Betty gets introduced to another young friend
As I lay in bed next to my young lover; moist from sweat and a surfeit of his young spunk that now covered my tits, I flickered my eyes open to look at him and counted in my head "5-4-3-2......1." I was correct as usual.

Craig feigned a yawn and as he stretched his arms sneakily looked at his wrist watch. It had been the same routine for the last few weeks; we'd fuck and suck like crazy -- sometimes on the webcam other times just us and two big mirrors. The sex was out of this world for both of us...but....there was nothing else. No conversation -- nothing.

I shouldn't complain as he was still only 20 and I was 40 (something); what the Hell would we have in common?

"Shit!" Craig grumbled as he sat on the edge of the bed looking for his socks. "I told Matt I'd meet him in the pub at 9 to discuss next weekends gigs; is that ok?" He was now pulling a black band t-shirt over his mop of dark hair and covering up his tattooed torso.

"No, of course not." I lied as I rested on my elbow and began stroking my sore fanny. Earlier in the evening he'd made me cum 3 times by licking me; and his rough stubble had scraped against my soft pubic skin.

"Fucking Hell Kim!" He shook his head as he used my real name; "I promised Matt...and I don't think I can get it up again."

Just to tease him for leaving me I was now fingering my pussy and rubbing his sticky spunk into my tits. I pouted as I saw his cock twitch inside his tight black jeans. I winked and giggled as I sucked a lump of spunk off my finger.

"I know you have promised." I smiled as I covered myself with the quilt. "How long are you away for this time?"

He thought for a moment as he struggled to pull a cowboy boot on. His band were supporting a top rock band in three Universities over 100 miles away and it was a great opportunity for them.

"All weekend I think, back on Tuesday." Craig said as he fluffed up his hair in the mirror. "Is that ok?"

"It'll have to be; won't it?" I replied then playfully sighed, "I just don't know what I'll do with myself for 5 days."

It was his turn to wink now as he bent over the bed and kissed me on the cheek. Then his cute arse was gone.

After a quick shower and some supper I couldn't resist my carnal urges and went back online. Quite a few friends had left rude messages and a couple of guys were online. It didn't take them very long to get my robe off and see me in the nude. The show only lasted half an hour but they made me cum two more times as I fingered and fucked my spunky cunt with a big dildo. Then to bed.

The weekend followed the usual path with several explicit shows on the webcam and lots of action with my array of sex toys. My new trick was double penetrating myself on screen with increasingly larger and larger toys until my holes were stretched enough for me to fist my cunt and even my bum a couple of times-- which I simply adored. It was even better when Craig did it; but as I said he wasn't here.

In my free time when I wasn't masturbating I was considering dumping Craig. It was a dilemma as the sex was truly amazing but I needed a man in my life not just a boy; someone to talk to; someone to share things with. Then I would get the urge again and find myself texting him and sending naughty pictures of my tits or pussy to his camera phone. Maybe I'd dump him next week.

I presumed that Craig would come straight to my house on his return; so I didn't go online or masturbate all Monday night and made sure my pussy was especially clean shaven when I showered on Tuesday morning before going to work. I spent all morning on heat like a teenager in love. Then his text arrived at lunch time.

'CU at 8. got a surpriz. Only wear sexy shuz bask nix n stockinz whn u ansa dor.'

My mouth went dry as I read it over and over again. This was a fantasy that we'd discussed a couple of times in the last few of weeks; me answering my front door in my sexy undies. The idea really turned us on.

'What's the surprise?' I texted back.

'wots yor bigst fantsy?' came the instant reply. '? many!' I typed from under my desk so no one could see me.

'3sum' was the short and sweet response.

'REALLY?????????????' I typed with a shaking hand. 'yep'.

'Who with? Do I know him? I presume it's a him!' 'thats the surpriz!'

Thankfully very few people came into the Estate Agents as the afternoon dragged by because I was a wreck! My mind was elsewhere.....dreaming of fulfilling my longest held and two young hunks!

