by for lunch tomorrow?"

I thought about it, "Yes, I'm pretty well caught up on the inventory and I could get an hour off after lunch, I think."

Alexis grinned and said, "We could fix you a lunch and that would give us time to get all your measurements. Why don't I meet you in front of the Dinning Hall tomorrow and I'll take you up to her house?"

"Ok, I'll meet you right after the lunch bell rings. I'm sure I can have an hour or two that way." I sipped my beer and said, "Shall we go in and see if Nell wants to deal with me tonight?"

Alexis and I went back into the Baths and found Nell talking to Roger. He had two women, sitting on either side of him; one was a slim girl with a flat chest, kind of plain the other was a mid 30's blond, kind of plump, who had a tight grip on his arm.

Nell saw us come back and waved at me. I came over and sat next to her with Alexis on my other side. "Well Nell I see you met Roger."

She took my arm and smiled at me. "Yes he was explaining the process to me. Are you really going to wash me and make me climax a couple of times before you do it?"

I leaned over and kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, "Yes I'll do that if we can make a trade."

Nell looked at me and frowned, "What do you mean, make a trade?"

Roger laughed, "Everyone makes a trade and agrees to raise any son borne in the Kiva."

Nell looked at him and then at me, "What does he mean, In the Kiva?"

"That means when a boy get to be thirteen you have to agree to send him to the Kiva, the Kiva teaches him how to be a man and how to deal with all you women. He goes through five stages and has to master each one before he is a man." I looked at Alexis, "I guess I forgot that when we were negotiating, didn't I?"

Nell nodded, "Kind of like a finishing school then?"

I nodded, "Yes we want to make sure our sons are taught the skills they'll need to live in a world of women." I smiled at Nell and Alexis, "It's not easy to be a man out numbered by women 10 to 1."

Alexis nodded, "I can see how it might be good to have a boy taught by other men."

Nell smiled and said, "Oh I think that would be a good thing. If I have a girl, what do I have to agree to?"

Roger shrugged his shoulders and I said, "Well in Davis the girls go to a different women's program. They learn about their cycles and how to act in a world where men are a minority and other things. I don't know what they would do here."

Nell nodded, "We send our girls on the Trail of the Goat when they get to be 13. That's where they learn all that. It is a lot of fun too. I think I might ask to go this year as a teacher. I kind of miss the open air and camping. Of course if I get pregnant now I probably wouldn't go." Nell thought about it for a minute, "No I'd be only five months pregnant in September when I got back." She smiled, "It might be good to show the girls how a pregnancy develops."

Alexis grinned at her, "There was a pregnant lady on my second year on the trail. She seemed to have a good time except when we were coming back she was pretty uncomfortable on her horse, but she was almost full term."

I took Nell's hand, "Have your decided which one of us should inseminate you?"

Nell looked between Roger and I and smiled at me, "I'd like you to do it Josh." She blushed and said, "You are a lot taller and I want to have a big one." She grinned at me and took my hand in hers, "You will won't you?"

I got up, still holding her hand, "Come we'll go to the snack shop and discuss our trade." Nell got up and we walked to the snack shop. Raule was serving a woman, the older one who had been admiring his tool was gone now and there were two women sitting at the table. I steered Nell into my massage alcove and sat her at my mirror stand then closed the drapes.

Nell looked around at the table and the mirror stand then at me when I sat on the other chair. "What's this Josh?"

"My massage parlor Nell, I thought we should have a little privacy to discuss our trade. Have you thought about a trade?"

"No, I haven't. What could I offer you?" Nell was a little worried.

"Well I'd like a painting to hang on the wall over there," I pointed to the blank wall next to the massage table. "Do you paint?"

Nell smiled and said, "Oh I don't think you'd like me to paint for you, but I have a friend who could do you a nice painting, I think. I mean I'd have to talk to her. What type of painting would you like?"

I smiled, "Well I don't know. Maybe a landscape or a woman with a babe at her breast, what do you think?"

Nell smiled, "I don't know what your taste is Josh. I just met you. How big a painting do you want?"

"It wouldn't have to be real big, but big enough so it fit the wall. Perhaps a meter wide and ¾ meters tall."

Nell smiled and thought, looking at the wall. "I think I see a painting, but I'd have to talk to Milly. She'd have an idea in a minute if she could see your space."

"Ok, why don't you bring her over tomorrow and she can see the wall?"

Nell looked at me with mild shock on her face, "You agree? You'll inseminate me tonight even if we haven't discussed the painting and how it will end up?"

"Yes Nell. You seem to be an honorable woman. I have faith that you will hold up your end of the trade. You will won't you?"

Nell nodded and smiled at me, "Yes, Yes I will. You don't have to worry, I'll get Milly to agree or I'll find another artist."

I put out my arms, "Then shall we seal it with a kiss?"

Nell blushed and came to me she put her hands behind my neck, "I've never kissed a man," she confessed.

I pulled her to me and nuzzled her neck, "Well I think we'll fix that," and I kissed her. Her lips were soft and smooth. She was an arm full. I massaged her back and felt the flesh of her and let my hands go down to her ass. It was a nice ass; firm and she pressed her hips against me as I put my tongue in her mouth.

I pulled back and looked at her. She smiled and wanted another kiss but I held off, "Could you open your robe Nell, I'd like to see what I've got to work with."

She grinned and said, "I hope you won't be disappointed," she stepped back and opened her robe. She had lovely breasts, her nipples were up now and her areoles were big and dark, just the way I like them. She wasn't real big, but more than a handful. Her waist was a little thick but her hips were wide and her skin was nice. She had a mole on her belly just above her bush.

I ran my hands over her sides and cupped her breasts, just squeezing her nipples and looked into her eyes, "Oh Nell, You're lovely. I like your breasts, very lovely nipples," I said as I pinched them gently and pulled them a little. "Yes I think I can really do some nice work on you."

She grinned and looked down at her breasts, "You like them?" She put her hand on mine and pressed it hard against her breast, moving it to massage her breast and making kissy faces at me.

I leaned down and kissed her nipple softly, "Yes." I said to her nipple, "I can do lovely work on these." I sucked her and she made a little noise in her throat.

"Would you like to see what I have for you?" I asked stepping back a bit.

She nodded eagerly and when I opened my robe she put her hand on my chest and smiled her eyes wide as she fondled my pecs and ran both hands along my sides. She was looking at my dick, and then she reached out and touched it tenderly. Nell looked up at me and said, "How come it's so small and so soft?"

I grinned, "It gets much bigger and harder Nell. Don't worry about that. I'll fill you up enough I guarantee you." I reached out and put my fingers on her mound, "Do you mind if I trim your bush a little? It's kind of long and I don't like hair in my mouth."

She looked up at me again a little shocked, "In your mouth?"

I stroked her cunt and pressed my hand to her, "Yes I'll kiss it after I've washed you. Would you like that?"

She had her hand around my dick and she came close and kissed my chest, "Oh yes Josh I like having my pussy kissed," She looked up into my eyes with an eager question, "and licked. You'll lick it too?"

"Yes if you like Nell. I generally lick your clit and suck it. I find that most women like their clits sucked softly do you?"

Nell was making little rocking motions with her hips and my fingers felt her cunt unfurl as I split her lips. She rose up and kissed me softly. "Oh Josh maybe I should have Milly paint you a mural?"

I had Nell sit on the table and I trimmed her bush. She made cute little noises as I rubbed the loose hair off her cunt.

I rubbed her clit a little and kissed her, "Maybe we should get back to the others. They should be close to running the kids out soon and we can get started."

She nodded but didn't release my cock. I pushed her hand away and closed her robe and then closed mine. She was looking into my eyes the whole time. I put an arm around her and kissed her cheek, "Come on," I said and lead her back to the pedestal.

Roger was gone when we got back to Alexis. She looked up at me, "Roger went off to negotiate his trades." Alexis patted a cushion next to her, "Did you and Nell work things out?"

Nell sat beside me and looked around me at Alexis, "We settled on a painting, he wanted a painting for his massage parlor,"

Alexis smiled and took my arm, "So you got your painting?"

"Yes I did," I said and kissed her softly. She smiled at me and squeezed my arm. I looked at Alexis and said, "Perhaps we could go to the parlor and I'll prepare you to be washed?"

Alexis looked at me with a questioning look. "Oh yes Alexis, go and have him trim your bush. He's ever so handy with scissors," Nell said.

Alexis smiled at her then took my hand and got up. I took her to the parlor and closed the drapes. She was looking around and turned back to me. She opened her robe and showed me her sweet body. She was slim and had smallish breasts but her waist was small as well and she had nice hips. She didn't have much hair at all on her crotch and what was there was fairly short. "I generally keep it short, Josh. But what do you think?"

I came up to her and stroked her a little, "Oh I think its short enough Alexis. Would you like to see me?"

