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Big brother awakens fire and passion in his little sister and encourages exhibitionism.
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Thank you to all the messages of encouragement and pleasure from my stories. Your messages have proven to me that there are many who do enjoy the fantasies I had as a very young girl finally with time enough to write them out. I do apologize for the delay in getting this submitted though!

This story has seemed to take on a life of its own demanding so much of its typist. This segment is longer than the first and does in fact have story and substance. If you are looking for a quick thrill, or not looking for a novel, I suggest you read elsewhere.

Enjoy... Or Not...

A Sister’s Need – A Brother’s Desire - Part 2


Tina - Pre-teen
David - 15
Alan - 36

Each night felt like an eternity for David and Tina. Each in fitful sleep, sharing fitful dreams. Tina's body ached from being stretched and abused, yet it seemed to be begging for more. David's cock seemed to be hard all the time now regardless of how often he jacked off. It was getting sore and raw but he was desperately horny all the time since the weekend with Tina.

Each day he pretended he didn't like her, and teased her until he left to go be with his friends. Each day she hurt a little more with his broken promise of being a little kinder to her. She was confused at how he could be so nice to her and then be mean and uncaring.

Alan watched his kids seeming to grow further and further apart and figured it was David being a teenager and being saddled with his kid sister so much. He didn't have any intention on changing that though. His reasoning was two-fold. It made more sense financially to pay David to watch her instead of paying double for a sitter or a nanny, and over time they would grow closer from having to spend that time together.

Alan had some errands in town to run and knew he would be gone for a few hours. He was torn between taking Tina with him, or having David watch her. He decided to put it to a vote.

"Hey gang, what's on everyone's agenda today?" He asked spiritedly watching both of them over breakfast.

"Nothin', " Tina answered around a mouthful of cereal.

"The usual. Go hang out with the guys," David answered giving his father a sidelong glance.

"I've got to go to town-" Alan began. He let the sentence dangle and see how the kids reacted. He saw Tina look hopefully between the two, but misinterpreted her hope for going to town with him instead of staying home with her brother.

David looked between the two. His already pulsing cock was screaming for him to offer to sit Tina, but his logic said to be reluctant so he didn't raise flags with Dad.

"You wanna go with him, Squirt, or you wanna stay home," David asked Tina letting her decide. He reached his leg under the table toward her sliding his sneaker up her leg in promise of fun if she decided to stay.

Tina was torn. She hardly ever got to go to town with Daddy, but she wanted the chance to be with David again. She decided to go for the ride.

"I wanna go," Tina answered matter-of-factly. She felt bad when she saw David's shoulders slump a little. She didn't want to change her mind though.

"Ok, then. David, you're off the hook for today. You can, however, help Tina get cleaned up and dressed while I clean up from breakfast." Alan said smiling at his kids. David groaned and Tina giggled and bounced off towards her room.

"You wanna wear a dress or a skirt or pants today?" David asked. He thought it was kinda silly actually, him having to help her get cleaned up and dressed. No one helped her anymore, then again, she came up with some pretty wild outfits.

"I dunno," Tina shrugged.

"Ok, I'll choose. You wanna take a bath or a shower?" he asked. He wondered if she was gonna be difficult this whole time.

"Do I gotta take one?" she pouted. Her pout instantly reminded him of last weekend and he felt his jeans get even tighter.

"Dad said get cleaned up, so yeah. You gotta take one or the other." David answered.

"I don't wanna." She said defiantly.

David sighed and walked out of the room. He left her there to ponder why he left, and he want to find Dad.

"Dad, she's being difficult. She doesn't want a shower or bath. I know she's older now, and I know we haven't taken a bath or shower with her in a long time, but she may take one without a fight if she's not alone. Can I break the rules just this once?" David asked. He hoped by asking permission to get her to take a shower without fuss or fight that would give them an excuse to be naked together and not raise flags.

"If you think she'll take one without fuss that way, then yes. Just this once because I want to get there and back before the storms hit," Alan answered and watched as his son headed back out to the other room.

David really did know his little sister well even if he pretended to hate her. Alan could see right through that to the love that's inside both of them for each other. He was glad for it too because he knew they would protect each other if anything happened to him.

"Ok, Squirt. Bath or Shower. You pick one and we'll take it together," David said tussling her hair and headed into her bathroom.

"Really?" Tina asked dubiously. It had been a long time since he or Daddy took a bath or shower with her and she missed it.

"Yes, really, but we have to get you clean, so pick one or I'll pick it for you," David answered as he started to get undressed. He hoped she would start to strip too.

"Bath," she answered and started to take her clothes off too. She thought with a bath she could sit right up against him and maybe they would play a little like they did over the weekend.

"Ok, bath it is," David left his boxers on because his cock was still very very hard. The thought of being alone with her, in the bath, with Dad in the other room, made him even hornier. He sat on the edge of the tub and started running the water. His cock made a rather high tent in his boxers and he could see out of the corner of his eye Tina's eyes were noticing.

"He's happy again, isn't he?" She asked softly. Her bare body looked so frail, yet so very sexy standing next to him.

"Yes, he is," he smiled at her, "and I am too."

She looked up at him to see his smile, and she smiled a little too.

"You are?" she asked.

"Yes, I am," he answered holding his arms out to her. She practically jumped into his lap pressing his cock between their belly's.

"But, you ignore me," the little girl said looking up at him. She felt herself close to crying, but she also felt tingles between her legs where her body touched his clothes.

"We don't want Dad to know about what we've done, right?" he asked hoping to be able to explain to her why he didn't change overnight towards her.

"No, we don't," she shook her head.

"If I started being really nice to you all the time, he would wonder what happened. We gotta go slow and be careful we don't get caught, unless you don't want to do that anymore," David said holding his breath feeling his cock ache to be inside her. He knew his shorts were coated with pre-cum and for as long as they were this close it was only gonna be worse.

"I do, I really do," she said looking earnestly up at him. To prove her words, she leaned back a little, lifted her hips and gripped his cock with her tiny hands pressing it against her.