I arrived home at 6.30 and had a sandwich then showered. I selected my black and pink Candy of Hollywood bustierre, a pair of matching nylon and mesh shorty knickers and a pair of Cervin Madonna 1979 black seamed nylons with a tarty pair of 4-inch wet look spiked heel shoes that I'd bought on Saturday.

The bustierre is very sexy as it pulls in my stomach; emphasising my hourglass figure, and pushes my big boobs upwards and outwards -- making them look massive. There's even a particular way I can wear it that shows the top half of my aureole as my boobs bounce when I walk.

I was dressed and ready by 7.45 so opened a bottle of wine and sat in the living room with my robe covering my underwear. As usual my impatience got the better of me and the anticipation was driving me crazy; so much so I was onto my second large glass at 8 o'clock. I kept staring at the clock and the second hand hardly moved plus my ears were on red-alert for any movement and sound near the front door. 5 past; 10 past, quarter past - nothing.

"The bastard!" I thought as I sipped my white wine and wished that I hadn't given up smoking cigarettes 5 years ago. "The bastard's made me do this and he'll be in the pub. Bastard."

Just as the large hand stroked the 4 on the clock; my doorbell finally rang making me spill some wine as I jumped up loosening my robe and dropping it onto the lounge floor. I was so excited I desperately had to stop myself running down the hall to greet my young lover and 'his friend'. Thankfully the shoes were so tall; running was the last thing I could do in them.

My heart was pounding and I was in danger of forgetting to breathe as I turned the key and peered through the frosted glass and couldn't see anyone. I tentatively pulled the door towards me and shivered as the cold night air caught me unawares. There was no one there in front of my terraced house. Then I heard a familiar giggle and looked out to see Craig standing grinning slightly to the side of the door frame.

"SURPRISE!" He shouted as he stepped forward and sharply pushed the door towards me revealing another young man at the other side. I stood literally frozen the spot in my sexiest underwear for all to see as they both stood grinning at my shocked expression (and no doubt, my lack of clothing).

"Get inside!" I hissed in my haste to close the door.

"He he he he." Craig drunkenly wheezed as I slammed the door shut. "Told you; didn't I?" The arrogant sod giggled and nudged his friend. 'She's as sexy as fuck and will do anything I ask."

He then shook my tits and slapped my arse, "You're fucking gagging for my cock aren't you babe?" I glared at him but did nothing to stop him when he pushed his hand between my legs and pressed a finger against my pussy to test how wet I was. "She's fucking soaking cos I told her not to play with herself while I was away." I was shaking with cold, fear, anger and excitement as my eyes focused on Craig's new friend. He looked a bit like David Beckham with tattoos on his neck; shaved head and dressed in khaki combats and a black and gold Adidas tracksuit top. I quickly noted that he was more athletic looking and taller and broader than my young lover and had huge calloused hands. He also looked rougher and a little scruffier.

"And you would be?" I asked the good looking stranger as I fought back tears of fear and the urge to turn and run upstairs.

"Barney." He replied with a smirk and a Cockney accent; as his eyes flicked all over my body which was covered in my sexiest lingerie.

"Can we have a beer?" Craig nonchalantly asked as he hung up his jacket and held his hand out for Barney's coat.

"I suppose so, they're in the fridge." I told him without moving from my spot next to the door.

"Come on babe," Craig saucily winked and stroked my arse, "can you get them for us? You know how much I like watching you walk about dressed like that."

I was now warming up both physically and sexually; so teetered along the hall in my silly high heals which I knew would make my rather ample arse and boobs wobble from side to side. I could sense them following me; so when I opened the fridge door I theatrically bent forward; stretching my legs to the full length to get the cans from the bottom shelf. As I stood and turned towards them I clutched the cold bottles to my bosoms.

"Is this what you want?" I asked in my best squeaky Betty Boop voice.

The guys didn't say a word just held out their hands and grinned. The ice cold beer had made my nipples so hard they were now poking through the stiff material of the bustierre. Well....I think it was the cold beer.

Craig and Barney took a sip of their beer and just stared at me without saying a word.