She grinned up into my eyes, "Yes Josh. I'd like to see what I've gotten for my shirts."

I opened my robe and let her take a good look at me. She ran her hands over me and felt my legs and then came up close and looked up. I put my arms around her and kissed her cheek. She drew her head back and looked at me, as if to say, 'Is that all?' I put a hand behind her head and kissed her lips. She nibbled my lips for a second or two then pulled me tight to her and kissed me feverishly. Her hands felt my back and then my ass she wiggled her hips against me and kissed my chest and neck and fondled my dick. She was moaning and moving fast rubbing everything she had on me. I pulled back and said, "Alexis we can do this later."

She looked at me as if I had slapped her, "I'm sorry Josh." She put her head to my chest, "You must think me a wanton woman."

I lifted her chin up and kissed her on the forehead, "No, just a deprived woman, not a depraved one."

She grinned at me, "I've never had a man kiss me or allow me to rub my naked body over his before. I kind of like it."

I smiled at her and leaned down to kiss her long firm nipple, cupping her breast and squeezing it softly, then I ran my hand over her belly and felt her mound. She moaned and pushed herself against my hand. I sucked her nipple out into my mouth and tickled it with my tongue while I massaged her mound and pressed my fingers against her warm cunt. She was getting wet and moaning the whole time. She pulled my head to her and pressed my face to her breast. She wasn't very gentle about it either. I figured her for being a pussy cat, but she appeared to be a wild cat.

I stood up and just massaged her mound a little as she pressed her lips to my chest and whimpered a little. I pulled my hand up on her belly and rubbed her a bit, hoping to calm her down, but she kept whimpering and began to suck on my nipples while rubbing my back and ass with her hands. I slid my hand onto her back and pulled her to me, "Maybe we should join the others now?"

She looked up at me and frowned, "Do we have to? I mean we could just do it here couldn't we?"

I leaned down and kissed her, "But I have to wash you first and make you climax a few times first."

Alexis grinned at me, "A few times? Is that true Josh?"

I looked at the eagerness in her eyes, "Well at least once Alexis before I inseminate you. It makes you all the more receptive to my sperm. Have you ever had more than one climax at a time?"

"Yes, I had two once. My partner was so sweet about it too. She just kept plunging the dildo in me and I thought I'd die the second time. I couldn't move for an hour. She just kept kissing me and… Well it was so nice."

"Are you a screamer Alexis?"

Alexis blushed and hid her face in my chest, "Yes sometimes Josh. Sometimes I get so excited I just have to." She looked up at me, "That's alright isn't it?"

I brushed her hair back over her ear, "Yeah, I don't mind a little noise Alexis, but you might remember that we'll just have the drapes over the alcove. You might try to keep it down so we don't scare anyone."

She grinned at me, "Well if you make me cum more than once I may forget. Just put a pillow over my mouth ok."

As Alexis and I came out of the alcove Sarge was starting to make the announcement that Kids hours were over and many of the teenies were whining about it. The women who had been washing their kids were almost all gone anyway and soon the only people left in the baths were older women.

Nell was all excited when I came over to her. I leaned down and kissed her cheek, "Did you miss me?"

Nell pulled me down next to her and kissed me again firmly, "Yes you were gone so long." She looked at Alexis and said, "I guess you really needed trimming?"

Alexis looked at me and said, "Yes I needed Josh to do it." She grinned and rubbed my arm. "So now we can get this insemination started?"

Nell wiggled in her excitement, "Yes can we?"

They were both very eager and so was I but I had to do my duty, "Just let me go check. There are still a few girls who need to leave and I had three hearts by my name."

Alexis held my arm close to her and when I left she slowly released me. Nell was nervously bouncing up and down on her cushion and said, "Oh hurry back Josh, Hurry!"

I quickly went in to the snack shop and asked Raule if there had been anyone asking for me. Raule smiled and pointed to the corner table. There she sat sipping a beer and staring into space, She was gorgeous, a flaxen haired Goddess, tall and solidly constructed, she made her robe bulge in all the right places. Long legs and shapely caves topped by a body that would make any man drool. She turned her head and smiled at me. Her dark green eyes lit up, she stood up and came to me.

"There you are Josh," She said in a voice that seemed an octave too low for a woman. "I've been looking for you."

I swallowed and stared. She was almost my height and the way she moved was like a panther. Her lovely breasts bounced every time her heels hit the floor and she was beside me in a moment. She never stopped smiling at me as she took my arm. "Hello, I'm Linda Marston; can we find an alcove quickly?"

She had my arm in her hands and was steering me out of the shop before I could say anything. I babbled a little as we left the shop and she just smiled and kept dragging me to the closest alcove. I didn't say anything coherent until she drew back the curtain at the first alcove and there was Roger stark naked bending the blond over about to plug her. "Oh shit!" Linda said and dropped the drape.

"Wait a minute Linda," I finally said. "Just wait a minute, we still have to arrange a trade and I have to wash you. Beside I have two other women waiting."

She was a little flustered at seeing Roger ready to stuff his cock into the blond. She looked at me as if I was speaking Esparto. "What do you mean arrange a trade and wash? I'm clean Josh see."

With that she opened her robe and I almost fainted, her tits were big beautiful cones of succulent ivory topped by large dark nipples that were sticking out hard as diamonds. Her waist was tucked up tight and she had a nice flat belly that ended in a cunt to make a man cry. She had little or no hair anywhere, except for a soft downy fur that barely was visible on her ivory skin.

I just stood there and my hands trembled at the thought of touching her. They were making their way to her breasts, when Alexis and Nell showed up.

"What the hell do you think you are doing Linda?" Alexis said loudly.

"Yeah, what the hell are you doing with our man?" Nell added.

Linda looked down at them and laughed, "Your man, you don't own him. I have every right to him. He was on the list and I'm on the list. I put my heart on his name first, so he's mine."

Alexis smiled an evil smile at her and pulled me to her side by the arm, "No," she said shaking her finger at Linda, "I saw him first and arranged my trade. That means I get him first."

Nell looked at Linda and said, "That's right, and I get him next, I'm giving him a picture, I get seconds."

Linda was thinking she put her fists on her hips, holding her robe behind them. She smiled, "Josh Honey, do you want to tell these possessive sluts where to put their puny claims? You can take whoever you want first; don't you want to feel these on your face?" She pulled my right hand up and pressed it against her perfect left breast and made a pouty face at me, rubbing her nipple with my hand.

I was squeezing her firm breast and I thought I was in heaven, when Alexis pulled my hand away and I moaned a little. Alexis opened her robe and stood there with her fist on her hip like Linda. "Josh is a man of his word. He wouldn't take a cow like you over me. Would you Josh?" Alexis took my hand and rubbed it on her sweet little pussy.

I looked in her eyes and felt the wetness and warmth of her. I almost said something that would besmirch my honor, when Nell took my other hand and held it to her naked breast. Her nipples were up and firm, "You wouldn't take Linda's side would you Josh, not after we had already made our deals."

I stood there dumb, feeling Nell's soft breast and Alexis' pussy, while staring at Linda's heavenly body. I was almost ready to say something when Sarge came over and said, "What seems to be the problem Perkins?"

Linda said, "Well Mr. Thompson these two claim that they have the rights to Josh first, but I put my heart next to his name on the board first and so I should be first."

Alexis laughed, "Linda you wandered in here too late, I got to him first and arranged a trade before you even changed you clothes. Trades come before hearts, isn't that so Mr. Thompson?"

Sarge looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and looked at Linda. He understood the problem. He looked at Alexis, "Ms?"

"Alexis, Alexis Winslow."

Sarge took a diplomatic tone, "Ms. Alexis, what you say is right, trades do come before hearts." Sarge looked up at Linda. She was a good deal taller that he was. "The hearts are only a way to determine how many women will be seeking service on a given night. They aren't meant to assign priority. Now if Ms. Alexis has arranged a trade before you I guess you'll have to wait your turn."

Nell took this as an opportunity to state her case, "Mr. Thompson, I arranged my trade with Josh, right after Alexis did, so I should be second, right?"

Sarge smiled at her and said, "Yes, that's right." He looked at Linda, "Ms?"

"Linda Marston"

"Ms. Linda I'm afraid you'll have to wait until Josh has serviced both of them, unless I can offer you someone else to impregnate you?"

Linda looked at him, "And who would that be, there were only two men on the board tonight and I don't want that little one, Roger. He's was too short. I want a tall man for the father of my child."

Sarge cocked his head to one side and looked up at her, "Well Raule is working on the counter tonight. He's a lot bigger than Josh." He smiled as he said that and chuckled a bit.

Linda looked back toward the snack shop and then at me. I could see she considered Sarge's offer but to my relief shook her head, "No he's big alright but I'm afraid he's just not what I had in mind."

