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the second part of the story
This is the second part of the skiing trip story. If you liked the first one you will definitely like this to. It contains much more action.
If you want me to continue the story you should let me know. I apologize for the language mistakes but as I said I’m not English. I hope this is better then the first one.
Please comment!

Skiing trip 2 - Stranded

I was standing naked in the mountain cabin with my full glory disposed to my sisters and the others

viewing pleasure. My cock was pulsating about to burst any moment. I was frozen to the spot for a few

seconds before deciding that the best way out of this situation is to get inside the sleeping bag beside my

sister as fast as possible.. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. I just acted on instinct I guess. Amy

opened up the bag and I got on to my knees and pushed my legs inside. Moment later a saw the flaw in

the plan. The bag was only meant for one person use. When I was half way in I realized that my dick was

going to brush against my sisters face if I went any deeper.

- What are you waiting for, - she asked - Come in already, you’re letting the heat out.

I thought what the heck its inevitable, before I pushed my body deeper into the sleeping bag. As I was

anticipating my hard dick poked Amy right in the forehead and slid down between her eyes and touched

her barely open mouth to. To my amazement she seemed to like it and even kissed the head when it was

at her mouth. Now you may think it’s unlikely and made up, but since I last jacked of 3 day ago and this

being a very sexually intriguing moment for me I felt my balls stirring. It was a very well known feeling for

me. I quickly realized what was about to happen but before I could act the first stream of my hot cum shot

Amy directly in the face. She was caught off guard and the cum went straight inside her gasping mouth. I

pushed myself downwards into the bag or at least wanted to but before I could Amy held me in place and

swallowed my member. I shot at least 7 streams of cum in my little sisters mouth. I knew it was really

wrong and that we had witnesses to, but it was an overwhelming feeling. In that moment I could not care

less who was watching. I was in heaven. It seemed to me she was swallowing my cum. After I finished

cumming I felt she was sucking out every last drop. After a few moments later I started realizing what just

happened and quickly slid inside the bag. My dick made a weird sound when it came lose of my little

sisters mouth. She licked her lips and kissed me on the mouth( we were face to face in the sleeping bag).

I was so shocked I couldn’t think about anything to say or to do. Amy was the one who broke the ice by

whispering Into my ear.

- I love you Robert, I said I will make up for the trouble I put you in.

- I love you to sis but you know this I wrong I mean it’s really wrong.

- Why is it wrong, I love you and i want you to feel good.

- Because! Brothers and sisters are not supposed to do this stuff, look I appreciate you wanting to help me

but this must not happen again. - I saw tears forming under her innocent blue eyes and started feeling

sorry for her.

- You were the one who shot his load in my face. - she said in a tearful tone.

- I’m sorry about that, I didn’t mean to, it was an accident.

- You’re sorry but what’s done is done and you can do nothing to change it and I won’t deny I didn’t enjoy

you’re taste. - she added.

I could not believe what she was saying, and the way she reacted to the situation. I was trying to convince

myself that it was only an accident but to be honest I liked it to. So was I a bad person? Not knowing what

to say I spoke.

- Let’s sleep on it and talk it over tomorrow, ok? - she nodded and sighed.

By now I was guessing that everyone was in his or her bag but I was wrong. I saw Beth near the fire and it

seemed to me she was crying. I started feeling bad for her. After all this wasn’t a good situation to be in. I

looked over Julie and Suzie’s bag and saw they were looking at me. I realized they must have seen

everything. I could not change what happened, so like my sister said before “what’s done is done”, and

believe me it was “done”. If my mom founds out I’m dead meat, I thought to myself. Mike seemed to sleep

but after a second glace I could see his bag move rhythmically somewhere around his waist. It was clear

to me he was jacking of to what he just saw. I thought about Beth again. She was in for a surprise when

she was going to get in her sleeping bag. I closed my eyes and waited to fall asleep but it was harder then

I thought. I imagined that because of me being so tired an all, I would fall asleep quickly but it wasn’t so. My

dick was hard again and I could feel it was pressed against my sisters pussy lips. It was a great feeling

but it also kept my mind racing for a long time. I thought how easy it would be to just push forward a little

and enter my sisters warm pussy, but I knew better. She was my sister after all. I know I just came in her

mouth, but it was an accident. But I also thought about what she said about liking it. After a long time I

managed to drift into a very deep sleep.