"Well," I smiled as I raised my eyebrows, "let's go to the lounge cos I've got a glass of wine getting warm." Then I walked between them making sure Barney got a good feel of my boobs against his chest as I squeezed through. Craig grabbed my arse and dug his fingers in then playfully slapped it as I jumped away.

"Stop that!" I chided him as I rubbed my stinging cheek.

"That's not what you said last Sunday!" Craig chuckled as he reminded me of a spanking session that we'd had.

"That was then....not now!" I teased as I wobbled on my high heels into the lounge. The boys sat side by side on the sofa and I sat opposite drinking my wine.

The atmosphere crackled as we checked each other out. I found out that they had met at a gig in London six months before and Barney worked in a Brewery but was also a DJ and was up North for a meeting with a Club owner.

"So," I asked Barney. "what has Craig been telling you about me?"

He gulped down a mouthful of beer then grinned, "He showed me some photos on his phone and said that you do stuff on the internet."

"What sort of stuff?" I teased.

Craig and Barney both suddenly looked very young as they squirmed with embarrassment.

"Come on then stud," I laughed at Craig as I slowly crossed my legs making sure that I flashed my crotch, "what have you been saying about me? Have you been showing off?"

Craig finished his beer and waved the empty bottle at me then grinned, "He wanted to see the pics that you sent me on I showed him the ones with you and your dildos."

Like the good Mum that I am I took their empty bottles away and replaced them with two each; making my boobs nearly topple out of the bustierre as I handed them over. The large bulge in Barney's pants didn't go unnoticed at this time either.

"Barney wants to know if you'll put on a show for us." Craig laughed and elbowed his friend in the ribs.

"Fuck off!" Was Barney's eloquent response.

"Mmmmmm." I teased them, "what kind of show do you mean?"

Craig was getting a little agitated now as the drink was getting the better of him, "Come on Babes...get your toys out and give us a show!"

I loved it when he was masterful and bossed me about; which was how we'd got into the spanking session the week before!

"I thought that you'd never ask!" I giggled as I stood up and went to the computer desk where I kept a bag of assorted sex toys.

"I'll let you choose as your the guest." I told Barney as I handed him the small travel bag.

"Fucking Hell!" He gasped when he unzipped the bag, "what the fuck are all these?"

Craig leaned over and took out my big black 7 inch 'bully boy' vibrator. "You want to see this when it's shoved up her arse.....and I mean the whole fucking thing!"

Barney looked at me with an astonished look on his face. I simply nodded and smiled as I stood in front of them.

"This then." He said as he handed it to me.

"What else?" I asked, "One won't be enough....I've got two holes that need filling."

Barney's mouth hung open as he turned to Craig who was nearly doubled up with laughter.

"I fucking told you how horny she is man." Craig wiped a tear from his eye. "She's just going to get warmed up with these fuckers."

"Oh yes," I purred again as I bent over with my boobs only an inch from Barney's face and took out my 9 inch long and 4 inch thick pink life like dildo, "I'll want the real thing afterwards." Then squeezed his cock through his pants.

I then put a Soul cd into the player and took my place in the centre of the room on my sheepskin rug. As Marvin Gaye started singing I began swaying and dancing to the music; turning it into a lap dance; bending over and trying to shake my tits out of their holder in front of the boys faces. Then I turned around and touched my toes; spanking my arse on both cheeks when I was in position; then I pulled the cheeks apart and slapped them back together again.

"Oh fuck." Barney groaned; so I did it again and again and again. I was a little dizzy when I stood up and wobbled on my shoes for a moment nearly falling over.

As I turned around I pulled my 36EE tits out of the bustierre and gave them a good rub, shake and squeeze then lifted them one at a time to my mouth and suckled on my stiff rubbery pink nipples. I love sucking my own nipples -- it feels so dirty and I know the effect it has on my fans on the web. Barney and Craig were no different -- their eyes were glazing over now.

My head was spinning with excitement now and I was becoming desperate to stick the toys in my fuck holes for the boys entertainment.

"You can get your cocks out now." I told them as I picked up the toys that they had selected.

There was a flurry of action on the sofa as they tore at their belts and pulled their jeans and pants down to their knees.