Sarge smiled at her and said, "Well I'm pretty big too. My brothers are all a lot taller that I am. I'm not that much shorter than Josh. I'd be honored if you'd let me service you. Josh won't have much juice left anyway after doing two."

Linda smiled at him. My heart fell at the thought of loosing out on this towering Goddess. She stroked Sarge's chin with her hand and shook her head, "No, I don't want to hurt your feelings but Josh has sired 51 children, four of them sons."

Sarge chuckled, "Dear lady, I have sired a hundred and fifty two sons and I lost count of the daughters at 320. I think I could give you two to one that you'd have a boy."

Linda looked at him with renewed interest for a minute, "A hundred and fifty two?" She shook her head, "I had no idea."

"Course I've been at it a lot longer than Josh. I have high hopes he'll come around soon." Sarge said to sooth my feelings.

Linda was thinking, she smiled and looked Sarge over. My heart fell as she took her finger and opened Sarge's robe to look at his hairy chest. He opened it fully to show a cock that was half hard and getting thicker by the second. Linda grinned and then to my amazement shook her head, "No, thank you for the offer Mr. Thompson but I kind of had my heart set on Josh."

Sarge's dick drooped and he frowned a little, "Well I guess if you want him that bad you should have him. He might not have enough juice to get you pregnant though."

Linda leaned down and kissed Sarge on the lips and fondled his dick a little. "I didn't hurt your feelings did I," she said to him.

Sarge actually blushed and smiled up at her. "Yes you did a little Linda."

Linda's hand squeezed him and pulled a little, "Is there any way for me to make it up to you Mr. Thompson?"

Sarge was up and hard in a flash and he had trouble forming a sentence as she pulled his dick. He was looking up into her green eyes and his mouth worked but no sound came out of his mouth as his eyes roamed over Linda's body, finally he choked out, "Well Josh is going to be busy for an hour at least." He reached down and pulled her hand off his dick and sighed a little and took a deep breath. "Perhaps you could keep me company while you wait for him?"

Linda winked at me then looked Sarge in the eyes and ran her finger along his jaw, "Would you give me some instruction in the finer points of sexual communication while we wait. I'm a virgin you see and I'd like to learn more."

Sarge swallowed and looked at those perfect conical breasts then up into those green eyes, "Yes I could do that for you." He grinned, "It would be my pleasure. There is a lot you probably need to learn."

"Ah Sarge?" I said.

"Yeah," Sarge answered but kept looking at Linda's eyes.

"Sarge I should maybe talk to Linda and arrange our trade before you take her off." I was anxious to seal the deal before she changed her mind.

Sarge turned sharply to me then his face relaxed a little and he started breathing again, "Quite right Josh. Yes, yes why don't you do that?" Her turned and smiled at Alexis and Nell, "You ladies will excuse Josh won't you. Come and sit with me and I'll talk to you while Josh and Linda come to terms."

Alexis looked at me and gave me a forlorn look, "Don't be long Josh, please?" Nell came over and kissed me softly and whispered, "I want you so bad Josh. Don't fail me, please?"

I smiled at her, "No Nell, I won't be long."

Sarge took the two of them over to the pedestal and I hustled Linda into the massage alcove. When we got inside she turned, opened my robe and kissed me, rubbed her firm silky tits over my chest and held me tight against her. I let her carry on like that putting my hands under her robe and feeling her soft smooth skin and cupping her ass in both hands. We did that so long my dick erected itself and found its way between her legs. She squeezed it tight between them and moaned a little.

Finally I regained my senses and gently pushed her away. "Linda we need to talk."

She leaned back and sighed a little, "Oh Josh I want you. You want me. What is there to talk about? Can't we just immerse ourselves in our passion and find the heavenly bliss that is sexual fulfillment?"

I shivered at the sound of her voice describing my very thoughts, but Alexis and Nell had rights too. "No Linda it would be wrong of me to forget my duty to Alexis and Nell. We need to come to an agreement."

Linda smiled and stepped back, "I was testing you Josh, maybe it was cruel of me to do that but I needed to see if you had the moral strength to meet my standards."

I looked at her curiously. She was now very calm. She closed her robe and looked over my massage parlor. She walked over and sat at the mirror stand, patted the other seat and said, "Come and we'll talk."

I closed my robe over my throbbing hard on and ran the Way of the Weasel through my mind as I made my way over to the chair. Junior was still hard and wanted to find Linda's warm wet pussy but I beat him back with four or five more weasels. I watched her cautiously as I sat down. Linda was an enigma, one minute hot and ready to fuck my socks off, the next calm but so outrageously sexy that I wanted to cum all over myself. I worked hard to regain a little control.

She smiled at me and said, "Josh you look like you can't make up your mind about me."

I grinned at her, "Well Linda you do come on strong and you know that you're the most beautiful woman on earth. Why do you want me so much?"

She laughed and caressed my cheek, "That's why Josh."

"What's why?" I asked. "What did I do?"

She settled back on the chair and grinned at me, "Well I did my research. I talked to everyone who had been with all of you men. I wanted to find the one who would be kind and loving; after all I am a virgin, at least with men I mean. I didn't want Raule because he's way too big and might hurt my tender places, you know."

I nodded, "Yes go on."

"I wanted a man who was kind and sweet, one who would transport me to paradise, not one who would only think of his own needs and just use me. I think you are that man. You are so strong but not a monster like Raule or Able. No you're perfect, or as close as I think I'll find. Besides you got the smallest cutest little cock. I saw it before when I came down to do my research. "

I blushed and looked at her, "You researched me?"

"Oh yes, you don't think a woman shouldn't know who she's allowing to take her greatest prize. That she shouldn't be discriminating and carful about whom she takes into her body and mingles her genes with? You can't be too careful not if you want to have the most beautiful babies Josh. That's what I want, to have beautiful babies."

I smiled at her, "Thank you for the complement, but Linda Sarge is right. I have to do Alexis and Nell first and I might not have enough to make you pregnant. I hope that's not the case but it is a chance."

Linda smiled at me, "Then we'll just have to try again, won't we? I mean next month or the month after that?"

I grinned and reached out to caress her cheek with my hand, "You're serious aren't you?"

Linda grinned at me, "Oh yes Josh we might have to try it at different times in my cycle. She smiled, "We might even have to try it five days in a row just so we know that we hit my ovulation cycle. You wouldn't mind would you?"

I almost came in my robe at the thought of it. I leaned over and kissed her perfect lips, "No I'd love to try to make you pregnant, even if I had to do it every day for a month and twice on Sundays."

Linda laughed and kissed me, "See how sweet you are, twice on Sundays?" She laughed, "You'd be spent Josh, after a month of cumming."

I laughed and kissed her again, "But we have to make a trade Linda. What are you offering for all this dedication to my task?"

She opened her robe and displayed those perfect tits again, "Aren't these enough?"

I cupped one in my hand and squeezed it softly and played with that large and succulent nipple, it rose up and got very stiff. My resolve was melting but I shook my head, "No, I hate to say it, I really do. You have to give me something, just a token perhaps?"

She smiled and pressed my hand to her breast and bit her lip, "How about a home cooked meal? I could do that Josh."

I stroked her breast and pinched her nipple softly, rolling it in my fingers, "Done, but one meal for every time I try okay?"

She pursed her lips and moaned, "Okay Josh but you have to lick my clit and suck my nipples too."

I almost came in my robe when she said that. "That is a deal I can really get behind. Yes!"

I pulled her to me and keeping my hand on her breast kissed her hard. That wasn't the only thing hard but I held it off and stood up. "Okay, let me go and take care of Alexis and Nell. Linda you won't change your mind will you.

Linda stood and kissed me on the cheek, "No why would I change my mind?"

"Well Sarge is a pretty good negotiator and he's going to try to talk you into having sex with him. I just know it."

Linda laughed, "Oh I know, but Josh I think I can handle Sarge. I'll let him show me a few things and he'll be happy, but I won't let him near my soft little pussy. I'm saving that for you." She kissed me and pulled on my cock a bit and laughed. "I will let him get me all hot and bothered so you can take your time and we can wallow in our passion, Okay?"

I smiled at her and kissed her softly, "Oh Linda we'll wallow in it a lot, I promise."

I took Linda out to the pedestal and Sarge was showing Nell the proper way to fondle a breast, he had his lips on her nipple and both hands around her breast, sucking her softly and squeezing with both hands. Nell's eyes were closed and she had one hand on her lower belly inside her robe.

Alexis had a smile on her face and was watching. She turned and got up and ran to me, hugging me tight, kissing me furiously. Linda laughed and sat down to watch Sarge's expertise.

Alexis leaned back and said, "Now Josh now can we get started?" She had a desperate look in her eyes and so I kissed her and said, "Sure lets get you washed."