He barely felt the thin fabric between them as his cock lurched and spasmed. His balls tightened instantly and he knew he was going to cum right then if she didn't let go. He clasped his hands around hers holding her still and tried to gain just a little control. He knew that was pointless though as he looked down at her eager little body.

"God, Tee, I need to feel you," he breathed pulling his cock out through the hole in his shorts.

She stretched her legs wide in his lap and opened her little nether lips wide as she could with her fingers. She wanted to feel him inside her just as much. She gasped as he pressed his cock against her tiny hole and she braced herself for the pain she felt last time but pressed forward against him.

"I need to be inside you, now," David whispered watching as his cockhead touched her. Blissful agony started in his balls and coursed through his body in all directions at the contact.

"Do it, do it now," she said pressing harder against him. She watched his cock turning a dark purple and her own body was pulsing and begging for it inside her. She wrapped her legs around him trying to pull herself down on him feeling him stretch her and try to go inside her. She was so tiny compared to his big cock so it was hard for her to press onto him.

"Please, Davey, please put it inside me," she begged wiggling and squirming. Her clit seemed so big and it felt like it was jumping each time she wiggled and brushed it against his cock. Her pussy seemed to be begging for him too. The head of his cock was firmly against her slit and just looking at it like that she thought she was gonna cum. She felt her body getting wetter and wetter with his cock there.

David could barely breath. His cock hurt so badly begging for release and her urging only made it worse. He watched as it swelled so fat he wasn't sure he could get it inside her. Her begging and wiggling was driving him completely insane with need. He gripped her hips and watched her little hands hold herself open wide for him.

Unable to restrain himself any longer, he pulled her roughly down onto him until his cock made a loud popping sound and slipped inside her. His balls exploded and he felt his cock erupting inside her pulsing and sending it's seed deep in her belly. She didn’t scream out this time and he was very glad because Dad would hear.

Tina watched her brothers face twist in pain and looked down at his cock trying to go inside her. She rubbed her clit wiggling and writhing on him trying to press him further and deeper. She watched as he pulled her down onto him and heard the popping sound, but it didn't hurt like last time. Instead she felt a different kind of pain, but it felt so very good. She rubbed her clit harder and faster and her body rocked and bucked on him pulling him deeper inside her.

She felt his cock bouncing inside her which only added to her own body's spasms. Each time she bucked and twitched, his cock seemed to go deeper inside her and spit more and more of its cum into her belly.

"Oooh fuck, Tee, your pussy feels so good around my cock when I cum," David breathed as his senses started to come back to him. He held her close, turned off the water and slipped carefully in staying inside her. He leaned breathlessly against the back of the tub pressing her hips down on him more while he pressed up into her.

"Do you like how that feels too?" he asked her smiling. He caressed her face with one hand while the other slid down between them and teased her clit making her squirm more. His hard cock was still buried deep inside her and although he knew he needed to clean her up, he wanted to stay there inside her all day.

While he rolled his finger around her clit, her pussy muscles spasmed around his cock sending waves of painful pleasure through his body. She was so very tight and she moved in just the right ways keeping him on fire. He could feel another orgasm already building.

"Yes," She breathed answering his question, leaning back so he could touch her. Her body jumped and twitched, and she felt the pressure building up inside her again as he played with her clit. She couldn't help but rock her hips, and she couldn’t stop her body from jumping while he continued.

"Cum for me again, baby, let go and cum for me again." he said rolling her clit faster and faster under his thumb. He knew she was close by her body unable to sit still and her eyes closing.

"That's it, baby girl, ride my cock. Pull it deep inside you till we both cum again," David panted as he pressed his hips up under her and rolling her clit roughly.

Tina's pussy ached, but all of her begged for more. She couldn't stop her body from bouncing so hard on him if she wanted to. Her clit was starting to hurt, but the pressure was still building inside her. Her legs suddenly kicked out straight and she threw herself backwards while impaling herself even harder on his cock.

David had to bite his lip from crying out as her orgasm triggered another for him. He tried to focus on her clit while she spasmed and jerked on him but all he could think of was forcing his cock deeper inside her spilling his seed as far inside her body as he could.

He held her close to him as both their bodies relaxed and their breathing started to regulate. He didn't want to pull out of her, but he knew he needed to wash her up before Dad started looking for her.

Tina started to ache bad between her legs, but not like last time. She started to wiggle uncomfortably in his lap and started to slide off of him. The very moment his cock popped out of her though she felt an instant loss and emptiness. She looked up at him and saw his eyes shining and his lips smiling a gentle smile.

"We gotta get you clean, Squirt, before Dad comes looking for you," he whispered reaching for the shampoo.

"Ok," Tina said. She let him wash her and she started to wash him too making him laugh.

"What do you want to wear? A pretty skirt, or a summer dress?" he asked suddenly wanting to dress her in a summer dress that barely covered her bottom. She was a beautiful little girl full of sexuality, and he wanted to show that to everyone.

"What do you think?" she asked him as he dried them off and he got dressed again. He paid special attention to the area between her legs making sure there was no sign of anything.

"A dress, I think. Maybe that nice yellow sundress?" he asked trying to remember the last time he saw her in that.

"Ok," she said and bounded off to her closet.

"How's it going in there? I'm gonna go alone if you aren't ready soon!" Alan knocked on the door then opened it. He couldn't help but laugh at the naked wet haired child that ran from the closet towards him.

"No no no no! Please wait Daddy! We're looking for my dress!" Tina pouted.

"Ok, you've convinced me to wait, but we're gonna have storms later so I wanna get there and back quick, ok?" Alan said heading back out the door.

"Here it is," David announced carrying a hanger with a pastel yellow sundress with a ribbed top, no straps, and short skirt.

"Yay!" Tina exclaimed jumping up and down.

Alan closed the door behind him and went to finish putting the kitchen back together from breakfast. He couldn't help but feel a great pride for the way his kids were overall. They weren't bad kids, just typical siblings who sometimes wanted nothing to do with each other. It was moments like this when he could see there's more to them than just ignoring each other. It rested his mind at ease each weekend he was away for work knowing they had a good bond.