When I woke I was feeling great. At first I didn’t realize where I was but slowly remembered. I could feel my

sister pressed against my chest. I was a really good feeling having her so close to me. I felt the heat of her

naked body against mine, her relaxed breathing, her breasts against my chest, but I was aware of a

strange and unknown sensation around my pubic area. As I moved a bit a realized what was happening.

To my shock I felt that my dick was buried in my sisters tight pussy. I quickly shook her shoulder.

- Amy wake up. - she slowly opened her eyes, and looked at me.

- For god’s sake what have you done Amy? - I whispered to her.

- What are you talking about Roby?

- About this - I moved a bit and she realized what I was talking about.

- I was asleep I don’t know how it happened. - she said.

- Yeah right. And I must believe you right?

- Don’t call me a liar. - she sobbed.

- Sorry I didn’t mean to upset you but this is to much for me.

- I don’t understand what’s you’re problem. - she said still crying.

- My problem is that I lost my virginity to my little sister, that’s all. - I busted out.

She stared at me and then started crying really hard. I felt miserable. Maybe she was telling the truth and I

was the one who had done it. Either way I must take out my dick before I lose control. At that moment I saw

Julie getting out of her sleeping bag. She went over the fireplace bending over to check if her clothes have

dried. I could clearly see her pussy from behind. Her pussy, the lips, the slit the blonde pubic hair, my

sisters pussy wrapped around my dick. It was to much for me. I felt my balls grow and with a few

uncontrollable pumps I lost it. I was shooting my load deep inside my crying sisters hot pussy. She noticed

my pumps and stopped crying. Before I knew she hugged me tight and kissed me on the mouth again.

This time I kissed her back. I don’t know why, maybe because of my euphoric state or maybe because I

finally gave in admitting that it was inevitable to not love her this way after all that happened between us.

After we broke our kiss I saw that Julie was looking over in our direction smiling and for a moment It

seemed to me she had rubbed her pussy. I kissed my sister back hugging her tight to my body. She was

sobbing again. I asked her.

- What’s wrong Amy?

- Nothing, just that I love you so much.

- I love you to little Amy.

We stayed that way for some time before she said she had to pee. She got out of the sleeping bag and

headed towards the door without seeking some clothes to put on. I could see that my cum was dripping

from her little pussy. Julie was still by the fire. My clothe were there to. I decided to go get my clothes. I got

up and joined Julie by the fire. By now my dick was hard again. She looked at it for a few seconds. I wasn’t

complaining though because I was busy staring at her beautiful breasts. The silence was broke by my


- Hey guys, I think we have a problem.

- What is it? - We both asked

- The snow, … were snowed in I think.

- What that can’t be, its impossible. - I said in disbelief and ran towards the door. When I got there I

realized she was right. As the door opened I saw that the snow was at least chest high. I must have

snowed al night, and all morning. I was really worried. It was bad enough to be lost but to be stuck here,

that was bad. And I knew nobody was going to look for us for at least a week. And how long would it take

for somebody to find us. We were fucked. We had no food and no water, there was no way we could

survive that long. As I stood by the door Mike and Beth, and Suzie got out of their sleeping bags to. Beth

was in a fairly revealing underwear. Suzie and Mike were bare naked. So there we were in the middle of

nowhere 6 kids naked in front of each other not knowing what to do next. I was afraid and horny at the

same time.

- I’m rally hungry. - said my sister.

- I guess we all are but we have nothing to do about it. - I said to her and looked outside the door again. It

was no way we could hike in snow that tall. Beth spoke up.

- I have some food in my backpack. A few sandwiches I packed yesterday.

- You may not know it but you saved our life’s. - I responded.

- I’m glad I could help. - she said in a sarcastic tone.

We ate the sandwiches and found out we had some water to, but no way this was going to be enough. The

main problem was the firewood. We already burned most of it and had to find some way to go out and

bring some more from the back of the cabin. I decided the best way was to dig a tunnel in the snow. But it

would be hard work. I told Mike about my plan and he agreed with me. A few minutes later we had started

digging. The girls helped to. In a few hours we finally reached the wood. This meant a lot because without

the fire we would freeze to death. For now we were going to be safe. We had nothing to do so we sat in

front of the fireplace talking, and worming up, thinking of ways to be rescued. My sister was leaned against

me. It felt good to know how much she liked me and looked up to me. I was her idol I guess. Somewhat

later I remembered that I had a pack of cards in my backpack so I suggested to the others to play. It would

take our minds off the fucked up situation we were in. As I was going towards my backpack something on

the floor caught my eyes. It looked like some kind of metal ring embedded in the wooden floor. As I

examined it I realized it was a handle so that meant that I was kneeling beside a trap door. I pulled on it

and I was right it was a trap door. Under it was a little pit. As I looked closer I saw some bottles in a chest.

