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This is part five. As I mentioned at the end of the last installment, we are about to get found out by Rachel. The lead up to the sex part is kind of long, but if you've read the last four parts, you know I am long-winded and I like to take my time getting into things. If you want to skip the lead in, go right down to part two.

Thursday came and went without incident, though I noticed Rachel was a bit off all day. She joined in in the conversations, it just seemed like she was somewhere else all day. My own guilt at my actions over the last week had me thinking she must know something, but she didn't say anything out of the ordinary. Friday was different though. After work I came home to an empty house (part of me hoping I would get a repeat of last week's Friday action) that was actually empty this time. Amy must be at choir practice and Rachel wasn't home from work yet. I flopped down on the couch, deciding to kill some time watching TV until somebody came home.

Rachel got home first and came in through the garage. She came into the living room and said hello, leaning down to kiss me. She sat down next to me on the couch and snuggled up, pressing her lithe body against my own. God damn, I lost touch with just how sexy this woman was. The last week I had been unable to keep my mind (and hands) off of her daughter and it had left me too tired to really appreciate everything she had to offer. I made a mental note to fuck her good and hard the next chance I got. She tilted her head back to signal she wanted a kiss, and I leaned in, pressing my lips to her soft, warm mouth. And then I just had to open a can of worms.

“I'm glad to have you back. Last night you were so quiet I thought you were mad at me or something.” I said. It was out of my mouth before I even thought about what I was saying, forgetting the cardinal rule of guy-dom.....never ask a woman what is wrong.

“No, not at all. It's just.....this might be uncomfortable for you to hear, because I know you think of her as a little girl and all. The thing is, I found a ripped pair of Amy's panties laying on the floor next to my night table yesterday morning when I got up. And I mean ripped! The side straps were both torn like they had been ripped off.” She said, with an odd look on her face. I was quiet, and just let her continue, refusing to add anything more.

“I mean I always knew that she would be sexually active someday, but she still seems young to me. I lost my virginity at sixteen though and got pregnant with her when I was nineteen. I guess she's not that far ahead of me, her birthday is in a month” I was still silent, just letting her talk and wanting to see where she was headed.

“It's just that it seemed so.....kinky. Don't get me wrong, you know what I like, I don't have a lot that is off limits. It's just at first it seemed disturbing to me to think that she was having sex in her mother's bed, especially “crazy rip my panties off and fuck me” sex. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt ok with it. I just have to keep in mind that she isn't a little girl any more, even if she seems like she is to me sometimes. I have noticed that she is dressing a little sexier. I remember the thrill of thinking I could turn boys on with the way I dressed, it was hot.”

“Yeah, she is a pretty girl.” I offered. I was terrified of saying anything wrong. I hoped I could get out of this unscathed.

“But why our bed? I'm sure it doesn't bother you as much as me. She's not your daughter, after all. Have you seen any boys around before I get home? You're usually home before I am, and I haven't seen her with anybody.” She wondered.

“No, she usually comes home alone and goes right to her room.” I said. I left out the part about me usually following her there

“Maybe I'll talk to her about it at some point. How do you bring something like that up though?” She asked me. I'm sure she was just thinking out loud, she was getting up as she said it. She started walking toward the stairs and I said-

“I don't know, might be better to just ignore the whole thing, you know? She'd probably be too embarrassed to tell the truth” I said, hoping she would take my advice.

“Maybe. Maybe I should just leave her be. She obviously has a bit of a secret life that she's not ready to share with me. I guess you're right, I doubt she'd tell me anything if I asked.” she said as she started up the stairs to change.

She was upstairs for quite a while, long enough that Amy came home while she was still up there. The minute she came home I frantically waved her over to me. She could see by the look on my face I wasn't calling her for action, something was wrong. I told her in hushed tones that her mom had found the panties by her bed and knew that she had had sex, but not with whom. She freaked the fuck out and asked me what we were gonna do. I told her to play it cool, maybe it would blow over.

Nothing else happened that night. We had dinner and I tried to stay awake on the couch, but my early morning got to me and it was my turn to nod off. Rachel woke me up and told me I needed to go up to bed, I was snoring away and needed to sleep for real. I slogged my way up the stairs, my conversations with Rachel and Amy this afternoon the last thing on my mind.

I woke up to Rachel shaking me. I looked at her and she had been crying. Oh fuck, this couldn't be good.

“I couldn't help it. I asked Amy about the underwear and we started to talk. She eventually told me everything.......Is it true, Mark? Have you been fucking my daughter?” She asked through her tears. What could I say? I just sat there with a guilty look on my face. My first thought was to blame it on Amy, but that was bullshit and I knew it, and so would would she. I looked down and said nothing for a minute or so.