"Oh my!" I mock gasped in my best Betty Boop voice when I saw Barney's cock. Just as I'd hoped from the size of his hands he had a cock to match. Sadly for Craig it was a good inch longer than his and much thicker; not that I'd been complaining with his...but Barney's looked absolutely delicious.

With my arms above my head I shook and shimmied my hips and loose tits to a Temptations track and asked, "Who wants to take my knickers off?"

Barney turned to Craig for guidance. He just shook his shoulders, "Be my guest."

He shuffled to the edge of the sofa and I stood directly in front of him; still with my arms in the air. He gently tucked his big fingers into the waistband and slowly pulled my knickers down; brushing his face against my shaven mound as he pulled them over my shoes. I held his head there for a moment or two then asked Craig, "Does he lick pussy like you do?"

Craig just shrugged his shoulders and continued drinking and wanking.

"Well? Do you" I asked as I pulled his neck back by the collar of his top.

"Sometimes." He grinned and winked then moved forward to kiss my bald mound. He was soon running his hands over my hips and arse as his tongue lashed across my smooth pubic area....then it started flicking against the tip of my crack.

"Let me lie down and then you can do that properly." I squeaked then stepped back and slowly dropped onto the soft sheepskin rug, carefully placing my sex toys within easy reach.

By the time I'd made myself comfortable and spread my legs for him Barney had totally stripped off. I was impressed! His stomach was as flat as I'd ever seen on a man and even had a bit of muscle definition. His chest, belly and legs were all quite hairy and his shoulders and arms were covered in black Celtic tattoos and his cock.... looked huge and had two huge hairy eggs dangling beneath it. Maybe I'd led a sheltered life but this long thin dong dwarfed Craig's lovely cock and it was pointing directly at me. But I resisted...for the time being.

Barney knelt between my legs and lifted them up until my knees were on his shoulders. Holding onto my ankles he began slowly kissing my stockings from my knees down to my suspender straps; gradually forcing me back onto my shoulders when he reached the flesh beyond my stockings welt.

The young lad looked me in the eye, winked and dipped his face into my sticky fanny making me grunt like a pig. My arms were stretched out and I was balanced on my head and shoulders now as he licked lapped and fingered my hole. He was good -- very good. His tongue would glide down my slit then shoot up to my clit then he would finger me as he sucked on my labia.....he was very good and I was grunting even louder.

After a couple of minutes he worked two of his long thick fingers into my cunt while he licked and sucked my clit.

"Woo Wooo Wooooo!" I howled as a finger tip scraped against the membrane separating my pussy from my bum. Realising that I liked this he continued -- harder and faster. "Woo Woooo Woooo!" I kept howling until I began convulsing and suddenly got the urge to cum and wee at the same time......"Wow Wow Wooooow Wowwwwww Shhhiiitttt!" my hips were shaking uncontrollably as I came and couldn't believe my eyes as what looked like wee shot out of my pussy as Barney pulled his fingers out. Thankfully he quickly moved to one side and held my legs even wider by the ankles so the piss gushed past his head in a torrent.

"Fucking Hell Kim!" Craig gasped as he stood alongside us with his cock in his hand, "you've never done that before!"

I couldn't speak as Barney lowered my body to the floor for me to curl into a foetal position for a few seconds as I got my breath back and stop shaking. When I looked up Craig and Barney had refreshed their beers and were still tugging at their cocks.

"I've done my bit." The stranger winked, "it's your turn now....are you gonna put on that show for me?"

If it meant getting a taste and a feel of that magnificent cock then YES was the answer.

"Of course." I gasped as I fumbled for my toys. Once I'd found them; I shuffled into position with my legs apart and knees bent. First of all I liberally squirted lots of KY Jelly onto my holes and massaged it in. I slowly slid the big pink dildo down my still delicate quim making me shiver; but I continued. My senses are always particularly heightened after I cum and all I could smell was the sweet smell of my fanny and whatever it was that had come out.

Obviously I'd learned to enjoy showing off on the webcam but masturbating in front of two horny tattooed studs who were tugging on their stiff cocks as they drank my beer was electrifying.