David took the dress off the hanger and couldn't wait to slip it over her head to see if it did exactly what he wanted it to. He felt his cock lurch again in his pants as the dress settled just below her bottom. He sat on the bed thinking how incredibly sexy she looked and wished she could go just like that. He knew she couldn't but the thought of other guys seeing her bare bottom suddenly turned him on incredibly much.

"Turn around. Let me see how it fits," David said adjusting himself in his jeans.

"Do you like?" Tina asked. It mattered to her very much what he thought and she wanted to look pretty for him.

"I like it very very much," David smiled at her and pointed to his bulging jeans, "see?" he said.

The petite girl laughed and jumped into his lap wiggling her crotch on purpose over him. Tina suddenly wanted to stay home with him and play all day, but she remembered what he said about Daddy catching them. She lifted her face for a kiss and he obliged her kissing her tenderly and holding her close for a moment before setting her back on the floor.

He wanted nothing more than to strip and take her again, to which she obviously wanted too, but Dad was waiting.

"You are a very big cock tease and all the guys are gonna love seeing you today," David whispered sliding his fingers between her legs teasing her a moment too before looking for panties. Choosing yellow ones that looked like a pair of shorts with some flowers on them, he helped her slip them on.

Tina opened her legs happily to him as he slid his fingers again between her legs touching her sensitive and still tingling clit. Her mind was racing through what he said about the guys looking at her and lots of questions came to mind. She looked up at him with questions in her eyes. Picking white sandals to complete her outfit she asked him.

"What's a.." she hesitated testing the sounds of the words as she said them slowly, "cock tease?" Her big brown eyes were full of innocence and confusion.

"Well, when you sat on my lap and wiggled like you did a few minutes ago? You were teasing my cock with your pussy. You know I like it, and he likes it." He explained hoping she would understand. “Wearing that dress that barely covers your panties…” David quickly glanced towards the door as he reached for her hand and pressed it against his jeans making her feel how hard he was, “will make anyone who notices hard like me right now.” He smiled down at her stroking himself a little with her hand through his jeans.

"All guys like that?" She asked with a slow realization that all guys have penises and all girls have vaginas. She watched him guide her hand and she squeezed him through his jeans. She liked making him hard like that because he said he liked it. She liked touching him because she liked the feeling that started in her belly and her vagina when she touched him.

"Yes, all guys like that, but you are a very little girl. You have to be very careful. There are alot of bad guys out there that would hurt you instead of play with you." David explained suddenly wishing he never said anything about other guys. "Guys can go to jail too if they played with you. And, If you aren't careful, you can get sick real bad."

"Oh," Tina said. She was processing all this new information. All guys like their cocks teased. Some guys are bad. Some guys can make her sick. Guys can go to jail for playing with her.

"Why would guys go to jail?" She asked not understanding.

"Well, it's illegal. You are very young. If the cops found out the guys had sex with you, they could get into lots of trouble for a very long time and maybe never see their families again." David answered. He could see she had lots more questions but hoped they would wait till they were alone again. Dad was waiting and this wasn't a conversation he wanted Dad to overhear.

"Oh," She said. She did have lots of questions, and she had some worries, but she made a promise never ever to tell about anyone who played those games with her. She liked them and she didn't want anyone to never see their family again.

"You won't ask Dad any of these questions will you?" David asked worried for his own safety.

"No. I promise only to ask you." Tina said solemnly crossing her heart.

“Good,” he said nodding in approval. David said scooping her up and kissing her gently on the lips. He wanted everyone to see how sexy she was, but he didn't want to put her in danger. He didn't want her asking the wrong questions to the wrong people either.

“You gonna show off your pretty panties to guys at the stores?” David asked teasing her sliding a hand inside her panties and slipping a finger inside her tiny slit feeling moisture already. Leaning closer he whispered in her ear as his finger teased her feeling her squirm, “You are such a hot little girl. I can’t wait to be able to fuck you again.”

Tina giggled because he tickled her ear but her hips were eagerly moving against his hand pulling him in a little deeper.

“Not now, Squirt,” David smiled pulling his hand away. “Just giving you a reason to want to show off those sexy little panties, just remember, be careful. Don’t let Dad see, and remember there are bad men out there.”

“I’ll be careful,” Tina said looking serious at her brother.

“Good, I wanna hear all about it later. For now, we should go see if Dad’s ready,” He said tracing her lip with the finger he dipped inside her then he tenderly kissed her where he traced. Drawing a steadying breath, he carried her out the door.

"Oh good, I was just coming to check on you two again. You're hair is brushed too! I'm impressed!" Alan said reaching to take Tina from David. "I should have David help you more often!" he laughed.

"Joyful," David muttered to keep up the facade but inside he hoped Dad would let "tell" him to help her more often. He was starting to really enjoy their alone times. He thought she was too.

Tina giggled bouncing on Daddy's hip. She was very excited about going into town, but her mind was filled with unasked questions. She found herself wondering about guys penises and if they looked like David's or if they were bigger or smaller. She wondered if she could tell if they were big and hard or not. Each new thought and question made her tingle between her legs a little more than before until her little vagina was throbbing again wishing to be filled.

Alan kept checking on her in the mirror and couldn't get over how much like her mother she looked. She was almost as tall as Abby. Abby was only 4'11". Her hair was raven black and straight as an arrow. Tina's was just as black and just as straight. Tina had her mother's dark eyes and tiny frame. Suddenly Alan missed his wife very much.

Pulling into the hardware store was a relief for Alan. Something to distract him from the ache in his heart. He glanced in the rear view before getting out of the truck, and smiled as Tina's eyes met his. She looked adorable, sweet, and innocent in the yellow dress. David dressed her well.

"Ready, Punkin?" Alan asked as he unbuckled her seatbelt and scooped her up.

"Yep," Tina answered bouncing on his hip. Her mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts and her body tingled as she remembered the things her brother said. As they passed people in the parking lot, she couldn't help but look towards the zipper in the front of the guys’ pants.

"Do you want to ride in the front of the back of the cart?" Alan asked getting a cart out of habit. He knew she was getting a little old for them, but sometimes she liked to ride in them.

