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Frank Sinatra was playing a gig in Chicago when he noticed female Siamese twins in the audience sitting in the front row enjoying his performance. Frank had a sexual thing for Siamese twins, so he asked his manager to invite them to his hotel room nearby. The manager went over to the two young attractive Siamese twins and asked them if they would like to spend the evening with Mr. Sinatra.
"Oh, yes," they both eagerly replied, excited by the opportunity to spend time with a legend. The manager then escorted them both to Frank's room and he got into bed with them and started to have sex with them. When he was screwing the first twin, the other one took out a saxophone and started playing jazz tunes, sounding just like Charlie Parker. When he was finished with the first twin, the second one took out a trumpet and started playing jazz tunes. She sounded great also like Dizzy Gillespie.
About a year later, Frank was back in Chicago for another gig and the Siamese twins noticed that he would be playing at a club nearby. The one asks the other, "should we go to see him again?"
The other replied, "I don't know, do you think he would remember us?"
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