"Oooohhh." I panted as I pressed the fat tip against my opening and the it slid in of it's own accord! God; this felt good after that licking that Barney had just given me! The toy slid in and out with the greatest of ease I was so wet. The boys eyes were spellbound as all 9 inches soon disappeared up my cunt and I began fucking myself faster and faster as I groped my bouncing tits and tugged on my nipples until they hurt and I had to bite my lip.

I knew what they wanted me to do next and I wasn't going to disappoint them. Still with the toy lodged deep in my cunt I picked up the black one and raised my hips so my arse was off the floor. With practiced ease I bent forward and slid my hand underneath me from the side and easily found my well used arse hole with the bulbous plastic tip. No matter what and how many times I push things up my arse it always stings at first and aches like billyo....this time was no different. My fanny juices and lots of KY had lubricated my puckered hole enough for me to push the black plastic cock in an inch or two making me grimace. Satisfied it was in place by squeezing with my sphincter muscles; I twisted around until so I was on my back and rolled onto my shoulders with my legs in the air.

"Fuck me!" Barney joked, "She is doing it!" "I told you how dirty she is; but you wouldn't believe me." Craig nudged his pal. "I don't think there's anything she won't try."

With that, I began working both toys in and nearly out. The angle that I held the black dildo meant that I could only jab it into my arse but my right hand was a blur fucking my sloppy cunt with the big bigger pink one! My breathing was getting shallower and shallower and the only noises I could make were growls and grunts but it was a fantastic experience fucking both of my sex-holes in front of Craig and Barney. My back began to ache so I rolled over onto my other side which meant that I could increase my speed with the black dildo in my arse.

"Oh...ow....Ooohhh....yeesssss." I panted like a mantra as I battered my arsehole with the long sex toy while twisting the other one slowly into my fanny.

My show must have lasted two or three minutes when I sensed that Craig was ready to cum.

"Don't waste that!" I squeaked as I stopped masturbating for a moment and lowered my arse onto the rug; keeping the toys sucked into my orifices. "Cum on my tits.....splash your spunk on me." I knew he loved it when I talked dirty.

Without any hesitation Craig stood astride my stomach and Barney my head and both began furiously rubbing their cocks.

"That's it boys," I begged, "spunk on Betty's big tits.....come on....I want lots of your lovely spunk on them....come on cover me...drench me in spunk!"

In seconds Craig shot a stream of spunk into the air missing my tits completely and landing on my face with a splat; then he edged forward and deliberately squeezed another two large dollops out directly onto my face.

Barney began laughing quite manically and squeezed his cock until his cum oozed out and dropped onto my face too, then joked; "It's just like a fucking Bukkake film!" as I hung my mouth open to catch any stray droplets on my tongue. Both guys dropped to their knees and pumped the last few drops of hot spunk onto my eyelids.

I couldn't believe how much there was. Craig mustn't have had any action or even a wank since our last fuck and Barney just spurted and spurted for ages. Their warm spunk felt like jelly as it ran down my face and into my mouth and nostrils and the pungent aroma was overwhelming.

Just as I was containing my breathing Barney yelled "Get the black one!"

I tried to open my eyes but the spunk was everywhere and gluing the lids together; so I couldn't stop them when they grabbed an ankle each and pulled them towards my shoulders bending me in half. Then they each took hold of a dildo and began roughly thrusting my toys into my arse and cunt faster than I'd ever managed.

The guys were in laughing hysterically as they pounded my holes. I howled, grunted, laughed, shook my tits and wriggled as my whole genital area got fucked ragged with two of my biggest sex toys. I'd done some weird things in the last few weeks but this was blowing my mind. Especially when the two toys rubbed and banged against each other through the membrane that separates my cunt and arse.

"Oh shit!" I screeched, "It's happening's happening again....take them out!" I suddenly got overcome with the same desperate feeling to piss that Barney had created earlier. "Take them out!"

