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Over the next months, their family business grew and grew. They hired quite a few new hookers. Some were younger, some older, some were black, white or Chinese. Of course Greg 'tried' every new girl himself, they had a reputation to lose after all! He kept fucking most of them after that.

They built some new rooms next to the house, so they'd have enough beds for about eight to ten girls working at the same time. They even had a bondage room and a room for water sports because two of the girls really liked to drink piss.

Everything had worked out quite good for the family of three. The brothel of the Cooper-Family was getting more and more successful. The girls had the reputation of fulfilling all their customers' needs and they had a lot of regular visitors. It was this one Saturday that changed a lot for them. There was a group of about eight guys at the brothel and they were pretty drunk. This wasn't unusual, so none of the hookers complained. Each man had a hooker for himself and most of them didn't make any trouble.

It had been about twenty minutes when Greg, the son of the family, heard screams for help from room four, where Angie, a petite blonde girl, worked with a guy. Greg rushed in the room. The guy had her pinned on the floor and she was crying.

"Hey, leave her alone immediately!" Greg shouted at the man.

"Not before the slut sucks my dick!" he answered, before Greg hit him straight in the face, which knocked him off. Angie got up and Greg held the crying girl in his arms.

"This asshole tried to force his cock in my mouth after he was in my ass!" she told him with tears in her eyes.

"Shh, you're safe now," he told her. After the had thrown the bastard out of their house, Julie, Jenna and Greg decided that they would have to do something about the safety of their girls.

"What if she wouldn't have been able to shout for help?" Jenna asked.

"We certainly have to do something," her mother said. "Any ideas?"

"I think we should install hidden cameras in all our rooms. We could have the images transferred to a control room with lots of monitors and stuff. This way I could watch after all of you at once. I sure wouldn't mind seeing you and the other girls getting fucked," her grinned.

"I bet you wouldn't," Julie grinned back. "But let's be serious here. Your idea sounds good to me. I'm sure the girls won't mind being watched, as it's for their own safety."

Jenna agreed and after asking the girls for their opinions, they had all of the "fuck chambers" wired. Greg really enjoyed his new occupation. He really liked watching most of the girls getting screwed. It was very interesting what the Johns liked and how the girls fulfilled even their dirtiest fantasies. But most of all he liked to watch his mom or his sister. Or even better, his mom AND his sister. Julie and her daughter did a lot of threesomes, as they liked to play with each other, eat each other out and pleasuring their visitors together.

One time, Greg watched as a big black man, Will, had them both at once. After they had licked and sucked his enormous cock together, he ordered Julie to get on her hands and knees. He got behind her and after getting some lube on his tool, he guided it in her puckered asshole. Greg saw the lusty look on his mother's face, as this fat black cock slid in and out of her ass. Jenna knelt beside them and after a while of fucking, he pulled his cock out of Julie's ass and told the daughter to suck it.

'Oh my god, that's one of the sexiest things I've ever seen,' Greg thought as he watched the cock, that had just been up his mum's bum, disappear in his sister's waiting mouth. It didn't take long before he had his own cock in his hand and furiously moving his hand up and down. Will pulled his cock from Jenna's mouth and pushed it back in Julie's ass.

"Now I want your fucking ass, you white bitch!" Will told Jenna, who was a little bit nervous as she never hat a big cock like that in her ass before. She also was horny as hell, so she and her mom switched places. It took a while before the big pole disappeared in her ass completely, but she managed to take it all.

Greg saw pain and lust at the same time as he watched his sister's face. As with her mother's ass before, Will pulled out of Jenna's ass and let Julie suck it for a while.

He pulled out and told Julie, "Guide it into the other bitch's ass again!"

Julie did as ordered and when he was in the right position, Will pushed forward just enough for the head of his cock to slip in. Then he grabbed her hips and rammed it in with one single stroke.

"Aaaaahhhh!" Jenna cried with pleasure. Will fucked her rough. The black stallion really turned her one. He didn't just have a big cock, he knew how to use it. Julie saw how her daughter enjoyed the fuck and decided to help her. She slid her hand between Jen's legs and started stroking her clit. This was enough for the girl.