I took Alexis to the baths and removed our robes, hanging them on the hooks. She tied her hair up using a ribbon from her robe pocket then she blushed but smiled at me and helped me get a bucket of water. She was playing with my butt as I dipped it out of the hot water tank. I looked over my shoulder at her and she grinned and came up close to my back, "You don't mind if I play a little do you?"

I smiled at her, "No, I'm certainly going to be playing with you soon.'

Alexis giggled and said, "Come on then, let's play!"

She hurried over to the duckboards. She opened her arms to me and said, "Hurry Josh." I brought the bucket and dipper over and had her bend so I could wash her back. I poured the water and spread the soap on her. She quivered and let me wash her back and down over her firm little ass. I cupped her cheeks in either hand and slid my hands down onto the tops of her thighs and then brought them inside to come back up and tickled her asshole with my finger tips as I came back up and cupped her cheeks again. She looked at me over her shoulder and said, "Do that some more Josh."

I smiled and washed her ass well then washed her legs from the rear. She was bent over with her hands on her knees so her pussy kind of got in the way of my thumbs as I stroked her legs. She giggled at that. I turned her and poured warm water over her belly and down her legs. Washing her legs and belly well then I got up and had her lean back so I could dipper water on her chest and soaped up her breasts. She really liked that, her eyes closed and as I washed and massaged her nipples they firmed up and grew long and sensitive. She started moaning then as I continued to rub her nipples, gently pulling on them and kissing her neck.

I was thinking of Linda and felt a little guilty, after all Alexis was really sweet and getting hotter than a furnace as I rubbed her nipples. I ran my hand down her belly and massaged her right at the top of her slit. She moaned and pressed herself to my hand rising up on her toes so my fingers could find her lips. I was kissing her now with my left hand on her back; my right hand was cupping her pubis and working a circular pattern on her clit. She moaned and bucked her hips against my hand.

I pulled my head back and said, "I'm going to rinse you now." She opened her eyes and grinned and put her hand on my face, "So can I wash you next?"

I laughed at her, "Yes you can wash me and run you hands all over my body Alexis. I know you want to."

Alexis laughed and rubbed my ass, "Oh I do, I surly do Josh."

I had Alexis lean back with her shoulders on the wall and rinsed her well, rubbing her pussy well and getting the soap out of her cunt. I got on my knees to get real close and kissed her on her mound. She put her hands in my hair and came up on her toes so I could taste her lips as she spread her legs and pushed her pussy to my tongue. She was reaching for a climax and making soft noises in her mouth that she had tightly shut. I didn't let her quite get to a climax before I kissed my way up her belly and sucked her firm long nipples.

When I pulled her upright she put her face to my chest and held me tightly, making little whimpering noises as she calmed down a little. "Oh Josh I was so close, why, why didn't you finish me off?"

"I thought you wanted to wash me Alexis. If I made you climax you wouldn't have had the strength to stand up."

She kissed my chest then looked up at me and grinned, "Your right Josh. I can barely stand now. Hold me a little and then I'll wash you Okay?"

We stood there for a while and then Alexis released me and began to wash me. She did my back and felt up my ass, came around to my chest and belly then she poured water over me to rinse me and then she smiled and began to wash my dick. Her hands were gentle until I let junior come up a bit. She looked up and me and smiled at me then squeezed it pretty hard.

She looked down at it and soaped it up good and played for a while as it got harder and harder. I explained the parts of the penis to her as her hands stroked each part and she moaned when I explained how the glans would rub on her own sweet G-spot and make her climax. I was getting too close to a climax and had to put a lot of Weasels on the task but got it down to about half-cocked while she rinsed me off.

Alexis was so excited she tried to lead me off to an alcove before we even dried ourselves. I made her wait and dried her well and myself, had her put her robe on and passed by Sarge, Nell and Linda on the pedestal as we made our way to an empty alcove. Sarge was evidently explaining where a woman's G-spot was to Linda and had Nell leaned back on her elbows, legs spread. Sarge was looking at Linda as Nell was quivering with Sarge's fingers in her cunt. We didn't interrupt them as we passed by and found an empty alcove.

Alexis threw her robe off and jumped on the bed, "Hurry Josh, Hurry!"

I picked up Alexis' robe and put it with mine on a chair and checked to make sure we had towels near the head of the bed and then climbed into to bed with Alexis; she was on me like a limpet on a rock as soon as I got into bed. She was moaning and kissing my face so fast I couldn't find her lips with mine. "Slow down Alexis, we have plenty of time," I said to her.

She looked at me like I was crazy and pushed me over on my back and mounted me, squeezing me between her legs and kissing my chest and neck. I pulled her to me and held her tight as her wet pussy rubbed franticly against my belly. I pulled her head up to mine and kissed her firmly, "Slow down Alexis," I said firmly, "You're going to climax too soon."

Alexis moaned and said, "Oh Josh just fuck me please. I can't take the suspense." She humped my belly and moaned.

I flipped her over on her back and pressed my weight on her to hold her down, her legs sprang open and she moaned and whimpered as I fondled her and kissed her.

"Oh please, Please Josh," she said, so I just let her have her way and pressed my cock against her wet cunt. She arched her back and then thrust her hips up and it slipped into her just a little. "Oh, Ah, Oh Josh," she said as my cock penetrated her about an inch. Her hips started to move and I pressed it deeper, then pulled back a bit and pressed deeper putting about half of me in her eager cunt. That slowed her down she gasped and quivered for a moment feeling me inside her. "Oh Josh, just a little more," she said and pushed up a bit.

I pressed in a little and she clamped down on my dick and worked her hips, just stroking about an inch in and out. She was getting louder and louder as her passion rose. I didn't even have to stroke her, she was doing it all herself. I just varied the angles a little and moved from side to side a bit. She was so tight that I was afraid to move much. She was really wet and lubricated but still tight as a tick. Now I love a tight pussy but Alexis was effectively a virgin and I didn't want to scare her so I left a good deal of me out and just moved my hips a little changing the angle so I hit her G-spot.

She pulled back and froze for a moment, "Ah, Ah, Ah." She said with increasing emphases, then she pulled the pillow over her mouth and pushed against me hard and I gave her just a bit more than I had been giving her and she climaxed, shuddering and screaming into the pillow.

I wiggled my hips from left to right and rubbed her nipple with my right hand. She was quivering and shuddering for long moments until she just collapsed and I pulled the pillow off her face and kissed her. She couldn't move her arms to hold me, her legs were limp and she just breathed heavily and allowed me to kiss her on the lips and cheeks.

Finally her arms came up around my neck and she opened her eyes a little, "Oh fuck Josh, Oh Fuck Josh, Oh!" She slowly moved her hips up and took me as deep in her as before and quivered again, then collapsed and sighed.

"Feel better?" I asked.

Alexis opened her eyes and smiled, "Oh much better Josh. I felt like you were splitting me open for a while but when you got it fully into me, it felt so wonderful. I wanted more of you."

I kissed her, "Alexis, there is more of me. You didn't have me in you more than three quarters of the way. Shall we try it all the way next time?"

She smiled and pressed her hips against my cock, "More! There's more of you?" she kissed me and put her head next to mine and whispered, "Yes Josh, tomorrow I'll take more of you."

"What about tonight Alexis, I didn't climax, I still have to impregnate you. We have to do it again so I can put my seed in you."

She pulled her head back and looked in my eyes. Her eyes were wide and she smiled weakly, "Just give me a moment to catch my breath."

"Sure Alexis, I like just soaking inside you," and I wiggled my hips a little. Her eyes fluttered and she moaned and humped me a little and I felt my cock rub over the end of her cervix. It felt really good, so I pressed it in to push on her cervix a little and she made soft little grunts as I bumped against it.

I pulled out of her and got a towel to dry my dick. I rolled her hips up and dabbed a little at her wetness. "Shall I kiss away your soreness?"

Alexis laughed and said, "Oh please Josh. I mean, I'm not too sore but I'll bet it would feel really nice."

I pulled her knees up and wide had her hold them and leaned down to look at her. She was still open a little from where my cock had stretched her and she was all wet and hot when my lips pressed against her opening. Alexis whimpered a little as my tongue circled her opening and probed her a little. I moved my knees back and cupped her sweet little ass in my hands licking her from 'taint to tickle slowly.

She quivered as my tongue found her engorged clit. I was gentle with her as she was very sensitive. I put my thumb on her anus and pressed as I probed her vagina with my tongue. She moaned and pressed her hips up to my face. I licked from side to side and then up and down a little but thought she was ready for the next round. She had climaxed so quickly that I didn't want to push her over the edge but just get her to the point when she was ready for me. I finally took her lips in my mouth and licked them while sucking on them. She groaned and pressed my head down and when I put my tongue inside her and licked her opening she climaxed again and squirted out a little. It was hot and tasted pretty good, although it was a mild flavor.