I called the others over to see what I found. It turned out the bottles I saw contained wine and I was

overjoyed to see dry food and some tin cans containing tuna and beans. It wasn’t much but it was food. It

must have been put there by the owners of the cabin. This meant we were saved from starving to death. All

the sudden, our worries faded away. Everybody’s morale rose. We celebrated by drinking wine and after

some time we were singing and dancing from the effects of the alcohol. We ended up by the fire playing

cards. After a while Mike suggested playing dare. Everybody was game so after Mike explained the rules

we started playing. The rules were simple, we played normal cards and the winner of each hand was

going to dare the loser to do something. I guess Beth was drunk because sober she would have never

played. First the dares were fairly innocents but as we played more our inhibitions disappeared. Mike

dared Suzie to undress. This wasn’t much because we have already seen each other naked earlier that

day. But now it was different. We were drunk and horny. After a few hands everybody was naked, even Beth.

She was really gorgeous. Her long black hair fell on her perky breasts, somewhat covering her puffy

nipples. Her pussy was shaved. Its not worth mentioning my an Mikes hard on’s. As we played more Julie

won and dared me to stroke my cock in front of everybody. I did it. The girls watched closely as I moved my

hand up and down my shaft. The next hand I won and dared Julie to masturbate in front of us. She did. I

watched with my jaws hanging. It was for the first time I saw a girls pussy like that. Her legs spread open

her slit in view. Her hand massaged the lips and her fingers entered a few inches inside her. She rubbed

her clit and moaned heavily. I needed to cum, the pressure was building inside my balls. Without noticing I

resumed stroking my dick. A few minutes later I was on the verge of cumming. I wasn’t able to stop so I

stroked harder until I felt the eruption. Until this point everybody was watching Julie. The first spurts of cum

flew into the air and landed on Beth’s face and tits (she was sitting in front of me). She looked at the jizz on

her tits with amazement. I heard Suzie whispering a silent “wow”. As Julie saw what happened she came

to. She squirted her love juice all over the place. I was mesmerized. I noticed Suzie reach her hand out

towards Beth’s tits and rubbed my cum from her nipple. She then sucked her finger. Mike came to, his jizz

landed on the floor. My sister must have felt neglected because she asked me.

- Would you help me come like Julie did. I newer came that way. - I wasn’t sure what to say to her. In my

knowledge not every girl comes the same way and as I said before I was a beginner at this stuff. I replied.

- I could give it a try. But only if you are ok with it. - she nodded. I moved myself so that I was positioned

between her legs. I could tell she was horny. She was really wet and her pussy was irradiating a specific

smell. I touched her pussy lips with my finger. She gasped. I started rubbing her pussy. As I looked to my

side I could se Beth was sucking Mike’s dick. She looked great at it. I imagined how would it feel if Amy

would suck me. I wanted to ask her but decided to make her cum fist as promised. She was moaning

loudly by now. To of my fingers were pushing in and out of her. I saw Julie and her sister making out,

fingering each other in the process. I lowered my mouth towards Amy’s pussy. She noticed my intention

and looked into my eyes. She was so beautiful. I planted a kiss on her teenage pussy. She grabbed my

had and pulled me deeper into her pussy. I stock my tongue out tasting her. It was wonderful. The warmth

and wet pussy on my face was unbelievable. After a few minutes of licking and sucking on her pussy I

could tell she was close. The moaning and constant gasping gave her away. Suddenly her body jerked

and twitched. A loud shriek left her mouth. Her orgasm lasted about a minute after what she started

relaxing. She looked exhausted. I was ready to ask her now.

- Amy would you return the favor please? - I asked reluctantly. She smiled me and said.

- I would do anything for you brother. We changed positions and moments later she was stroking my cock.

I was barely controlling myself not to cum. I wanted to last as much as possible. I saw Mike was now

fucking Beth from behind. Her tits were bouncing in every direction. They were doing it like some dogs. I felt

my sister lick the head of my cock. The feeling was unimaginable. I never knew how much better this was

then jacking of. She teased my cock with her tongue before swallowing the full length of it. She moved her

mouth up and down sucking me like I was a lollipop or something. Her mouth felt great on my cock. What

happened next made me almost lose my load. Julie came over to us and asked my sister.

