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Janet Continues Her Exploration Part IV

Unfortunately, Janet Continues Her Exploration Part III was inadvertently listed in the Fiction category. This was a mistake on my part. It’s not fiction and when we lived it we learned a lot about ourselves. I guess I was becoming more submissive or Janet was becoming more dominant or both. I’m sorry that many people missed it, but I have had email and favorable comments about it, so those people who did read it liked it. I sent a follow up email to XNNX to correct my error, but they receive so many emails that I wasn’t able to get it corrected.

Roger became a big part of our lives after the Friday evening that he spent with my sensuous young wife, Janet. Janet and I had been seeking other men for her and when we met Roger, who we’d known at Sans Souci a swingers club in Dallas, she wanted him. She’d looked directly into his eyes and smiled at him lustfully. She didn’t care whether he was black or white with the lack of success we’d had that evening. We happened to run into him at Cool River, a nightclub on Walnut Ridge in Las Colinas, not far from where we live. We’d stopped for a nightcap on our way home. Janet danced with him while I ordered everyone a drink and while they were dancing she invited him over to our house even though it was already early in the morning. He immediately accepted her invitation and Janet rode with him to make certain he didn’t get lost.

We chatted in the kitchen briefly as my wife held onto Roger’s arm and I commented, “I didn’t know what my role would be,” and he’d replied, “That I’d have to figure that out for myself.” I went to our bar and began to make everyone a drink while my lovely wife took Roger on a tour of our house. They were upstairs, in the master bedroom, when he took her into his arms and kissed her. She’d been surprised, but she smiled at him and put her arms around his neck and passionately returned his kiss. She was feeling adventurous and felt like ‘being a bad girl’ and when they began making out she’d become aroused and she realized her nipples were aching and that she was already wet. Janet later said, “Roger was different, when he kissed me it was like electricity shooting through me and I could feel his huge penis rubbing against me. He knew he could do anything he wanted to do with me and I wouldn’t stop him. I wanted it and I wanted him.” I know she was being honest with me because she gave herself to him completely. When Roger saw how she’d responded to him he knew she was his and he had no intention of stopping what he’d started. When I entered our bedroom with their drinks, they set them down on the nightstand beside the bed and ignored me. My wife has always looked good to me, but watching her pressing her body hungrily against Roger’s, she was ravishing. She was naked under her black dress that ended three inches above her knees and showed her long legs off to perfection while her distended nipples caught both Roger’s and my attention. Her tight dress accentuated her slim hips; tight ass, slender waist, flat waist and full breasts and the four-inch ‘fuck me’ heels that she was wearing made her almost as tall as Roger. I was so proud that I was married to her.

Janet had been with Kevin, Bob and then Stan while I’d watched her infidelities. She’d been with me or another girl first and she’d become aroused and she’d wanted and needed more. All of them moved in on her without any preliminaries and taken advantage of the situation. I’m not implying they were opportunists, she’d been easy. When they had her, all of them had taken her in the missionary position, but Roger was different. He was more self-assured than any of her previous partners had been or maybe Janet had given up all of her inhibitions. She was no longer my reserved wife; she looked like a wild animal in heat. To top it off, he’d taken her in her own bed in front of her husband.

I watched Roger eat Janet’s beautiful baby-smooth pussy. He’d played with her clitoris, pinching and massaging her clit with two fingers while his thick tongue had been all over her clitoris until he’d driven her crazy. She had been on top of him supporting her weight with her arms that she’d extended like when you do a push up. She’d been sucking his oversized penis, but she’d given up and placed the palms of her hands flat upon the bed. Whatever he was doing to her pussy pushed her over the edge because she was holding onto his huge black cock with her left hand as if she was going to fall off of him. She had one arm between his thighs and her other arm was on the outside of his right leg. Her beautiful long hair hung down to his thighs, her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. The expression on her young face was contorted as if she was in some sort of pain and her forehead was wrinkled as her lower lip quivered uncontrollably. Every few minutes she turned her head and looked over her left shoulder in Roger’s direction. Then, she turned around and looked forward although her eyes remained closed, but her mouth was wide open. From time to time, Roger’s oversized penis, which pointed at the ceiling, rubbed against her creamy breasts. She remained in this position, seemingly motionless, unless you looked down at her ass, which she was fucked furiously against Roger’s face and hand. Every few minutes her eyes opened and then they rolled back in her head.