I came up along side her and kissed her mouth softly, "Sorry, I didn't think you'd cum so easily."

She gasped in my ear saying, "I didn't mind Josh."

I chuckled and fondled her boobies for a while. "Alexis now I'm going to inseminate you and when I do I want you to get in an egg position, Okay?"

She smiled and asked, "What is an egg position?"

"Well you pull you knees up to your chest and put your arms around your knees to hold the sperm inside you for as long as you can. We don't want any of it to slip out until the little swimmers have found your cervix and are well on their way to finding your eggs. Can you try it?"

She grinned at me and I helped her get in position. I rubbed my hand over her wet bottom and said, "There just like this. I'll put a cushion under your bottom to make it easier and I'll wrap you in a towel to dry you off and if any leaks out it won't slide down your ass and make you giggle."

She laughed and said, "You make a real production of it don't you?"

I patted her ass and said, "Oh we like to be through about an insemination. It's what we do and we like to take every precaution to make sure you catch our seed."

Alexis giggled and let her legs down, turned to me and kissed me "I thought you'd just fuck me Josh and let me lay in my own sweat. I'm glad I was wrong. You make it fun."

"Speaking of sweat, I want you to work up a good one for me. Come up and set on my lap." I got in the center of the bed and had Alexis mount me. "Now there is a lot of different ways to do this. One way is you take me inside you and come forward so I'm rubbing against your G-spot; remember we did that a little before?"

Alexis nodded and kissed my chest, "Yes Josh I remember that."

I grinned at her, "Yes I thought you would. But I've grown a little soft. Alexis can you slide down and kiss my penis a little to get it lubricated and to stimulate it to get good and hard?"

She slid down so she could lean over and lick my dick. She took it in her hand and sucked on it then licked it good and wet and came back up so she could put it in place. She wiggled her hips a little until it started to go in. then she looked up at me and began to work it into her slowly.

"Oh yes Alexis, work it in. You're so tight and hot. Work it Honey," I said as an encouragement. She grinned at me and circled her hips and it slipped deeper into her tight little pussy. I pulled her down and kissed her and gave her a short stroke. She gasped in my mouth and pressed it deeper.

I pushed her up and put her hands on my chest, smiling and pushing a little. "Now move up and rub your G-spot."

She grimaced and found her spot with the tip of my dick. She began to stroke a little and her head came forward and she moaned and shuddered a little.

I grinned at her, "There you have it Alexis, now work your hot little pussy for me, make yourself climax if you can.

Her head came up and she looked at me through half closed eyes, "Oh Josh that feels so good, Oh, Oh." She closed her eyes and slowly wiggled her hips left and right then up and down as she work up a good one. I helped her a little by short stroking with my hips and felt her tight little pussy on my tip. She clamped up and froze in place, so I moved ever so slightly and pushed her over the edge. She shuddered and moaned for a little then she lowered her self on to my chest. She wasn't sweating she was just warm and sweet. I rubbed her back and whispered to her, "Oh good one Alexis. You almost made me climax just watching you. Sweetness you do that so well."

She snuggled against my chest for a while and breathed deeply while she recovered. I felt very protective of her and while I hadn't even had six weasels on the pile, I was happy. Now I just had to cum in her cunt and I could take on Nell.

I figured Nell would be quick too. After all Sarge was out there warming her up for me. Hell I could probably just wash her cunt and pop her once and get on to Linda. Oh fuck yes, Linda. Just the thought of her made me want to cum in Alexis' hot little cunt. I rocked Alexis up on one side and straightened her leg out and then rocked the other way and got her other leg straight and rolled her over on her back.

Alexis wasn't much help she was limp as a rag, but I got her on her back and pulled her legs up in a butterfly and began to stroke her while thinking of Linda's perfect titties and how smooth and soft her belly was. Shit in five strokes the boys were hollering to come out and play. I pressed my dick into Alexis and thought about Linda. Alexis started to moan and grunt as I drove deeper into her. I had it almost all the way in and then felt the surge coming, so I backed out until I was just bumping Alexis' cervix and let them free. "Oh God," I shouted and pressed her cervix tight to the tip of my dick. I fired off three or four rounds in just the right place, milking them out by short stroking Alexis' tight little cunt. She moaned and pushed tighter against me as she felt the hot surges in her.

I held myself up on my elbows and pumped her a little as I came off the peak. Oddly I wasn't about to pass out as I normally am at this point in an insemination. I guess it was the anticipation of Linda's perfect body. I pulled slowly out of Alexis and got her in position and put a cushion under her butt. Then lay beside her for a while kissing her and whispering how good it made me feel to fill her little quim with sperm. She nodded and fell asleep. I kissed her and put a towel on her, tucking it down under her ass so she'd be dry and I got up.

Roger was sitting next to Linda when I got out to the pedestal. Linda was smiling at him and Roger was drooling a little as he stared in to those big green eyes. Sarge was flat on his back with his robe open and Nell holding his head up and was helping him drink from a cup. Her robe was open and one of her cute little tits was pressed into the side Sarge's face.

Linda smiled at me and wiped something off her chin, "Ah there you are Josh," she said and stood to kiss me on the cheek. "Nell's worried about you."

I looked over at Nell and she dropped Sarge's head back on the cushion and sprang up to hug me, "Oh Josh you're back, good now we can start."

I fondled her tit a bit and said, "I need a bit of rest Nell. What happened to Sarge?"

Nell laughed and said, "Oh he'll be alright in a minute. He's just a little weak from when Linda showed him how they extract sperm up at the barracks. I showed him the first time, but he didn't really understand it until Linda demonstrated it for him."

Linda grinned at me and smiled, "See, I knew how to handle Sarge, I told you I could."

Roger, who still had an older blond hanging on his arm looked up at me, "It was awesome Josh. I've never seen Sarge go off like that. She just kissed his dick and he shot off like a cannon. Christ, he'll never live it down."

The older blond giggled, "I knew Linda could do it, nobody can resist her. She made me cum once by just patting my ass."

I looked at Linda and she grinned I turned to Nell and said, "Nell honey can you get me a beer?"

Nell frowned at me and then closed her robe and said, "Aren't we going to wash Josh?"

I smiled at her and kissed her cheek, "Oh yes Nell and I'll lick your little pussy too. But I need to rest a little when you come back you can tell me all about what Sarge taught you. He did show you where your G-spot was didn't he?"

Nell giggled and blushed, "Yes he did. I'm afraid I got the pedestal all wet too."

"Well get me a beer will you?"

She grinned at me, kissed me and hustled off to the snack shop.

I sat next Sarge's legs and saw that his dick was still leaking cum on to his belly. I shook my head at him. Linda laughed and leaned over and sucked his cum up and then lifted his cock and sucked him hard to drain the rest of his load. She looked up and smiled, "Well he said we had to drink it all."

I just shook my head and wrapped Sarge's robe over his quivering form. He gagged a little and sighed but never made a move to get up. Linda came over and sat beside me and kissed my cheek, "You aren't mad at me are you? I didn't want him to touch me. I wanted to save myself for you Josh."

I turned to her and smiled, "No I'm sure you did what you had to. What did he do to Nell?"

Linda smiled at me her green eyes sparkled and she laugh, "Oh what didn't he do? He was trying to get me to let him demonstrate on me, you know how to properly suck a nipple and how to stimulate a G-spot but I talked him in to showing me using Nell. I just batted my eyes at him and said Oh Mr. Thompson how can I watch if you head's in the way. If you demonstrate on Nell then I can see just how good you can suck a nipple." Linda laughed and patted Sarge's chest.

She smiled at me and kissed my cheek softly. "Are you mad because he did that to Nell? I'm sorry if you are." She batted her eyes and kissed me softly.

"Linda I was more concerned about you blowing him really."

"Oh Josh you don't blow." She laughed at me, "I just sucked him to keep his hands off my," and she opened her robe and lifted my hand to her perfect nipple, "off my breasts. I wanted to save them for you Josh, just for you." She kissed me and licked my lips softly. "I wanted to feel your lips on my breasts and your hands on my skin. I want you Josh, just you."

I knew in my heart of hearts that she was playing me. I didn't know why. I didn't know what she really wanted or what I wanted either. Yes I wanted to caress her perfect body and suck her nipples and run my tongue over her sweet pussy. Hell, I wanted her to look at me just like she was looking at me, but somehow some way I felt she was playing me like a viola. She had a game and I had no idea what it was. I put my hand on her breast and softly squeezed it so the nipple came out and she moaned softly with her head next to mine. I bent my head down and kissed her breast softly and licked her firm nipple then sucked it softly. Hell I almost came again just feeling her in my mouth.