"Up front," she answered. Tina liked to ride in the carts, and she thought it would give her a better chance to look around. She remembered what her brother said too about all the guys loving to see her today and that she was such a ‘cock tease’. He wanted her to show off her panties to people. She had to be careful though that Daddy didn’t notice.

The plastic was very cool against her bottom and her panties were very thin so she gasped as Daddy set her in the cart. It sent shivers through her body, and made her already tingly privates even more tingly.

“You ok, Punkin?” Alan asked noting her gasp when he set her down.

“Yeah, it’s cold. I’m ok,” she answered shifting smiling up at him.

“Ok,” he answered and started pushing the cart through the store looking for screws for his project.

Tina fidgeted with her dress looking around at all the people in the store. There were a lot of guys and she could feel her panties get a little wet thinking about them seeing her. She thought about their penises and if they would get hard if they saw her. She wondered if she would know if they got hard. She realized that’s all she was looking at when she saw a guy. She focused on his zipper area wondering what each man’s penis looks like.

She knew her dress didn’t cover the back of her panties because her bottom was on the plastic. The only thing between her and the seat were her panties. David had already teased her making her want to be touched and knowing everyone could see her panties even without her moving her dress made her want to touch herself and not care who saw. Her itch was getting stronger and stronger and it was getting harder and harder not to rub it away.

Shoppers walked by smiling at them. Some of them commented how pretty she was, or how precious. Some of them seemed to ignore them. One man noticed them almost as soon as they came in the store. Her dress didn’t cover her bottom and he could see her tiny butt crack through her thin panties. He was so captivated by her, he only glanced at the man pushing her cart.

The little girl smiled up at him just like she smiled to the other people passing by, but he noticed her eyes went down to his crotch. His cock jumped in his jeans as her eyes seemed to penetrate them staring at his cock. She was fidgeting with her skirt which afforded him little glimpses of the front of her tiny panties. He followed them at a safe distance from anyone noticing and stole glances whenever he could.

He watched her eyes wander from person to person and focus on each of the guys’ crotch making his own cock start to swell. Treading dangerously he felt intoxicated by this tiny princess and her apparent interest in cocks and her exhibitionist tendencies. The pair stopped at the end of an aisle and he watched the man pushing the cart look up the aisle.

The girl seemed to get more fidgety and lifted her dress a bit higher than before showing him a clear shot of her tiny slit. He thought he saw a small wet spot and he groaned quietly. His cock was bent in his jeans and was getting very hard very fast the more he watched her. He watched them turn up the aisle for fastenings and walked up the aisle before that one so he could gauge where they were in the aisle.

He never saw a little girl who seemed so inviting although it was always one of his fantasies. She seemed very aware of her sexuality and even more of the sexuality of the guys around her. He suddenly found himself wondering who would have awakened such a young and petite little thing to such adult and intense sensations.

As he turned the around the aisle, he saw the man was behind the cart with his head buried in the screw drawers about midway in the aisle. He walked down the next aisle to come back up and catch a few more glances at the tiny siren in the cart. Turning the corner he almost groaned aloud at the image before him.

Alan turned down the fasteners aisle finally finding the right area. These stores were always so big it was almost an annoyance to come, but they always had the best prices for what he needed. Parking the cart, he kissed the top of Tina’s head and walked around the cart.

“Just a few more minutes and we will be able to go,” Alan assured her caressing her hair as he walked around her.

“Ok, Daddy,” Tina smiled up at Daddy as he walked around the cart and was kinda happy they stopped. She turned almost sideways in the cart feeling the metal against her leg. She looked at Daddy who was looking through the drawers and not paying her any attention. She looked down and saw her dress was tight over her lap.

She looked around and there wasn’t anyone around so she looked to Daddy again. While he was distracted, she slipped her finger inside her panties and touched her clit quickly not wanting to get caught by Daddy. Watching to make sure Daddy wasn't looking, she rubbed herself a little sending shivers through her body. She wanted to keep doing it, but she was afraid he would catch her.

As soon as she took her hand away, a man came around the corner and his eyes immediately went down to where she was just touching. Her heart began to race knowing he saw that private part of her. She looked down and saw her panties were off to the side a little so he saw her bare skin. Her breathing came a bit faster as she looked at this zipper area and saw a very big bump. It was much much bigger than David’s and she could clearly see the outline of his big penis.

She looked up at his face and watched him lick his lips staring at her body. She watched him slide his hand in his pants and grab his bent penis and straighten it. Her lips started to tingle and her vagina started to throb as she looked up at the man. He was looking at Daddy now and moved a little closer to them. She felt a little nervous remembering David told her there were guys who would want to hurt her or she could get very sick from guys but she wanted to be touched so bad right now. Her clit twitched and her vagina jumped just like when David touched her and her body wanted to feel his penis inside her.

The girl kept her right leg dangling through the leg hold, but had brought her left leg up through so she was almost sitting sideways. Her dress was pulled tight across her lap clearly showing her crotch. Her panties were pulled a little to the side from her shifting her position and he could see her bare swollen little lips clearly. He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him as it looked like her lips glistened a little with sexual juices.

He felt his balls tightening painfully in his jeans and looked up at the man who was still distracted in the drawers and completely oblivious to the show anyone looking was receiving. He looked down at the little girl and smiled at her while she studied his face. The look in her eyes said she saw him looking at her body and she was as hungry as he was. He was taken aback by her boldness and her very adult fire.

Looking towards the man who was still sifting through the drawers, he suddenly felt guilty with a touch of fear. Chiding himself for it, he quickly recomposed, after all, only the girl seemed to notice him. He decided to play it all safe anyway and instead of ignoring the man, and looking like he had something to hide, he took a deep breath and said hello.

“Alan! Is that you?” the man said stepping closer to the cart.

Alan looked up startled from the drawer and smiled instantly toward his friend.

“Hey Greg! How are you?” Alan asked.

“I’m good, good, thanks. How are you? Who is this precious vixen?” Greg asked stepping closer to the cart intentionally brushing his very hard cock against her dangling leg smiling down at her as she smiled up at him and licked her lips. Tina lifted her leg just a little pressing against him.