As soon as the guys pulled the toys out I arched my back and another stream of hot piss shot out and landed about two feet away on my cream carpet. I couldn't control my actions for a few seconds and lay shaking as more piss oozed out onto the rug and I let off two or three loud farts from my gaping arse hole. I managed to wipe some dry spunk from my eyes to see Craig weeping with laughter and Barney sitting against the sofa with a look of shock and awe on his face as he rubbed his stiff again cock.

I rolled into the foetal position again; clutching my aching stomach with one hand and the other between my legs to try and stop anything else leaking out. No one said a word for nearly 5 minutes; until Craig asked for another beer.

I got to my feet with as much grace as I could muster but let off another two wet farts when I opened my legs. I foolishly stopped in the hall to look in the mirror. I looked an total mess; my neatly coiffured hair was sticking out in all directions, my lipstick and eyeliner were smudged and my face looked a bit like a glazed doughnut as there was so much spunk caked to it. But I permitted myself a congratulatory smile when I remembered how I'd got in this state! I got their beers and quickly washed the spunk off my face, brushed my hair and re-applied some lippy to make myself look presentable again before teetering back into the lounge still with my tits hanging out of the bustierre and bald fanny on show.

"Are you ready for part 2?" Barney asked with a cheeky wink as he took the bottle from me.

"Part 2?" I asked in my squeaky Betty Boop voice as I refilled my wine glass.

"Yeah." Craig butted in, "the threesome -- remember?"

"Oh. That?" As if I'd forgot!

"Are you still up for it?" He asked with a saucy wink.

I raised my eyebrows and pouted my pretty little lips; then took a long swallow of cold white wine then knelt beside Barney.

"Let's go upstairs where it'll be more comfortable."

I went first hobbling up the stairs as quickly as possible in my silly high heels.

"Come on!" Craig giggled and kept spanking me, "get that fat arse upstairs I'm getting stiff again."

Once inside my bedroom I clambered into the middle on all fours so that the boys could get a good look at my wobbling boobs and stretched fuck holes. They got either side of me and immediately began rubbing my tits and legs and fingering me. My hands went straight to their lovely cocks which soon grew nice and stiff.

"Get up here and let me suck you." I panted to Barney. In a flash he was kneeling beside my face as I wanked and twisted his enormous cock. It still wasn't as hard as Craig's but stiff enough! I pulled the foreskin back and kissed the knob then slowly fed it into my mouth. It was delicious. Resting on my elbow as Craig stroked and fingered my pussy I sucked and licked the biggest cock that I'd ever seen.

Eventually Barney held the back of my head and began to stuff his cock into my mouth making me gag; and he wouldn't let go.

"That's it you dirty fucker....swallow it." He grunted as he forced it to the back of my throat. Thankfully I didn't panic and tried to breathe through my nostrils which helped.

"Aaaaggghhhccclllluuuuuggghhhh," I gurgled as I tried to ease his long cock past my tonsils but I was still gagging and my mouth was filling up with saliva.

"Come on you old tart." He continued, "get it down your fucking throat! I want to feel my balls bang against your chin." Whenever Craig talked to me like this I loved it.

"Aaaaggghhhccclllluuuuuggghhhh," I gurgled again as saliva dribbled out of the sides of my mouth.

To get comfortable I raised my torso slightly as Barney fucked my face and eventually forced his long cock into my throat. It was a bit like snorkelling as I concentrated on breathing through my nose.

"You dirty old tart." Barney kept up his torrent of filth as Craig forced his fingers into my pussy and his thumb slipped into my bum, "look at the size of your fucking old's nearly fucking hanging out!" My hands were wrapped around his waist as I met every one of his delectably vicious hip thrusts which made his balls bang against my chin as promised.

" dirty old fucker," Barney began to pant as his cock slowly and easily slid down my throat. "You're fucking good at sucking're the best cocksucker I've ever met....ooh yes....keep doing that."

We were both relaxing now and I was in fucking ecstasy as I deep throated his long young cock and Craig grappled with my tits and fingered my pussy and arsehole at the other end.

We kept at it for two or three minutes with me relaxing enough to take charge of the action -- easily sliding his full length into my throat...then sucking and kissing the knob then repeating the whole thing over and over again. I was soon quite proud of myself!