“Answer me.” She said. I noticed with some glimmer of hope that she didn't seem as angry as I would have thought.

“Yes.” Was all I could say, a hard pit of fear in my stomach.

“I'm not going to call the police. I just think I'd like you to leave right now. I'll call you when I know what I'm going to do.” At least I wasn't under arrest yet, that was good, right?

I got up without saying a word, went downstairs and saw Amy on the couch. She looked at me with such sadness in her eyes. She mouthed the words 'I'm sorry' as I laid my hand on the doorknob. “It's ok.” was all I told her, and then I was gone. It was 3:30 in the morning on Saturday, and I had nowhere to go. I went to a hotel with nothing but the clothes on my back. I laid in the hard bed staring at the ceiling for the next three hours or so, unable to sleep. I spent the entire day and half of Sunday looking over my shoulder, thinking I'd see cops or something at any moment. My phone chirped with the sound of a text:


---PART TWO---

We need to talk. That was all she was going to tell me until I got there. Not knowing what I was walking into, but not having a choice I headed home. When I got home, they were nowhere to be found. “Hello?” I said, even more fearful I was walking into some kind of sting operation.

“We're upstairs” I heard Rachel call down to me. I slowly climbed the stairs and walked into my room. Rachel and Amy were sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Amy and I talked most of the night last night, and a good part of the day today. She told me she gave her virginity to you, and that you were gentle and generous with her. I wanted to be mad at you, I wanted to have you arrested, but I have to admit it kind of turned me on. Thinking of you and her here in the bed, and apparently all over our house got me kind of aroused, as much as I hate to admit that. So I, we, have a proposition for you: You two can have sex whenever you want, as long as I get my fair share.” After this she was silent, just looking at me, and I realized she was waiting for a response from me.

“Ok. Of course. You really aren't mad?” I asked her, still not sure this wasn't a trap.

“I was at first. But then I realized if she was going to be having sex with any man, I'm glad that man is a decent man that will treat her right and give her what she needs. Speaking of which, I think you should give her what she needs, right now. I'd like to watch it happen, if that's ok.” She said.

Ok? She wanted me to fuck her fifteen year old daughter while she watched, and she was asking my permission? I think I could do that! I finally looked at Amy and I saw that she had that look in her eye. The look that she wants to get fucked. I looked back at Rachel and she was smiling at me, as if to egg me on.

“I told her everything, Mark. Everything.” She said. “It's allright, she really is ok with it. Now come here.”I walked over to her and stood right in front of her. She unzipped my pants, dropping them and my underwear to the floor. I stepped out of my rumpled pants and pulled my T-shirt over my head, and I was standing before her naked. She leaned down and licked my dick up one side and down the other as she gently grasped my ball sack. I kept looking over at Rachel, sort of unbelieving that she was really cool with this, and I could swear her eyes were full of lust as she watched her daughter blow me. She was breathing really slow and deep, her eyes intently following Amy's every move.

“Why don't you lay down, Mark?” She told me. It was odd to suddenly be the one taking directions, but I didn't feel like I had a choice in the matter. I also didn't mind laying down getting comfortable. As I lay flat Amy slid her little body on top of mine and Rachel moved up to the head of the bed next to me watching me now as I enjoyed getting blown.

“How is she? Is she good?” She asked with genuine interest. I didn't know how to answer. I have been blown by both of these women. How do you answer that and not insult one of them? The truth is, Amy was amazing at sucking cock. She seemed to take to it immediately, right off the bat knowing just what I would like. She also appreciatively swallowed my loads and then thanked me for them! What do you say in this situation?

“She has her mother's talent. She's a natural.” I said, kind of hoping they would both take that as a compliment.

Rachel leaned in and kissed me full on the lips. As I felt her tongue slide between my teeth I marveled at the feeling of a different set of lips on my cock. Amy was sucking on one ball, then the other as she stroked the shaft with her saliva-slick hand. I began to make out with Rachel in earnest, grabbing her from the back of the neck and pulling her to me. I slid my hand down to pull her shirt up and off.

“Not so fast there, Bub.” She said. I figured this was the point I would either wake up or get arrested. It was neither. “Don't you think you should get the girl blowing you naked before me? She's doing all the work.”

Can't argue with that kind of logic. I pulled Amy up to me and kissed her for just a moment before she sat up, her tight little ass resting on my hard cock as I slid her shirt up over her head. She then bent down and kissed me again and I felt her hard little nipples pressing into my chest as I started to pull her little thin pajama bottoms off of her. It was impossible to pull them all the way off with her laying on top of me, so I rolled her over onto her back and slid them the rest of the way down and off. She was now laying on the bed in just panties, and I was naked. I looked up and saw Rachel staring straight at Amy's body as she lay prone on the bed. Once again I noticed with pleasure that there was definitely lust in her eyes. One part of my wanted to reject the whole idea, this was her daughter and all. Another, much larger part of me wanted to see how far we were going to take this.