She sighed and put her hand in my hair and pressed me slightly to her breast. I sucked her again and ran my tongue over her nipple. I kissed my way up her fine smooth neck and kissed her lips softly. She murmured something that made me hard and yet I didn't know what she said. She smelled wonderful and I had my hand lost in her soft hair when I heard Nell say, "Here's your beer Josh."

I looked up and Nell was more than perturbed at me so I pulled her down on my lap and kissed her cheek, "Ah Nell thank you I needed a little refreshment." She smiled at me and tilted the beer up to my mouth and put her arm around my back. I took a sip and smiled at her. She smiled back and kissed me. I took the beer from her hand and asked, "Now tell me how Sarge talked you in to it."

Nell blushed and kissed my cheek, "Well it was Linda that talked me into letting him show us how to kiss a nipple. She said that she couldn't properly watch if he sucked hers and that if he sucked mine she could get the nuances, isn't that what you said Linda?"

Linda nodded, "Yes and its true. Nell was so nice to let me watch and Sarge was good at it. I do believe Nell climaxed a little."

Nell blushed and nodded, "I did Josh. That Sarge is really good at nipples." She looked around and down at Sarge, "I kind of owed him."

"What do you mean, owed him?"

Nell kissed me and smiled, "Well he gave me a little climax when he sucked my nipples and then when he was showing me how good it felt to have your G-spot rubbed, I had another one Josh." She wiggled her hips against my lap and said, "I just came and came again," She sighed, "it was wonderful. I didn't know I could squirt so hard."

"Do you squirt every time you climax, because if you do I'll have to be careful so you don't squirt out my semen, it has to stay inside you."

Nell smiled and shook her head, "No I don't squirt all the time. I guess I was just extra excited thinking about you." She kissed me and grinned, "I was thinking how hard and big you'd be in me and I guess I overdid it because I shot all over." She laughed and kissed me again, "It was your fault Josh."

I laughed and sipped my beer and looked over at Linda, she smiled and said, "I think you have that effect on every woman Josh. She leaned over and kissed me and caressed my cheek."

Roger said, "Oh God I can't take any more of this. Come on Nancy, I'll wash you and we'll do the nasty."

Nancy giggled and said, "Oh Roger will you make me squirt like Nell did? I think that would be a lot of fun."

Roger pulled her up and said as he went off to the baths, "I'll try Nancy, I'll try"

After they left I took a big drink of beer and gave Nell a drink too. I figured she needed something to wash down the cum she sucked out of Sarge. "But you said you owed him, how did you repay him?"

Nell looked down and grinned, "Well we were discussing how the boys in the barracks are harvested." Nell looked up and grinned at me, "and I told him what my Aunt Alice had told me about extracting their seed. Well Sarge said you people do it too but it's called something else and if a man climaxes the woman has to drink it down so no seed is spilled."

"Yeah we call it an RTA and you're not supposed to climax."

Nell nodded, "Yes well I was showing him the Split Fisted Rod Knocker, my Auntie Alice told me about and I didn't know if I was doing it right really but Sarge surprised me and said he couldn't hold it so I sucked really hard on him and my God he came like fountain in my mouth. I was so surprised but it didn't taste too bad so I just kept sucking until he quit squirting."

I kissed Nell, "You did precisely right Nell. I'm proud of you."

She giggled and rubbed my chest and cuddled next to me. "Well after he got his wits together he was saying that I had surprised him and that he generally could withstand a lot of, of RTA, without cumming. Linda bet him she could make him climax too in just a few minutes."

I looked at Linda and she blushed, "He was just being too arrogant Josh. And I figured he needed to be taken down a peg."

"Oh," I said looking at Linda. I kissed Nell's cheek and said, "Go on."

Nell took the beer out of my hand and took a couple of swallows, "Well Linda made him lay back on the couch and bared one of her beautiful breasts at him. She started talking about how smooth it felt as she rubbed it with her hand and kind of pulled her nipple out and Sarge got really hard. Then she licked her hand and got it all slobbery and put her hand on his cock and stroked it up and down and few times. Then she stroked him and played with her breast and when she leaned over and kissed him his eyes rolled back and he grunted and, Boom, he came like a cannon. Poor Linda had a hard time keeping it all in but she did and you should be proud of her too Josh."

I turned to Linda and said, "Oh I am Nell. Sarge is a hard one to get off like that. Linda is amazing."

Nell laughed and said, "She is, I almost climaxed as she described how smooth and soft her breast was, and I'm only a part time lesbian."

I drank the rest of my beer and said, "Okay Nell I think I'm ready. Can I wash you now?"

Nell kissed me and hugged me tight, "Oh yes Josh Yes!" She jumped up out of my lap and pulled me to the baths. I looked over my shoulder at Linda; she smiled and waved at me.

Nell had her robe off and was on the duck boards dancing in a flash. I smiled and picked up her robe and hung it with mine, got a bucket of water from the heater and went over to her. She held up her hair and let me pour water on her. She had her hands on top of her head holding her shoulder length hair up and didn't stop hopping from one foot to the other until I began to soap up her back, then she relaxed a little. I washed her ass and fingered her bung hole a bit but she didn't really like that so I did her legs quickly and turned her around to soap her breasts. She sighed as I soaped her breasts and closed her eyes while I fondled her and pulled her nipples a bit. Then I went down to her bush and she spread her legs wide and allowed me to feel her juicy quim.

That put her in a quivering ecstatic frenzy. She was thrusting her hips back and forth and making all kinds of sounds as I stroked and fondled her cunt. I kissed her and saw she was crying. She whimpered and pushed against my hand as I rubbed her erect clitoris and slipped my finger in to her just up to her G-spot. I didn't rub her too much she was hurting so. I just rinsed her good and dried her with a towel and then took our robes off the hook and pulled her into an empty alcove. I checked that we had towels and got into bed with her she was moaning and humping me as I tried to kiss her.

I got between her legs and drew her knees up, licked my hand to lube my cock and pressed it to her. I slipped into her like a hot knife in butter. She moaned and pulled me to her breast and began humping my cock rapidly. I matched her rhythm and started a good old fashioned meat slap and then she really got turned on.

She was slapping me so hard I almost bounced out of her and she just kept moaning and wiggling as I tried to give her a cervix roll but she was moving too fast for me to catch her so I settled into a fast meat slap until she arched her back, gave me a hard thrust and screamed in my ear.

I short stroked her until she stopped urging me on and then just buried myself in her wet pussy. She sobbed on my shoulder for a while and finally caught her breath. "Oh Josh, God Damn, you feel so fucking good!" she said and I knew she was alright again.

I kissed her and she responded in kind and began to move her hips a little. I sucked her neck a bit and said, "Nell you never let me lick your pussy."

"Oh shit Josh, I guess I was too fucking hot to worry about it after Sarge got me so bothered. I'll let you do that some other time, okay?" She took a deep breath and sighed it out, "Ohhh, that is so nice and I can feel every bit of you in my pussy."

"Can I inseminate you now?"

"Hell yes Josh, that's why I came in here to have you fill my cunt with heavy cream, to feel you squirt your fucking sperm inside me and fill my womb with babies, Yes cum inside me you big hard motherfucker! Make me swell and curse you as the baby comes out. Yes, Yes oh fuck me hard again Josh."

I was surprised as hell that she was cursing like a sailor, but then I never knew any sailors so maybe she was just cursing like a muleskinner. I did know a few of them and she was keeping up with most of them I knew. I began to give her the long banana and a few long strokes but what she wanted was a hard meat slap so I ended up with a hesitated meat slap and she really liked that.

I started to feel the boys gathering and changed the angle a bit to rub my cock along the back of her vagina to urge the boys out and pretty soon Nell climaxed again and collapsed in my arms, moaning "Oh, Oh , Ah!" as I finished delivery.

I groaned and pushed deep into Nell and felt my balls empty into her heat. I collapsed onto her chest and kissed the side of her neck repeating her name over and over as I caught my breath. I pulled myself up and got her legs in position and pulled out with a grunt. I looked down at her and she hadn't squirted any of my seed out so I got a pillow and towel under her and then dried my dick and slipped down beside her. I massaged her cute little tit that was squashed out between her arm and her leg and kissed her cheek until she turned her head and gave me her lips.

I whispered, "Oh Nell that was wonderful wasn't it?"

She smiled and said, "I'm sorry I called you a motherfucker Josh. I got a little carried away."

I laughed at her, "That's alright Nell. I am a motherfucker and a sister fucker and even a Grandmother fucker. You didn't hurt my feelings," and I kissed her again. "You just stay like this for a while and you will be a mother and then when you're really sure your pregnant come see me and I'll mother fuck you again, okay?"

She laughed and said, "You can fuck this mother any motherfucking time you like Josh." She was still laughing when I got up, put on my robe and staggered out to Linda.

Linda sprang up and came to me. She took me in her arms and kissed me firmly then put her head beside mine and asked, "Are you alright?"