Oblivious to the interaction between the two, Alan moved the cart a little and reached his hand out to shake his friends’ hand.

“This would be my daughter, Tina.” Alan proudly introduced her as he rested his hand on her back.

She changed her position slowly being careful to fix her dress so Daddy didn’t see what she had done.

“She’s gorgeous!” Greg said winking down at her. He quickly ruled Alan out as the one who woke the very womanly needs in her. He’d known Alan far too long. Alan had a problem with kids modeling let alone being sexual. What he did know is she was intentionally flirting with him and wanted to be seen. Did she want to be fucked too?

“Thank you,” Alan smiled and looked down at her beaming with pride. “What do you say, Punkin?”

“Thank you,” Tina smiled sweetly up at Greg. She kept stealing glances at his huge penis. She wanted to see it now that she felt it a little. It was much bigger than David’s. All she could think about was crawling up in his lap and trying to press his big penis inside her. Her panties were getting very wet thinking about it.

She wanted to go home right now and see David. She couldn’t wait to tell him all about it. She wasn’t paying attention to any of the conversation going on around her. Her mind was racing with the experience. Her body was desperate to be touched and she felt hot all over. Her attention was brought back to the conversation when she heard dinner and wondered what she missed.

“So yeah, we’ll have to get together soon for dinner. David’s turning into quite a good cook.” Alan rambled.

“I would love that, yeah, just let me know when.” Greg said. His thoughts were racing and his cock was pulsing begging for release. His heart was pounding in his ears and he was sure Alan could hear it. He knew if it ever did happen it would be the most tortuous night he’d had in a very long time. He desperately wanted to see her body and wanted to feel her tiny hands wrapped around his aching cock. He was sure there was a wet spot forming in his own jeans where his cock was oozing pre-cum like a fountain. He knew he would have some incredible fantasies from now on.

Alan kissed the top of her head again and went back to the drawers chuckling. Tina was getting restless and bored now aside from desperately wanting to be with David right now. She knew good behavior store trips always rewarded her with something fun though so she tried hard to be good.

Other guys passed through the aisle and by the aisle so she almost didn’t see the guy at the register that was looking at her. She didn’t see him before and wondered if he had seen everything. She smiled at him and he smiled back at her. She looked over her shoulder at Daddy who was not paying any attention to anyone. She looked back at the cashier who was looking between her legs.

She lifted her dress a little and was rewarded by the guy smiling big. He was holding something but she didn’t know what it was. She lifted her leg a bit like she had it before Greg got Daddy’s attention and the guy smiled bigger. He looked up at her face and motioned near his chest pulling something down. Then he pointed at her and did it again.

She looked at Daddy and he still wasn’t paying attention so she pulled the top her dress down a little. He licked his lips and nodded. She pulled it down lower so her entire chest was bare and the man almost dropped whatever he was holding. She put her dress back up before Daddy caught her but she kept her legs open like they were.

The man blew kisses at her and pointed to the thing in his hand. She still didn’t know what it was, but he seemed very excited about it. Another man came into the aisle, looked at her dress, smiled at her and looked towards her Daddy. He nodded and smiled as he walked by.

“Beautiful little girl,” the man said as he passed Alan.

“Thank you,” Alan smiled looking up briefly. He was getting annoyed that he couldn’t find exactly what he needed. Giving up at this store, he decided to try their competitor just down the road.

“Sorry, Punkin, I can’t find what I need here. We have to go to another store. You ok with that?” Alan asked knowing this was boring for her.

“Yep,” Tina nodded sitting right in the cart and fixing her skirt again.

“You are such a good girl. I’m so proud of you.” Alan praised her and kissed the top of her head.

Pulling into the other store Alan took note of the clouds that were moving in. He really wanted to get back before the rain. Sometimes the rain storms got so bad it was impossible to navigate the roads safely. With Tina with him he wanted to ensure safety.

“I promise sweetheart we won’t be here long,” Alan said quickly lifting her out of the car and carrying her to a cart. He didn’t ask her this time where she wanted to sit, but set her in the seat part and quickly hurried into the store.

This time Alan found what he was looking for quickly and Tina was bored with the stores so she wasn’t interested in showing her panties. She only wanted to get home and share her story with David. She didn’t even want to be touched anymore. She was just bored.

As they left the store, the sky was almost dark as night. Alan hoped they could race the storm home, but knew from experience there was a good probability they would get rained on. Usually, he rewarded Tina with a trip to the toy store or something but the sky said they needed to get home.. now.

“Sweetheart, I know we usually go get you something special for being so good, but I think we should go straight home. We’ll do something special tonight. Ok?” Alan asked buckling her seatbelt.

“Ok, Daddy,” Tina said stifling a yawn. She knew it was going to rain, and she didn’t like thunder. She was sure this was going to be a big thunder storm so she was ok with going home.

“You tired, sweetie? You want me to lay this seat down a little for you?” Alan asked as he reclined the seat so she could be a little more comfortable. He adjusted the head rest so she wouldn’t hurt her neck during the 40 minute ride back home if she did fall asleep.

Alan put the radio on to listen for the weather reports just in case. He’s seen these storms get bad. He sent a silent prayer up, glanced in the mirror at Tina whose eyes were already drooping and hoped she would fall asleep before it got bad.

David watched the sky getting darker and darker. He paced watching for Dad and watching the weather. He already prepped the storm room in case they said tornadoes. He also knew how easily Tina was frightened and wished they would get home soon.

The rain started to come down with a vengeance and the wind kicked up violently. David prayed they would get home safe. He had flashlights in hand, primed the generators, put new sheets and blankets on the bedding, turned on the air circulation system, and made sure they had enough food and water for a week.

He cleaned all the cobwebs and vacuumed already so when Dad and Tee got home, they could all go directly down there, pop some popcorn, watch some movies, and keep her distracted while the storm raged. These storms could blow through in moments, or stick around for a full day. This one came with no warning, and those are the ones that usually came packing tornadoes. He sighed a heavy sigh of relief when he saw Dad pull in and held the door open while Dad got Tee out of the truck. He was even more relieved to see Tina was sleeping as the storm started to get bad.

