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After returning from the ambush, I crawled into my make-shift tent – too shaken and full of adrenaline to eat anything. I kicked my boots off and started to undo my zip and slipped my muddy trousers onto the ground. As soon as I had done this, Nate appeared in front of me, smiling as crude, uncensored images flashed through his mind. In the dim light of the late evening I could make out through his thin shirt, his rippling muscles which everyone had developed through carrying rifles and supplies. Being the only girl, I could tell what he was here for. I swept my eyes over him and noticed a bump in his trousers. Hard with anticipation, he made his way towards me as I inched away.
“Come here,” he whispered harshly. “Stop moving.” The violent undertone in his voice made something freeze within me. He took long strides towards me and stopped; his body pressing against mine. Realising I was only wearing my shirt, and that my tent was away from the guys’ tents, I realised I was completely at his mercy. I felt myself go weak at the knees with terror and Nate pushed me onto the ground. As the evening turned to night, a sharp chill flooded into my tent and I felt myself nestle subconsciously into his body for warmth. He tugged at his trousers and they slid down to his knees. I looked down and saw his hard penis, hungry for me.
“No, stop – I don’t… I’m a – I haven’t yet…” I protested, but he pinned down my arms and tore off my pants and shirt. I shivered silently, completely frozen with fear.
“Suck me,” he ordered and sat back, further revealing his growing manhood.
“But I-I don’t, I can’t…” I stuttered as I struggled to find words to express myself.
“Look, just shut up and suck me” he said, wrapping his hands round the back of my head and pulling me forwards so that my lips were just touching the tip of his cock. “Lick it” he ordered. I began licking and sucking, shaking with adrenaline and disbelief at what was happening. I crouched on my hands and knees before him, my bare ass in the air as he pulled his hands through my hair.
“Use your hands.” He said. I lifted my head and moved my hands towards him. “No, keep sucking.” I paused to concentrate on what he was saying, afraid of getting it wrong and then shook my head in confusion. He forced my head back down onto the head of his cock and reached for my hands. Taking them in his, he wrapped my hands around his dick and started moving them round and up and down. Then he removed his hands and lay back down again, groaning and panting in pleasure. “Faster” he ordered. I moved my hands and tongue faster, suddenly realising that I was not only turned on, but also wet. Pressing my legs together in denial, I carried on satisfying him. “Faster.” I started going faster. “Come on, bitch, faster” he grunted as I carried out his order. He began pushing his pelvis up and thrusting himself further into my mouth. His cock reached the back of my mouth and my throat closed up as he started trying to push it down. “Come on,” he muttered angrily before sitting up again, prying my hands away and taking my head in his hands. Before I realised what he was doing, he was pumping my mouth up and down his shaft, the end reaching down my throat, making me gag. “Tighter” he ordered. I tried to ask him what he meant but only a shrill sound came out as my voice vibrated down his cock. “Mm, that’s nice,” he said as his throbbing manhood filled my mouth. “I want it tighter though.” Still not understanding what this meant, I made another muffled sound. “Oh, for God’s sake, just press your lips together tighter”. I did as he told me as he continued to thrust my mouth down his thick cock. His groans grew louder as he approached orgasm. Suddenly he pushed my head back and threw me back down onto the ground, his cock waving around in the air. I had never seen a hard cock before and continued to stare at him, still taking in what was happening.