"I'm going for a piss." Craig slurred as he slowly climbed off the bed, "do you want another beer mate?"

"Yeah, that'll be cool." Barney replied as he slammed his long cock into the back of my throat.

I had to stop sucking that magnificent cock because my pussy was nearly bursting with excitement.

"I've got to ride you." I panted as I wiped some sweat from my brow.

"Okey-dokey." He laughed as I moved to straddle him again, "be my guest."

His cock seemed to go on forever as I slowly speared myself on it. Then with a little shuffle to make myself comfortable I was ready. It took my breath away each time I slid back down his pole and the feeling was just as unbelievable when I slid back up to the tip.

"You like the cock; don't you?" Barney sniggered as he slapped my flopping tits. "I've got loads of mates back home that'll pay good money to get sucked off a MILF like you."

"Oh yes." I panted as I increased the speed that I was fucking him.

"It's my brothers 21st birthday in a couple of weeks." Barney grunted as he began thrusting upwards with his hips, "how do you feel about stripping for the lads?"

"Oh God! Oh yes." I panted even harder at the thought.

"That'll be cool......watching you strip for the lads...then putting on a dildo show for them too." He was gasping too now as we furiously fucked each other.

"I wondered how long it would take for her to fuck you." Craig chuckled when he came back into the bedroom. "I might as well join in then." With that he stepped onto the bed and fed his cock into my mouth as Barney pounded my pussy.

"I'm going to make her strip and do a dildo show for Max's birthday." Barney laughed.

"She'll fucking love that." Craig gasped as he grabbed my head and forced his cock into my throat. "Can you imagine what she'll be like with a dozen or more cocks waving around?"

Both guys laughed out loud as my orgasm began to make my toes tingle.

"Hey!" Barney shouted to Craig as he grasped my hips to get extra leverage, "do you think we should make it a Bukkake party? You know.....get everybody to spunk on her face at the end?"

That was it...... "AaaaaaaggghhhhhuuuuugghhhsshhhHHHIIITTTTTTuugggllllOOOOHHHHH!" I began convulsing and choking because my orgasm was so fierce. Craig instinctively pulled his cock out of my mouth so I could catch my breath as my saliva dribbled onto the bed.

"Fuck it!" He told no one I particular, "I think I'll fuck her arse. You don't mind do you mate?"

"The more the merrier!" Barney chuckled as he pulled my arse cheeks apart in readiness for his friends' cock.

I was still gulping down oxygen when Craig slipped his cock into my stretched anus.

"Oh GOD!" I groaned as I threw my head back. This was amazing! Barney continued holding y hips as he slowly fucked my battered cunt but Craig went wild as he punished my arse with his thick cock. I could hardly move and just secured myself by holding onto the metal headboard as both boys fucked my arse and cunt at the same time making my whole genital area feel like it might explode.

"Yes...yes...yeesssss!" Craig eventually grunted as my arse suddenly became very hot and wet.

"Ha ha ha ha." Barney cackled as he began furiously thrusting his cock into my cunt rubbing his big cock against Craig's tool through my thin membrane, "I'm cumming....I'm cumming!" And my second fuck hole was flooded in as many minutes.

We clung together for a few seconds until Craig pulled out leaving my arsehole stretched and gaping.

"Stay on all fours." Barney insisted as he rolled out from underneath me. "I want to get a look at what we've done to you."

Shattered and exhausted I looked back over my shoulders to see the lads examining my holes like amateur gynaecologists.

"Squeeze some milk out." Barney instructed as they kept my cheeks spread. I did as I was told and with my last piece of energy contracted my muscles until their spunk oozed back out and ran onto my bedclothes.

"You dirty bitch!" Barney laughed as he slapped my arse. "I can't wait to tell the lads about you."

Barney visited me the following night and fucked me ragged again, then we spent the next couple of weeks on MSN and Yahoo and texting each other through the day.

And tell his mates about me - he did. Three weeks after meeting him I was invited to be the stripper at his brothers 21st birthday in front of 16 hardcore football hooligans.

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