When Roger mounted her, my wife’s hand caressed his huge black penis and when he finally moved between her thighs, she reached down and pulled her lips wide apart as he guided the head of his enormous organ into her cunt. Her body was shaking uncontrollably when he entered her. Her hands supported her widely spread thighs, on either side of his hips, and she held them a few inches off of our bed. His mouth covered hers and his tongue entered her open mouth. She was panting and whimpering and then moaning and groaning and making all sorts of incoherent sounds. Her lips were pressed tightly against his as his muscular buttocks began to move, slowly at first, but he soon began pumping his monstrous cock in and out of her more forcefully. He increased his tempo until only his hands and feet were touching our bed as if he was doing push ups as he fed my wife his heavily veined penis which glistened with her wetness. Janet moved underneath him as if she was on fire and there was a rash on her chest just above her trembling breasts that were flattened against his powerful black chest. Roger was handsome, muscular and enormously endowed. His moves were practiced and deliberate and he teased and played with her body like he’d been with her before. He knew what buttons to push and he found all of her sweet spots. After he fucked her through five orgasms in the missionary position he rolled over on his back and positioned her on top of him. Then, he stopped moving and just lay there with his huge cock buried deep inside her. He just sat there smiling up at my wife as he played with my wife’s long thick nipples, pinching, pulling and twisting them. Janet was so hot that she began fucking him by herself while he held onto her hips. When she began to get close to coming, he thrust his hips upwards forcefully while he held onto her ass. She moaned out loud, “You’re going to make me come, Roger, please make me come. Aiiee! I’m coming, Yes, Yes, Yes! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

He fucked her in a half dozen different positions before he buried two thick black fingers up her virgin ass. In the past when we’d gone to clubs a guy occasionally stuck his finger up Janet’s ass and it had always pissed her off. But, she didn’t complain or make any effort to stop Roger; instead, she’d shook her tight little ass until his fingers were buried completely in her ass. Then, he put a third finger up her ass and he finger fucked her tight little ass while he fucked her. I knew what he was doing and what he was going to do to my sweet little wife, he was going to fuck her ass. Janet had a girlfriend who dated black guys and she’d begun calling me on my cell phone. She told me that Janet had confided in her that she wanted to fuck black men because they had big, and she repeated herself, ‘huge’ dicks. Then, she lowered her voice and told me, “That I was worthless and that if I loved Janet I should start stretching her ass because when she dated a black dude, he’d fuck her ass and it didn’t matter if she didn’t want it, because he’d take it anyway.” She called me so often and humiliated me that as soon as she said, “Charlie, it’s me,” my dick got hard, but I bough Janet a black butt plug anyway.

Janet’s hands cupped Roger’s muscular black ass each time he bottomed out in her vagina. I couldn’t see the expression on her face when she climaxed but the seizures that shook her body and her spasms were unmistakable. She tensed and the muscles in her neck were corded as her pubic mound fused with Roger’s. I could barely make out the outline of Roger’s enormous penis as he relentlessly fucked my wife’s tight pussy. He hadn’t gotten his nut yet and he continued fucking her without slowing down. The blush on my wife’s chest told me that Roger had made her cum. I knew she had because she kept curling her toes. He continued thrusting in and out of her belly and her body shook with excitement, every nerve alive as he gave her what I had never been able to give her. His hands slipped under her tight ass and his black dick, coated with their juices, her cream and his cum, drove relentlessly in and out of her widely stretched vagina. My gorgeous young wife was receiving the fucking of her life from our friend whom we’d known at Sans Souci. It was obvious when Janet came again a few moments later… Her moans of unmitigated pleasure filled our bedroom in between the lewd noise that his heavy black balls made every time they struck her defenseless asshole. “Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaargh! Mmmmmm! Mmmpphh! Nnnnooo! Uuuummm! Yeeesss! Feed my pussy, Baby, feed her, She’s so hungry, Baby! Don’t stop fucking me!” She was groaning in ecstasy when she began begging Roger to “Fuck her harder and “Fuck your little whore, I want to feel your hot cum to cum fill my womb, again!”

