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Continuation of the night with an ex.
By now the room has warmed considerably and you are warm from your bath. I dry you with a big fluffy towel, slowly massaging your shoulders and arms and legs as I do so. Still, I pause every couple of seconds to kiss a different random part of your body. Once you are dry, I lead you to my bed again and pull down the covers neatly. I lay you on your back and comb your hair out around your head. I make sure that you are warm and comfortable and get some of your favorite lotion from Bath and Body Works. I start with your hands and arms, working my way up as I rub lotion into every part of your skin. I lay your arms out to your side and ask you to keep them there and close your eyes. I kiss you deeply and want you to just lay back and focus on the feeling of me rubbing lotion on you. I massage your muscles as I apply the lotion and make my way past your shoulders and neck onto your chest. I apply some cool lotion directly on top of each of your nipples, causing you to inhale rapidly and smile. I take my hands and rub gently in bigger and bigger circles, massaging your breast as my palms brush your nipples every round. They are still erect and bright pink now. I lightly kiss each one, and then kiss your lips playing with your tongue again. I whisper in your ear how much I am enjoying this and how much I love you. After your breasts are nice and slick, I move on down your stomach and over your abs. Your tummy is still beautiful and flat even though you say you have gained weight. It rounds perfectly into the mound between your legs now smooth to the touch. I spread your legs apart to where I have plenty of room to maneuver between them as I move towards the end of the bed. I keep your head laying flat and your eyes remain closed as I apply a handful of lotion to your pussy. I rub it around the top where your skin is still sensitive from shaving. I am gentle and massage you slowly, working my slick fingers down into your slit. I rub on either side of your lips and down between your cheeks as far as I can without you moving. I take the chance to lightly kiss your lips where they are the fullest. They are bright pink and covered with your wetness that I lap up with my tongue. I want to finish the lotion first before I make you cum for the first time but I can’t resist eating your pussy. I slide my hands under your ass and lift it slightly to get my tongue deeper into your slit. You reach for your tits, but I tell you to put your arms back out and keep your eyes closed. I slide my tongue under your hood and massage your clit with the tip of my tongue. You hump my face now, close to orgasm with the drawn out anticipation of this. I flick it quickly making you go over the edge of cuming. Right as your pussy starts to spasm, I slide my tongue as deep as it will go into your slit and lick the top of your pussy wall inside, sucking your juices out of it as you spasm. Your thighs release their grip from my head as you settle from your first cum and I raise up to kiss you. I want you to taste yourself on my lips, to see how good your juices are. You kiss me passionately, hungrily licking my lips and taking yourself in in the aftermath of your orgasm. I finish the front part of your thighs with lotion as your breathing calms and after messaging your thighs and calves I finish at your feet.

Now I lean over you and straddle your body, making you look straight down the tip of my prick. I have had to wipe off the tip continuously to keep my cum from dripping on your clean soft skin. I watch you stare at it and smile before kissing you again and telling you I love you. I help you roll onto your stomach now, keeping my hands on your body as much as I can. Again, I spread your arms and legs out and apply lotion onto your skin. I rub up both arms over your shoulders and down your back until I get to the top of your ass. You arch instinctively but I make you wait as I jump down to your feet and work my way up to your inner thighs yet again. This time I focus on your butt cheeks, squeezing them hard but slowly. You moan as I rub lotion all over your tight little ass and knead it into your skin. I rub my fingers from your soaking pussy tracing a line to your asshole. I ask if it is okay if I play with this for a little while and kiss your back after you nod your head yes. I had hoped that you would let me play with your asshole and this time I want you to enjoy it a little more than you have in the past. I bought some lube that is very light and silky smooth to feel like your natural juices. I lick your pussy lips again and trace my tongue over your hole, making circles around the edge of it before pushing the tip in the center of your hole. This is new to you and I ask if it feels good. You moan your approval as I dab plenty of lube onto my hand. It mixes well with the lotion already on your skin and soon your inner thighs and ass cheeks are slippery with the mix of your juices and the lube. It has a pleasant smell and taste as I lick from the top of your thighs over your ass. Now I make my way to your pussy one last time to make sure you are really wet. I lube my finger well and slowly introduce it to the outside edge of your asshole. I rub circles around it watching your expression on your face to make sure you like it. A small smile is on your lips as I push firmer on the outside of your hole. I ask one more time if you are sure this is okay and you say that you think it feels great and how you’re excited about what I am going to do. Your hole is slick now and I drop some more lube onto the center of your hole before I press my finger inside for the first time. You arch away from me and hump the bed at the shock but I am slow and gentle, allowing you to get used to the feeling of being full. I slowly remove my finger from your hole and quickly drop some lube into your closing hole. I want you to enjoy this just as much as I am and in the past I have never taken the time to make both holes completely wet. This time is different though.

I press my finger in again, this time you arch your ass higher in the air as I start to wet the inside of your walls. I lean down and kiss your cheeks before moving my other fingers over your exposed clit. My finger slides deeper in your ass and I make a smooth slow rhythm of fingering your ass. Your pussy is drenched again and I switch from rubbing your clit to fingering your pussy. I put two fingers into your twat to fill you up and put some more pressure on your ass. You are moaning now and slowly humping my hands as I make love to your ass with my hands. I put some more lube on my finger making sure you stay comfortable and ask you if you are okay. You only nod your head yes with your eyes closed as I pump both your ass and pussy faster. I can feel by the contractions around my finger in your ass that you are close to cuming and I encourage you to cum by talking to you in a soft voice. I pump faster now making you fly over the edge of orgasm and continue to pump until your cries and spasms subside. Your asshole is tight now and I play softly with your pussy and clit allowing you to relax before I withdraw from your back hole. Soon you release your grip on my finger and I slowly slide out of your hole. I kiss your pussy and lick your rim before I tell you I will be right back.
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