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Her name was Jessica she lived in the same condo place I did and we went to the same church. She was 12 and she was beautiful. She had dark chestnut hair, bright green eyes, and soft pale skin. She had huge boobs for her small frame. One of the cute things about her was that she was so naive her parents kept her really sheltered so she knows like nothing, my parents were friends with her which is probably the only reason they had no issues with her hanging out with me. I felt creepy masturbating to her mainly because I'm 19. I used to talk to her on aim. One day when I was slightly drunk so I started chatting with her about how big her boobs were and how much I wanted to see them.
Gregisdead48 - You have like the biggest boobs I've ever seen on a girl.
StrangerO32 - Hah. Wow, loving this knew side of you. LOL
Gregisdead48 - If you really want to love it come over right now.
StrangerO32 - Maybe I will!!11!!
Gregisdead48 - Do it. NOW!
*StrangerO32 has signed off*
I had originally thought she signed off because I was creeping her out. Then I went through my mind to make up excuses in case she told her parents. Then there was a knock on the door. I went to look at hole and I saw her red faced from the cold looking at the ground. Shit, possibilities ran through my head. Was she really coming over to fool around? I opened the door and let her in without a word. She kinda just sat on my couch and looked around. I sat next to her.
"Do you want a beer?"
"I don't know, I've never had alcohol before."
I went into the kitchen grabbed her a beer, but then I thought better I poured half of it out and filled it with a much stronger whiskey. If she's never had alcohol before she won't even notice. I came back with it.
"It tastes bad..."
"Drink it quick you'll feel drunk"
"I don't know, I don't want to throw up."
"You won't throw up from one beer I promise."
She downed it. She had this cute expression on her face that showed how badly she hated it. I turned on the TV and waited a few minutes for the alcohol to kick in.
"Do really think my .... are that big?"
I couldn't believe it she wouldn't even say boobs, she was so sheltered. But, she seemed ashamed of her boobs.
"They're better when they're bigger I swear, I'll bet they're beautiful."
Then I sucked it up and just went for it.
"Would you mind if I touched them?"
She looked really unsure. I immediatly regretted saying it. I just knew this was going to go south and she was going to tell her parents. Then when she looked in my eyes I saw more curiousity with a small amount of fear then disgust.
"I'll be gentle....Please"
She leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were so soft and slightly wet, her breath had a hint of alcohol on it still. Her lips twitched just for a moment. I put my hand on her shoulder, and slid it slowly down so it rested on her right boob. She shyed away from my hand for a second, but I just moved it with her. I grabbed her breast not hard, but firm. I started to kiss down her neck, as I went for her other boob. I was gripping them over her shirt. She was breathing heavy. She started kissing my neck softly at first, then she started sucking on my neck. I reached my arm around and undid the hook on her bra. Then I came out from her kiss and took the straps of her bra and pulled it down so the bra came off without her even lifting up her shirt, I threw her purple lace bra on the floor. Now she looked more afraid than curious now, but it was too late to go back. I put my body weight on her and pushed her to lay on the couch. I put my hands just over her nipples, they were hard. I rubbed her nipples hard. I went to take her shirt off her my dick was hard as a rock imagining what her huge tits would look like without her shirt. Then she freaked out and pushed me off.
"I'm sorry I just... I've never even kissed a boy before. I can't...."
"It's okay, you wanna just watch some TV?"
She seemed so relieved when I said that. I sat up and pulled her up with me. I had my arm around her neck and my other hand holding her knees so that they touched mine. She made a slight move probably so she could put her bra back on, but my arms held her in place. She made peace with the idea of watching TV with me without her bra on and put her head in my arm pit. I kissed the top of her head. Then as she let her guard down watching TV I brought my hand down her shirt, and the next thing she knew I had pinched her nipple. She gasped and threw her head back in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I leaned over and whispered in her ear.
"Do you enjoy this?"
She nodded.
"Say it."
"I enjoy it"
"What time do your parents get home after school?"
"Everyday after-school you are to be at my house until 5 o clock. Do you understand me?"
She nodded, I continued to play with her tits while watching TV till about 5 then, I let her put on her bra and go home. Afterwards I blew the biggest load I've ever seen myself have thinking of my cum dripping off her huge milky white tits.

It was 3 o clock, I was waiting by my window. I saw Jessica walking toward my house. I was worried she wouldn't hold true to her deal. Worried I had gone to far twisting her nipples, worried I had frightened her. Then I saw her stop in front of my house, she looked nervous and scared. I rushed to the door and opened it before she had a chance to change her mind. I took a good look at her, she was short only about 4"10', whereas I am 6"2'. Her face was slightly messy because of the wind outside, it had to have been pretty cold because her nose and cheeks were a bright pink. She had a V-neck T-shirt on which showed just enough cleavage to turn me on. Her hoodie was zipped up to her stomach and she had on 70's style flared jeans. I moved aside to invite her in. She timidly walked into my house. I pulled up some guts and told her what I wanted from her.
"Go in the bathroom and take off your shirt, but zip your hoodie up all the way."
She didn't even say anything, she just got to it. As soon as she came out of the bathroom I went nuts, I grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall I kissed her hard shoving my tongue in her mouth. She wasn't ready for it, she pulled away and tried to get out of my grasp. I held her tight, I pulled away from her face and grabbed her zipper pull with my teeth and pulled it down to the end, I wasn't able to undo the last bit of her zipper so her bra was out it was a strapless number light green with rhinestones in it. I started kissing her stomach and was making my way up to her tits. By now she had stopped struggling, so when I got to kiss her soft lips again. I pulled her over to the couch, I pushed her so that she was laying down. I finished unzipping her hoodie, again I put my hand behind her back and undid her bra. She really started struggling then.
"Please stop. I .... just...."
"Look It's undone we'll just leave it on you until your ready."
She seemed soothed by my comments. We continued to make out. I was bulging in my pants and brushed my bulge against her leg. She must have been freaked out because she moved her leg away. That's when I got angry, I grabbed her bra and ripped it right off her. She freaked out and slapped me. I grabbed her by her wrists and held her down she struggled and started thrashing her body around.
"I'm sorry, but they're so beautiful. I just had to see them."
Jessica struggled less then, but she was still trying to get her wrists free.
"Don't struggle it'll just hurt more."
I went and kissed her nipples. Then I started licking her tits all over. She finally stopped struggling, allowing me to let go of her wrists and grab a hold of her tits. I looked at them. They must have been DD she had smaller areola and her nipples stood on end and looked like pink frozen peas. I also noticed the small yellow bruises she had on them from yesterday. I almost felt bad that I had hurt her. But, then again her nipples just looked delicious so I started to bite them. She whimpered. When I released one to go to another she put her chest out like she was afraid it would stop. I went on to her left tit and looked at her face she had little tears in her eyes from the pain. I bit even harder, I looked up at her she was crying now. I went up and licked the tears from her face. I bit her lip and she started panting in my mouth. I went back to her tits, and turned I saw the clock and was pissed. It was already 5:10. I got off her.
"Get your cloths on, your mom will be home any minute."
She did just that, she could barely look me in the eye. So when she went to leave, I held up her face in my hands.
"I love you."
She got the biggest smile on her face. Just before she left.


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we need parts 3 and 4

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