I hugged her a little and said, "I'm just fine, a little worn out but give me a minute and I'll be good."

She leaned back and said, "You smell so sexy just now Josh, it's getting me wet."

I hugged her and kissed the side of her neck, "Oh don't tempt me Linda, I not in any shape to take it."

She laughed and kissed my lips, "Oh Josh you poor man let me get you over and sit you down. I'll make you feel better honest I will."

She helped me over to the pedestal and made me lay down. She put cushions around me to make me comfortable and ask, "Can I get you another beer?"

I smiled at her, "Yes please."

She grinned and hurried off. I leaned back and heard one of the two women who were still on the pedestal at this hour say, "I've never heard Nell speak in such a way, to think she teaches our littlest kids. I swear I've never heard anything that sounded so hot. Have you Beverly?"

"No Nancy I never did," Beverly said. "I wonder if Roger would like me to call him a mother fucker," and she laughed. "He's probably fucked a lot of mothers, don't you think?"

Nancy laughed and said, "Well he certainly fucked this one."

Linda came back with my beer and a damp towel and sat behind me cradling me in her arms. "Here Josh drink this and replenish your fluids." I tilted the beer back and she began to wipe me off with the damp cool towel.

She wiped my face and kissed me then opened my robe and swabbed my chest. I looked up at her and shook my head, "Linda just what do you want of me. I can't believe you don't have some ulterior motive for this."

She smiled, "Josh I just want you to give me beautiful babies that's all. I want to take care of you and make you happy. It's the least I can do for having beautiful babies, don't you think?"

I looked up into her deep green eyes and brushed her hair back a little, "Linda if this is a dream, don't let me wake up. If you told me I died and had gone to heaven I'd believe you."

She smiled and kissed me softly, "Oh Josh don't you believe that I could love you for just who you are? That I don't see that way you made Nell and Alexis feel the love and the strength of your character. No, of course you don't, you believe that you are just another man, but you are not Josh. You are that one in a million that is so kind and sweet that it makes me cry to think of how kind you were to Alexis and Nell. I bet you make every woman you touch love you. I love you and you haven't even touched me that much."

Tears dripped off my chin and I blinked and said, "I have gone to heaven and they've given me a green eyed angel to take care of me." I pressed my face to her breast and just held her for a while.

I rolled back and she smiled and kissed me, "Yes but you made a little heaven here Josh. A heaven for Alexis and Nell, and I hope a heaven for me too. Just rest a while and then I take you and give you a bath and wash away that sex sweat and make you feel all better. I'll love you Josh better than anyone's been loved before." She opened my robe and wiped my belly and my damp dick with that cool towel and I did start to feel better.

I drank my beer and watched Linda's eyes as she swabbed me off and as she kissed me softly and smiled at me. I took a deep breath and relaxed in her arms. She was an angel, maybe I wasn't dead and maybe I wasn't in heaven, but she was an angel and I was a lucky, no a damn lucky man.

She put the towel away and leaned down and kissed me. She nuzzled me and whispered to me, "Do you want to see what heaven is really like."

I smiled at her and said softly, "How can it get any better than this?"

She grinned and pulled her robe back and pressed her bare breast to my lips. "Just suck on my nipple Josh, very softly and let me think of those beautiful babies." So cradled in her arms I gently sucked on her nipple and felt completely at peace.

I must have drifted off for a while because when I woke up she was singing softly and rocking me at her breast. Her nipple was in my ear and felt marvelous. She bent down and kissed me, "Are you ready for a bath my beautiful baby boy?"

I felt marvelous and more than ready for a bath, more than ready to bathe her too. I nodded to her and she helped me up and hugged me to her perfect breasts. She was tall enough that I didn't have to bend much to kiss her and her breasts felt soft and wonderful against my chest. I led her toward the baths.

We took out time in the baths, first she took my robe and hung it up, She looked back at me and took her's off and posed for me just a second before she got a bucket of hot water and brought it to me. She smiled and dipped water over my shoulders and chest then she soaped me up and washed my chest and then my back. She did my back while standing in front of me and pressing her smooth beautiful breasts against me kissing me and rubbing her breasts across my chest. I leaned down and dipped water over her ass and soaped it so I could feel her firm cheeks as she rubbed my back and my fanny. We did that until it started to get too cool then I poured more water on her back as she held her long hair up and I massaged her fine back and kissed her neck and fondled her ass again.

We kissed and she soaped up my dick and stroked me softly, she giggled, "Now Josh show some control." I smiled and threw a hundred weasels on the fire she was building in my belly, and I was just able to keep from covering her in cum. Finally she rinsed me and let me wash her sweet pussy.

Linda was really feeling it when I started to put one finger in her vagina, she blocked my hand and whispered in my ear, "No Josh, don't rupture my hymen with your finger. I want you to use your penis to take my maidenhood.

I almost shit. I had never really had an intact virgin before. Oh many like Alexis or Nell who had never had a man, but all of them had been deflowered by their own fingers or a dildo long before I got to them. I looked at Linda, "You mean you've never had anything inside you?"

"Nothing that would break my hymen, only tongues or little tickles Josh, I saved myself for you. Of course I didn't know it would be you, but saved it I did." She kissed me as I massaged her clit and fingered her lips softly.

I lost no time rinsing her off and drying her well. She did the same for me and kissed me softly as she dried me. She whispered to me, "Oh Josh it was so hard to save myself for you. I cried myself to sleep so many nights waiting for you. Now you're here and I can give you're the greatest gift, it was worth it to save it so long."

I put her robe on her and wrapped mine around me tying the sash and I bowed her off the duckboards and into an empty alcove. I lit all the candles in the room so I could see her open her robe and lay slowly on the bed, She lay on her side and beckoned to me. I smiled and took off my robe and folded it on a chair. I went to her bending down to kiss her as I slipped in beside her, my virgin Goddess.

We kissed and entwined our bodies. She didn't hurry she wasn't impatient but she was eager to cast off the burden of her virginity. She let me kiss my way down to her breasts and moaned as I sucked her perfect nipples softly and then kissed my way around each perfectly formed breast and down her flat smooth belly. I nibbled her belly fur and licked her down deep in to her fuzzy little pussy.

She gasped as I licked her tight little vagina and moaned as I sucked on her erect nub of a clitoris. She moved her hips and rubbed her silky thighs over my face and neck and pulled me closer to her. I stroked her silky thighs and nibbled her legs before licking her from her rosebud ass to the naval then worked my way back again. She made all the right moves and noises to let me know what felt good and what felt better.

I pulled myself up and kissed her mouth and felt her parted lips with my tongue before pressing my tongue into her mouth. She tasted so sweet and she sucked my tongue and our tongues danced in the cathedral of her mouth for a while. I pulled back and looked at her she had those emerald eyes closed as I massaged her breast. I wanted to go slow and get her fired up like a coal furnace before I took her gift to me. It was the least I could do after she had saved herself. She opened her eyes and smiled.

Christ! She was beautiful, I kissed her and let her roll up on top of me she grinned at me and said, "Oh Josh, you are so gentle and kind, but I have been waiting for you to plunge your hardened manhood into me for 27 years. Can you do it soon, before I loose my mind?"

I brushed back her hair and smiled at her, "Linda, can I have you climax for me first before I deflower you? I'd like to feel your virgin climax first, may I?"

She leaned down and kissed me, "Anything you want dearest sweet Joshua, anything." She smiled, her eyes dancing in the candle light, "Can I sit on your face?"

I shuttered and said, "You can sit on my face and welcome Linda." She took her time as I slid down, she put her legs on either side of my head and lowered herself to my lips. I brushed my lips against her and she quivered and pressed further down so that my tongue was circling her tight little opening and she moaned and began to rock her hips so I licked her from asshole to clit many times before she settled down to have me probe her virgin vagina with my tongue. She was wet now, really wet and her juices flowed over my face and I had my nose in her lips and she stroked my nose over her hard little clit as my tongue worked its way around her opening that now was pulsing and pinching my tongue. I was massaging her breasts and pulling her nipples and she was getting hotter and hotter.

She twitched her hips down suddenly and my nose flipped her clit firmly. She squeezed my head between her thighs and groaned and pushed down on my tongue which I flicked back and forth as far as I could inside her vagina. She made a noise I can't really describe and went "Ah AHHH!"

She folded over me, whimpered a little and went slack. I pushed her up with my arms and with some effort got her laid down and on her back. I rolled her on her side and kissed her she put her arm around me and said,"Oh do it now Josh. Do it now!"

I rolled her over on her back, got between her legs and pulled her knees up and out. I lubed my cock which was hard as could be. I pressed it to her virgin vagina and pressed firmly and slowly against her. It didn't go in at all. It was just pressed up against her and wasn't making any progress at all. I wiggled back and forth and up and down then her virgin vagina started to stretch and she moaned and pressed her hips up to me and I pushed and wiggled and it began to sink into her.

