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This is the first chapter of a fictional story about a young married couple and their experiences.
Sitting completely naked on her bed and playing with her 20-year old neatly trimmed pussy, Bridget was so pre-occupied with watching porn and finger fucking herself that she did not hear the bedroom door open.

“What the fuck!” exclaimed Dewayne, as he watched his wife’s beautifully tanned body turn to fire engine red in seconds with embarrassment.

“Let me explain,” Bridget stammered with tears in her eyes.

“You don’t need to explain anything. You working nights and me days has really put a strain on our marriage. I should apologize to you for violating your privacy. I’m sorry. Forgive me.”

“What the hell are you doing home anyway?” she asked as she put on a teddy.

Dewayne explained that things were a bit slow at work so the boss gave him a week off – without pay – saying that after the first of the month construction work would pick up again. He began undressing saying it was time to make up for some lost time.

Their tongues played with each other as Bridget began caressing Dewayne’s 8-inch cock. He began massaging her 34C breasts. In the background they could hear the moans from the porn flick.

Dewayne got on his back as Bridget mounted him in the 69-position. The two enjoyed oral sex more than vaginal. Bridget never had allowed Dewayne to enter her ass.

As she licked his manhood worshipfully, he spread her pussy and licked each side of the vaginal wall. When she tongued the head and licked the underside of his dickhead, he sucked on her clit in similar fashion.

Using no hands, she face-fucked herself imitating the sounds on the movies playing in the background. Meanwhile, with her pussy spread wide open, Dewayne licked all of the womanhood he so loved. Around and around his tongue covered the entire pink into the deep crevices that lead to the uterus.

Dewayne felt licking and sucking on his balls as Bridget began gently jerking his very wet cock. Extremely hard now Dewayne did all he could to hold back cumming. Bridget didn’t want to give him any relief. She wanted his load, but she also wanted to explode.

Allowing him to get to his knees, Bridget assumed the bottom position. Rather than go back to 69, Dewayne spread Bridget’s legs and inserted his manhood into her well-lubricated cunt.

She wrapped her legs around his body. He bent forward to kiss her as the two began to rhythmically move in unison. She could see the movie and enjoy the warmth inside her. She screamed in pleasure as she let loose many months of frustrations. He too screamed as he pulled out to squirt a load of warm love juice over her face and lips – which was her favorite.

Exhausted by the physical activity, the couple lay back watching porn.

“How long have you been watching this shit?” Dewayne asked.

“I guess I’ve always been infatuated by it but I really started watching it about three months ago as a way to excite myself. Today was the first time in a long time that you brought me off. I guess it was a combination of you, the embarrassment of being exposed like I was when you walked in as I was just about reaching a climax anyway – all of it did something to me. Walk in on me anytime.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t bring you off those other times.”

Bridget still carried guilt from miscarrying. Dwayne knew most of her sexual frustrations was not his fault. She needed to deal with the past.

Then Dewayne came up with a great idea – take a vacation. Maybe the change of scenery would allow Bridget to put behind those things of the past. It would also allow him to blow off some steam of the temporary lay-off. They had won a contest a while back for a week’s stay at a beach resort hotel/condo.

She called her supervisor and explained what happened. Because she was a good worker and this was a slow business season at the restaurant, the supervisor told Bridget to have fun for the next week.

The two packed their things and headed for a beach resort – about a two-hour drive away. Upon checking in they asked about some good night spots. The clerk recommended a place within half a mile.

It was even more than they expected. Like most clubs, this one was loud, smoky, crowded and had the feel of raw sex. They didn’t even get a table. They went to the dance floor immediately. In what seemed like just a few minutes but was actually about three hours, they dirty danced with almost everyone on the floor.

Upon leaving Bridget seemed like a rejuvenated woman. Getting back to their hotel room they heard the couple in the next room having sex. They were very loud and nasty. It was a huge turn on for both, but especially Bridget. They quietly stripped and began masturbating for each other while listening to the other couple.

“Fuck my fucking pussy harder with your fucking cock.”

“You like getting your pussy fucked don’t you slut?”

“My pussy was made to fuck fucking dicks like yours. Now get that cock deeper inside my fuck hole.”

There was silence for a minute. Bridget smiled at Dewayne. Then the action from the next room continued.

“Suck your pussy juice off my cock, you fucking whore.”

More silence but every once in awhile the sounds of slurping and gagging.

“You like eating your pussy juice on my cock don’t you slut? Stick out your fucking tongue.”