Anyway, walking Roger to his BMW, I invited him back that evening, telling him, “I knew that Janet would enjoy being with him again.” In truth, I wanted to watch him tear her ass up, again. After her second night with him, Janet told me, “He was much better at sex than I was and she planned to keep on seeing him.” When I pressured her about him she said, “Look Honey, it was your idea all along and you pushed me. Now, what do you want me to say? That you’re better in bed than he is, is that what you want me to say? Well that would be a lie you’re not. I thought that I’d die when his beautiful black cock made me come and come until I lost count of the times that he made me orgasm. He ejaculated inside me six times and every time that he came, I could feel it. He awoke feelings in me I didn’t know were there, it was wonderful, it was exciting and I need more. I want to see him again or, at least, other men like him. I love you and I want to be married to you, but you wanted to watch me with other men. You’ve gotten what you wanted. I gave you what you wanted. Now, give me what I want. I won’t be satisfied if I don’t have a cock like his fucking me into submission, from time to time.” I didn’t know what to say and I was worried, “But, Sweetheart, he’ll own you, don’t you see?” I responded to her. She looked at me and smiled as she looked away, “He already does.”

Well, I tried desperately to reason things out. He’d given her something she’d never had before…a ten-inch plus sized penis and he was satisfying her in ways that she’d never remotely imagined to be possible. He’d become her man, at least sexually and emotionally for that matter, while I was just her husband. Roger awakened something primeval in my wife and she loved it. She couldn’t get enough of it. Secretly, I knew what my wife told me humiliated me, but it also made my penis extremely hard and promised to satisfy my submissive desires at the same time. I guess at this point in my life, I was ready to give my wife someone like Roger and to serve him myself.

Thinking back on that evening, after Janet had come five times on Roger’s oversized penis she looked over at me through glazed eyes and saw me masturbating. “Charlie, don’t just sit there jacking off your penis like a sissy, come over her and fuck my hot cunt like Roger.” I was shocked that Janet had used that kind of language. I’d never heard her talk that way before. She’d always told me my penis was beautiful. At least, she’d told me that before Kevin, Bob, Stan fucked her. And, now Roger, who was bigger than any of them, had fucked her, too. I quickly hopped up on our bed and kneeled between my wife’s widespread thighs. I’d never seen such a look of contentment on her face before and as I placed my penis at the mouth of her vagina I could see a steady stream of semen leaking out of her. I pushed the head of my throbbing penis into her silky vagina and she sucked my penis inside her… It was like I didn’t have to move; the muscles in her vagina pulled me into her. My throbbing penis felt like it was in a bucket of hot oil and the sensations were incredible and I couldn’t take it. There’s something about fucking a freshly fucked woman that’s incomparable to anything else in the world, especially if she is your wife. But, as I watched Janet turn her head towards Roger to kiss him while he squeezed her long thick nipples, she opened her mouth to accept his tongue. My penis began to twitch and quiver and then I shot string after string of cum inside of her. As the sensations of the deepest orgasm I’d ever experienced reverberated throughout my penis, Janet explained to Roger, “Charlie’s already cum, Baby, he usually lasts a little longer than that,” as she looked at me scornfully.