“Rachel, you seem kind of overdressed now, don't you think?” It was a gamble. It was one thing to think she might watch her daughter get fucked. It was a whole different ballgame to think she might want to get involved in it. Rachel is a pretty kinky girl when she gets aroused, and I myself have very few things that are out of bounds, but this was off the charts. I have to admit, at first the idea was a bit weird to me, but seeing beautiful Amy laid out before me naked on my bed with Rachel right behind her, apparent lust in her eyes, I was getting really turned on.

Rachel looked at me with a bit of hesitation, but then Amy tilted her head up to look behind her at her mom.

“C'mon Rachel. Take your clothes off.” Amy said. I couldn't fucking believe this girl! She just had no limits. I had fucked her in every hole and she kept coming back for more. Now she was egging her own mother on to get naked and have a three way. I might be in love!

“'Rachel?'” Rachel replied, surprised at Amy using her name instead of 'Mom.' Even I thought Rachel was being a bit silly and prudish with this one. Given the circumstance, I think 'Mom' is out of the question. She thought for a second and then apparently came to agree with me. “I guess 'Rachel' is good, seeing as we are where we are.”

With that, Rachel peeled her tight shirt up off of her sexy frame. She sat there in just her workout pants looking at me, she leaned back against the headboard and then slid down so she was laying next to me. I reached down and slid her pants off of her, enjoying the fact she wasn't wearing panties. Had she had something in mind for tonight? Now the only one wearing anything at all was Amy, with her tiny little panties. I looked at Rachel one last time and she just smiled at me, giving me a look that said a thousand words without saying anything. She was giving me the go ahead once again. I rolled over and slid down Amy's tiny frame, taking time to nibble on that cute little belly button that was sticking out just a bit. She kind of giggled at that. I pulled her panties off of her inch by inch, once again kissing her skin as it was exposed a little at a time. Pushing her legs apart a bit to open her up to me, I flattened out my tongue and pressed it firmly against the her opening, spreading her apart as I licked slowly upward. I was treated to her little yelp/groan as I hit her clit once more. I felt hands sliding up and down my back and realized Rachel had repositioned herself behind me while I was working on Amy. I was off the edge of the bed, on my knees eating Amy out and Rachel slid her hand underneath me to grasp my cock., and then I felt the entire length sink into her throat. She had sat down, the slid under me to work my cock. The feeling was wonderful, Amy's sweet pussy in my mouth, Rachel's mouth on my cock. I only wished there was a way I could bring Rachel off as well, but I am only one man. She would have to wait for her turn.

We continued in this position for a while and then we all just sort of decided we needed to change up. The girls decided what would happen next, I was only a willing participant. Rachel had me lay down on my back, my head on a pillow. Once I was comfortable, Amy came up and started kissing me as Rachel came and sat on my cock, burying it to the hilt. Without being told, Amy got up and swung one leg over my head to sit down on my neck, then slid forward just enough so I could eat her out while I fucked her mom. I was looking up at Amy's perfect tits and I saw Rachel's hands come from behind, sliding up her sides to gently pinch Amy's puffy nipples. Amy cried out at the feeling of being worked two ways and ground her cunt into my face. I couldn't get enough of this girl, so I was loving every minute of this, hoping it would never stop.

“I'm gonna cum, Mark” Amy said as she smashed her little body into my face.

“Wait for me Honey!” Rachel said from behind her. I felt her slamming her own hand into her clit to bring herself off in rhythm with Amy.

“You gonna cum in me, Baby?” Rachel asked me between sharp intakes of breath. I had been doing all I could to hold off, not wanting to cum too soon, but I was ready to pop, so I gave a muffled grunt to let them know I was good to go. I put one hand on Amy's left nipple, intertwining my fingers with Rachel's and ran my right hand behind Amy to pinch Rachel's clit. I gave them both a herd tweak and the both went off at the same time. A flood of juices hit my mouth as Amy was rocked with her orgasm, while at the same time Rachel cried out as hers hit her. The separate but similar sounds of these two gorgeous women cumming on me at the same time was too much for me. I unleashed a torrent of cum into Rachel, screaming into Amy's pussy to keep from passing out. I was the happiest man on earth.

