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Im sure everyone will love this story , guys , girls, bisexuals , lesbians and straight people...
Sakura was sitting on a bench , in the middle of a park thinking , as usual , of Sasuke.She had missed him deeply since he left for Orochimaru's.Just then , Naruto and Hinata walked passed , hand's linked , smiling and laughing.This made Sakura feel even worse , loneliness beginning to take over.Sakura knew Ino felt the same way but , unlike Sakura , she did'nt have a team that put themselves through incredibly straining , training and always rushed into battles which are way beyond them.She thought again of Sasuke.Oh how she missed him.If only he would return.That , of course , was when she seen him , appearing from nowhere , covered in cuts and bruises , bleeding from a large slash in his chest.Sasuke had returned!

After hours of cleaning his wounds and trying to get him to talk , Sasuke finally spoke , telling Sakura about his fight with Orochimaru , how he had ambushed him , attempting to kill him in one swing of his sword.Orochimaru had been anticipating it and him and Kabuto had beat Sasuke.He had used all his energy to escape and just made it to Konoha before he collapsed from exhaustion.Sakura rested her hand on his shoulder and squeezed comfortingly.She told him it was ok , that he would be safe here.He had friend's who wished to help him and Naruto would be amazed to see him.Sasuke just replied "No , only you can know im here.I will be leaving when i am able".Sakura stared at him in disbelief and whispered "No you can't leave again... Please".He gave no answer , just lay down and slowly drifted off to sleep , leaving Sakura to watch him sleep and cry over his word's.

2 Month's Later.

Changes : Sasuke had been accepted back into the village in secret as an A.N.B.U agent.Ino and Naruto had been notified of Sasuke's return and Sasuke was back to full health.The Copy Ninja Kakashi was to be the one in charge of Sasuke... Team 7 was now complete again!

Naruto grin's and fires a kunai at Sasuke.Sasuke deflect's it and uses Gaton no Jutsu.Naruto dodges the flames and uses Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.200 Naruto's suddenly appear and jump at Sasuke who throws lightning fast kicks and punches at the clones , making them poof into smoke.Unknown to Sasuke , two other Naruto's were creating a rasengan , getting ready to strike.They ran it , one poofing before getting to Sasuke.Naruto gets through Sasuke's defence and aims his Rasengan at Sasuke's stomach.Sasuke tries to dodge but can't.This is it... Sasuke's time has come but just then Naruto stop's and grins up at Sasuke , who smiles back."Well done , you beat me..." Sasuke said.Naruto replies "Yeah but u beat all of my clones ... well done".Just then Sakura , Ino and Hinata walk over.Naruto and Sasuke smile and wave , rubbing sweat from there brows.To their suprise , what is about to happen will make their brows sweaty again.

A few hours later everyone is sitting in an un-used training location , sitting on 3 conjoined-benchs , courtesy of Naruto's Clones.Hinata and Naruto are kissing , wrapped tightly in each others arms.Ino and Sakura are looking at Sasuke , who is staring straight ahead , trying not to think of the fact that Naruto has got a girlfriend before himself.Sakura , blushing deeply , tugs at Sasuke's shirt , whispering "Uhh... Sasuke can I .... K-Kiss u?".He stared at her , shocked at her.She had never been this up-front with him before and he found himself replying "Yeah , Sure".At that she leaned in and pressed her lips his , giving him the kiss that she had always wanted , and was sure he had always wanted.Ino glared jealously at her , as Sakura and Sasuke continued kissing.Ino knew what she had to do and she would do it tommorow....

The next day , the group of NaruHina and SasuSaku were heading towards the same training spot they were at the day before , they ran into a very happy Ino , who had a big grin.They all said "Hello" and she just smiled back.Time to kick her plan in."Hey Naruto , do u like Sasuke?"."Of course i do , he's my best friend..."."No , I mean love him".Everyone stares."WHAT?" said Everyone together."Naruto said he loved him before ... I was just wondering".Everyone looked at Naruto and Sasuke , wondering how Naruto would answer.Naruto decided to be honest and answered "Well ... Yeah , kinda...".Again , everyone looked at him in disbelief.Sasuke stared at him to but not in a totally-creeped out way , more in a wow-he-really-means-it sort of way.Ino decided to take her chances and said "Kiss him Naruto".And he did... Naruto moved beside Sasuke and kissed him , slow at first but deeper and more passionate as the seconds went by.Hinata , Ino and Sakura were starting to feel horny , watching the two guys they had always loved kiss.Ino's plan was working ... she could see Sasuke and Naruto both getting hard as they kissed , while the girls watched , desperately wanting to join in.To everyone's disbelief , the usually shy Hinata made the first move , breaking Naruto and Sasuke up to say "Shouldnt we go somewhere no one will be able to find us? All of us...".Everyone agreed and they left Konoha to a far off forest where they would not be interuppted....