I wanted to apologize to Janet and tell her I was fine and I wanted to fuck her again, but my body had betrayed me. Janet looked in my direction and said, “Charlie, just go make us another drink and don’t make any noise when you come back, I want to feel Roger fucking me some more, especially after that.” When I returned with their drinks Janet was on top of Roger and his right hand was on her ass with his middle finger buried up her asshole while his left hand clutched her left shoulder. His hips thrust upwards furiously as he slammed into my wife’s vagina unmercifully. I know that he was slamming into her cervix; he had to be. Her long hair cascaded to the bed on either side of his face as she lowered her lips toward his and she stuck her tongue in his mouth so that he could suck on it. Finally, she placed her cheek on the bed next to his head as orgasm after orgasm washed through her. Janet was oblivious to everything except the ecstasy Roger’s oversized organ had given her.

After Roger left, I didn’t say a word, I positioned myself between her thighs and ate his semen out of her vagina. I paid attention to her swollen clit and she came three more times as a result of my ministrations. I went to get a drink of water and when I came back to bed she was asleep. I couldn’t sleep and I went into the kitchen and took two Bayer aspirin as I began to review different things in my head. I knew that Roger would become a big part of our lives after tonight. That wasn’t news; we all knew that. I was just attempting to make a little sense out of something that hadn’t made sense earlier. I tried to reason things out. I knew that white girls and woman were easier to control than black women. I remembered the Pew Poll that I’d recently read in which 83% of Americans agreed it was all right for blacks and whites to date and that it was increasingly considered to be racist if you didn’t date outside your race. I’d also read that black men were much more sexually aggressive than white men. Especially white men who’d been married to their wives as long as I had to Janet, which was almost ten years. Black men, on average, possessed much larger sexual organs than their white counterparts and that was certainly true with Roger. A larger penis means a woman experiences greater satisfaction and sexual fulfillment than she’d experience when she engaged in sex with a man who had a smaller penis. Janet’s black lover could hit places inside her vagina and womb; yes womb that I, her husband, would never touch. Interracial sex was thought of less and less within our liberated era as a ‘taboo’. Still, the ramifications of breaking a societal taboo make such an act, in and of itself, exciting. More and more white woman are saying, “They don’t have a problem with black men or interracial sex,” which in effect is their way of saying that they aren’t racists. And that means they have no reservations about spreading their legs for a huge black cock. I’d encouraged Janet to explore her sexuality from the day we married because I had an undeniable and irresistible desire to watch another man fuck her until he made her orgasm, uncontrollably. I’d introduced my young wife to those swinging clubs and to Sans Souci and Ecstasy and finally her body had betrayed her; she was only human. She’d given in and surrendered to its lusts. She’d had sex with three other men and Kevin, her first lover, had been black.

I had encouraged Janet to take control of our sexual activities several years earlier and she had refused just as she told me that she didn’t want to be with other men. Then, slowly and tentatively she’d begun to take a little control her and there. She thought that it was cute for me to swallow my own cum so she’d demanded that I swallow my own semen after she’d sucked my dick. I had refused at first, but soon I was swallowing every drop of cum that I deposited in her mouth. She even used that term; she said, “She was going to make a deposit.” She did, right in my mouth and soon I looked forwards to swallowing my cum. Then, she had broadened her scope. I remember that evening when we’d been with Mary and Jerry. She’d sucked Jerry off and she’d saved his semen for me. She kissed me and when I opened my mouth to kiss her, she’d filled it with his cum. I didn’t know what to do so I swallowed it. I looked at Janet and she was smiling at Mary. Mary knew that I had just swallowed her husband’s cum. Soon, I was swallowing a lot of different guy’s cum that Janet had sucked off. At this point, I’d become what she humiliatingly referred to as, “Her little cumslut.” I’d sucked Roger’s horse cock this evening and I didn’t want to admit the fact to myself that I’d enjoyed it and I wanted more. Tonight, Janet had verbally humiliated me when I ejaculated in her vagina prematurely. She wanted bigger things, literally, and that meant humiliating me and crushing my self-esteem. Last, but not least, my wife’s experiences with Roger had ignited her sexuality and fueled it for deeper and more intense orgasms than she had ever thought to be physically possible.