After catching our breath, Amy still on my face and Rachel on my cock, Amy leaned back and turned her head around to kiss Rachel hard on the mouth. I laid there and watched. I was still gently licking Amy's lips, looking up at her fantastic tanned stomach to see her making out with my girlfriend as she herself continued to ride my softening cock. This went on for a few minutes, then once again, without words, they decided to get into a better position. Amy slid back down my chest as Rachel lifted up off of my temporarily flaccid member. I slid over to give them some room on the bed, and watched as they both moved in sync into a laying position with Amy next to me, in the middle, and Rachel on the other side of the bed.

Rachel laid her head on Amy's chest and looked at me as she explored her daughter's body, the curves of it new to her. Amy laid back and closed her eyes, her smile widening as Rachel slid a hand over the young girl's nipples one at a time. She made lazy circles around them, then slowly started dipping lower and lower. She bent down and planted small kisses on Amy's throat and chest, eventually bowing to slip a nipple into her mouth as her wandering hand found her daughter's wet pussy lips. I watched her with just a little jealousy as she slid a finger inside of Amy. I know all too well the tight grip that little pussy can have on an object, and a part of me wished it was me fingering the girl. I simply couldn't get enough of her. Not wanting to break the spell of what was going on in front of my eyes, though, I did nothing but watch with my cock beginning to rise again.

Amy let out a low breath as Rachel added another finger, slowly stroking Amy's clit with her thumb. Amy slid a hand over and lightly gripped my cum-slick cock, slowly stroking it as her mother finger fucked her. Rachel then blew my mind. She bent down and ran her tongue the length of Amy's opening. For some reason this was so much hotter to me than anything that had happened up to this point. It was just so freaky, I couldn't believe I was watching it. Rachel ate Amy out for a few minutes before Amy sat up a bit to watch her.

“Do you like that? I've never eaten pussy before.” Amy said, quite frankly. Rachel responded by mashing her face into Amy's cunt, furiously flicking at her clit as she played with her own. Amy reached down and gently pulled Rachel up to kiss her again, then quickly spun around into a sixty-nine position with Rachel on her back. I laid there stroking my now hard cock as I watched the two of them fuck each other with their mouths, Amy cleaning my cum out of Rachel's cunt little by little. Though it was a beautiful sight, I just couldn't help but get into the action. I got up on my knees behind Amy and slowly slid my cock into her tight pussy. I could feel my balls sliding across Rachel's face below and I heard her moan with pleasure as she pulled her head back just a bit to lick my ball sack. Though it was to be the second time in fifteen minutes, I was ready to cum again. The thought of them both eating my cum out of the other was too much for me to handle. I gave one final thrust without saying a word, just grunted like a wild animal as I shot rope after rope into Amy's pussy, the last of it dribbling out onto Rachel's face. Again without a word, I laid back and watched them continue. I watched them for the next fifteen minutes until their breathing began speeding up and they were running their hands over each other's bodies like crazy. Rachel reached up and pulled Amy's ass down, smashing her cunt into her own face as she arched her back up, pressing her crotch into her daughter's face. Amy went off first. She threw her head back and screamed, mashing her groin down even harder into her mother's face. Rachel was next, Amy wasn't even touching her at that point, she was too wrapped up in her own orgasm, her cheek laying on Rachel's tiny patch of hair. It must have been the thrill of feeling Amy in an incredible orgasm on top of her as she furiously lapped at the cunt in her face. She went rigid when it hit, stopping her actions with Amy completely. She was unable to move as her orgasm washed over her. She reached up and wrapped her arms around Amy's upside down ass, hugging her as she came and came. Amy was on the downside of hers, and she had recovered enough to slam her face back into Rachel's crotch to feel the last of her orgasm on her tongue.

I watched as they came to a stop, but continued to lay there, locked together gently licking at each other's folds as they slowly came down. Eventually Amy slid off and spun back around to lay in Rachel's arms and looking at me. They both had such a look of satisfaction and love in their eyes, it was beautiful. I laid there thinking I couldn't wait to marry this woman, and fuck the both of them for the rest of my life.

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2011-06-06 00:39:35
I used to go with this woman. She had a young daughter.
I would bring the booze...feed it to the mother, then once I got her so drunk....then I would go into the girl's bedroom and
fuck her tight cunt. She was 11 years old. Later her mom told me..she knew i was fucking her daughter. It went on for weeks.

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Good story.
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Another story that makes me wonder whether Heaven is like this....Can't think of something better than a pair of bi-sexual women ready to do anything and everything with you.....Very nice....


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Hey, you brainless idiots! Obviously, most of you have the IQ of a brick and no balls. Otherwise, you would be reading and writing about sex with adults instead of children. Also, very few of you leave any contact ID. What are you afraid of?


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Fantastic realy enjoy the stories would love to see more from you. Thanks

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