"Oh my god yeeeeeaaah!! I'm cumming, fuck my fucking asshole. Fuuuuuuuuuck!" she screamed. Her asshole clenched which was a big sensation for Will. He pulled his cock out of the young girl and got up.

"Get on your knees before me and open your mouth," he ordered. The women knew exactly what was going to happen and were looking forward to it. They did as they were told.

Julie took Will's cock and pulled the rubber off it "You won't need this any more," he said.

She stroked his cock as her daughter massaged the man's balls.

"Oh yeah, here it comes you bitches!" he said before he blew a massive load of hot cum in Julie's waiting mouth.

Julie took it all but before she could drink it down, he said, "Don't swallow! I want you to swap it in your friend's mouth, then she will swallow!"

Both women were surprised about this idea. They had never tried cum swapping before. Jenna nodded at her mom, eager to get the warm cum from her mom's mouth. Julie got on her knees with her face directly over her daughter's, who opened her mouth, waiting for the cum. Jules opened her mouth and let the white liquid run from her lips.

"Mhhhhhh...," Jenna moaned as she received what she was waiting for. She had in all in her mouth now. "You taste great," she told the customer before she swallowed it all.

Greg couldn't last any longer as he watched his mom and sister swapping cum on the screen. He came so hard that it nearly hit the monitors.


About an hour after this event, the Cooper family sat together at their dining table.

"Mom, Jen, I have to tell you, that I really enjoyed watching you this evening," Greg told the women of the family. "I really got off watching you sucking and fucking this black guy."

"Did you record it?" his sister asked.

"Of course," he answered. "Fancy watching it?" Both women agreed, so the three of them went to Greg's room, where he stored the video. Greg lay between his mom and sis on his king size bed and hit the play button on the remote. As it always lately, they were naked. The video began and the family watched as the girls and their customer entered the room. It didn't take long for the action to begin.

"Wow, that's so hot," Jenna exclaimed, as she saw herself and her mom sucking the beautiful black man's cock.

"Yeah, definitely," her mom agreed. "It's so sexy how he fucks your mouth, Jen."

Both girls grabbed at Greg's cock at the same time and grinned at each other. They bent down and one after the other took his fat cock in her mouth. Greg enjoyed the blow job he received, while watching the extremely hot video. It was so hot that it didn't take long for him to blow his load inside his sister's wet mouth.

"Oooohhh! Yeah, that's it! Don't swallow it, spit it in mom's mouth, just as mom did to you in this video."

Jenna enjoyed the fact that her brother liked the action in the video. She was more than happy to oblige her brother's request, as was her mom.

"I really enjoyed being watched by my own son," Julie exclaimed.

Jenna agreed. "We really should film our private sessions, I would like to watch the three of us fucking! What do you think?"

"That's a great idea, mom!" Jenna said. Greg agreed, so they decided to do it. But that is another story.

To my Friendly readers...........
I am sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes that i have done throughout my stories.As I said My first language is not English. I am an Indian with First Language as MALAYALAM and 2nd Language as HINDI third is ENGLISH...and I am happy that my stories are getting attention even though there are mistakes....pls encourage me for the future works........

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hay with all the comments u get try to use tthem the guy who owns one in california .use some of his ideas to expand your story..i was hoping for more series after family brothel 3 ...this will also help your english writing .although i find nothing wrong now,,

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Your English is getting much better, I started with your first story and really enjoyed it. Keep writing, because the more you write the better your English gets.

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;poj, kjghfuy p;089yhjm p[;098yiok 0897tyfghj

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nice store, keepem coming.


2009-11-05 03:16:48
Darklord, there are many things a Brothel does in America, not just suckin fuckin or servin drinks, some do Dates, escorts, birthday parties, EVEN MARRIAGES. the 1 i own here in California, does everything. we have over 60 girls of all races to choose from. and heres the best thing, ITS LEGAL. Make more Stories Darklord. Sayanora

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