The next day, a Sunday afternoon, we were laying out by the pool and I mentioned the previous evening to Janet, particularly, Roger fucking her. I may have been seeking reassurance, but I didn’t get any. She was open with me when she told me, “Charlie, what do you want me to say? Do you want me to lie and tell you that Roger isn’t any good in bed? I’m not going to lie and tell you that you’re better than he is because you’re not, Sweetheart, and I’m going to keep on seeing him.” When I pressured her about that she said, “Look Honey, it’s been your idea all along, you’ve pushed me. Now, what do you want me to do when I’ve found out how good it can be? That I don’t want to feel that way again? Well that would be a lie; too. Roger made me feel things I’ve never felt before. He made me orgasm as soon as he entered me and he was only half way inside me and then I orgasmed all night. I lost count of the number of times that he made me come. Sometimes, they were multiple orgasms and then they were orgasms building on other orgasms. The head of his penis hit my cervix and then slid past when he fucked me. It hurt like shit at first, but it began to feel better and better as he continued fucking me. I gave up trying to keep count of the number of times he made me orgasm. He ejaculated inside me six times and every time he came, I could feel his hot cum deep inside me. He awoke feelings in me I didn’t know were there, it was wonderful, it was exciting and I need more. I want, no, I need to see him again or, at least, other men like him. I love you and I want to be married to you, but you wanted to watch me with other men. You’ve gotten what you wanted. I gave you what you wanted. Now, give me what I want. I won’t be satisfied if I don’t have a cock like that fucking me into submission from time to time.” I didn’t know what to say and I was worried, “But, Sweetheart, he’ll own you, don’t you understand?” I responded to her. She looked at me and smiled as she slowly looked away, “He already does. It was the best sex of my life, sweetheart, I have to have more. I loved watching you sucking his dick and I know he liked it, too. It’s so excitingly wicked to watch your husband sucking another man’s penis, I mean his cock, when you know that in a short time he’s going to be fucking me, fucking the wife. It’s incredibly hot watching you, my husband, sucking another man’s penis and getting him ready to fuck me! Both the husband and his wife are servicing the guy and I know Roger wants me to watch you swallowing his cum while you’re jacking off.”

Janet decided we’d come to a point in our lives where she ‘wanted to be married to two men’; those were her words. She said, “She wanted two husbands,” and that Roger, “Wanted us to be his ‘love couple’ and satisfy him, but he’d talk to us about it together.” Roger called us that evening and he had both of us get on the telephone together. He told us he’d been thinking about how we could serve him and if we’d have an interest he’d drop by on Tuesday evening and discuss his idea with us. Before he came over he wanted me to be naked and he wanted Janet in her underwear and heels. In addition, I was to be blindfolded and have the cuffs we had on my wrists with my arms behind my back. We were absolutely forbidden to engage in any type of sexual behavior before Tuesday evening. He repeated himself regarding his instructions. I knew Janet’s interest in Roger; we’d already discussed that when she told me that she’d be fucking Roger in the future, ‘with or without my approval’. I enjoyed sucking his cock and I wanted to make him come and to swallow his cum, but I also wanted to watch him fuck my lovely wife again, too. He had given her so much pleasure and made her very happy.