The three girls noticed that both Naruto and Sasuke were rock hard , where as they were soaking wet.It was going to be a fun night.They finally reached the forest , into a clearing surrounded by huge trees on every side except the small path , which they had come true.In this area was where Hinata moved towards Naruto , stripping him of his orange jumpsuit and kissing him slowly , circling his tongue with hers , trying not to concentrate on the three other people watching.Naruto was now only in his boxers and his erect cock was desperately fighting against the material of his boxers.Sasuke to was erect and Sakura and Ino stared at it , itching to stroke and lick it and suck it and play with it and it was Sakura who made the first move , kissing him sweetly and stroking his cock through his trousers , making Sasuke moan a bit and move his hand down Sakura's stomach to rub her clit.He pressed his thumb hard against her clit , circling and playing with her clit , sliding one finger into her pussy while Ino slid a finger into herself , watching both couples.She joined in with Sasuke and Sakura and pulled Sasuke's pants down , revealing his hard cock which looked ready to explode.She stroked him lightly while Sakura continued to kiss him affectionately , moving down his body , kissing his chest and slowly biting his nipple gently.When she got down to his cock she smiled at Ino and they both started kissing and licking the top of his cock.Sasuke closed his eyes and moaned in pure ecstasy at the feeling of two gentle tongues circling his cock and there hands stroking the base of his cock , while another hand fondled his balls.He felt he could'nt hold on much longer and told both girls that he was going to cum.A bit over , they heard Naruto moaning loudly as Hinata took his cum deep in her throat.They had forgotten about them but now noticed Hinata completely naked and deepthroating Naruto's quickly re-hardening cock.They had'nt realised just how far NaruHina had gone but now guessed they must have had sex to.This thought made Sasuke explode into both Ino and Sakura's mouths and onto their breasts , watching them swallow his cum and wipe any that missed their mouths onto their fingers and lick it off.This got Sasuke hard again almost instantly.That was when things took another dramatic change.... This change would excite both Sasuke and Naruto more than one or two girls.... Three Girls!

This time it was Sakura who started it.She had been pinching Ino's nipples , unknown to Ino who was to occupied with Sasukes cock.She had gotten so wet and horny that Ino and Hinata had begun to seem extremely sexy to her and so , against her better judgement , she layed Ino down and kissed down her body , paying extra attention to her firm breasts and erect nipples , rolling each nipple around inbetween her index finger and thumb , getting a moan of pleasure from Ino who now had her eyes closed.Sakura continued down her body , sliding her tongue along Ino's stomach , making her shiver in anticipation.When Sakura reached Ino's trimmed pubic hair , she began to flick her tongue over Ino's clit , making her gasp and shudder and moan louder , close to her first orgasm.Hinata had been watching this for a few seconds , while Naruto was licking her out.She was turned on by Naruto and loved him , but the temptation of another girl seemed beyond anything she had done before , and after whispering what she was going to do , to Naruto , he smiled and said "Wow , your definetely not shy anymore".She just grinned in reply and moved up behind Sakura , catching Sasuke's (shocked) eye's as she bent forward and stuck her tongue deep in between Sakura's pussy lips.Sakura was shocked by this and turned , expecting to see Sasuke but getting an extra thrill when she seen it was Hinata.She smiled at her and went back to licking Ino's pussy , who was by now convulsing in her second orgasm.Hinata had never been with another girl , or in fact anyone , except Naruto , so she lacked experience in how to pleasure a girl.She caught on quickly though as she found out what Sakura liked.She liked the feel of a tongue deep inside her pussy or two fingers , going slowly in and out of her , while a thumb pleasured her clit.And these are the things Hinata did , working Sakura's pussy in every way she could until Sakura's pussy tightened around her tongue and fingers as Hinata brought her to her first girl-enduced orgasm.It was a wonderful feeling and Ino and Sakura felt it was only fair Hinata get the same treatment.While this was happening , both Naruto and Sasuke were watching carrefully , trying not to cum before they got a chance with each girl.Which they would , of course.Ino and Sakura had Hinata lying on her back , Ino kissing her deeply , mixing saliva with their tongues while Sakura was pleasuring Hinata's clit with her thumb and forefinger , licking and biting her pussy lips*Hinata's mind was spinning from the feeling of her first lesbian experience and with the pleasure she was recieving.She loved it and wanted it to never end but like every good thing it did.The only difference is that when this ended it ended with Hinata moaning and groaning and convulsing as her pussy tightened and , this time it was her having her first lesbian orgasm.All three girl's felt fulfilled but were still horny.It was time for Naruto and Sasuke to join in!

I'll write part 2 if enough people want me to.Rate and Comment please!

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