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A drunk man is stumbling around a parking lot with his keys in his hand. A police officer takes notice and decides he'd better go and check it out, so he walks up to the drunk man and asks him what he's doing. The drunk man replies, " Somebody stole my car! It was right here and now I can't find it. Somebody stole it!!"
The officer assures the man that he will help him find his car. "Sir," the officer says, "Where was the last place you saw you car?"
The drunk man replies,"The last time I saw my car, it was attached to this key here!" as he hold up his car keys. The officer chuckles at the man then notices the drunk man's penis is hanging out. Trying not to laugh, the officer says, "Sir, are you aware that your manhood is out dangling in the wind?"
The drunk man looks at the officer inquisitively then looks down at his penis. He jumps and yells "Holy Shit! They got my wife too!"
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