He took a few deep breaths and slowly drew his eyes up my naked body. With his shirt still on, and his trousers round his knees, he crawled towards me. He kneeled in between my legs and lifted them onto his lap either side of his torso. Grabbing me by the waist, he pulled me towards him. The thought of his large cock inside me filled my mind as it became painfully clear how inevitable it was. His rough hands travelled up my thighs, twisting round, and then moving up inside my legs towards my glistening pussy. Suddenly, he thrust a finger into me. “Well, well,” he muttered as my juices covered his forefinger “you’re just the dirty whore I thought you were.” I blushed hotly as he smiled at how turned on I was. Then he rubbed my clitoris with his thumb. It was so sensitive and I jerked away from him as a shiver of overmastering pleasure ran all the way up my body. Even though I was so horny, I was still torn between intense desire and fear of the latent violence and temper that Nate was notorious for. He reached forward in between my legs again and ran his finger up my slit, pressing down as he got to my clitoris, sending another impulse of painful pleasure from my crotch. I wriggled away from him. He once again wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled my open legs towards his expectant cock whilst lifting me slightly off the ground and onto his lap. He pushed my legs wider open and shuffled my wet pussy towards his member. Overcome with sudden fear, I squeezed my legs together and pushed myself off him. Edging away as quickly as I could, still on my back and naked, I saw a flash of bestial anger cross his face. He got up, his trousers dropping completely off and then ripped his shirt off. “I’m going to fuck you, so stop fighting it.” He forced his hot, naked body onto mine, pinned down my arms with his and pushed his lips onto mine. Pulling his tongue out, he circled my lips with his tongue and then bit down on them, drawing a little drop of blood. I let out a yelp of agony, too scared to scream, and pulled away from him. Filled with sudden energy, I pushed him off me and started towards the guys’ camp, trying to get away from Nate. He pounded after me, his hard cock bobbing up and down as he ran. “Myers! Nicholson! Smith!” he roared. As I neared the group of tents, I noticed how empty it was. Turning back around, I could just about make out a large group of guys heading out of the camp, towards the large stream, several hundred metres away. I swung my head back around towards the group of tents and saw Jack Myers and Chris Nicholson staring straight at me, spreading out, ready to catch me. I tried to change direction, but my bare feet slipped in the moist, leafy undergrowth and I fell to the ground. Jack took hold of my arms above my head, whilst Chris took one ankle in each hand and held my legs apart. Clearly relishing the sight of my naked body, struggling hopelessly against their hold, they both began to get hard. Chris quickly pulled his hardening cock out of his trousers and pushed himself in between my legs, holding the tip against my pussy, about to thrust himself in, when Nate appeared. “Hey, get the fuck off my bitch,” he snarled at Chris, kicking him out of position. “That’s not what we agreed. You’ll get your turn. But let me pop her cherry first.” My eyes widened in horror as I heard him say this. “Where the hell is Smith?” Nate looked up at Chris and Jack angrily.
“He’s in the bushes” replied Jack, nodding towards the thicker parts of the woods.
“Fucking retard,” muttered Nate, “Never mind.” Still panting after the run from my tent, Nate leaned his body in between my legs, heaving his weight up and down as he regained his strength. His erection had wilted, so he grabbed my hand from Jack’s hold and rubbed it on his cock. Within seconds, it was hard as rock again. He shuffled himself further onto me, so that his dick was now pressing against my slit, sliding in. He reached down and manoeuvred his cock into my opening with his hands. Then, once he had an inch inside me, he replaced his hands on my breasts. He pushed forward, feeling my tight cunt pressing against him. Then, he reached my hymen. He stopped. I held my breath, preparing myself for what was to come. Suddenly, with animal force he slammed against it, and I screamed in agony. I tore my arms away from Jack as the pain seared through my body. Chris got up from next to me and helped Jack grip my arms again, so that they were holding one arm each. Nate slowly pulled his cock out before pushing it back in. as he slammed his dick against the wall of my pussy, releasing the frustration that clearly jerking off nearly every night had not released, I cried out in pain. “Shut her up,” gasped Nate in between breaths “or the others will come back.”
Upon hearing this, Chris promptly got up and pulled his trousers all the way down. Then he knelt over my head, his legs either side of me, facing down my body so he could see Nate’s cock thrusting in and out of my sore cunt. Chris pushed his manhood into my mouth. “Suck me,” he hissed. I did as I was told, still painfully aware of Nate’s increasing pace. He began to pant like a dog, his cock now reaching all the way inside me so that his balls smacked against my ass rhythmically. “Fuck. I’m going to come.”
Just as he was about to come, loud voices were heard from the edge of the camp. The others were returning. Desperate to come, but afraid of the others’ reaction to this, he pulled out his hard cock and scrambled up. “This isn’t over.” He whispered, and ran towards his tent, Chris and Jack following him.
Suddenly very aware at how naked and vulnerable I was, I got up and made my way briskly in the other direction towards my tent, my pussy sore and heart pounding…
To be continued?

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I would like to know the rest of the story. Like, how many guys took you on? Did you begin to like it? Are you still letting them have you? Please write a part two.

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