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This is my first story. I've never written anything like this before so please let me know what you think.
I was at a party at my friend Michael’s house a few months ago. A couple of us decided to go to a bedroom upstairs and have a couple of joints. None of us were really big party animals so all the loud music and people were starting to get on our nerves and we wanted to unwind so we went up to Michael’s bedroom and sparked up. After a couple of minutes people started coming up from downstairs and there was a pretty constant flow of people entering and leaving the room, but I couldn’t help but notice one girl in particular.

She was quite tall, and looked a little older than most other people at the party, and yet there was something about her that made her seem incredibly young. Perhaps it was the small breasts, the sparkly dress or the slightly dollish make-up, but whatever the case this infantile nature which I sensed on my first sight of her invoked in me peculiar, protective, almost paternal feelings. She was hurrying between people as though looking for someone, and I felt that I almost desperately wanted her to find that person, so that the frantic look on her face might disappear and I could see her smile.

This was all very strange to me so I looked away and started talking with a friend, presuming that, like most people who had come into the room, she would be gone in a moment, and I would be rid of this odd connection that I felt.

She didn’t leave, however, although, one-by-one, the other inhabitants of the room did. When the friend I was speaking too also got up and went downstairs I thought I may as well speak to her, figuring her to be as good a person as any to spark up a conversation with.

As I approached through the smoke-filled room I overheard some of what she was saying to someone else. Evidently she was trying to sell drugs, none of which she actually had on her person. I heard her promise people cocaine, acid and e with an almost panicked demeanour, and again I felt a protective surge. As I got closer she obviously mistook me for someone she had made such a promise to earlier, yelling at me, “Hold on! I just need to make a few calls, I’ll get it for you.” I opened my mouth to explain but she was already on the phone, explaining to someone why it just wasn’t good enough that he couldn’t bring a couple of tabs round, whether he was at the other side of the country or not.

I stood there dumbfounded and a little stoned for what must have been 20 minutes as gradually the room emptied around me and her voice became more shrill and anguished. Eventually she either hung up or was hung up on. Her shoulders and head slumped in fatigue and disappointment, as neither of us realised that we were the only two left in the room.

When she recovered from her little argument she looked up at me, puzzled. I realised I has been staring at her face the entire time, and quickly snapped my eyes away, finally noticing that we were alone with the smoke. I think she became aware of this in the same instant as she said “sorry, I can get you it for tomorrow if you want.” I shrugged and explained that I hadn’t wanted any drugs. That frantic energy once again rose in her eyes as they welled with angry tears and she screamed at me, demanding to know why I had asked for them then.

Seeing her like this, so upset and frustrated, brought that old paternal connection to a new level and suddenly my arms were around her. I gripped her head to my chest and felt her sob as she made no effort to move away. She looked up at me through that childish eye makeup, which made her seem even more innocent and delicate when stained with tears, and I felt the desire to protect overcome by the desire to love.

I kissed her hard on the mouth, pulling her head into mine with the hand which had a moment ago been stroking her hair like a father. She made no attempt to resist, returning my kiss eagerly, and hungrily slipping her tongue between my lips to meet my own. I held her tighter, fearing she might be carried off at any moment by the forces of the modern world which had somehow involved this sweet little flower in the sale and use of class A narcotics, and as I held her close she became limp in my arms. My hand slid down her back and gently stroked her ass, giving it a small squeeze, to which I felt her breath in my mouth and on my cheek become more rapid. I lifted up the bottom of her dress and slid my hand up her inner thigh. The slowly intensifying heat as I approached her groin made my trouser leg strain under the pressure of my gradually growing erection, which made her whimper ever-so-faintly as I pressed it against her leg.

Her hand curiously explored my torso and made its way to my now-bulging crotch. She ran her fingers along the length of my cock and then squeezed it, and in that moment I no longer saw that young frightened girl, but the woman who she so desperately wanted to be. Desire filled me and I spun her around and took a small step forward, so that the back of her knees pressed softly against the frame of the bed, and a moan of anticipation escaped her lusting mouth as it realisation dawned and I thought I could almost feel her moistening in front of me.

With one hand still stroking the inside of her leg, I used the other to softly remove her underwear. Looking down I saw they were pink, frilly. They looked as though they had been made for young girls but now, like so many of her other childish aspects, they were now merely cause for me to become yet more aroused.

I pulled her dress up over her head and admired her silky body, running my hands over her smooth back and hips. The pressure in my trousers had now become so great that it verged on being painful, and so I loosened my belt and tugged down both my jeans and boxers, carefully manoeuvring them over the bulging head of my ravenous cock.

She lay down on the bed and I saw her chest heave slightly as she eyed my unveiled dick, which I now held and stroked to the same rhythm as I was running my hand along her leg. I wanted to get on my knees and give her oral, to admire with my tongue the pretty little clit which now stood proud and naked before my lust-ridden eyes, and to explore with new rigour her cavernous moistness, whilst caressing her soft buttocks.

The opportunity was lost however, as she reached over and pulled me to her by the hand, whispering something wholly inaudible, and yet entirely comprehensible. I felt dizzy as she pulled me between her legs, and for a moment I paused as my engorged head hovered at the entrance to the promise of unfathomable ecstasy. I looked at her face. It wanted me, it expected me, and so I knew it had to have me.

I thrust forward, forcefully but without aggression, and watched her eyes widen as pleasure exploded through her body. The brown orbs rolled back as she moaned submissively, revealing only virgin white. I entered her again and again, coming almost all the way out each time so as to feel the soft, wet walls of her pussy give way as she moaned and whimpered beneath the weight of my thrust.

After a while I began to fuck her harder, and her low groans of pleasure became screams and squeals as a pounded her tight pussy, grabbing her waist and forcing her up to meet my cock as our bodies collided over and over again. Our love was rhythmic, hypnotic, the sounds of her pleasure providing an erotic melody for the low, seductive bass line of my thick, hard cock forcing its way inside her, swelling with ecstasy until, on the final thrust, when it made its way deepest inside her, annotated by the loudest scream of them all, I fired my load deep within her and fell into her arms, feeling the soft pulsating of her genitals as they released fluids to mingle with my own.

I don’t know how long we lay there, entangled in each other’s bodies, but after a while she released herself, pulled on her dress and left the room without another word. When I rose and got dresses after a few minutes I went downstairs. She was nowhere in the house and no one had seen her, or could even distinctly remember her. I never saw her again. I never even knew her name.

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2011-09-19 22:08:07
God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to fgirue this out.

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2009-06-09 00:57:26
it was ok but kinda gay

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2009-06-07 02:01:40
it would make a fun part 2 if they meet in4 months, she is pregnat, and he (being in his late 30's finds out she is 16- hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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