More silence as Bridget and Dewayne slowly played with themselves waiting for more action behind the adjoining wall. They could hear the woman moaning in pleasure.

In short order they heard her climax followed by him shooting a load somewhere. Then there was silence – prolonged silence.

“Let’s return the favor,” Bridget whispered with an evil gleam in her eye. Dewayne nodded his head in agreement with a smirk on his face.

“I need a fucking cock,” Bridget said loud enough to be sure the couple in the next room heard.

“Gag on this fucking dick you fucking cock-whore. That will shut you the fuck up. Suck it hard because it’s going into that whore-hole of yours in a minute. Come on and gag on that mother fucking cock. I want to hear you too bitch.”

Knowing how sexy porn actresses sound giving their partner a head, Bridget loudly performed for both Dewayne and the couple next door. Since there were only two rooms in that particular building. She didn’t care if the whole world listened. She was giving Dewayne a noisy, sexy and very sloppy blowjob.

“That’s it bitch. Let me see that slobber run down your goddamn chin. Take all my fucking cock. Swallow the motherfucker. You can do better. All the fucking way.”

Gagging and out of breadth, Bridget took all of Dwayne’s cock. He rammed it down her throat repeatedly.

“Stick out your fucking tongue. Open you fucking eyes. That’s right slut. Oh, fuck yeah. Take all that fucking dick into your fucking mouth.”

Taking a short rest break, Bridget encouraged Dewayne to step up his end of the oral sex session. She wanted the neighbors to get really hot as well.

“What’s the matter pretty boy? Is that too much fucking pussy for you? You can eat better pussy that that. I’ve seen you eat pussy before. Eat that fucking shit. Wear it fucking out. Eat that shit raw. Make my pussy fucking cum you fucking hung bastard. Eat my fucking cunt.”

Dewayne began sucking on her clit as he inserted a couple fingers into the twat hole.

“Fuck yeah,” Bridget screamed in ecstasy. “Fuck yeah. Fuck! Oh my fucking god. Finger fuck me with four fingers, but keep sucking my fucking clit. That’s it motherfucker. Give me that fucking cock to suck on.”

Sticking the meat pole back into her mouth, Bridget sucked Dewayne hard – hard enough that he began reaching a climax. She too was nearing the point of no return.

“Keep eating my fucking pussy until I fucking cum you mother fucking bastard. Make my fucking pussy fucking cum.”

She put his balls entirely in her mouth and sucked them. When she sensed he could no longer hold back, and she too was about to explode, Bridget wrapped her legs tightly around Dewayne’s back.

Arching her back and squeezing her legs she let out with an enormous climatic scream.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Then she squeezed his balls and sucked the cock hard so it violently exploded in her mouth.

“Yeah! Yeah! Dewayne screamed as Bridget swallowed every drop.

After a few seconds of silence, Bridget said very loudly, “Just because you made my pussy cum and I’m wearing your cock cum on my fucking face doesn’t mean we’re finished. I still want to fuck you. And you need to fuck me too. Let me get you fucking hard again. I know you can fucking cum multiple times in one night. Reload motherfucker. ”

Bridget continued sucking his cock. When it was as hard and wet as she could make it she mounted him in cowgirl style.

“That’s right, I’m fucking you,” she said in between the screams of pleasure and excitement. “Look at me. Look at your fucking cock fucking my fucking pussy. You like that fucking shit don’t you? You like watching my pussy getting fucked by your fucking cock.”

“Get on your knees bitch,” Dewayne commanded. “Take it like the bitch you are – from the back end you fucking dog.”

“You think I’m a worthless piece of shit dog do you” Bridget retorted. “Woof woof!”

“You’re just a fucking nasty slut that likes to fuck,” Dewayne came back with a sharp slap to her ass cheek. “That’s all you like to do is play with yourself and fuck. Tell me what you are!”

“I’m a fucking piece of meat slut that loves to fuck.”

With another slap to ass she repeated it louder. “I’m a nasty fucking whore that loves to have her fucking pussy fucked.”

In and out in of her wet pussy, Dewayne rapidly fucked Bridget, while either slapping her ass or squeezing her tits that hung downward.

“Fuck yeah,” he said loudly as he continued to rapidly pound away. “You’re supposed to be fucking me – get your fucking ass into gear and fuck my fucking cock you fucking nasty slut. Make me fucking cum.”

