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"I don't know, it's just so boring, Jess." complained Brooke. Jess sighed and shook her head. Brooke was a beautiful girl. She was tall, around 5'10'' with thick black curls that cascaded down her back. Her mellow brown eyes always seemed unsure. Her breasts were average, about 32 C's. Her ass was perfect though, heart shaped and smooth.

Brooke continued to talk about the prom, while Jess salivated over her beautiful body. Not that Jess was lesbian, heavens no. But just gazing at that tight little body made her pussy juices drench her panties. Jess wondered idly if Brooke could ever be persuaded to have sex with another girl. Probably not though. Brooke's voice jerked her out of her revire.

"Did Tony ask you to the prom? I saw him talking to you yesterday." Jess jumped guiltily, thinking of her boyfriend.
"Yeah, he did. Why wouldn't he?"
Brooke sighed and continued to brush the snarls out of her hair.
"Your soooo lucky to have a guy like Tony, you know that? I mean, no guy in this UNIVERSE would look at me for half a second."

Jess had to chuckle at that. Little did Brooke know that she was the heart throb of all the guys on campus. Often, walking down the hall, boys would whistle at her long, evenly tanned brown legs. Brooke, however, was deaf to compliments.

Brooke and Jess eventually got dressed. Brooke looked stunning, wearing a black strapless dress. It was a dress you had to try on with a girlfriend;You hold your breath with she zips you up. With a white sweater and a small white rose behind her ear, she looked like a fashion model that just stepped off the front cover. Jess wished for Brooke's body. Jess was small and short, with fiery red hair. Her breasts were small too, but with large nipples. She decided to wear her light blue halter top dress. It looked the sexiest, puffing out her breasts and kicking out her behind.

At the prom, Tony came to pick up Jess. His eyes roved all over Brooke, undressing her mentally. Tony winked at Jess, smiling. The two of them had been planning this for monthes. "Hey, Brooke. Me and Jess are going to a party afterwards. Wanna come?"

Brooke smiled her perfect smile at Tony. "Sure. Umm, when is it?"
Brooke smiled again. "Great, I'll be there."
Tony murmered in Jess's ear after Brooke had gone. "Bingo. Easy as pie. I win."

Tony manuvered Jess over to the restroom. Without preamble, the two of them pushed into a stall and Jess hiked up her dress. Tony sniffed at her delicate aroma of her dripping cunt, then plunged his dick in. Jess gave a small yelp, then a moan as Tony began to play with her nipples. Tony worked up a hard, steady rythem. Having her nipples twisted, and being fucked hard by a man she loved was too much for Jess. She came hard, her orgasm shuddering Tony's cock in her pussy. She cried out as Tony gave a final tug on her nipple. He pulled out and Jess automatically got on her knees. Licking his cockhead, she tasted her own juices on it. So this is what Brooke would taste like. Jess engulfed his cock in her mouth. Tony moaned.

"Shit, Jess, yes! Keep sucking my big cock, you dirty slut." Jess gave a happy purr deep in her throat. Tony's hand grabbed handfuls of her hair, pushing her face into his pubic hair. He gave a final moan and shot his load into her mouth. Jess loved this. Swallowing, she stood up and wiped her mouth. The two of them kissed, and headed back out into the prom to capture Brooke.

It was 8:50, and Tony had pulled up to a small house off the campus. Brooke and Jess were in the back, talking. The house was mobbed already, and Tony wondered if he should have brought more people. The more cocks that ravaged Brooke, the better.

Stepping into the house, Brooke was immidatly handed a mug of cold beer. She sighed. Brooke didn't really drink, but she figured it was all right, being prom night and all. She downed it. Withen seconds, she began to feel drowsy. The room swirled in a multicolored haze, and went black.

Brooke awoke slightly cold. A breeze had wafted across her nipples, making them harden. Brooke slowly came to the attention that she was naked. She tried to sit upright, but a rough feeling rope secured her hands above her head. Her feet were tired to the foot board.

"Yo, Brian! She's awake!" the shout pierced Brooke's sore head like an arrow. Almost instantly, hands were feeling all over her body. She struggled, and was rewarded with a smack.
"Don't resist. We'll make it worse if you do." Brooke tried to cry out, but a ball gag was forced between her lips. The rough hands continued their journey, groping her tits, rubbing her pussy. The more she struggled, the more they laughed. Suddenly, she felt something warm and wet enclose around her nipples. She tried to yell, as another man began to eat out her pussy, but it was useless. Suddenly, the gag was ripped from her mouth and a cock was pushed in. Brooke moaned, and began to suck the guy off as he rammed his cock deeper down her throat.

"Oh shit, man, this girls good!"
"Yeah, look how her nipples are standing up. She likes it."
"Oh Jesus..."

Suddenly, on the verge of a climax, the hands and mouths stopped. Brooke tried to scream around the cock in her mouth, but it was a large one, and all that came out was a muffled grunt. The man picked up his pace, thrusting his dick between her lips again and again. Then he erupted, sending five or six spurts of his hot cum down her throat.

Brooke's bonds were severed, and she was flipped into a doggy style position. The drugs and the crush of people kept her from fighting. She screamed bloody murder as a cock was slammed into her virgen pussy, ripping her virginity away from her. Another cock slipped into her open mouth, and two more were thrust into her hands. Mouths were on her nipples, and hands continued to grope. Someone, possibly the one who was fucking her brutally in her pussy, began to spank her. Smack, Smack, Smack, the tempo was relentless. As soon as one person came, another man came up and took his place. The pain and hurt was unbearable. Sometime during the night, her ass was violated, and that became another point of entry. Then Brooke was given the wonderful gift of unconsisness...

Warm. Brooke was warm. She squirmed, trying to break free of the fresh bonds that now held her captive. She heard the door open and shut. Then she heard a voice that was very famililar...

"Hello, Brooke. Welcome to the House of Hell." It was Jess.


2009-06-08 08:13:26
can u show your pictures


2009-06-07 15:52:57
Smells like a sequel. It'd need one to make more sense, very short, very curt story otherwise, alright for erotic material, but not quite enough to get rox off.

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2009-06-07 14:30:48
Try the spell-checker

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