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hi this is palesa jaze. this story is all about a true love
Hi I’m Palesa Jaze. I don’t know how to start but I have to say u tat it was a good experience. Let me tell u shortly about me. I am 6 inches tall and have brown hair with grey eyes and 32A cup shaped boobs. I was 26 when this happened to me.

I stay alone at my home. One day I met a guy called Ben Shaw Steve while I was walking to my house after my college. He was hand some and so good. I was carrying a lot of my books and projects that is to be well handed the next day. Accidentally I dropped the books down. He then came to help me to take the books and came along with me until to my house. Then I unlocked and went inside and called Ben inside the house. He then placed all the books and sank into the sofa.

I’m very passionate about magazines and particularly the sex magazines. I went inside the kitchen to prepare him some tea. Meanwhile he went through the sex magazines. I gave him the tea and sat beside him. He then finished and said nice meeting u and said bye and left the place. I locked the door and sat only with my bra and panties. I then went through the sex magazines which were quiet interesting meanwhile my panties became wet. I felt like masturbating and I started to masturbate and that was the wonderful orgasm which I never experienced. Meanwhile after orgasm I had a flash of Ben before me.

All day I was thinking about Ben and the night passed with lot of dreams imaging Ben. I was so uncomfortable. Then the next day I went early to the college to submit my project.
I was quiet uncomfortable even in the college as always Ben’s face flashed every time. I was quiet depressed whether I could see him today. I went back home but Ben wasn’t there where I saw him the first day. I had seen a lot of guys but not disturbed so badly. Then the next day I didn’t go to the college as I was sick of Ben.

At twelve o clock in the afternoon my calling bell was struck. I got up to see who it was. When I opened I saw Ben. It was like thousands of butterfly just flying around me. I shouted in surprise but the next minute I fainted. When I got up I saw myself admitted in the hospital and Ben was with me. He said I had a very high temperature and the doctor advised me to take 2 days rest. The same day I went home and Ben asked if I was alone in the house. I said yes and so the next 2 days he took care of me.

He was a very good friend of mine and took a well care. I whished he would be my lover, husband and everything in my life. As I was not with my parents I asked him to stay with me itself and he agreed to stay with me. One fine night he was sitting in the hall and he went through the sex magazines and I by his side was watching an adult movie. I could no longer control myself as I loved Ben and said him that I love him. He said he too loved me at the first sight and I was too happy.

He then slowly came near me. We hugged and started kissing each other and that was a beautiful kiss. We kissed for a longer time. I felt something running at my back. It was bens hands making me warmer and warmer. Then he slowly removed my shirt and then the skirt. I was now only with my bra and panties. I slowly removed his shirt and the pant. I was thrilled. We still kissed each other. He then touched my boobs which as covered with the bra. He fore played it. He then finally removed my bra and started sucking and licking my nipples.

My nipples were as hard as the diamonds. He was licking it and I enjoyed it. Then undressed me fully and I undressed him fully. He them went to my pussy and started licking it. He ate my pussy and drank my wet juices. He then let his 7 inch cock into my mouth and I fucked it several times. This continued for a longer time and we were getting warmer and warmer. By the time his dick was brick hard erected.

He then made me lay on the bed and fore played outside my pussy and was teasing my pussy a lot. Then slowly he pushed his brick hard penis into my pussy. He slowly pushed it inside and I shouted with a pain and retarded immediately. He then started to kiss me. Then again he pushed his penis inside my pussy. It pained but I moaned. He gradually increased the speed. He pushed and retarded in and out in and out in and out.

Finally with a great speed he went in and out of mine. And I moaned wit pleasure. After sometime it was to my climax. I ended up with a greater climax which I never even achieved when I masturbated the last time. I moaned and shouted with pleasure. It was like something happened and I forgot the whole world for the next few seconds and finally ended up with his orgasm. Both of them were breath taking. Then he was ready to throw out his sperm at once. He then spread it all over my body including some in my mouth and some into my vagina.

This is not the end. The next day it pained so much and he took me to the hospital. He then took care very well and after 2 days we had a lovable relationship. I feared whether he would leave me. But after a month we got married to each other and lived happily. As a gift of our first relationship we then got a beautiful gift and he was like my Ben. When I was pregnant he was the one to take care very well. The after 3 years we had and other beautiful girl baby. We then lived happily.

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2009-09-24 09:22:54
Was that why you were out of your control?Anyway you succeeded.It was a lottery.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-08-30 17:31:05
:-) I enjoyed this, thanx.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-06-25 03:30:06
It looks like this is your first story here and you may have learned English as your first language. Don't worry and try again. I think you'll get better the more you practice.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-06-25 03:27:17
Thank you for trying, I'm not sure if you're uneasy because this is your first story or you aren't that could with English. But please feel free to try again after you have learned how to write more. Details of the sex are nice to include when you try again. Don't worry, practice can help you improve. Have a good time until then.

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2009-06-17 00:55:50
lmao i just cant get over that 6 inches line. that is priceless. i say stick to comedy writing, not sex stories

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