Finally she opened and my glans was in her. Fuck she was tight, but I pressed on and it started to move a little. I pulled back just a bit and then pressed forward, it slid in a little more and I felt some resistance but I didn't let up but pressed harder and she whimpered and jammed her hips against me and it was in. Oh not all the way but I had broken her hymen and she was crying a little and moaning as I pressed it in and pulled it out a little. Short stroking her about an inch at a time while she pulled my hips to her. I got a little deeper each stroke until I was maybe three quarters of my full length inside and she relaxed and rubbed my back.

"Let me rest a little Josh," She said and moaned a little.

"Did it hurt much Linda?"

"No not too much Josh. I just need to get used to your big cock in my tiny hole," She said and moved her hips experimental.

I stayed where I was and kissed her and she put her arms around my neck and I felt tears on my cheek. I kissed her and whispered, "Oh Linda I didn't want to hurt you."

"I know Josh I crying tears of joy. Now I am a woman." Linda hugged me and sobbed for a few moments and I pulled back and licked her hot tears off her face. She began to move her hips and I counter stroked a little letting her control the depth and pace. She moaned a little and stopped for a few moments so I stilled my hips and kissed her again and again. Slowly she began to stroke my cock in and out of her while moaning and she pressed it deeper into her. She was tight around her opening and a little looser inside, but she was hot inside and I had probably forty weasels on the fire.

I tried to hold off but her breasts were so soft and her silky thighs brushed against my hips and I had to hang on so hard that I couldn't feel her at all and it was breaking my heart to not think about my Goddess and yet she was there working me in and out of her heat. I held on and hoped she would finally overcome the hurt I had caused her and begin to enjoy feeling me inside of her.

Linda kissed me and said, "Cum inside me Josh. Let me feel your hot vital sperm swimming in my vagina. Make me a mother Josh inseminate me so I can feel that beautiful baby moving inside me. Oh please, please cum in me Josh." She worked her hips slowly and so I started to move in counterpoint with her and we let it grow, that aching fire. Linda was moaning and clutching me to her perfect soft breasts, Her soft smooth belly was bumping against me and I could feel the heat of her wrapped around my cock as I stroked in her bleeding pussy.

She moaned and gasped as her wetness dissipated and I felt her begin to clinch up every time I pushed in to her. "Fill me Josh Please," she pleaded. I tried to call forth the boys but after two pretty good climaxes I was coming up dry and I was actually crying because I couldn't cum!

I stopped trying and just released the weasels and tried once more the feel the love she had given me and so I kissed her and concentrated on the sweetness of her mouth and the feel of her soft smooth skin against me, but the fear and pain in her voice conflicted with all those feelings and I was crying hot tears down on her face and she was crying because she was in pain from the size of me in her and we collapsed and stopped moving. We lay there breathing hard and clutching each other. Finally I felt the joy of fucking Linda fade away and I just couldn't punish her any more, I pulled out of her and she cried, "Oh No Josh cum inside me and fill me with life. Don't go Josh Don't just take my virginity and leave me without the token of your sperm!"

I tried to kiss away the pain and fear. She wasn't having it. She twisted out from under me and turned her back to me sobbing in the pillow and not allowing me to comfort her. "Linda, we'll try again. I promise you I'll cum inside you and give you beautiful babies. They will snuggle at your perfect breast and love you for being the beautiful mother that you will be. Please listen to me."

Linda just sobbed in the pillow and so I cuddled to her and tried to calm her down. She just sobbed all the harder and I tried to think of something, anything that might help. Then it came to me. She was hurting because she had dried up. The pain and the blood had made her dry up. That had caused her more pain and made her drier until she was raw. That's it I realized, she needed an oil pressure lube and I had to make her let me do it.

"Linda, Linda listen to me. The reason you dried up is the pain and if I lubricate you it won't hurt so much. Please let me try a technique I know that will take away the pain and make it feel much better and then I won't be so worried about hurting you then I can fill you with beautiful babies."

She slowly turned and faced me again. She was still sobbing a little and she looked miserable but there in her eyes I saw a glimmer of hope. She sobbed "What can you do to make it feel good again?"

"I can lubricate you with oil and once you're slick inside it won't hurt so much and it will make it much better. Can I try it so we don't waste the sacrifice of your virginity?"

She calmed down a little and I pulled out a towel and dried her eyes and made her blow her nose. She smiled briefly, "Okay, anything to make the babies Josh."

I jumped out of bed and ran to my parlor and pulled out a bottle of oil and ran back. I made Linda lie on her back and pulled her legs up. I saw that her lovely skin was covered with drying blood, she was awfully raw around her vagina but I poured a little oil into her pit and then put my lips around her opening and blew until she took some oil into her. I leaned back and let her blow her pussy fart out then tried it again and then once more. I lubed my finger and pressed it slowly into her and she cried out a little but she found the oil helped. Now my only problem was how to revitalize junior.

I tried pulling on him and squeezing but it didn't work. "Linda I need some help I need you to raise the dead."

She looked at me and when I pointed to it laying there all soft and limp she burst out into tears again. I kissed her and massaged her perfect titties and a played with her but with her crying and me being so anxious it wasn't working. "Fuck me," I thought, "How can I get aroused in a sea of tears?"

I said, "Linda there is no other option you'll have to suck it to make it hard and that means you have to stop crying about life being unfair and deal with the reality of the situation. God Damn woman do you want a baby or not!"

I must have shocked her out of her despair because she looked at me and dried her eyes, blew her nose and nodded at me. She slid down and put her soft warm lips on my bloody dick and began to suck me. I lay back and tried to clear my mind of the anguish I had been feeling. I concentrated on her mouth and my memories of her loving me. It started to work. Junior was responding and I felt the anxiety fade and soon the joy of the perfect woman sucking my cock had me about ready to climax.

I was hard again so I pulled her up roughly, flipped her over on her back and climbed between her legs and pressed my hard dick to her abused pussy. I slipped in fairly easily now that she was lubed and had expanded a bit. I still pressed it in slowly though as she was still pretty sore and tight.

She moaned and said, "Oh Josh it does feel so much better now."

I stroked her slowly letting her feel the goodness of lubricated sex, but I didn't wait for her, no I was going to fill her up, she might or might not climax but that was of no concern to me. All I wanted was to climax myself

This was no longer recreational it was procreational and I wasn't going to let my feelings for her effect me. I felt the surge starting to build and I fed it a bit as she was starting to respond and her moans changed from pain to joy. I kept up the slow short stroke I had established but did move around so I was hitting her G-spot and she responded to it.

"Oh Josh, it feels so good now, Oh, Oh, Oh!" she said as I pumped her pussy. She continued to react to the feeling and was actively humping me. I was gathering up the few boys left to cast forth and hopefully impregnate Linda on this night of her deflowering. I was pressing deeper but still hitting her G-spot and she was working her hips reaching for it and I thought we might turn disaster into victory for us both when I felt my balls starting to pump and the surge came forth and I pushed into her hard and climaxed.

She didn't stop humping me. She must have felt my twitching cock in her savaged pussy but she kept it up and I spurted again and grunted. She humped faster and moaned as I collapsed and she just kept moving but slowly stopped after milking me as much as she could.

I was limp on her chest and she was still moving and moaning, she bucked a little and collapsed under me moaning and clutching my limp body to her. I tried to kiss her but I hadn't the power to move more than my lips and she held me to her a long time.

After several minutes I regained my strength and lifted up on my elbows and pulled her knees up and made a semi-sloppy withdrawal. I pulled her leg up, got a cushion under her butt and put her arms under her knees, "Just stay like that," I gasped and fell beside her. "Oh Linda, I think we made it happen. It wasn't much but there is enough sperm inside you to do the job.

She moaned and said, "Oh thank you Josh. Thank you so much for everything. Just lick my clit a little will you. I need to climax again. Oh please Josh."

I kissed her cheek and forced myself to crawl down and pushed her heels aside. I kissed her bloody cunt and licked the oily bloody refuse of her virginity until she climaxed. I reached up for a towel and wiped up the mess on her ass and swabbed the mess off my dick. I pulled a blanket over us and cuddled against my goddess falling into a deep sound satisfied sleep.

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2013-01-22 23:45:09
I actually never saw this blog post boefre today! You did a fabulous job in capturing Josh and Alexis's wedding in pictures. You have a very creative sense but can also think quickly and grab a perfect shot of a fast moving scene like the one of them and all the rose petals in the air. We have a copy of that hanging in our living room and I appreciate it every day. Thanks for your kind words about Josh and your friendship with him and Alexis.. Gary and Diana


2009-06-08 06:42:34
a most unusual and stimulating story. more about the skills thet linda uses.

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