“The game rooms are ready. Just go right down,” David said as Dad brought Tina in the door. They never called the storm rooms by their real name. If they did, Tina wouldn’t relax until they went back upstairs. She was terrified of storms. Down there, the thunder sounded like a train going by on the tracks. They couldn’t see the lightning, and being on generator power, if the lights went out, they never knew.

“Good job son, lock up and hurry down,” Alan instructed. He was impressed with his son. Most boys his age were interested in girl, video games, or trouble. David seemed to be into all the typical stuff boys his age were into, but he also seemed very responsible for his family. Alan knew he could count on David in any crisis.

“Already done. On my way,” David said locking up the front door. He did a quick check through the house and headed down the stairs to join Dad and Tee.

“I’m proud of you son,” Alan said as he took inventory. David even remembered clothes for a week just in case. “Tina’s sleeping in the other room. You’ve turned into a fine young man. We have everything we need if we’re going to be here for awhile.”

“I went down the checklist. I don’t think I missed anything.” David said as he turned on the radio for weather reports.

“No, I think you got everything. Well, not much to do now but wait out the storm. Do you want to watch TV?” Alan asked as the phone started to ring.

“No, I’m good,” David said as Dad answered the phone. David knew Dad was being called in. He always was when a big storm moved through. Lots of people needed him. It used to annoy David, being left to sit Tina, but this time, it didn’t.

“David,” Alan started.

“I know Dad. When the storm ends though right?” David asked.

“As soon as the last roll of thunder passes, I have to go. Several tornadoes have been sighted." Alan said almost apologetically. He looked around suddenly grateful for his sons’ quick thinking, and his own presence of mind to build these storm room. It was attached to the house, but it wasn’t under it and had several exits to hopefully guarantee a safe unblocked way out.

“Ok, turning off the gas, oil and electric now,” Alan said as he turned the controls shutting down everything. He hoped this would prevent an explosion should a tornado rip the house apart. Once the controls were shut off, he closed the door.

“I’m gonna go lay down then and try to nap. It promises to be a long couple days.” Alan said heading off to the second side room.

David decided to head to his and Tina’s room to be there for her when she woke up. Laying down beside her, he pulled the blankets up over them and wrapped his arms around her protectively. He knew they would be safe, but he didn’t want her to be scared. For the first time since they fucked, his cock wasn’t hard when he was next to her.

Tina woke feeling snuggled and warm, but she could tell she wasn't in her bed. Opening her eyes she saw the walls of the game room. She knew bad stuff was happening outside when they were down here and started to get scared.

"Shhhh, Squirt, I'm here," her brother whispered in her ear squeezing her gently. He kissed the top of her head and let his hand wander down her legs and back up slipping under her dress to caress the smooth bare skin of her belly.

"Oh, Davey!" she exclaimed stretching as she continued to wake up. "Why are we down here?" She asked.

"Well, the sky was looking kinda angry, and Dad and I really didn't want to hear the thunder. So we came down here. Besides, it would have only woken you up. You liked your nap, didn't you?" he asked. He was worried about the weather, and about Dad having to go to work so soon, but Tina being awake, and him feeling her skin under his fingers started waking his cock again.

Distracting her from thinking about the storm, and the reasons for the game room, he slipped his hand down her belly to her thighs gently lifting her leg over his. Tina eagerly responded by pressing back against him and opening her leg as far as she could around him. He smiled thinking she was as horny as he was all the time.

"Did you have any adventures today at the store with Dad?" David asked sliding his hand between them to free his aching cock. He knew dad was in the other room sleeping through the storm so they would have to be even more quiet than in the bathroom this morning. He was horny all day thinking about her showing her panties off. He wished he could have been there to watch her and to watch the guys enjoying the view.

"Oh yes I did!" Tina answered rocking her hips slowly against him. She was only half awake, but her big brothers touch and questions brought back everything she felt earlier. Her body felt like it was on fire and she desperately needed and wanted to feel him inside her.

"Shhhh, Dad's sleeping in his room. We don't want to wake him up," David breathed hoping they didn't already wake him. "Tell me all about it. Were there alot of people there?" he asked as he struggled to lower his jeans. He wished he had the foresight to take them off before and just be in boxers. Freeing his pulsing cock he pressed it between her legs rubbing against her panty clad slit.

"Yes, lots of guys. I played with my skirt just like you said. My... clit ... " she said slowly still testing the sounds of these new words on her tongue and making sure she used the right word for the right parts, "was itchy and I really wanted to rub it."

David slid his fingers up inside her panties and down to her lips gently sliding a finger between them to tease her clit.

"Like this?" he asked as his heart pounded in his chest. Just hearing that little bit he had alot of vivid images.

"Mmmhmmm," Tina murmured pressing her hips towards his hand. "Daddy turned down a row and there was no one there. I sat sideways so I could see him and see if anyone else was looking." she relayed having trouble whispering with David touching her. It felt so good the way he rolled his finger over and over her.

"Was anyone looking?" he asked her smiling at her distraction. It was very hard not to ram his cock inside her right then but he found he enjoyed teasing her and making her cum first almost as much as he enjoyed fucking her.

"No," she answered.

"What happened next?" he asked holding his finger still against her. Her body was begging for him. He could feel it's heat and juices coming from deep inside her. He wanted to hear about the pervs that looked at his sexy baby sister, and her reaction to them all.

"I had to rub it. I looked around again, then at Daddy to make sure he didn't see, and rubbed only a little bit. I was afraid Daddy would see." she relayed wishing he would rub her and put his penis inside her. Her vagina was starting to throb again.

"Show me how you rubbed it," he whispered moving his hand away. This was better than he imagined. His little sister was quickly becoming a horny little slut and that turned him on so much. He suddenly wanted to see her in pictures and in movies like the women in the magazines and on TV.

Tina slid her fingers through the side of her panties and started to rub her clit. It was poking out from her lips and begging to be touched. David followed where her fingers went and rested over them applying a little pressure to her own fingers as she rubbed herself.

