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I got into a little situation with my brother.
My Older Brother And I
Part 1

(The beginning is the intro so just bear with me)

My Name is Ashlee and I am 19 years old, although I was 14ish when this happened. (So starting now everything will be according to when I was 14 and although this is a true story I did add in a few things to spice it up). I am about 5’2” and I would not say that I am little but I would say I am about average. I have blonde hair a couple inches past my shoulders. My boobs are a clean 36b and firm with slightly smaller than average nipples. I have about the perfect hips and ass and I am not fat in any way. I have two borhter who both have brown hair and brown eyes. The younger one, Jimmy, is 10 and about 4’ 8” with a slim build and kind of nerdy. The older one, Derek, who is 17, is about 5’8” tall with a slim build and muscular build. (He is more of a jock than anything else.) We all live with our mother because our father died when I was just in elementary school. Also, because I have the only girl I have my own room and bathroom while my brothers share one. This isn’t about both of my brothers though. Derek is the one who I had interaction with.

I had recently figured out how good it felt to touch myself. Sometimes I would rub my pussy and clit until my arm was sore. One time when I had come home from school early because I decided to skip my last two classes, I thought I would touch myself for a while since I knew that my mother wasn’t coming home till late and my brothers both had to stay after school for activities.
As soon as I got home I went to my bedroom and stripped everything off knowing no on would be home for hours. I knew I would get thirsty sometimes in the middle so I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge, pinching and playing with my nipples as I walked through my house naked. When I got back to my room I immediately got on my bed and laid down with my legs spread open and ran my fingers through my pussy. All I had on my mind was how good my warmth felt around my fingers and how moist I was. Soon after I had begun my older brother got home but I didn’t hear him so when he walked past my room I didn’t know he was there. He had just stood there staring at me as I rubbed my pussy and moaned softly. I just happened to open my eyes and see him standing there and I followed his eyes as he looked my body over, from my legs to my pussy to my nipples and finally my face. When we looked each other in the eyes I immediately tried to cover myself. For the rest of the night we didn’t talk to each other except for the all the apologies we exchanged. The next day we didn’t talk at all.
The next day when we had all gone to bed and fallen asleep, Derek came to my room and woke me up and took me into my bathroom where Mom wouldn’t hear us talking.
“Ashlee, I think we should talk about what you were doing yesterday when I got home.”
“Derek, I am sorry, I shou…” he cut me off.
“Ashlee, will you please take off your shirt.”
(I sleep in just a big t-shirt that came down to my knees almost. He was just in his boxers)

I did as he told me to do, silently. I took off my shirt and now I was standing in front of him completely exposed except for the panties I was wearing.
“Okay, now please, remove your underwear.” He had told me next.
I removed my panties and crossed my legs not wanting Derek to see my pussy again.
“Now sit down and open your legs, please. I want you to touch yourself for me.” Looking me up and down as he said it.
So I sat down but kept my legs crossed. “Derek why do you want me to do this. I mean I am your sister.”
“ Please just do it for me.” He told me softly.
I opened my legs and started rubbing my pussy. He was sitting on the toilet cover watching me, his eyes running up and down my body. I had started to really get into it and started to moan quietly. I saw him pull down his boxers and start stroking his cock as I rubbed my pussy. I watched him stroke himself and it started to get me really hot. I put my head back and increased speed which increased my breathing and wetness.
I almost screamed when I felt my hips being lifted up. I looked up and saw that Derek had gotten between my legs knelt down and started licking my pussy. It felt soo good I moved my hand and put one hand on his head while I played with my tits with the other. I came when he started fingering my pussy while licking my clit… it was such a powerful orgasm, it was amazing.
When he stopped I felt him lift my hips a little higher. I opened my eyes and saw him just as he positioned him self so that my butt was on his thighs.
Then I realized… my brother is about to have sex with me. I shouldn’t let him but I don’t know maybe I did want it because I couldn’t tell him to stop and make it sound like I mean it. “Derek what are you doing?” I asked, already knowing the answer.
“Ash, I want to have sex with you. I know you’re a virgin and I want to be the one that changes that. Baby let me inside you, I will make it feel so good” He waited for me to answer even though I could tell he was going to do it anyway.
(He didn’t know that it wasn’t going to hurt me because I have been using my moms toy.)
I decided to go with the flow since I couldn’t avoid it, not to mention I am extremely horny. “One thing first,” I said. I leaned up and pulled my brother to me and kissed him. He started massaging my tongue with his. As we kissed I felt him put the head of his cock right to my opening. I broke away from the kiss and said, “I trust you Derek, please I want you to go in.”
And with that I held me breath and I exhaled when I felt him go inside me. His cock was not huge but it sure felt really big. “Oh my god Ashlee you are so unbelievably tight.” He groaned.
He then started caressing my tits and started sliding himself in and out of me not going all the way in. I closed my eyes and started moaning for him, not loudly but enough to know he is pleasuring me. “Oh my god Ash, your pussy keeps squeezing me, it feels so warm and tight around my dick,” he told me. His strokes got deeper and deeper in me and he started licking and nibbling my tits. It felt amazing, I did not even have to fake moaning anymore, instead I had to try and stay quiet.
“Derek, I love you so much,” I said to him through my hard breathing. With that said he let out a sigh, and I started feeling something warm inside me. Then I felt more warmth as it felt myself filling up. That’s when it hit me, “My 17 year old brother came inside me. I stopped moaning and pushed away from him and felt his cock slide out of me. He didn’t say that he was sorry or anything, he just watched me as I ran out of my bathroom, and I felt the cum he just put in me slide down my thigh a little.
I had forgotten my shirt in the bathroom so I went to my dresser and put on a regular t-shirt, I didn’t even care that it didn’t cover anything below my belly button. As soon as I had it on I jumped into bed, got under the covers, and thought about what I just did with my brother. It felt strange and I think I liked it but, it never felt completely wrong. I reached between my legs and wiped off some of the cum that was dripping down my leg with my finger and licked it off. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all I thought. I will discuss everything in the morning.

This is the first time I have ever written about this. So, I would like you honest opinion about how it was and if I should add or remove anything. If you do enjoy it, I have other things I have done with him that you might enjoy. So fell free to contact me on my yahoo (which I am on quite often) or AIM (which I am on less frequently).

Yahoo ID

There will be a part II if you approve of it. I will also write about something you request if you ask and we have done it.

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2013-01-18 08:33:14
Very Good Story.
Keep writing.

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2012-09-18 09:22:22
i had a close attempt to have sex with my cousin, she was older than me by three years. I was 6 then so i didnt know why she was showing me he pussy. It was good to just touch it but i didnt feel gulty since i had no idea i shudnt get naked with my cousin. I think about it now and i tell myself 'nothing wrong feels good anywhere'

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2012-08-13 10:52:14
i'm a lesbien and that story made me squirt all over my laptop screen

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