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Having a first name that can go either way gets me on a trip that was meant for women only. However, that little accident certainly changed my life for the better.
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An Accident Changed My Life

Maybe accident isn’t the best way to describe what happed but it really was accidental.

I signed on for a two-week trip to Branson, Missouri where I would see twelve live shows in fourteen days. All of the rooms were double occupancy to lower expenses, so I would have an unknown roommate. The evening meal was also part of the package.

Well I missed my flight and after a few text messages I was on the next flight and just a couple of hours behind my group. When I finally arrived at my hotel and checked in, my group had eaten dinner and was waiting for the show to start. I got my room key, dropped my suitcases off, and headed for my first show.

When I entered the restaurant theater the man at the door knew my name and took me straight to my table. It contained five women. As soon as I sat down and introduced myself one woman got up and went to another table to talk to yet another woman. That woman then came over to me and asked my name. I told her and then she said that she thought that I was a woman. I assured her that I was not. She then informed me that that group trip was for women only. I reminded her that I had paid my fee and received her conformation. Then she asked the woman that was sitting next to me if she was comfortable in having me as a roommate since there were no more rooms and that her cost would increase if I didn’t room with her. She looked me over and then said that it would be okay. I smiled at her. Meanwhile the woman that ran over to get the group leader was trying to talk her out of rooming with me and rooming with her and her roommate instead. Once more my roommate said that it would be okay. Then she said that I owed her a couple of drinks. Okay.

As we listened to the country artists sing and entertain us I drank three bottles of beer and I bought four double shots of Scotch Whiskey for her. I was more than willing to get her drunk and see if I could take advantage of her. Leslie was about my age and she looked very good. Her hair was up on top of her head, she was wearing big hoop earrings, and her makeup looked professional. Her red blouse was just low enough in the front to allow me glimpses of her white lace bra. Her skirt had ridden up her thighs as she had danced in her seat to the music. The music had turned her on and excited her. On the other hand she had turned me on and excited me.

After the show the twenty of us walked in a group back towards our hotel. It was only a four-block walk. Along the way Leslie said that she wasn’t tired yet and wanted to go someplace where she could dance. Then she asked me if I would go with her and maybe dance with her too. Sure! Why not!

So we split off from the crowd and walked down the main street. Leslie picked out a bar and dragged me into it. She was feeling no pain when we walked in, went right to the dance floor, and started dancing her ass off. She was a great dancer and she clung to me. I watched her tits jiggle, her ass shake, and that miniskirt raise as she dry humped my leg while she danced. She was a cross between a stripper and the movie Dirty Dancing.

After a couple more dances she asked me to fuck her dirty in the men’s restroom. Then before I could answer her she was dragging me down a short corridor and right into the men’s room. I’ll say that it was dirty and probably the dirtiest men’s room that I had ever been in. First off it smelled really bad the floor was wet and sticky from piss and spilled beer. One of the two toilet stalls had a door on it but it was open showing a toilet that was full of shit that hadn’t been flushed in weeks. There was a trough along one wall where a dozen men could line up and piss in it at the same time. It too was pretty disgusting. Then in the corner was one tiny sink with a dripping faucet, years of caked on minerals from the water, and it was quite obvious that it had served as a urinal too.

I walked Leslie over to that corner, reached up under her miniskirt, and pulled down her thong panties putting them in my pocket. I lifted her miniskirt up above her waist, lifted her up onto the edge of the sink, and lowered my pants and underwear to my knees making sure that they did not go down to that dirty floor. Leslie asked me if I did drugs or had AIDS. I told her that I did not do drugs and I had been tested for diseases and was clear. Then Leslie took in a deep breath as I rammed my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I figured that if she wanted it dirty then I didn’t have to be cautious or polite. If she wanted it like a cheap whore then I should give it to her that way. As I was fucking her she begged me not to let any other guys fuck her, that she would give them blowjobs and even swallow, but that she didn’t want to ruin her marriage by bringing some sexually transmitted disease home to her husband. She was married, she had two young children, and Leslie was a kindergarten teacher in the same town where I lived. At thirty-five she was in her sexual prime and she took that group trip in the hopes of getting fucked at least once. Now she was planning on getting fucked two or three times a day by me. I was planning on the same thing.