"Oh God Tee, that's so fucking hot!" he whispered hoarsely against her. He kissed the side of her neck up to her ear. "I want to fuck you, baby girl. My cock wants to be inside you so bad." he said moving his hips so his cock brushed their fingers for emphasis.

"Me too," she answered moving her hand to grip him in her fingers firmly. His hips pressed forward at her touch and he moved her body so his penis pressed against her vagina. Shivers went through her body when she felt the tip press against her.

"What happened next?" David prompted. He was so hot hearing her touch herself in public. He hoped someone saw. Holding her hand around his cock he teased her slit but didn't press inside her. It was very hard to ignore her body begging for him, and his cock aching so bad for her.

"I looked up and a man came in the row we were in. He was looking at my panties and didn't see me looking at him. I looked down and saw my panties were sideways so he could see my vagina." Tina said sharing the event of the morning. Telling Davey about it made her want him even more than when she was at the store.

She pressed her little body against him begging him to put it inside her. It took every bit of his self control not to, but he could feel his cock oozing pre-cum as she shared the story. A stranger actually saw her little pussy. Did he see her touch herself, too? He desperately needed to know what happened next.

"Did he say anything?" David prompted her to continue opening her lips a little more pressing the head of his cock just between them. He knew he would cum as soon as he pressed inside her. His balls were so very tight against his body and they hurt so bad begging to spill their load.

"Not yet, he was just looking. He had a very big bump in his jeans and he put his hand in his pants to fix it. His penis was hugungous!" she exclaimed. She wanted to feel him inside her now, just like she did when she was at the store but he wouldn't press inside her. She started to rub her clit with her one hand while Davey kept her other hand stroking his penis. "Please, Davey, please put it in me now!" She whimpered trying to push herself onto him.

"Not until you finish telling me about this man," David whispered slowly. He could feel his sisters’ desperation and it matched his own. He was actually enjoying this torment and thought she enjoyed telling him about her experience as much as he was.

"He saw me looking at him, and smiled at me. I smiled back at him. He looked at Daddy, and I did too. Daddy was busy looking in a drawer so he didn't see a thing. The man came closer and rubbed his penis through his jeans looking at my vagina then smiling at me. He looked at Daddy again, and started talking to him." Tina said pouting a little.

"The man knew Dad?" David asked. His mind reeled with possibilities, fears, and excitements all at the same time.

"Mmhmm. He came close to the cart and let me feel his penis through his jeans with my leg. Then he and Daddy were talking for a long time," Tina pouted.

"Oh God, Tee. You felt it?" David was amazed and incredibly horny from her story. Her rolled her onto her back and quickly lay over her pressing his cock against her very wet and hot pussy. He wanted to look in her eyes and kiss her lips and fuck her so hard.

Tina nodded opening her legs wide and lifting them around Davey's waist. Her lips were moving silently as her body begged him. Her fingers were rubbing her clit very fast and she knew her body was happy and wanted more because she was starting to get that same feeling she got every time. It hurt, but in a very good way.

"Oh fuck, that's sooo hot! He wants to fuck you too," David said kissing her and dancing his tongue around hers. He could only imagine the man's cock. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard right now," he warned her pressing his cock against her pussy. He braced his hands under her back and around her shoulders and smiled as her had only came to his shoulders.

Tina tried pulling him closer and closer with her legs but wasn't strong enough to move him. Her body raised up off the bed pulling him inside her just a little showing how ready she was. Her eyes flew wide open as he rammed his penis inside her all at once and her body tensed around him. She could tell by his face his penis would be spitting inside her soon, just like her body was really close to showing him how happy she was he was in her.

"You.. wanna... see.. his... cock?" He asked her as his hips rammed deep and hard against her. The thought of her seeing other cocks and touching other cocks sent him soaring higher than he thought possible. The thought of a cock bigger than his stretching her tiny pussy was more than his body could hold.

"Yes," she nodded. She couldn't move under him he was going so hard and fast but she loved it. She wanted him to keep doing this forever. The pressure inside her belly was getting so big. She knew she was gonna burst soon.

"Oh fuck Tee, I'm gonna cum," he whispered slamming hard as he could into her. "Cum with me baby, please cum with me," he begged. He knew she was close but he couldn't hold back. With one final thrust he collapsed on top of her crushing her body to his and burying his head in the pillow above her head.

Tina felt his big penis bounce inside her at the same time her own body exploded. Her legs kicked straight out down his thighs. Her hands clawed at his back. Her body jumped and jerked in time with his penis jumping and spitting inside her. It seemed forever before their bodies relaxed together, and as always, his penis stayed hard inside her.

"God, baby... that was so hot." David said lifting a little. He listened to sounds from the other room, and didn't hear any yet. He knew they were risking getting caught, but he didn't want to pull out of her just yet. Something she said in her story just started to click.

"You said the man was talking to Dad?" David asked. Maybe he could meet the man and make sure he wouldn't hurt Tina, and maybe he could make it happen that she could see and touch his cock.

"Yes. They said something about dinner sometime." Tina said.

"Did you feel ok when you touched his cock?" David asked. His own cock bounced inside her.

"Mmhmm, I wanted to see it. I wanted it to touch me like you do," Tina answered looking up at him. She felt a little sad for wanting someone else to touch her too, but she only did what Davey wanted her to.

"I love you," David whispered for the first time in years, and he actually felt it deep inside. This was a different kind of love than what he usually felt. He kissed her forehead, her eyelids, her nose, then her lips in a very tender kiss. "You are such a beautiful little cock slut. We're going to have so much fun together. I promise to protect you." He whispered.

He slowly rocked his hips sliding in and out of her very slowly relishing the feel of her slick tight pussy gripping and massaging his teenage cock.

"We need to clean up before Dad wakes up," David whispered slowly pressing deep inside her and holding still for just a moment before sliding out completely.

Tina felt her eyes fill with tears as he said the three words she begged for him to say for a long time. When he kissed her, it was different than before. He was gentle and soft. It felt different to her too. When he slowly started sliding in and out of her she felt her body try to keep him inside but it didn't feel like it did before.