Janet and I were ready on Tuesday evening. I cleaned Janet’s bathroom like I always do. I’d mopped the tile floor, dusted her counter and her makeup, washed her bathtub and filled it with water and bubble bath and I’d lit several scented candles. I adjusted the lighting until there was just enough light for her to see, which made for a romantic atmosphere. Then, I went to the work out room and hopped into the shower. I didn’t need to take my clothes off because I was already naked. My dick jutted out from my loins and was as hard as a rock. Washing it with soap made me want to jack off so badly I could hardly stand it, but I just turned up the cold water. I shaved and put on some Dolce & Gabbana and went downstairs with my hard dick leading the way. When I got downstairs Janet was already there. I could smell her expensive french perfume. She was wearing a pair of red four-inch heels she referred to as her ‘fuck me’ heels, a red thong and a red shelf bra that lifted her creamy breasts up high, but they were totally exposed and her long thick nipples were erect. She put her makeup on too heavily the way she usually does when we go out, only we weren’t going out. Her eye shadow was too heavy and her mascara looked a little overdone, too. I liked the blue glitter on her neck and between her breasts. She was wearing dark red lipstick and I could see that she had shaved her pussy. Her long thick nipples were so inviting that I wanted to touch them, but I remember what Roger had told us. We heard a car in the driveway and she said, “Oh Charlie! I forgot the blindfold and the cuffs!” She ran into the dining room and quickly came back into the living room bringing them with her. I sat down in a straight-backed chair and she handcuffed my wrists behind the back of the chair and slipped the blindfold over my head and covered my eyes so I couldn’t see anything. I heard the doorbell ring just as she was finishing with me and Janet opened the door. I heard Roger’s booming voice as he walked into our home, “Very nice, very nice indeed! How is my new slave couple? My very first white slave couple,” he added. I responded by saying, “Hello Master Roger.” Roger addressed me saying, “Very good Charlie. But, you will address me as Master,” and I heard myself reply, “Yes, Master.” He walked up to Janet and said, “How is my new black cock whore and personal slut-slave?” Janet replied, “Very well, Master, except and then she paused. Roger asked her, “Except for what, slut-slave?” Janet responded to him, “Except this slut-slave needs to be fucked by your big dick.” Master replied, “All in good time, slut-slave, all in good time.”

My dick pointed up towards the ceiling when Roger, I mean Master, walked by me. Master went on and addressed me, “Slave Charlie, the reason for the blindfold will be obvious shortly. I shall refer to you from now on as ‘slave’ until I wish to give you a new moniker. Slave, I shouldn’t have to explain anything to you or to your wife, but I shall indulge you and your slut wife, who I will refer to as slut-slave, at least for the time being. Slut-slave contacted me on Sunday evening after she’d discussed her feelings about me with you by the pool earlier that afternoon. She explained to me how you two had been searching for men who could satisfy her sexually when we happened to meet at Cool River that Friday evening. She told me after Saturday night she’d decided that she wanted to be my slave and that since you were already her cumslut, you would become my slave, as well. My dick was throbbing when he said that, I wanted to touch it so badly. Slut-slave told me about your desire to see other men use her and debase her. She told me about all your dirty little secrets and she went into great detail regarding your inability to satisfy her sexually, other than orally. She told me about her interest in other women and your insatiable craving for cum.

Slut-slave told me of your desire to see other men fuck her from the day you married and she told me about all your furtive efforts and the swinging singles clubs before we met at Souci. Slut-slave told me about Kevin and how he’d created a desire deep within her to couple with well-hung black men. Slut-slave told me of her desire to humiliate you and how excited she becomes when she humiliates and debases you publicly and how much you secretly enjoy it, too. She told me how wet she becomes just fantasizing about you sucking another man’s penis. I was already aware of your proclivity in that area by the way you sucked my cock Saturday evening. She’s quite proud of herself for training you to eat your own semen along with other men’s cum. I think we’ll be able to satisfy you cumslut. Slave, I hate to explain things, but slut-slave is like a racehorse. For her to be satisfied, she needs to be soundly fucked on a regular schedule and one man will never be capable of satisfying her. Consequently, my friends, associates and even total strangers will fuck her in the future, who ever, when ever and where ever I say. I will design a program that will provide her with the proper conditioning that she requires. There is one caveat that I must add; however, you will not be permitted to fuck slut-slave without my express permission. For that matter, you will not be permitted to masturbate either. I will tell you when you may come and should you attempt to masturbate on your own, you will be punished.

