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trannie love
After many months of internet relations I was on my way out west.
There to meet the gurl I had longed to finally get to be with, you see
Jill was the cd I had been talking to all these months exchanging stories
of things we could do to each other, to bring the pleasures to each of us
we really needed.
The plane ride was awful and I was nervous as all get out, I had no idea
What she would look like except she was blonde, tall, and thin with killer
Upon off boarding the plane I looked up and there she was with her sign
with my name on it, I knew I was in love.
We greeted each other with hugs and kisses I swear her tongue was in my
stomach, we left the airport and headed for her apartment.
We no sooner got in the door and she was all over me kissing and moaning,
dropping to her knees she undid my pants and kissed my dick with was now
hard as steel and dripping precum like a faucet, her oral tech was totally
unique I moaned and filled her mouth with the load I had worked up on the
flight thinking of this moment, overflowing her mouth she looked up at me
and smiled scooping the remaining cum from her face and licking it off her fingers.
Laying back on the bed I was still hard, she began to play with my nipples
and kissing them working her way back down to my dick, she swung her leg up over my
head, I could see her red thong and the bulge it had, with my teeth I pulled the thong to the side and out popped the seven inches of thick meat she said she had, hitting me in the mouth what else could I do, except suck it in, it had been years since I sucked cock
and it felt so good in my mouth I just sucked away until she started to squirm
I moved and sucked each jewel one at a time, she was doing the same to me now
and was moaning deeply. I went back to her cock and sucked asking her to cum in my mouth, her load was huge and leaked out the corners of my mouth I swallowed as
fast as I could and came for the second time.
The morning light was in the room and found myself alone with the morning wood and the smell of breakfast in the air, I ventured into the kitchen to find her at the stove with
only her bra, stockings and heels on, the blonde hair down to her shoulders I walked up behind her sliding my meat in between her legs and grabbing for those morning sensitive nipples and gently biting her neck said I want to fuck you now.
The day brought more surprises when she informed me her friend Sheena was in town
and wanted a three sum. Sheena was a big black t gurl that had 10 inches of thick black
cock she loved to use on submissive tvs and guys. She would be over shortly and the fun would really start, Talk about black and white the two of them together would make a
dead man cum, they came at me and held me down on the floor as they started kissing
all my body parts, Jill said I want to watch you suck her big cock, deep throat it, then kiss
her chocolate hole real deep, her brown eye was tight and smooth with just that musk of
a nice brown good to eat, I started frenching her hole as she climbed up on my face feeding me her brown and Jill yelled make her cum with just your tongue in her, working harder and harder she tensed and began to shoot gob after gob of hot stuff all over my belly and cock and even down my ass crack as she climbed off me she turned and wiped
her now soft cock across my lips and I licked the remainder of the cum off. Jill had moved into position to clean me up, my chest, belly, cock and balls and down to my brown which made me so hard I had to cum, the gurls wanted to watch me pound off and pleasure myself and then eat my own cum.
When Sheena left Jill and I had another round of 69 and sucked each other off and fell asleep.
The next morning I was awaked to having my morning wood being sucked it was so sensitive I shot off in her mouth instantly, rolling over on my belly I offered her my brown and said, do me baby, please fuck me, she wasted no time and was buried in me balls deep and pounding me harder than she had ever done, which made me come and her at the same time filling me and overflowing my brown and down my balls and cock to mix with my load on the sheets, she pumped me a few more times and whispered in my ear, darling lick up our mess and share it with me.
Sheena was at our door early that day and Jill and I had decided to try to drive her insane with sexual dealing, we convinced her to be tied spread eagle on her back, what a trusting soul she was. Jill and I started kissing her down each side and before we got far she was moaning and squirming on the bed, her cock was swollen really big and throbbing but we didn’t touch it. The kissing was getting her pecum running and we each tried some, still without touching her tool, Jill licked down around her jewels and our plan was starting to work, the gurl was fucking the air. Jill licked around her exposed brown eye which made her jump and moan, scream, and stiffen I thought she was gonna blow off. I pulled and tweaked her nipples making her twist at her bindings and fuck the air, she was close and starting to sweat and curse us, we almost had her.
Climbing up her now tense body I offered her my now engorged cock, she about sucked it off me, breaking away and sliding up further offered her my brown , that she licked and tongued so deep, I splashed cum all over her tits, belly, and cock and some hit Jill in the head.
Sheena had hit that sex high now and was begging for release, nodding to Jill we moved to her swollen cock and licked both sides at the same time, the poor gurl almost fainted, we sucked each ball at the same time and moving back up to the crown, Jill wrapped her lips around Sheena’s meat and sucked, sheena screamed and shot off, her load the cream was leaking out of Jill’s mouth and down the rest of her shaft.
Jill pulled off and came to me offering me some of Sheena’s cum kissing me deeply letting it flow into my mouth and down my throat, um good.
We untied Sheena and the poor gurl was drained so that she just lay there unable to even move, mission accomplished.
Jill and I were so worked up too that she wanted to be fucked and took my bone all the way up in one push, Jill started to cum which pushed me over the edge and emptied myself into her cum slot. Pulling my meat out, Jill slid onto Sheena’s mouth and awoken her with my cum load running into her mouth, Sheena moaned and cleaned me from my blonde darling.
That night Jill and I were making out (that was one of her fetishes) and said she wanted to watch Sheena fuck me. Sheena’s meat was so big I didn’t know, after some begging and promises Jill convinced me to try and said I was to be tied and take it like the slut she wanted me to be.
Sheena arrived and was led into the bed room where I layed waiting, she came over and smacked my ass commenting how nice it looked, she striped and came over and offered me her meat saying to make it all wet and slippery, Jill had started to lick me and prep me for that monster that was now growing even bigger in my mouth, I could taste her precum. Jill was starting to work her fingers into me with lube which felt really good.
Sheena pulled out of my mouth and moved down and on top of me rubbing her meat in my crack until she came to rest against my brown, whispering in my ear ready darling, began to push, oh my fucking word the head popped in and it felt like a truck plowed into me, the pain was fierce and I could not get away, she stopped and stayed still as her monster throbbed, the pain started to diminish and as I relaxed she started to push in further and did not stop until I felt her balls laying up against mine, can’t believe that whole thing was inside me, Jill even commented on it and said it feels good huh, nodding I relaxed as Sheena began her assault on my hole, her weight on me and her wiggling and pumping made me feel like a cum slut who couldn’t get enough.
Pretty soon that cock was soaring in and out of me, she whispered in my ear what do you want bitch, tell me, I want you to come in me pleaaaseee, why bitch, to feel your seed in my deepest parts and the heat spread threw me, no fucking why, what do you want to have from me bitch, your baby I said, please make me pregnant and let me have it for you pleeeasseee!
Sheena stiffened and released the biggest load I ever felt, overflowing my hole running over my cock and balls, I came harder then ever squeezing her throbbing monster with my now stretched ass muscles, Sheena pulled her monster from me as Jill watched it come out of me along with a torrent of cum. Jill being the gurl she wanted to be began to devour my now gapping hole sucking all of Sheena’s cum from me, her tongue was so far up me I was ready to cum again and Sheena started sucking my cock as I rewarded he with a load of my own fluids.
The week was at the end now and I had to go back east, they had left me with the most satisfying memories and a sore hole. They said it was my turn to host next time and would both be out to use me and pleasure themselves in my body. I can hardly wait they are both foxes in my book, god I love tvs and tgs. Black is mighty fine and white is wonderful!!!

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