Just as I was pumping my cum into her she cried out and the door opened. Two country rednecks came in shouting at one another and then went silent. One of them asked, “Can we have sloppy seconds?” I replied, “No her pussy and ass belong to me…but I’ll let her suck your cocks.” That got shouts of happiness from them both. I watched as Leslie slipped off the sink, backed up to the trough, and started pissing like a racehorse. I had to take a digital picture of that. After she was done she lowered her miniskirt and knelt down so that her knees were resting on the toes of one guy’s shoes. She fished out his cock and started sucking furiously. I realized that she was in a hurry to get it over with, probable so she could get out of there before more guys came in. Either way I didn’t care, I had gotten my rocks off and I knew that I would several more times before heading home. I was already planning on fucking her on the airplane on the way home too. I always did want to join the Mile High Club and I knew she would let me. Anyway Leslie sucked him dry swallowing most of his cum, then she knelt of the second guy’s toes and sucked him off too. We managed to get out of there before anyone else came in and I got her out of that bar before word spread too.

As we were walking toward our hotel room the woman that had squealed on me to the tour leader opened her door and tried to talk Leslie into sleeping with her again. She said that she and her roommate were willing to triple up so that she wouldn’t have to sleep in the same room with me. Leslie laughed and said, “Hell, I’m going to sleep in the same bed with him. I let him fuck me in the men’s room at the bar so it should be even better in a bed. Want to join us for a threesome?” That silenced the old busy body.

After opening our door and letting Leslie go in first I was surprised that another woman had followed me in. It was the cute woman that shared the busy body’s room. Charlene was twenty-five years old and had just graduated from teaching college. This was a well deserved vacation for her. Anyway she overheard the threesome offer and wanted to join in. Okay.

Charlene was curious about what had happened in the bar so Leslie filled her in on the whole story. I even showed her the pictures that I had taken in the men’s room with her peeing in that filthy trough, sucking those two cocks, and posing near the toilets, sink, and in front of the bar as we left. Charlene was upset that she hadn’t gone with us. Living with a prude like Mrs. Busy Body was no fun. So Leslie invited Charlene to move in with us. Besides she wanted some pictures of a girl roommate to show her husband when she got home. Charlene said that she would let her have a few nudes to show him too if it would help her marriage and her love life. In a half-hour Charlene was unpacking in our room, in another half-hour our shower was over, and in another half-hour our limbs were intertwined and we were have sex together. Both women sucked my cock, the other’s pussy, and let me fuck them both. Since I had already cum in Leslie, I decided to cum in Charlene that time. Then we fell asleep in one bed.

Charlene was the first to wake up the next morning because she hadn’t drank too much the night before. Eventually I woke up and our lovemaking woke up Leslie who joined right in. That time Leslie got my load. I had to piss real bad so I rushed to the bathroom and started going. Charlene handed me my camera and then she and Leslie sat on the edge of the bathtub and piss in it like Leslie had that trough in the bar men’s room. After that I was allowed to take all of the pictures of them that I wanted too, dressed and undressed. Great!

Things escalated over the next few days. The two women told the other women how good I was in bed and most of our other extracurricular activities too. Mrs. Busy Body was disgusted, the group leader was not at all pleased, but some of the other women were quite intrigued. The group pretty much split into ten and ten with the other ten interested in the shows, dinner, and getting back to the hotel. Our ten was pretty much interested in the shows, dinner, and partying until the bars closed. I made quite an entrance when I walked in with nine pretty women. Four of those women would only let me fuck them but the other five would let anyone fuck them. That meant that I could no longer fuck them because I could pass a disease on to the other four. Eventually our group split into five and five and the others going off in their own direction to fuck anything with a cock.

My four women were very faithful to me and to one another. Three were married, with Charlene being the only single woman, and me being divorced.

