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This about a young slave in training
The Puppy slave..

She was only 23, but knew her place. Master had taken her in off the streets when she was only 17 and trained her to be all his. She knew tonight was Wednesday and it was the night that she was to be Masters puppy. He had trained her to be waiting on her knees naked when he came home from work. It was 4:45 and he was due home in 15 minutes. She had dinner waiting for him in the oven and had her bowls ready. At 5 till she took her place at the door, naked, head down, ass up.

He walked through the door and reached down to pat her head. “good girl”, he commented as he walked past her, She started wagging her ass, which had her dog tail plug placed firmly and deeply in her asshole. She sat up on hands and knees and awaited the placement of her leash. She wore the collar 24 hours a day 7 days since she agreed to become his. He bent over placed the leash and kissed her deeply for the last time that evening. She proceeded to follow him into the kitchen. Before he sat down to eat he reached down grabbed her bowls and put one on the counter. He then took the other, walked into the bathroom. She followed him into there and took her place beside the toilet. He proceeded to take his cock out and piss into her water bowl. She knew that she was expected to finish drinking the golden gift from him before dinner was done or she would be punished. He turned toward her open and waiting mouth and allowed her to lick the last few drops straight from him. She loved pleasing him this way. He turned walked back into the kitchen and placed her bowl on the floor, where she in turn started lapping from it immediately. She loved that sweet salty taste of his urine and knew that it pleased him immensely to watch her do this. As he sat and ate his dinner she finished the bowl and picked it up with her teeth taking it to her Master for inspection. He was pleased that she had finished and turned to allow her the pleasure of sucking his cock. She gently teased the tip of it with her tongue. Then after making it slightly hard she slid her mouth down over it sucking it deep into her throat making him grow rock hard. He had finished eating and sat back to enjoy the pleasure his slave was giving him. She was alternating between sucking and licking him, making him feel the urge to cum. He grabbed the back of her hair and started thrusting deeper into her mouth making her take all 9.5 inches. Damn he loved face fucking this bitch. He grabbed her and forced himself in as far as he could go making her gag and hold her breath, held himself there for a few moments, then allowed her some precious air. She was gasping but knew to keep her position, or be beat. After a short while of fucking her throat he pulled back, tilted her head and started Cumming, allowing it to rain down on her cheeks across her eyes, and finishing in her mouth. “Mmmm good bitch. Now you can wear my cum for the rest of the night.” He grabbed her leash and took her into the living room, sitting in his chair. She knew that as soon as he removed his socks and shoes her mouth was to be on Masters feet. He looked down at her, “lay down bitch,” she laid down under his chair face up, mouth open. He took off his sock and shoes and placed his feet on face. She stuck out her tongue and tasted his sweaty feet, knowing that it was an honor to be allowed to kiss and lick his feet. Her tongue never stopped moving as he placed each toe in her mouth, making her suck each one, and lick between them all. She knew she had done wrong when Master suddenly kicked her. She had missed between two of his toes. That pissed him off. “bitch, what did I tell you? You are not to miss a spot, and you did, Seems you need to be taught how to do things my way once again.” he grabbed her nipples and twisted them so hard she had opened her mouth, but not let out a sound, knowing that would only piss him off more. He leaned over spit into her open mouth. “You worthless bitch. Start over. And this time don’t miss anything. “ She proceeded this time much more carefully. When he felt that she had done a good job he allowed her to lick her way up his knees. She ran her tongue up his thigh, making the familiar ache stir in his cock. He knew it was time to feed her dinner. He grabbed her and told her to make him hard. She sucked him tasting the precum off his dick. Once he was hard, and had enjoyed the feeling of her mouth for awhile, he told her to assume her position. She turned around and allowed Master to fuck her doggie style. He thrust hard and deep. He had grabbed the empty bowl and placed it under her cunt so when he came, not a drop would get wasted. He thrust hard and deep into her over and over again making her whine in pleasure. He started Cuming filling that hot wet pussy with his seed. Now, lean back and place your sauce in your bowl. She leaned down on her legs letting his seed fall into the bowl. He grabbed a spoon and pulled the rest of his cum and hers into the bowl. “you hungry bitch? Master will feed you now.’ He lead her back into the kitchen and grabbed the can of beef. He poured the cum mixture down over it and placed it in front of her. “Now eat while I refill your piss bowl.” He went into the bathroom and returned with a nice fresh bowl of his piss. He sat back and watched as she licked the bowl filled with the cum mixture clean. “did you enjoy?’ She looked at him and wagged her tail. “Good. Lets go upstairs. My show is coming on and I want to watch it while you take care of me.” He went upstairs and she followed crawling up the stairs. When they got to the bedroom she went and sat at the floor at the foot of the bed. He undressed and laid face down on the bed, placing his hips upon a few pillows to allow her access. He called her over, turning on his show. He placed his hands on either side of his ass, and told her to get busy. She knew what he wanted, and just thinking about it made her pussy hot and wet. She crawled onto the bed and placed her nose in his ass crack taking in that musky sent she knew as his. Her tongue darted out and licked the rim of his ass hole. He moaned. She knew that this turned him on immensely and she loved doing it. She spread his ass cheeks allowing him to relax, and she set to work tasting that hot ass. She rimmed him first for about 10 minutes, then slowly started to insert her tongue into his asshole. The taste of him turned her on and made her pussy start dripping. By this point she was tongue fucking him, making his cock rock hard and ready to go again, but he waited, enjoying this hour of licking she was happy to give him. When his show had ended he flipped once again making her take his cock. “don’t think that you are getting off this easy. You know I want to fuck you again,” he chuckled as she went to town. He grabbed her throwing her down on the bed reached down and grabbed the straps. He placed her into the 4 point tie down so he could have fun with her. He started by sucking her nipples rock hard. Then grabbed the nipple clamps and placed one on each hard nipple giving the chain a tug to make sure they were tight. She opened her mouth to gasp and he spit on her once again. “Don’t you dare make a sound. You will be sorry.” He proceeded to work his way down to her dripping cunt, slowly licking and kissing. He used his tongue to part her lips and allow him access to her clit, where he proceeded to lick and suck it till it was swollen and rock hard. Inserting a finger at a time he lubed up his hand using only her natural juice. “you know what’s coming and you know I don’t want to hear a sound from you.” He knew that fisting her drove her crazy, and it was part of the game. He knew it was only so long before she felt the need to let out the first scream. He pulled his hand away and placed it to her mouth and told her to taste how wonderful she was. She licked and sucked his entire hand clean, then he went back to fisting her. She loved the sensation of his entire fist pummeling her pussy hole, and as he got harder and harder she knew the time was coming when she was going to let out the scream that would be her punishment. She could not hold it back any longer and she let out a scream of pleasure. He got up, slapped her cunt as hard as he could then her face. Bitch you know what I told you. Now you are getting punished. She hated what was about to come, just because she knew he only did this when mad. He grabbed his underwear and shoved them under her nose. They smelled of his hot sweaty balls and ass from being worn all day, “open now” he commanded and as she did he shoved them into her mouth. Get into the bathroom he said as he undid her. She crawled in head hung knowing she was wrong. He placed her into the shower and proceeded to piss into her mouth, covering his underwear in his piss, making sure to soak them through. Then finished by pissing all over her face. He grabbed the gag and placed in over her mouth, making sure that she would be tasting his piss for awhile. He grabbed her turned her around and in one swift move pulled the plug out of her ass and shoved his cock deep in her ass. She bit down making his piss leak through her mouth. He fucked her roughly for as long as he could take it then filled her ass with his steaming hot cum. He then shoved the plug back in and forced her back into the bedroom. He clamped her to the bar, and shoved a vibrating ball inside her. Do not cum bitch till I tell you can. I will beat you down if you do. He set both the plug and ball on medium and sat back to watch the show. Occasionally going over to place another vibe to her clit. She was shaking head to toe, soon, and he knew she was close. He put his cock to her and shoved in deep in fucking her as hard as he could. Leaning over he told her she was drinking the cum right out of her pussy. But before he would cum he wanted her to suck his piss out of the underwear warning her once again not to fail him or she would get beat and sleep in the tub covered with his piss. Not wanting this she started sucking as hard as she could trying to get as much out as she could. He grabbed her hips and shoved himself deep filling her and making her cum at the same time. He pulled off the gag and removed the underwear, checking to make sure she had sucked them as good as she could. He then grabbed the straw he had designed and placed it inside her, putting the other end into her mouth. Start sucking it dry bitch. She loved tasting his cum and was more then happy to do this. He moved the straw around making sure she was clean. He grabbed her hair, pushing her to the floor, “goodnight bitch. Sleep tight.” he chuckled as she curled on the floor beneath him.

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as bellow, but good read

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While paragraphs should be your friend, I did enjoy the story.

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