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A ventriloquist was on vacation, driving through the desert southwest. As he was driving, he noticed an adobe hut, with an Indian sitting on the front porch. There was also a horse next to the hut. The ventriloquist thought to himself, "I think I'll have a little fun with this guy."
He pulled over and walked up to the Indian and said, "Can I talk to your horse?" The Indian looked puzzled and said, "Horse no talk. You must be crazy man, think horse talk"
The ventriloquist said, "No I'm not crazy. I'm an animal communicator. Animals talk to me. Here, I'll show you." He walked over to the horse and put his arm around the horse and said, "Well, horse. How do you like living in this desert?"
The horse answered, "Not too bad. When the sun gets too hot, I just move into the shade."
The man asked, "How about your owner, does he take good care of you?"
The horse answered, "Yeah. He feeds me and waters me. I've got no complaints."
The man walked back over to the Indian, whose eyes were the size of silver dollars, and said, "See, I told you I could talk to your horse"
The Indian said, in shock, "Horse never talk to me".
The ventriloquist then asked, "You got any other animals around here?"
The Indian answered, "Have sheep out back."
The man asked, "Can I talk to one of them?"
The Indian, still in shock, blurted out, NO TALK TO SHEEP, SHEEP LIE!"
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