I heard him snicker as he told me, Slave, I’ll take your blindfold off now and you can suck my dick. He took my blindfold off and when I saw Janet she was also naked. Her eyes were glazed and she was a little unsteady on her feet. Her lipstick was smeared and her long thick nipples were erect, her pussy was puffy and gaping, and a steady stream of semen was running down her thighs. Roger, I mean, Master, was also naked. He’d fucked Janet while he was talking to me! Slave, before you suck my dick, you will lick my cum out of slut-slave’s pussy. In the future, any time a man fucks her you will lick his cum out of her.” I found myself kneeling between Janet’s thighs who’d sat in the chair in which I’d been sitting and without thinking I replied, “Thank you, Master. I leaned forward and stuck my tongue in my wife’s pussy and immediately tasted Roger’s potent semen. Master was sitting on the sofa watching me clean up Janet and I paid particular attention to her swollen clit. She began fucking my face, she was going to come and when she did her pussy her pussy tightened and more of Master’s semen dripped out of her and into my mouth. Then, I turned and began sucking Roger’s, I mean Master’s penis. I swallowed the thick shiny head and sucked all around his helmet, which immediately stiffened and grew hard. I began to bob my head up and down on his penis that pushed its way to the back of my throat. Master said, “Slave more suction and less teeth as I stuck the tip of my tongue in his piss hole. I couldn’t get over how big he was and I felt sorry for my wife who would be ass fucked by this monstrous penis again and again. Then, I realized that Master would fuck me too and my eyes became even bigger. Master told Janet to put on her strap-on and fuck me while I sucked his majestic penis. Janet left the room and returned shortly. Thank goodness she’d coated it with Vaseline before she lined it up with my tight sphincter muscle, which was no match for her strap-on. She bottomed out deep inside me and began fucking me. Soon all three of us had found a rhythm as Master fucked my face while Janet fucked my ass. I was taking more and more of Master’s cock along with Janet’s strap-on when Master said to Janet, “Your husband is an excellent cocksucker. Janet was hitting my prostate gland and I knew that she was going to make me come. I moved into her and the waves deep inside me became larger and more intense. I began to tighten my anus and when Roger came in my mouth I began to have a prostate orgasm and Roger’s semen was running down my cheeks while I was swallowing string after string of his come. Janet said, “Master, Charlie is a great cocksucker,” and Roger acknowledged this fact by saying, “Your white boy sucks some bad ass cock, slut-slave.”

To be continued…

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2014-09-02 19:57:12
it's exciting to think about your own wife being fucked senseless by a big cocked black man. and I can understand why white men get cuckolded by these strong black men.
beware what you ask for or you will lose your lovely wife to those guys and be left on your own charlie.

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2011-02-21 09:27:42
I liked his other story better but it sounds like it really happened until the end.


2010-07-06 11:34:55
My late wife wanted to try some black cock too, also she wanted to see me suck a cock, get fucked by one and me to fuck another guy, let alone I liked the taste of cum in her mouth and I enjoyed watching her sucking other cocks. I also loved the feeling of cum in her pussy and she would streach her pussy to show me my cum inside her wet pussy. We enjoyed the thought of her with other men as I helped guide a cock into her and I enjoyed her wet, hot cum filled pussy. God I love her so much and I miss her so much. She was my soul mate and that is very hard to find . All of you are very lucky to have your soul mate in your life. I know when I leave this world I will be with her again. I love your stories, keep it going.

Charlie SandersReport

2009-06-12 07:50:58
I know some people have experienced a problem getting into this story. I understand. If I hadn't lived it I would too. In the next chapter Janet becomes increasingly committed to having sex with well-endowed black studs like a huge number of white women have become today. I think our sexy black president has become an idol for many white women, today.

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