a story of me and my mom and how she loves to seduce men
I’m 19 years old and my name is Mike. My mom is 44 and her name is Yelena. She’s 5’4 and about 125 pounds, 34C breasts, in pretty good shape and very nice thick ass. She is also an exhibitionist. She is also very easy going and a very sexual person. Mom and I lived alone in a very nice house with a swimming pool. Dad was gone and had left mom a ton of money in the divorce and I had no siblings so me and mom were like two best friends. Mom and I had a great relationship, we talked about anything and since she was so sexual I guess I never found it weird to talk to her about sex or girls or anything at all. It was more like having a female friend around then a mom. No matter who she spoke to since I was little, she would always have a flirtatious connotation to her conversations. Since I was young I’ve always noticed the stares she got anywhere we ever went. Whether it was the neighbors in our area, in a local mall, or even the teachers at my parent teacher conferences at my schools everyone would eyefuck her everywhere we went.
Her normal attire around the house was very skimpy outfits. She had a few different ones that she’d always wear. Her favorite one is a silk pink robe that was just below her ass. She would never have anything under that robe when she wore it because she wore that during the mornings, or a night, or after a shower. Her other favorite was a pair of booty shorts and wife beater shirt. Around the house she never wore a bra, even under her wife beater so you could always see her perky nipples. The thing I loved most about having a hot woman around the house is that she never wanted any doors locked in the house. So either the doors were always open or if they were closed you could walk in without knocking and there would be no repercussions if you walked in on anything. There was so many times where she was showering and I would walk into to take a piss that I saw her completely naked. For some reason her shower in her bedroom constantly was broken so she would share the one that I used a lot. The greatest part of that is that we have those showers that are all glass windows. During a shower it would get very steamy in there but you would easily see the person in there after a few seconds of the steam going away. Since my friends obviously always wanted to fuck her they would walk in on her showers also. Obviously they wouldn’t stay there and take a piss and take their time like me but they would easily open the door have a glance, pretend to be sorry about walking in and walk out. That happened so many times that I guess my mom just got used to it plus she loved people looking at her body so she never once complained to me about my friends spying on her or anything like that.
I always enjoyed how much of a tease my mom was and how slutty she acted subconsciously. Since I am really into voyeur I always loved sneaking peeks of mom naked or her teasing men in general. There were many times that mom would clean the floors in the house in her silk robe. When she would bend over to reach hard areas or just bent over because she knew I was watching you could get a great shot of her pussy from the back. Her pussy was absolutely hairless and those two very fat lips would squeeze at each other right in-between her thick thighs and ass cheeks. It seemed like mom never cared where she got the attention from, as long as any man was staring.
The thing that turned me on the most is when she would act this way in front of my friends. Most kids hate when their friends call their mom a milf and tell them how much they wanted to fuck her but I actually enjoyed it because that really turned me on, hearing how much people wanted to fuck my mom. She would even gloat that she was the hottest milf around. The best was when it was summer time and my friends would come over and we would sit outside next to my pool and my mom would decide to join us in one of her skimpy thong bikinis. You could just see everyone’s erection as she entered a room. Here and there she would lie down on the pool chair on her stomach and give us all a great shot of her ass in a thong which we all drooled over. Sometimes we would even be lucky enough to get to put oil on her body to help her tan. At first when my friends were to put oil on her they were very nervous and would be very proper and put it on her and go back into the pool. After a short period of time they would get bolder until a point came where they basically thought of her as a just a hot piece of ass that they wanted to fuck instead of just a mom. When they would put that oil on they would let their fingers linger and it seemed like my mom never had any limits of where they could touch, it was basically all up to them. They would get so into it and I would be so intrigued by watching this. Them putting oil on her was like the most sensual massage ever. The boldest of my friends was a kid named Russell. Russell was pretty chubby but had a confidence about him that nobody else had. He basically did anything he wanted and got away with everything in life. He wasn’t great looking but always got a lot of girls because of so called confidence/cockiness. I remember one time when my mom asked Russell to rub oil on her and he jumped out the pool quicker than anything I have ever seen. Russell started at her neck and her shoulder line and gave her a nice soft massage. He made his way down to her shoulder blades and rubbed it hard fro side to side and would twist her shoulders so he would crack my mom’s back. She was so into it that she would basically moan and say OMG that felt great. He already had her in the palm of his hand with his massaging skill and he was always mumbling something in her ear that nobody but them two could hear. He always did love to sweat talk the ladies. After he mumbled something in her ear you could hear him persuading her to detach her bra strap so that he could properly massage the oil into her back. To be quite honest he was detaching the back of the bikini top himself without even asking, but was asking to make her feel as if she was in command. As he detached the back of her bra from her bikini He moved the hoop of the bra from one hand and the other from the other hand and when she got up to take the bra off, her breasts hung perfectly for a slight second. After she moved her bra away the way she laid down the sides of her breasts just hung to the sides of her body as if it were jello hanging out. So Russell began to squirt oil on her back and he massaged it in from the top all the way to the lower back just how the oil was trickling down the middle of her back. When he hit the bottom he basically went all the way up and moved onto her arms and hands. As he did this he picked her left arm up rubbed oil all over it and as he did this it seemed like her nipple was about to pop out of the left side. When he finished with the left arm he went over and did the same to the right arm. When he was done with both arms he went back to oiling her back and this time instead of going up and down he started rubbing side to side and this is where his tricky fingers started playing games. He wasn’t just rubbing her back but he began to rub the side of her breasts. With his left hand he was touching the side of her left breast and with his right was the side of her right breast. She jolted at the first touch of her breast but then relaxed and went with the flow. She didn’t give him any looks nor did she say anything to him. After getting a nice feel of the side of her breasts he began to move down her back again. As he did this he started pouring oil from the top of her back and it once again rolled down the middle of her back. As he was getting lower and lower I could hear him saying that if my mom wouldn’t lower her thong a little bit the oil would get the bikini dirty. Without hesitation she slid the top of the thong bikini down to halfway on her ass cheeks. As she did this he massaged the oil into her lower back and you could see the oil trickle into her ass crack. As the oil did that, Russell boldly took his finger and basically ran it into the top of her ass crack. Not touching her asshole but right in between the top of her ass cheeks. At that point you could hear a little moan come out of my mom’s mouth. After he did that he rubbed the top of her ass cheeks with oil and in a quick motion went to the bottom of her thong and rubbed the bottom of her ass cheeks. The way he made her pull down her thong you could catch a nice glimpse of her pussy lips. As he rubbed the bottom of her ass, he basically patted on her inner thighs and she spread them a little more than they already were. At this point Russell started rubbing her inner thighs. His hands were so oily that I didn’t know if that was the oil on his fingers or the liquid leaking down my mom’s legs from her pussy. With every touch of her inner thighs my mom was gyrating her hips and it looked like she was humping the pool chair. Then finally Russell put his fingers on the tip of her pussy lips and it seemed like she exploded. She put her ass in the air and Russell’s fingers entered her pussy at that moment and were attached. At that exact moment I think both me and my friend Allen both busted a nut right in the pool. After a good 5 seconds my mom went back to laying down on her stomach, she then put her thong back up and that was the clue for Russell to get his hand away from her pussy. He gave her a little pat on her ass; she got up said thanks to Russell and went back into the house, as if nothing ever happened.

If you guys enjoyed this story and want another one let me know and ill come up with something interesting.

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Watching another boy get the mother off is not incest. In next story have son put oil on mom's back and get her to cum and then fuck her, In my opinion oral sex is not incest. Fucking is.

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