There were butterflies in her belly and her body didn't feel like it was begging for him to fill her up. It felt more like her body wanted him to stay inside her. It was very hard for her to understand the difference she felt, but she liked it.

"I love you too, Davey," she whispered sliding her arms and legs around him as he pulled out of her. She knew he was right and they needed to get clean before Daddy caught them.

David got up first and checked the bathroom that joined the room the three rooms. It was empty so he quickly locked the other two doors and motioned Tina to follow him. He pressed his finger to his lips motioning for her to stay quiet as he got some water on a cloth to gently clean her. He took every chance he could to tease her doing it and stole gentle kisses along the way.

Tina smiled and rocked her hips each time he rubbed her clit or teased her vagina with the cloth. Her heart soared each time his lips met hers. When he stood up to clean himself, she reached for the cloth. David smiled down at her, handed her the cloth and ran his fingers through her long half tangled hair.

She smiled up at him and took his example hoping she did a good job. Gently she rubbed the cloth over his testicles lifting his penis up she looked up at him with an impish smile. She snaked her tongue from between her lips and licked the tip of his penis remembering how much he liked when it was in her mouth.

David couldn't believe as he watched her cleaning him and touching him. Each time he thought he'd reached a new height of arousal and eroticism with her he thought it didn't get any better. Right now, watching her tenderly clean him, feeling her hands over him, seeing her eyes dance in mischief, then her tongue barely touching the tip of his cock sending tendrils of electricity through him he found she turned him on even more than before.

Tina giggled as his penis jumped in her hand when her tongue touched it. She leaned a little closer and kissed the tip of it as she slid the washcloth up his length. David knew this could quickly escalate, and he wanted it to, but he knew Dad needed to get up soon. He completely forgot about the storm for awhile, and when the reality of why they were where they were sank in, he caressed her face but guided her hand with the cloth to clean his sticky penis so he could get dressed.

Rinsing the cloth out David ushered her out of the room and unlocked the other two doors again. He made the bed deciding he would deal with the laundry later. He wanted to get dressed, get her dressed again, and go see what's happening with the weather.

David looked to see if Dad was still there, and sighed in relief hearing his gentle snoring. He plopped on the couch half laying half sitting and patted the space in front of him. Tina eagerly crawled up next to him and pressed her barely covered bottom against his crotch. David smiled, kissed the top of her head, and pulled the sofa throw over them before flipping through channels.

"More happened at the store today," Tina said looking at him over her shoulder. She almost forgot to tell him.

David felt his groin lurch wondering what else could possibly have happened to top that. He looked towards Dad's door then whispered softly, "You can tell me later. We don't want Dad to hear. These are our little secrets."

Tina nodded and rested her head on the pillow watching the channels Davey was flipping through, but her thoughts were on the man named Greg, and on the man who wanted to see her chest. Davey stopped on a weather report and she felt him tense against her. She looked at the TV and tried to understand what made him afraid.

"What's wrong?" She asked looking up at him, and back at the TV. She listened hard as she could to what was going on outside but couldn't hear anything. That scared her. At least when they were upstairs, she could see what was going on. It made her scared, but not as scared as not knowing.

"Nothing, baby. You wanna play a game?" David asked sliding his hand around her belly and squeezing her close. He kissed the top of her head then looked toward the board games. He didn't want her to worry like he was right then. The weather report scared him because the storm was not over yet.

They were downstairs now for 3 hours and the storm still raged upstairs. There were alot of tornadoes which meant alot of hurt people. Dad could be stuck at work until next week now. That wasn't such a bad thought because he could think of lots of things to do with Tina, but he liked when Dad was around too.

He listened closely for rumbles of thunder and thought he could hear them over the TV, but didn't dare turn the TV down just in case he was right. He didn't want to scare her.

"Davey?" she rolled onto her back to look up at him questioningly.

"Yes, baby?" he asked smiling down at her. He tried to hide his anxiety but didn't think he could hide anything from her anymore. He knew things between them were forever changed.

"Is the sky still angry?" She asked. He saw the worry in her eyes and it caused him to ache deep inside.

"Yes, baby, it is. But we're safe in here," he answered her honestly. He couldn't bring himself to lie to her, even if it was to protect her. He wanted her to trust him completely from now on.

"Daddy's gonna have to go," she pouted and rolled back to her side to watch the TV screen. She knew bad storms meant Daddy had to go for a long time. People always needed him. She needed him too. She was suddenly very sad that Daddy had the job he did.

"It's ok, Tee, I'll be here with you. I promise." David answered feeling her sadness. He would do anything to take it away from her if he could. He kissed the top of her head, and smoothed her hair with his fingertips. "You wanna watch a movie or something?"

"Nuh uh," she said. She knew Davey and her would be ok, but she didn't want Daddy to go for a long time. She would miss him. Right now, she wanted to go curl up with Daddy to spend as much time as she could with him before he left. She looked toward the bedroom door and David could almost read her thoughts.

"Let's go," he said lifting the blanket. The slipped into Dad's room quietly and David gently lifted the blanket for her to slide in next to Dad, and he slid in behind her. It was a long time since they all lay in the same bed together, but right now, it wasn't only Tina that would benefit from his closeness.

"Hey guys," Alan yawned blinking awake.

"Shh, go back to sleep Dad. Storms still bad. We just wanted to be close to you for a bit." David said meeting his father’s gaze.

Alan looked at David and saw fear and worry in his eyes. Something he hadn't seen in years. He squeezed David's shoulder then caressed Tina's face. Hugging his kids close he listened through the walls for the storm raging outside.

"Ok, guys, let's all get some sleep." Alan said closing his eyes.

David relaxed and wrapped his arm around his sister cuddling around her as she lay facing Dad with her back to him.

Alan opened his eyes again and smiled. Maybe this storm was a blessing in disguise. The distance he was feeling in his family this morning was completely gone now. Alan had no explanation for it, but he was grateful. He hoped this closeness would continue after the storm instead of watching David head out all day long and seeing Tina watch sadly as he left.

Kissing her forehead again, he closed his eyes and prayed for sleep knowing that once the storm passed, he probably wouldn't see sleep again for two days.
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