The next few days seemed to settle down some. Possibly the other group of five just made us look like prudes. During dinner each night we listened to them tell us how many strange men had fucked them, gangbanged them, or how many cocks they had sucked. They had all slid down the food chain to the level of a gutter whore. We wondered if we had anything to do with it.

My four women drank, danced, and flirted with everyone. Near the end of the night they would pick out one or two guys that they would want to suck and I would keep an eye on them as their protector. I had trained in martial arts and was not too bad at it, if I do say so myself. The guys didn’t get too far out of control but one man that had drank too much wanted to fuck the unwilling, called the women names, and then started to get violent. That’s when I put him down quickly. After that no one got of line with the girls.

Each night I tried to get a group picture of my four women and their men. The guys all wanted copies of the pictures and I told them that I would get copies for them, but I never did. The women knew that I was reliable to protect their reputations at home. We all came from the same general area and vowed to keep in touch.

That second week was just as much fun, then on the last two nights we did not have tickets to any shows. My group got more rest and enjoyed the last few days of our vacation. The group of ten kept to themselves and shopped the local stores for souvenirs. That left the other group of five, or as we called them, “The wild ones.”

Then the day before we were to leave I got an urgent phone call from one of the girls. They had all been arrested for public nudity, prostitution, and disorderly conduct. One also resisted arrest and bit a policeman.

I took Leslie and Charlene with me to the police station. We identified the five women as being with our group and explained that we all had plane tickets out of town the next day. He woke a judge up and the girls got fines of two hundred dollars each with the one getting a five hundred dollar fine. My other two women and the group of ten helped us out with the thirteen hundred dollars in fines.

As I paid the bailiff the money I also became responsible for them until they were on the plane. In addition I got copies of all of their paperwork as if I was their parole officer. I got finger prints, mug shots, and the police reports. I even got copies of the evidence against them which included about a hundred pictures of them dancing nude on the bar, nude on the pool table, and nude in the street charging five dollars for sex in public. Most of the women had three cocks stuck in them at all times. The judge ordered that the girl’s prostitution money was to go to a local charity. Even at five dollars a shot it was well over five hundred dollars. They sure got all the sex that they wanted. Plus I had something to hold over them when they got home.

Speaking of going home I joined the Mile High Club with both Leslie and Charlene. I fucked the other two in my group, but just so that they could join the Mile High Club too, I didn’t cum in them.

Over the nest few months Charlene got a job teaching the first grade in Leslie’s school with her and moved in with me. Leslie stops in frequently and the three of us have sex together. The other two women drop in occasionally. Then the ‘group of five’ comes over whenever I tell them too. I had them all get checked out for sexually transmitted diseases and provide me with the proof that they were clean. When they do come over it is as a prostitute. I invite only one girl at a time and get between six and twenty men that are willing to pay five dollars for a hooker. The men go home happy, the girls go home happy, and then the local counsel of the Girl Scouts of America gets a money order in the mail once a month. Everyone is happy.

I’ve asked Charlene to marry me after the school year is over. We are planning on a trip to Branson, Missouri to get married where we met. We are planning on inviting our group and the ‘group of five’ to join us, but only if they are on their best behavior.

As to Mrs. Busy Body…I got the goods on her. It seems that Miss Goody Two Shoes is not all that squeaky clean after all. I was on my way to visit my father when I saw her pull into my father’s driveway, look around suspiciously, and then sneak into my father’s house. I then snuck up to the house and peeked into the windows. I found them in Dad’s bedroom. He always leaves the window open being a fresh air nut. I heard them talk about how bad their sex lives were and then I watched as they undressed and made love on the bed. I had my digital camera in my pocket and captured it all.

I’m not sure what to do with it at the moment. Do I blackmail her into having sex with me, do I blackmail Dad into giving me his fishing boat, or do I tell Mom that Dad is cheating on her? I ruled out the last one because it would kill Mom to know. Blackmailing Dad would not harm Mrs. Busy Body so I will just have to blackmail her instead…and soon.

The End
An Accident Changed My Life
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