- Do you mind if my sister and me join in? - she asked curiously. I was really hoping she would say yes,

and to my pleasure my sister agreed. Julie motioned to Suzie to come over. She did. A moment later I had

three beautiful naked girls kneeling in front of my dick. They all started kissing and liking my manhood. I

was in heaven. I could feel the tension in my balls build. I announced them I was going to cum. A few

moments later I was cumming al over her faces. They eagerly caught every drop. Suzie swallowed my dick

sucking me dry. They all kissed. My sister climbed onto my lap.

- Did you like that Roby? - she asked smiling.

- You can’t imagine. - I said.

- Would you like to fuck me again big brother? As we already did it I could not see why to stop now. I

nodded. She grabbed hold of my already hard dick and positioned the head over her pussy entrance. She

asked me if I was ready and then she lowered herself onto my shaft. It felt amazing. The first time I did not

fuck her I only awoke inside of her. This time we really fucked. My dick was seriously slamming in her

pussy making loud flapping sounds. Because I already came that day three times I was able to least much

longer increasing the wonderful fucking time. Then Julie asked if she could try it to. My sister climbed off

me letting Julie take her place. Like I said before I had a crush on her for years. Now I was going to fuck

her. This trip was the best thing that ever happened to me. I could not care less that we were lost. I was

lost In heaven and never wanted to go back to earth. I could feel her pussy envelop my dick. She was no

beginner at sex. She rode on me like on a horse. I was on the verge of cumming again. We fucked for at

least 15 minutes. Suddenly I felt my balls stir.

- Julie be careful, I’m going to cum.

- It’s ok , do it inside me please. I want you to fill me up with your cum. - This was enough for me to

release my load inside of her. We came together. Her fluids soaked the both of us. At this time I could se

Mike and Beth were finished to. Beth’s pussy was dripping Mikes cum. We decided to go clean ourselves

in the snow. After that we ate some food and some of us decided to take a nap. I decided to go out for

some firewood. I went outside and caught Beth Peeing. I scared her. She finished peeing and took some

snow into her hands and rubbed it onto her pussy. She shrugged.

- Man that’s cold. -she muttered.

- I would sure like to warm it up for you. - I said, teasing her. To my surprise she accepted my offer. Before

this trip I never could have imagined Beth like this. She was ok with my offer. I moved closer to her and put

my hand on her bald pussy. Man she was warm down there. I instantly got hard. She rubbed my dick

through my pants.

- What do you say if I let him out to get some fresh air. - she asked.

- I think he would be ok with it. - she unzipped my pants and pulled it down along with my boxers. It was

quite cold outside so we both agreed not to wait to much so in a few seconds I was buried in her wet cunt.

She moaned a lot. We fucked for a few minutes before I was nearly cumming. She asked if I could cum in

her mouth because she did not wanted to have to wash her pussy again in the cold snow. It was hard for

me to stop fucking her pussy and to pull out. I ended up cumming in her mouth. She swallowed all my

cum. I kissed her and we walked back into the cabin together. That day we all fucked again and again.

Nobody seemed to have enough sex. Mike fucked Julie, Beth and my sister. Suzie was all right with the

sucking and licking but she said she was a virgin and wanted her first time to be special. I sure would

have liked to fuck her to but I respected her decision. She did not let me fuck her but I sure got to eat her

pussy out. If you think about it this morning I was a virgin and now I have fucked 3 pussy’s and licked

another. I was not complaining about the way things turned out. There were moments when I remembered

that I was not supposed to have sex with my sister but it was to late to have regrets. Plus she really liked to

fuck her brother. Who was I to deny her my dick?

To be continued

Please let me know if you want me to continue the story. Hope you enjoyed it.


2010-05-05 19:04:28
nice man punctuation is a little raw. Remember it makes better sense to finish your words ig its not good saying had when you mean hand. No insult intended at the beginning its better to say Exposed with an E and an X not disposed. what are the ages of these teens. I understand your not English and it is probably not your first language. so I hope these little guidelines help. apart from that you need to write a sequel but don't rush it you already have the storyline just take it easy and it will turn out great . Listen to how people talk and the dialogue they use it will be inspiring.


2009-10-17 19:08:21
Hey, you brainless idiots! Obviously, most of you have the IQ of a brick and no balls. Otherwise, you would be reading and writing about sex with adults instead of children. Also, very few of you leave any contact ID. What are you afraid of?

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2009-07-30 20:53:24
continue pleasse

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2009-07-05 18:40:08
the sex parts are good, but you need to check your spelling and to read over what you write before you post otherwise it comes off as sloppy, but still a solid 7.5/10

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one of the best ever

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