Bridget did not hide her enjoyment as she moaned loudly for the enjoyment of those in the next room and her husband.

“I need to taste my fucking pussy juice on your fucking cock,” she said loudly.

As she took his hard wet cock into her mouth and sucked on it as a sex starved vixen, Dewayne also moaned loudly with pleasure. “Jesus you’re a fucking good cock sucker.” She took it deeper and held it longer than she ever had before. Bridget refused to back off even a fraction of an inch despite gagging and nearly chocking.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he said as she finally released it and nearly threw up. The saliva fell down easily out of her mouth and onto her breasts. He rubbed the moisture over her tits until they glistened. Then he slapped them.

Meanwhile she put his dick back into her mouth and pressed it against the inside wall of her mouth. “Fuck yeah, you fucking cock sucking slut. You are one nasty whore.” Then with his dick, he repeatedly slapped her tongue.

Giving him a hand job with just her right hand, Bridget’s left hand played with her pussy. Now both were ready to climax again.

“Where do you want it,” he asked.

“On my fucking face. I want to wear your cum on my face tonight when we sleep.”

Picking her up and putting her on her back on the bed with legs wide open, Dewayne inserted his wet dick into an equally wet and very warm pussy.

“I’ve fucked you all night you mother fucker,” she said. “That’s the least you can do is fuck me until I fucking cum. Fuck my nasty fucking pussy hard.”

“Shut the fuck up bitch,” he said as he slapped her face. “Just open your mouth and stick out your fucking tongue. Put your arms up over your head.”

He spat into her mouth, and immediately she spat so the spit landed on her upper torso. They repeated this several times. Bridget was moaning. Then she began to arch her back. She moved her right hand down to her clit and immediately began rubbing it.

“That’s it play with yourself while I’m fucking you,” he said.

“Cum pussy,” Bridget screamed as her legs again began to clamp over her husband who continued the relentless pounding and exceptionally dirty talk.

“The nasty slut wants to cum because she’s getting fucked like the little whore that she is. That pussy likes to fucking cum, doesn’t it? That tight fucking cunt has a lot of nasty pussy juice in it ready to cum again. Rub your fucking clit like you mean it. Move your fucking hips and fuck me while I’m fucking you, slut.”

“Oh fuuuuucccckkkk,” she screamed as she released a powerful orgasm. The way her legs clamped Dewayne brought him to the edge of a climax.

“Don’t fucking cum in my pussy, cum on my fucking face,” she reminded him as Bridget sensed he too was ready to release another load.

He pulled out of the warmth of her very wet pussy and shot a load nearly immediately. It was just a small amount of semen, but it landed on her chin and cheeks.

“Fuck yeah,” he screamed as he stroked the cock the give his wife every precious drop. She then took his cock into her mouth to savor the taste of cum mixed with her love juices.

There was silence now on both sides of the wall. Bridget and Dewayne didn’t know if the other couple was even in the room still. But they were physically exhausted but sexually satisfied.

“I didn’t realize how much fun it is to communicate with each other while we’re doing it,” Dewayne said as he passionately kissed her open mouth to taste the juices on her tongue.

Then the phone rang interrupting him. Bridget answered on the third ring.

“Hi,” the woman on the other end said. “We’re in the next room. I guess you enjoyed the show we put on. We enjoyed your show and we came again. You’re not too drained, are you? Maybe we could get together and talk about upcoming things and have some fun. What do you think?”

Stammering for how to answer, Bridget said, “Well, can you call back in about 15 minutes.”

She explained the phone call to Dewayne. Both knew what it was really about. They talked for most of the time about their fantasies that included swapping spouses and other possibilities. They agreed that 15 minutes wasn’t enough time to fully comprehend what was about to happen. They also wanted more time to recharge.

“We’re really kind of tired tonight and have a full day already planned for tomorrow,” Bridget explained but suggested meeting much earlier the next night. The woman on the other end – Janelle understood as the two exchanged cell phone numbers.

“Listen sweetie,” Janelle said. “Call me by mid-afternoon. We’ll take the two of you to dinner and maybe either a show or rent a movie. We’ll have a lot of fun, I promise. But you’ll both need fully charged batteries tomorrow.”

After hanging up Bridget was even surer that Janelle and Kent wanted both of them in bed and would spare no expense to achieve that goal. Bridget also knew that the chase was more exciting than the kill itself.

Bridget and Dewayne recounted the unexpected turn of events. Both fell asleep pondering the possibilities of the new day.


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